All About My Piercings 2014 | Maddi Bragg

All About My Piercings 2014 | Maddi Bragg

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  1. It may seem like a hoop is a better option, but it really is not. Sure, it may help to keep your hair out of the piercing. But if you go to a tattoo parlor to get it done, they will tell you the one thing you should NEVER do with a new piercing is move it around because it could cause irritation and/or infection. They usually do not pierce with a hoop for this reason– hoops have the potential to move around much more than a stud, thus causing a much higher risk of infection.

  2. Hey girl, I know you may not be a professional, but I recently got my belly button pierced about 3-4 weeks ago for my birthday, but It's red around the piercing holes..and I was wondering if this is a normal process? It's not sore at all, just red. Thanksyouuu 💓 Great video btw 😍

  3. I'm not bothered about the pain ,it's more the healing process. I'm getting my mid cartilage done on Sunday ( I already have double lobe piercings ) and honestly I know there is gonna be pain but I don't care I'm just scared of infections ! Any suggestions for mid cartilage piercings xxx

  4. I'm not bothered about the pain ,it's more the healing process. I'm getting my mid cartilage done on Sunday ( I already have double lobe piercings ) and honestly I know there is gonna be pain but I don't care I'm just scared of infections ! Any suggestions for mid cartilage piercings xxx

  5. I want to get a bellybutton piercing. did your belly piercing get infected because you didn't clean it or it just did? If that makes any sense?

  6. For me my lobe piercings was the worst to heal and then my nose and helix were perfectly fine aswell as my belly piercing but for that it hurt the most whole getting pierced

  7. Please don't recommend piercing even lobes with guns just based on personal experiences, the risk of complications is huge compared to needles

  8. I have my tongue, spider bites, I have the bottom part of my belly button pierced. The belly button didn't hurt AT all for me, nor did my lip rings. My tongue piercing didn't hurt either until it swelled.

  9. ur not supposed to take piercings out when there infected I heard it traps the infection inside ans proceeds to f up ur life clean with the piercing inside

  10. Do NOT get your ears pierced with a gun. I got mine done at Claire's (like hers) with a gun, and it's fine but it took like a whole year to even heal. It hurt like a bitch too. The gun isn't worth it, plus most of the time it isn't clean or safe so please guys don't get it done with a gun.

  11. Yeah, but with a hoop the hole grows weird. I know this video is really old but I hate how she is talking like she is a piercer herself but she is so wrong with so many things.

  12. I have a madusa and two nose piercings on each side and 6 piercings on each ear and my tounge I am thirteen and I like piercings

  13. I'm getting my second hole in my lobe in February for my 13th birthday, then I might be getting my cartilage done in may-august… Any things I need to know before getting them?? Any advice??

  14. i am 12 and i have my ear but when i turn 13 soon i wanna get my belly button done.
    how old r you maddi brag????

  15. I actually had my piercings behind their backs and I usually tell them about it after a month or so. I have about 10 piercings all in all.

  16. what is the name of her newest cartilage piercing? it looks so nice! also can't believe she's only 14 in this video <3

  17. You sound stupid "Shader" your cartilage it's called getting a keloid. And I got my cartilage today and got my second holes at nine and got my first at 6 months and I'm 11

  18. your piercer took out the needle before putting in the jewelry? usually they use a hollow needle, maybe your piercer was different i dunno

  19. I want a belly button piercing so bad.. when I was 8 I got my lobes done and I was SOO scared to sleep on my side so I was on my back and I'm NOTT used to it and… wooo… it was intense :'D

  20. I'm 14 and I have 2 lobe piercings and my septum. I'm getting my daith, belly button, and third lobes next month.

  21. Liked the video.. just wish your hair was pulled back throughout the whole video so that we could actually see your piercings for longer than the few seconds you show them when talking about them. The helix piercing is my favorite!

  22. The belly button piercing for me was the easiest piercing for me and my industrial was the WORST !! That hurt so bad

  23. I got my firsts when I was 6 and got my second when I was 12 , I would love to get my thirds and my mum is fully on board with ear piercings but my school is not ( firsts and seconds only) so I will be getting thirds when I graduate high school which means each piercings will be 6 years apart 😂

  24. im 13 and ive had my seconds since i was 9 and i want my belly so bad but my mum said to wait til im 14 to get my nose and belly :/

  25. I don’t recommend getting a hoop as your first jewelry bc it’s easier to heal with a stud, hoops get caught on things and are more likely to snag, it’s easier to get a stud and just wear your hair up and you won’t have any problems

  26. I got my 1st lobe when I was 6 months and my 2nd lobe when I was 8, and I’m getting my cartilage when I’m 12. Sorry, not trying to brag

  27. Would be lovely if you have a gold Belly Ring for yourself Maddi and I guarantee that you love Belly Rings and they're all yours darling. ☺😍😍😍😍😊❤💘😉

  28. PSA – even tho the lobes are very simple piercing do not EVER get piercing done with a gun eSPECIALLY CARTILAGE. Piercing guns are not sanitary whatsoever and there is no good way to clean them, the studs put in there are not big enough to compensate for swelling, and it can cause trauma to the areas whereas a needle is absolutely sanitary and does not cause damage such as shattering your damn cartilage etc

  29. Does anyone know where to get that shirt that Maddi has ?I’ve been difficultly trying to look for it but I haven’t. so if you know please tell me 🙏

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