7notes HD Premium – iPad App Review – Frackulous 286

7notes HD Premium – iPad App Review – Frackulous 286

You know what I miss? Handwriting. It’s
a rare day that I get to practice my best cursive script, thanks to the likes of computers,
and keyboards. So you can imagine my delight at finding 7NOtesHD Premium, which converts
your own handwriting into typed text. Whilst you can write your notes using the traditional
keyboard, or even insert your own handwriting into the space, the most interesting element
is the conversion from handwriting to text. It’s remarkably accurate, even when you
use your best scrawly joined up writing. There’s heaps of exporting options too, from email
and Facebook, to sending to a different application to saving as a photo. Heaps, I tell you. However,
after using it for a while what I found strange is that despite thinking it would save me
loads of time to handwrite, I’ve somehow gotten used to the keyboard, to the point
where I’m actually slower using my own handwriting. Perhaps what you really need for this app
is a stylus, such as the Wacom iPad pen. Dunno. But for £5.99 for the app alone, it becomes
a pretty expensive way of scrawling notes.

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  1. (1) Yes, get a Wacom Bamboo stylus and (2) Turn tablet to horizontal orientation … so you can write fluidly.

    With stylus, $30 … but let us not call that expensive. If you can afford an Ipad2 and afford to pay Apple $19.95 for a movie, you can easily afford $30. 🙂

  2. It doesn't work after you install iOS 11. It's not even listed anymore in the App Store. I have important files that I need and now I can't get to them!

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