[13+] Witchy Flash Tattoos Timelapse Drawing | My Art Resolutions for 2020

[13+] Witchy Flash Tattoos Timelapse Drawing | My Art Resolutions for 2020

Hello, so it’s this time of year yall, everyone’s getting their plans for the next year, resolutions, all that good shit I thought it would be a good thing to reflect on the past year’s artistic journey and my youtube channel So the footage that’s playing now is a little speed paint of new agey, witchy tattoo flash sheet that I painted the other day It’s just there for your eyes to rest upon something while I’m talking. So, this past year hasn’t been the best Last few years haven’t been the best. But I’m staying hopeful. In the very first video I ever uploaded to this channel (that since now has been deleted) I was outlining why I decided to start uploading YouTube videos without really getting into it I was Very depressed and needed something to keep my mind and hands occupied and feel… accomplished a little bit Learning new skills like video editing and you know, setting up the camera and figuring out how to make YouTube videos and stuff like that helped a good bit. Editing a lot of time is very repetitive and requires a lot of focus from me So it prevents me from wallowing in self-pity it’s kinda like meditation, I guess I think generally, it’s kind of funny how people put so much hope in something so arbitrary like changing of the year number But I think it’s good to reflect on what happened within the time frame So art wise I think I did a little bit of improvement not necessarily anything mind-blowing but I think that I got a little more mindful about how I approach my artwork and how I study it *uhh* I did get a lot more serious about art than I was a couple years ago, so that’s nice I have managed to grow a little bit of following over the last year too and I have nobody but you guys to thank for it. So, thank you. Thank you very much I never thought I would get any following ever to be quite honest But the channel has been growing slowly, but surely It’s been a lot of fun trying different things for this channel Which I think also was very beneficial to development of my artistic skill Overall I’m very happy that I have decided to start uploading videos to YouTube because turned out that the something I really love doing And I think I might have waited till possibly too late to start because in my opinion YouTube has peaked a while ago, but you know, we’ll see where it all brings us. I’ve wanted to start uploading videos since probably like 2011 or something But I never started because I didn’t think I was good enough And ended up putting it off for years. Do I regret not starting the channel sooner. Fuck yeah, but no point cry about it now What I have to say to somebody who’s thinking about creating content, but is worried about not being good enough – just try your best, try to make a video that is as good as you can do at the moment The first video is not gonna be perfect no matter how hard you try or How long you think about it and most likely you’re gonna end up hating it anyway So, yeah, it’s not gonna be perfect So, why wait? You’re gonna learn along the way and you can’t really know if you’re gonna like it or not unless you try it Also, I think that in general nowadays It’s a lot easier to find great free software for pretty much anything – video editing, music, audio editing – all sorts stuff the same goes for equipment. Smartphones are very decent nowadays and they can get you through quite a long time Before you have a need to upgrade your equipment. I have a few videos that were filmed on my IPhone 6s. I also have a few videos that have been filmed on a 50-dollar web camera and I do use fairly cheap equipment that I either already had or I bought but I buy… *stutter* I’m a very cheap person. So I have a very cheap equipment and I use mostly open-source cheap or free software I actually have a video in the works about my broke bitch setup Which I’ll probably drop in a couple of weeks (? probably, but no promises) But what I’m trying to say is if you want to create the content do so! Just be patient and don’t stress about numbers So let’s chat a little bit about what my artistic plans are for next year I will try to keep the resolutions and plans pretty Specific because I think that people a lot of times shoot themselves in the foot by making very vague plans and resolutions like “eat healthy” or “Exercise” and stuff like that so my artistic plans for 2020 are 1st. make more fanart for properties that I really like. might sound a little weird as an artistic goal for the year But I was continuously told that regularly posting fan art for fandoms that you care about Is one of the best ways to start growing your following Which… growing following is not necessarily my main goal in, like, creating artwork and posting content on the internet But I think it’s a good thing to do. You know, it opens new Directions you can go in so I’d like to try that The 2nd is make more finished illustrations I draw a lot of characters just floating in the void and I feel like that makes me stagnate because I continuously stay within my tight little comfort zone and you can only grow so much while staying in the very limited space The 3rd is practice perspective I have talked about it for a little bit in some of the previous videos that I have Very poor grasp on perspective and that still stands I still have zero knowledge of perspective not much to tell about it to be quite honest It’s just a weak spot in my art knowledge So the 4th and possibly the biggest one is to start working on a Short comic I have in mind I have talked to somebody about it not too long ago and they have strongly encouraged me to start working on it I still have very little idea as to where exactly to start with it I have an idea an overall plot mapped out, but I am a very bad writer. I struggle a lot to even write scripts for my videos. If you have been watching my videos for a little while You might have noticed that a lot of times I struggle to even finish sentences and somehow it also translates into my writing Like I will start Something and then it just never comes to resolve. It just never gets wrapped up nicely I think I will start slowly with maybe Creating some concept art and reference sheets for the characters and see where that brings me I have hard time doing the world building and I don’t really have friends who’d be able to help me with that I think reaching out to somebody more knowledgeable in these things would be nice but I don’t really know how to network because I’m giant shut-in and Even more so lately since last few years have been taking a little bit of a toll on my mental state So I don’t really… I’m not necessarily a very social person anymore Which brings me to the next point it’s not necessarily art related, but just general thing I’d like to improve is to try to make friends and actually stay in touch with them You know being a loner… It’s fun and all, and you know, it’s like sad sad girl memes and shit like that But it’s just something I haven’t been great at – staying in touch with people I typically avoid any interaction with people if things don’t do great Because I don’t want to come across as needy or weak, I suppose? Or I don’t know – I just don’t want to bum other people out because I’m sad or some shit like that At the end of the day, it just doesn’t benefit anybody and I end up losing what friends I had and I feel like a lot of things in this world are very Dependent on networking and it’s not Necessarily just like growing, you know, your social presence or anything It’s just in general nice to have friends, you know So I would like to maybe start being a little more social I don’t really know how I’m gonna approach it but um… I think I’ll start with just like responding to texts and messages and stuff *laughs* and we’ll see if I get better or not *sighs* Yeah, I think that’ll be it for the video A lil bit of self-reflection and cautious hopefulness We’ll see what the next year will bring us Let me know about your plans and resolutions for next year, if you can relate to me *chuckles* that’d be great. Aaaand what would you like to better in your life? So if you enjoyed this video like subscribe or don’t, I don’t really care, do all that good shit, and I’ll see you next time. Bye

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  1. The drawings are so nice they would make awesome stickers! I love your videos. I usually am too scared of making comments on videos but you deserve it. You make me want to make content hahaha. Keep up the nice work.

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