뭐야 너네 사겨..?

뭐야 너네 사겨..?

(Damn, haven’t seen this big head ass boy for a while ) (Long time no see) (The reason why I called him was) Apparently, he likes someone I do? It’s been years since I dated someone wtf I’m trying to hook him up with someone you know me? Like a blind date? ya lol tf are you saying I know you were missing this person (Ppippi lmao) (who tf is that) (oh) (Real struggle) stop denying yourself ok I appreciate how you are looking out for me but… but this ain’t it I don’t think this is right
even though I’m lonely it’s ok dude she’s a nice girl Look at her smashing those food bro her cheeks are about to explode (nom nom) you should talk to her first at least ok whatever.
let’s talk to her first wait wtf you shoulda told me about this earlier looooool you know what fu** it
I’m just gonna do whatever tf I want now (She’s bulking up to get out of the flatness) hey Ppippi… long time no see why tf does she got 2000 viewers all of a sudden all y’all gtfo!!!!! he said” Ppippi how you doin?” I think I’ve been ok since y’all made fun of my hair loss and lack of eyebrows I got my hairline and eyebrows tattooed wait for real?wtf I can see that now so wtf are you trying to say? viewer: Apparently, Chi-won likes you (Well, he knows that I’m pretty) yo she does have some big ass forehead though (Literally talking shit in front of her face) hello? hey Ppippi yea I have a friend who has a huge crush on you Talk to him are you nervous or someshit? I despise this moment rn just talk to her first yo it’s me oppa (wtf) (why tf is he calling himself oppa lol) I don’t have an oppa I’m oppa! (This love line isn’t going to be that well) I’m getting weird feelz rn!! wtf now? idk i’m disgusted by her you liar! Chi-won’s face is red af you like me or some shit? (gave up) Chi-won just wanted to surf around see wassup and he wanted to check out your channel but the important thing is that Even if y’all don’t do that Chi-won comes to my channel sometimes he checks me out and stuff (Let me justify) so I stayed home for like 3 days i didn’t have shit to do I was checking out hers and someone else’s channel you know no personal feels but why Ppippi but you know what? she gives me the channel manager whenever I’m there oh fr? because he came to my channel. why not you know he’s a regular dude but not that regular you know I bet she did that to see me better but Ppippi, let me ask you this what do you think about dudes with tats? I got some too (Tattoo couple) you like bad boys? I just don’t want him to be shitty he can be bad and all that but sometimes I just want that bad boy to be like a lamb to me and be like “tf…” when other girls pass by him lmaooooooo Am I supposed to be listening to this? I think she’s trippin (yea you too lol) wyd next wednesday? Let’s stream together with Chi-won
(No fu**s given about Chi-won) (forced meeting lol) loooooooool 3 of us? sure guys… I don’t have the right to refuse anything…. I’m just a god damn employee…. He wants to say something for the last time yo make sure you look good on that day (boy tough asf) why does she look like she tasted shit for the first time her face does not look good (she high on that music rn…) I’m tired already… (Wait I know this song….) I think she’s trying to tell us to shut up “Shut up” (yup he was right lol) you sure you got this?
she got some high ass standard though all the girls that I used to date they all say the same shit there was no one like you…. (no one had that kind of big ass had like you….) so you can get Ppippi easily? 3 tries 3 times of meeting ? so that means… oh fu** no (We can have at least 3 episodes of Chi + Ppi) you said 3 tries so after y’all have like 3 dates and you guys like express how y’all feel towards each other (already planning this shit) but if this doesn’t work out then oh well ok I’m done with you bye I knew it when we went to the Sauna together They were like together the whole time I swear to g I’m such a K-drama queen you know (He was planning everything ahead when they streamed together the other day) try to look romantic or some shit for the thumbnail it’s fun though (let’s see how this drama will turn out…) -the end- well, see you on Wednesday then I think he got the lead… make sure you look good on that day he said make sure to look pretty lol

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  1. 네. 채널 주인이 우결충입니다.
    송대익 : songdaeik
    최치원 : 93cw_
    박삐삐 : @o4.18
    [풀버전 다시보기]

  2. 삐삐 텐션 너무 좋아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 치원이도 오랜만에 봐서 넘 반갑다 ㅋㅋㅋ 옛날 영상 생각나넼ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. I'm way too invested in Minyoung and Daeik's relationship and I don't know if my poor heart can take one more couple. 😅 😆 Ah who am I kidding? There is always room for more love. 🤣🥰

  4. 송대익님; 이딴 영상 올리는건 여자들복돋아주는 영상밖에 안되잖아요; 그리고 연예인도 아니면서 무슨 자꾸 이상하게 영상 올리는지; 눈치를 몇번이나 줬는데 대놓고 다 알려줘야 하구나

  5. 형 둘이 사귀면 3월달에 더블데이트 가는겨?

  6. This is so creepy
    This is ligit creepy

    😁 "Hi my name is Carmen Winstead. I'm 17 years old. I am very similar to you… Did I mention to you that I'm dead. A few years ago a group of girls pushed me down a sewer hole to try and embarrass me. When I didn't come back up the police came. The girls said that I had fell and everyone believed them. The police found my body in the sewer. I had a broken neck and my face was torn off. Send this message to 15 people after you read the whole message if you value your life! A boy called Ethan received this message. He just laughed and deleted it. When he was in the shower he heard laughing… MY LAUGHTER! He got really scared, rushed to his phone to repost this message… But he was too late. The next morning his mum entered his bedroom and all she found was a message written in his blood saying, "You will never have him back!" No one has found his body yet… because he is with me! A girl called Charlotte received this message and she immediately sent it to 25 people (10 more than required). I still watch over every second of her life to make sure that she is safe and to keep her and everyone close to her out of danger. Send this to 15 people in the next 5 minutes if you don't want your fate to be the same as Ethan’s Your time starts… NOW! The story is true you can research It on google

  7. 논란 터져라 ;; 몇개월간 이런거 우려먹늦 ㅠㅠ 곧있음 또 그녀가 왔습니다.. 그녀를 찾으러 갔습니다.. . 영상 올라오겠지 머

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