Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? FULL FACE OF FAKE vs. REAL MAKEUP Natalies Outlet

Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? FULL FACE OF FAKE vs. REAL MAKEUP Natalies Outlet

This is a real one, it’s skin color. This is the fake one, It’s poop color !!! I legit just gagged!!! Hello I’m Natalie and welcome to Beauty Buster’s where we test out internet Beauty in this case Street Beauty to see if it’s a poop Poop or a maybe baby and today. We’re literally doing a full face of makeup Fake makeup pretty much. This is the most ratchet Beauty Buster’s I’ve ever done. I don’t have my typical glove also, my mirror stand is Aunt Jemima Shout out to James Charles I’m gonna link his video down below. It’s amazing. I reached out to this sista, and I let him know hey James Where’d you get all this makeup? He texted me back. He’s like girl. I’ve got you Well kind of it’s a street full of like all these people selling all this makeup They make it seem like it’s real and girl or boy. It doesn’t even look real. It’s pretty crazy. It’s cray-cray so today We’re doing first impressions of Jaclyn Hills palette Anastasia Beverly Hills We’re doing first impressions of Jaclyn Hills palette Anastasia Beverly Hills benefit, tarte And so much more just to see if you can find a steal. Maybe you can make this work for Less This is a warning I do not recommend you guys to try out this makeup only because I have heard there are really like weird weird Chemicals up in here if you guys know the whole situation with Kylie And how there was actually like lip paint in the lipstick just be warned you might find that stuff. I’m excited and nervous I’m risking my face for you guys alright. Let’s do this so starting off with the very first product. Oh, what is this? It’s the benefit Porefessional and This actually doesn’t look fake to me at all. This is the real one guys I swear It’s fucking ratchet because I use it every single day So we’re gonna open up this bag away, and see what’s nice so on the right side of my face I’m gonna be doing the real makeup product and on the left side we gonna get those fake So this one originally retails for 31 dollars? Well the fake one is 10, but what a steal so let’s test it up. Okay, so we got the real one That’s beer and so now we got the fake version, let’s check this out What do you guys think I mean mine is really dirty, but let’s see how it smells Oh Kidding me It’s brown this is the real one its skin colored, this is the fake one. It’s poop color And legit just gagged this smells so bad oh It smells like a combination of the oldest person you know’s Perfume plus fake makeup and paint this is sad. I’m risking this what the heck is this I? Cannot I can’t oh my god. This feels just terrible you guys like legit this feels the worst thing. Oh, my Gosh we’re off to a great start. We really are what but I’m shocked if you did a no makeup And this is what you thought this company represented like what what a bad name? Mmm Without a doubt. This is a poop like are you kidding me real? Thanks. What do you guys think let me know in the comments? shook Shooketh to the third. to this fake one: you’re a poop. the very next product I’m going to use is under-eye Concealer so I ended up getting the very popular la girl Pro concealer HD This retails normally for $4.99 and I got it for $2.99 We will see how good it is in terms of packaging and everything honestly It looks pretty legit But now we shall see I mean after that last one…oh Lord this may go downhill Real quick so the real and the fake feel like this one looks a little bit darker It’s much more like firm as you can see Very easy blend just spread out so I end up getting these really inexpensive Makeup tools for just four bucks pretty good deal. Oh Okay, I have to say something. This is itchy oh my god. I think it’s quite evident how not well it spreads this way I’m starting to get itchy guys, which is not good I would say this one is like a maybe baby, but I would also say it’s a poop so now for eyebrows We got that Anastasia Beverly Hills in the color Ebony and then we got the Anastasia Beverly Hills in the color Ebony What’s wrong here? Oh wait the packaging. Now, I don’t know if the packaging like if there’s different versions of it, but this said Ebony this said Ebony And they both say Anastasia. We shall test it out. right off the bat I will tell you Oh Lord This is the real one: a good Brown. This is the fake one: a nice red This typically retails for $23 and I got it for $7 yeah, yo all right, let’s do this We’re gonna do our breath So you know it doesn’t smell toxic it applies like a charm like all honest thoughts at products damn Something you’ll notice in the street makeup places is there aren’t many options in my personal opinion This color is way too dark for me, but this is literally the only one they had epic gotta go for it tonight I’m going to premiere a demi lovato for her new documentary And I’m really hoping that this face will not like blow up on me because I’m seriously having like some orders reaction It’s itchy it’s not good Now I’m going to test out this one and now for the fake you Know what it doesn’t look red like this It’s super waxy very very waxy and dark. I’m literally not even pressing down on it I Go back to cheer up to be surprised Pretend like you’re drawing your brows on with a black crayon that’s literally what this feels like this is a mega poop Next for foundation oh ho I’m excited for this one this shall be interesting. This is the real one This is the fake one not much of a difference as you can see those does have a barcode if this has no barcode Oh wait, it does right over here damn, so which is a room one you tricked me I really don’t know which is the real one? I got them a little mixed up, but I’m sure by this smell and by the color And this is also way too dark for me But I had to get it because this was the only option that they had stuff damn They looking real even like the separation on the bottom this early retails for $38 and I got it