all about the ink on my skin + a poetry giveaway

all about the ink on my skin + a poetry giveaway

beautiful hello everybody and welcome back to my channel this isn't the usual video that I am used to doing but I figured that since I asked you guys so often like what should i film I should probably take that advice and actually do something worthwhile because actually one is a so as you can tell by the title this is a tattoo video a tattoo tour if you will with a tattoo tour tattoo tour a little bit of a tongue twister on the literation for you guys I mean I've been asked to do this a lot but I like didn't think it would be interesting at all and I'm still continuously asked to show you guys my tattoos and fill you in on what they mean I don't really have a lot and I didn't think it would be interesting to sit here and watch a video about me talking about what's on my body you know the narcissism in me but it's fine it's cool we'll just do it it's it's what you guys want so I actually have six tattoos and it's funny because most of them three-fourths of them were all on my arms and when I was younger and you know in my youthful years I had told myself that I would like to happen to have tattoos one day but I would never ever have them on my arms because that is very masculine and it would take away from being a feminine woman I thought it would take away from you know my femininity so I was like no I'm never gonna get a tattoo in my arms and yet Here I am but they're all on my arms that's fine people change you know what it means so let us travel down the timeline when I was 18 years old and got my very first tattoo the first time that I got inked permanently embedded into my flesh with a needle was when I was 18 years old and it was in my kitchen and a family member did it ironically enough although it was done in my kitchen the tattoo it says a homesick right across my heart so homesick was written in my handwriting taken from a journal entry that I wrote so this is my one of my favorite meanings but my least favorite tattoo that makes any sense I placed it so terribly because my veins are incredibly green on both sides of my arms so when I do this it looks like it's you know puffy and faded out and like green and like the ink is everywhere but like if I bend my arm and it's not up against my veins it looks normal so placement wise a bad idea I got homesick because I wrote this journal entry back in my teen years long story short my parents had got divorced my dad still lives in the home that I grew up in my entire life I lived with my mom I love both of my parents so deeply but every time you know going back to my childhood home I would feel homesick although it was the same home and it was the same bedroom and the same dad and say mom same everything that energy of home wasn't there for me anymore and you know it just it just wasn't there and I was longing for that feeling of home and that homesickness if you will and kind of ties into the meaning of finding somewhere or some place or within yourself what makes you feel at home again finding that so yeah that's that wasn't receptive so my second one was a pretty bold move on my behalf I got it on my wrist and it is this w right here I got this for $25 in somebody's basement complete stranger my friend knew who this person was and was getting a tattoo with me so I was like you know what hell I'll trust him and honestly it came out wonderful not gonna lie $25 well spent I hate that I feel almost shameful to talk about this tattoo because of this stigma wrapped around it like every time before I share people this had to I always preface it being like I know what you're thinking but like let me explain I got the W for Winehouse for Amy Winehouse I admire her so much as an artist and as a human being and like I said when I preface before explaining it is the fact that yes she dealt with addiction and the media portrayed her as such a terrible and toxic human being if you actually took the time to you know get to know her even watch the Amy documentary or really listen to her music or the words or the message she wanted to put out to the world you would understand how much of an inspiring and admire herbal and resilient woman she was and I I just love that third tattoo I got was in Venice California I got this moon tattoo which you guys have all seen it's been circulating like all over tumblr and Pinterest hi yeah that's my arm I knew I wanted to get the triple goddess symbol tattooed on me if you don't know what that is the symbol portrays two meanings of the three stages of a woman's life you made in the mother in the crown and also the three stages of life born life death the circle of life I love it personally I didn't want to get just the normal symbol that what it's known for I wanted to kind of make it my own so I added the hands and I made the middle moon a little bit more intricate than normal right below my Triple Goddess tattoo is this little love letter right here on my arm first of all I got the tattoo in Seattle and I got it with a subscriber of you were a friend now as I like to call her her name is Bailey she had been supporting me for years and she was like one of the first people to ever get a tattoo that involved me in any way she got I am mine across her rabbit in my handwriting as a token of my appreciation for her love that she has showed me throughout the years I finally met her and I was like you know what let's go get a tattoo together so that's what we did we got matching love letters kind of to symbolize our distance within each other and then also our love for writing and love letters it was such a sweet experience and I adore Bailey with my entire heart I adore this tattoo with my entire heart tattoo artist was very rude to us so yeah doesn't the only spirits I remember from it besides a big completely endearing the our tattoo artist was an absolute prick so so next is my absolute favorite tattoo that I have of my body just cuz it's so special to me and it is this wishbone right here on my arm I got my wishbone tattoo for my book flux I got it from a friend in Atlanta Georgia my friend David did it on my arm and I am obsessed with it I remember when I first got it though I wanted it to be a lot smaller like don't like this much smaller but then he drew it out and got on my arm and he was like is this good and I looked at it and I can act like yeah that's fine no worries don't worry about it it's fine it was like the biggest tattoo I've ever gotten so I freaked out and I will say I was a bit insecure about it for a while because it was so big and I was afraid that my mom was gonna hate it which she loved it but she like it is a little big so I was like no it's so I was a little insecure about it when I first got it but now I'm obsessive that it is my favorite if you haven't got your hands on my book flux yet you will see right here that the wishbone is a giant symbol of the book it kind of ties it all together funny enough a tattoo artist located in Australia her name is Emily and a sweet jumbo woman made the cover for my book I was obsessed with her work for so long and I saw that she done tarot-card tattoos and I was like this is like the perfect opportunity I reached out to her I was like hey I'm writing a book do you want to – what a draw recover help repeat and she agreed and she's been so sweet pretty much the cover of flux is a tarot card and it is the lovers card but my play on it you will see that I added right in between the lovers hands is a wishbone that is just hovering right in between the both of them outside of the cover being done by Emily and the illustrator for the inside illustrations of my book is done by Katie Roberts a good good friend and a sweet wonderful woman that is just incredibly talented I'm obsessed with her work back story she was a follower of mine subscriber viewer whatever you want to call it and she had tweeted me it was just like hey I hear you're writing a book if you need somebody to illustrate it for you I'll do it for free so I was curious I checked out her Instagram and turns out her Instagram was insane like her work is beautiful like completely ethereal I just can't I was like you know what you're in it's happening we're doing this so she just killed it the very first poem that I wrote in flux he will see an illustration of the tattoo on my arm of the wishbone and pretty much what that means sometimes thing is must break in order for the wishes we've longed for the most to come true we were inseparable lovers both holding on tightly to the ends of which bones it wasn't until you broke it off and ran away today realized maybe this is exactly how it was supposed to happen Hey the last tattoo that I got definitely hurt the most and is probably why I haven't gotten another tattoo since then not to say that I won't I didn't really talk about pain scales on any of my tattoos I will just tell you that this one literally did not hurt at all I did not feel a thing every other one I felt a pinch just want to hurt a little bit more than the others but like the most the one that hurt the most was this next one I better show you and it is on the side ribs this is probably in most definitely the most basic tattoo that I have like I'm one of those girls that has flowers on the side of their ribcage it's cool it's fine what I love about art on my body is that it can tie into multiple meanings and this is another one that does so the first meeting that you guys all know about it I posted on the gram you know fill you in is that these flowers on the side of my ribs are wild flowers but they are wild Cherokee roses if you don't know what Cherokee roses are or the meaning I guess behind them is that they are the Georgia State flower and I am from Georgia so although I live miles away always close to home and it is on the side of my heart you know to see the correlation to get it outside of that again this is another tattoo that kind of flows in with my book hello this is something you guys didn't know but I wrote a poem called wildflowers and it is on page 126 and I will read right what started as a solitary rose swiftly turned into an untamable garden you grew wild flowers in my body since you left I've been attempting to pick out the thorns it began as pure innocence but now the stems wrapped tightly around my lungs making it hard to breathe like a seed you are planted in me don't you remember that's the team so that concludes all of the ink on my body I have no more maybe one day I will get some I actually do want tattoos behind my Eagles I don't know what I wanted to see but I know eventually one day I want that I woke up there so he didn't think about doing this at the beginning but you know why the hell not let's do it we're here I have an extra copy of flux lying around but I will sign and I will mail to one of you guys that's a giveaway I just assume that you have to be subscribed to me like this video and comment down something below yeah you could comment literally anything I don't know what but I will give that creative responsibility to you yeah I've never done a YouTube giveaway before so I'm just gonna say for the next 48 hours will conclude the contest giveaway whatever you want to call it what from whatever this is past it the next 48 hours I'll be looking through the comments pick one funnel lucky winner to win a copy of my desperation and sorrows a collection of it it'll be fun for the both of us if you aren't already following me on my other social medias I have a Twitter in an Instagram that I'm you know keeping up with from day to day so make sure to follow me along my other socials I don't know what else to call thank you guys again for watching this video I hope genuinely that this is something you guys wanted anyway have a beautiful awesome wonderful red magnificent rest of your day and I will see you soon bye luck