for $12 let’s try to see if I can figure this out hmm. This smells like paint already I’m in which was a real one now just off of this like come on you guys very watering No nice, and pigmented. Yes. I’m gonna start off with a good one It’s nice and dense you know it’s really great So I’m gonna be using a Beauty Blender which retails for about twenty bucks, and then I’m gonna be using a fake one Which retails for three dollars and smell like human parts, that’s good Honestly the color is not that bad And now with the fake Beauty Blender Honestly color wise they’re not I do feel greasy though on this side Final thoughts on foundation it might be a loop if I just use a little bit of powder It won’t be that greasy, but to me it looks quite similar in terms of these This is like a rock like it feels tough. This is really nice and spongy for highlighters Oh, we got Anasazi of Beverly Hills. Oh for the real one I got the Anasazi a Sun dipped glow kit, which looks gorgeous for the fake one I got the glow kit called that glow I couldn’t find the same one. I know it’s like my honest hacia They’re similar their glow kits We shall see let me know down below in the comments if there is such thing as that glow this one retails for $40 while this one retails for $20 on the street is really expensive for something That’s fake packaging wise this does feel sturdier like the point these are not pointing This is honest dasya. This is plastic once you take a look inside like you can kind of see the glow happening You know what I’m saying, and then when you open this up. Do you remember kid makeup like your kid makeup? It feels chalky we use for a glow here. We go. He would go go go for the real one I’m gonna go in with summer because I think that was really pretty There is summer nice gold beautiful Shimmer and light Sun bronze color we’re gonna go in with the fakes See the colors like you can even see the shine in the light. It’s gorgeous in this Yeah, I’m gonna use one of these fake brushes I’m gonna go with the one that looks the most similar, which is this one right here? You’re a chalk people Honestly on camera not bad. I kind of like this one will but I will say in person oh no Honey, I would automatically give this a poop. I would not want you guys to like get this fake one now for bronzer I’m gonna be using the urban decay a flushed palette which I think it is so beautiful And then I’m also gonna be using the urban decay blush palette, which doesn’t look anything like Very very interesting this is just beautiful like wow gorgeous This is like Oh makeup is boring check out the picture in the back like it is so pixelated Also, because I know a lot of people really are into these types of brushes This is the fake one that I’m gonna be testing out the bronzer with it’s actually nice and soft, but by bendable This is the one by your so So this originally retails for 20 bucks Which is not bad at all to have a bronzer a highlighter and a blush this one retails for 10 bucks which is quite expensive It’s fake man Gorgeous beautiful packaging I like it Obviously the colors are off too, but it’s quite nice, too. It doesn’t feel bad. Oh Honey is this my bronzer. This is orange. This is a nice tan Brown I mean you guys compare as for the brushes this one retails for 28 bucks this one retails for $5 I like the bristles more on this one It’s also much more condensed this one. This one actually feels cheap to me, so let’s do this I wouldn’t typically put on my bronzer with this type of brush, but I wanted to test these brushes out for you guys Look at that day like not much blending at all really really nice. I love it now for our awesome bronzer, let’s check out this orange tangerine stuff It looks like blush guys Cuz you don’t have much control because of this bending Mechanism whereas this one like there’s no Bend you can get in there like it’s pretty firm This one unfortunately like it just wobbles everywhere you guys let me know down below in the comments what you think honestly This is a straight-up food In here I’m also gonna test out the blush I’m gonna mix it a little bit with a highlighter because why not very pretty nice and light There we go and then I’m gonna take To mix these two chalky things together I’m looking away you guys decide Now we’re gonna get into the really fun stuff the shadows oh my god, you guys are not ready? I’m telling you so first before we do that. We have to apply an eyeshadow base I’m applying mixes eyeshadow base, and then this is the fake one I don’t know if they actually even have a black cap one, but there you go this retails for $6.99 well I got this one at Santa Alice for kudos so right off that nice and creamy But then there tends to be like a little bit of a stick to it That’s what’s gonna make the eyeshadow really stick to my eyes, and then we got this one that the texture is so different It’s raksi, but I kind of like it I feel like I primer should be waxy so that everything can stick to it, but I may be wrong I think it did a good job of spreading and it’s not – that Doesn’t smell weird yeah, this looks like real so for eyeshadows. I ended up getting two different things I got the Naked palette right and the nick of palette It’s brutal naked look at that packaging you guys look at this beauty look at this What do you guys think then I freaked out when I saw the jaclyn hill morphe palette. Oh my goodness It’s gorgeous But it’s fake Jackley will not be selling this on the streets first of all in the back this picture is hella Pixelated not just that but over here. It says I wanted to range neutral neutrals are spelled wrong I want to test this out just for like giggles because this is gonna be crazy, but this naked palette. They chose for $54 this was beautiful It’s a really nice palette And then we got this one first of all it comes with this it feels like in terms of colors Oh, my goodness. This is nice. We’re gonna do one of my favorite looks with this palette Also using the brush and they’re just to kind of see it is great Very great, so we have something super neutral blend it out great. No problem. Not chalky at all There’s no color payoff. I’m actually sad what the heck I love this palette by a guy in this palette for like Christmas or anything like I wouldn’t hate makeup I’m literally digging my brush in here all I get is chalk now. We’re gonna take half baked like nothing This is makeup sadness right here No joke like this is what I could do so that’s what we got going on for the eyes Let me know in the comments what you think about this eyeshadow you already know what I think in terms of like the Jacqueline palette I just want to show you guys cuz this is just ridiculous load the colors There is no yellow in her real palette i’m swatching this like there is nothing like a look at this look at this honestly There’s not one color in here that swatch is beautifully. It’s very very depressing. There’s nothing like quality I’ll finish up the eyes right after I just wanna show you guys this lip product. This is the Too Faced matte Melted lipstick in the colour drop dead red, and this is the same one And they look nothing alike packaging on this one clearly like it comes out and the original I mean This is a pop pink this ain’t red. You know. I’m saying this originally retails for $21 this I got it for $10 Perfect for fall You’re not gonna like the smell of this is quite strong. It doesn’t really smell like makeup to me It kind of smells a little like paint drop dead bread. I’m very pigmented very beautiful very fall Drop dead right mmm. You know what this smells very very nice. It’s so weird Color difference is ridiculous Honestly, I know this is not the real color match like drop-dead red is not this but I really really like it it smells nice I’m sure this one will last a lot longer, but I’m not opposed to it like it doesn’t smell like anything but makeup It’s really good. I like it so For the eyes, I wanted to be really really careful I really did go for something that isn’t so exciting, but it looked legit like these two look just the same It’s from all me I haven’t heard like anything really about this product, but I want to play it safe the only thing I will say is deep within this There’s like a bunch of little hairs, which is kind of creepy But I want to keep it safe with the eyes you have to be really careful I definitely do not want to be gluing my eyes shut with black liner So we’ll see it looks pretty promising so this one originally retails for $5.99 and I got it for two bucks which was a pretty good steal, so let’s see the real one Kind of stings my eye, I’m not really sure why hmm weird I Don’t know you guys Let me know if the try this product when I’m a hundred percent sure I mix these up. This one is applying really really nicely No, oh my god, it burns. Oh my goodness Whoo what I will say is the real one has not dried out the fake one has dried out they both burn alive heck Not a good feeling at all four mascaras. They had the Mac hot and naughty lashes mascara double effect I was like the only option they had they actually were really really similar except the real one is thinner it’s Much more glossy, and it also has much more glitter this one originally retailed for $23, and I got this one for seven bucks So we shall see the real and smells I Do like the benefit, they’re real mascara. It’s like about the only one I will Invest in but other than that I feel like this doesn’t really do much It’s gonna apply it a little bit because I am gonna put on some falsies This one’s really really weird like apples. It smells kind of like apples. Also this little cap is already falling off Which is weird? Oh wait is this part of it? Oh? My TV was wrong yes, yes, oh Okay, I get the mechanism here So it’s like the top removes the excess if you want to keep it clean looking very cool I mean honestly it works the same and so for the final thing the icing on the cake I managed to find these amazing lashes by Vegas nay amazing our shining star and a shiny star I’m impressed these look really really legit. There’s like nothing that was different I’m confused by both of them this retails for 529 and I got this for $5 Like will it be different I don’t know it looks amazing even a little sticker here like they got it going on So I’m gonna use the little glue that comes with it. Which is actually quite scary You know how to apply lashes to save my life, so this may be a little tricky You know how these glues they just always smell like fish. This just smells like fish this one smells like fish, too I’m having a little bit of trouble with the band because it is a little more stiff than this one this one Folded really nicely. This one’s just a little bit more firm I Think this was very interesting from afar as you wouldn’t be able to tell but honey Like this face feels caked on and then this one just feels like a lot better You know the makeup is a lot safer and there you go Let me know down below in the comments what you thought about each individual product Would you urge or will you just go the cheap route to get some products for cheap? I just want to mention I colored my hair This is my first time I ever did anything to my hair And I loved it it turned out a little bit more on the water side than I like But it’s like it a little bit of a change, so I’m excited. I hope you guys enjoyed this video Let me know down in the comments what you thought about this video. Give it a thumbs up If you enjoyed and if you’re not gonna subscribe – now is out with the weirdest family on the Internet make sure you subscribe Beauty Buster’s is coming at you 2.0 version very very soon you got a little glimpse of the ratchet Beauty Buster’s the street Beauty Buster’s without the gloves But if you guys want some more Beauty Buster’s I’m gonna leave a playlist down below They’re awesome. Literally a bunch of awesome internet beauty hacks and different products that we tested. Yeah, check it out I hope you guys have an amazing day. Don’t forget to live weird or die normal! Bye

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