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  2. I love tattoos; I need to get my kids' names tattooed on me soon! I have my husband's initials on my arms already! I missed out on the give-away 🙁 I write poetry too but only self published a chapbook in college which was a while ago!

  3. I have a W on my wrist too. It's for the TV show Supernatural and stands for Winchester. I always hate when people ask me what it's for because I know I'm gonna be judged because it's for a show! I love it but man people don't get it lol

  4. addiction isn’t a personality trait or the definition of a person. it’s a disease. you wouldn’t see a person with cancer and say “why would you like them they had cancer ew”. no. you would say it’s admirable to get a tattoo of someone with that much courage and strength. that’s how we should see people who suffered from addiction. it’s a serious thing and to know people deal with it every day makes me gain so much respect for how hard they fight. people give up children and loved ones for addiction. it’s not a choice. it’s not something disgusting that takes away from someone’s soul. it’s a sickness and people need to start seeing it that way.

  5. there's no need to justify getting a w for amy winehouse at all! if anyone side eye you for that, honestly its their problem, she's your and many others' (including myself) inspiration. love the w and all other tattoos, also you're gorgeous 💗

  6. this really inspired me, something about this video is so minimalistic and i’m obsessed with the vibe you give off

  7. I totally understand your homesick tattoo. My parents got divorce and I’m sure “home” will never feel the same for me!

  8. Can someone PLEASE tell me what lipstick and in which shade she wears in every video? It's soo gorgeous😍

  9. Honestly just freaked out because Flux is my favorite poetry book. I’m so thankful that I just discovered your YouTube channel. Thank you for blessing the internet. 🤘🏻♥️

  10. the homesick one stuck with me I love it. I never feel at home can’t even remember when I ever have but when I’m with my dad I feel at home

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