Bendy and the Ink Machine Theories: Who Built the Ink Machine? – ProdCharles

Bendy and the Ink Machine Theories: Who Built the Ink Machine? – ProdCharles

The ink machine is one of the most important
parts of Bendy and the Ink Machine – heck, it’s even in the title of the game! But have you ever wondered WHO built our favorite
machine? Let’s find out! Another Bendy and the Ink Machine THEORY? You Betcha! [Intro Sequence] In Chapter 1, we spent a lot of time trying
to fix the ink machine at Joey Drew’s cartoon studio, and in Chapter 2, we went through
a lot to fix the ink flow in the Music Department. While Henry seems to be really good at fixing
the ink machine, isn’t it strange that we don’t have much information on who built it
in the first place…? Unless we DO?! Let’s check out Chapter 1 for a moment, while
we go through the steps to fix the ink machine, we come across an audio recording left by
the janitor, Wally Franks. In this recording, he tells us that Joey Drew
asks his employees to provide offerings to appease the gods. The recording is worded in a way that suggests
that each worker was almost kept in the dark about what he was doing and might even imply
that Joey Drew built the machine in the first place. Was it Joey Drew? NOPE! – There’s still some more interesting evidence
to go through! While I do think Joey Drew is responsible
for organising for the ink machine to be built and for the rituals to be performed, I do
not think he physically built it. – Remember in chapter 2 how we get to enter
Sammy Lawrence’s office? This is a big deal because we get to see what
seem to be blueprints for the ink machine, but a mark 2 version. These plans show how the ink machine works
and how it fits together, but how does it tell us who built the machine? Take a look at this: We can see that someone
known as Murray Hill is in charge of repairs for this. Wait just a second – the way
the plans are organised, it suggests that this “Murray Hill” is in charge of repairs
for a power pass for the ink machine, not necessarily the ink machine itself. Even so, if Murray Hill is in charge of repairs
for the entire ink machine, that’s about where it ends. – THEN WHO DID IT PROD?! – Prodigies, just turn your attention to the
left of the blueprints. This appears to be a special order by Joey
Drew for Wally Franks to look at! This is interesting because the recordings
that we come across in Chapter 2 suggest that the one who built the ink machine was none
other than Wally Franks: – Sammy Lawrence’s recordings seem to suggest
a lot of hatred towards the ink machine and Joey Drew’s decision to have it and the ink
pipe network built. He also seems to be really annoyed with other
employees passing through his office to get access to the ink flow lever. Given that Wally Franks would have been the
one to set up these pipes and the levers, all of this would give some kind of sense as to
why Wally might be so afraid of Sammy in his recording, too. Sammy just plain found Wally and his work
annoying and would be willing to fire him for something as small as forgetting where
he put the keys to his closet. – Speaking of forgetting, don’t forget to
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  2. What would be amazing is if we hear the voice actor for Bendy! Who does it? Joey? Like how Walt voiced Mickey? Alice Angel is Susie Campbell but Bendy doesn't speak. Neither does Boris. Or maybe they do. Ugh! Meatly u gotta clear my mind with these secrets!!! XD I gave up on FNAF but not this game!

  3. My predictions are Joey built it because in chapter one he needs to show us something in chapter one but I'm no good at theory's 😂

  4. It would make a lot of sense if Wally built the ink machine, or helped build it. Since he was very handy and would often fix broken pipes throughout the studio. I just wonder why he would agree to building it in the first place. It doesn't really seem like something he would willingly do

  5. Prod wally franks did build. Ink machine in his tapes he says who need that much ink any way so why would he build something that he knows he well hate now I think we may find out that in chapter 3 cause all the gears but I think was joey because no body would want build machine in less joey drew

  6. it is joey for sure don't u remember the radio in chapter 1
    i don't understand who needs that much ink
    that is joey for sure 100% sure who started this is who built this joey drew

  7. So the real question to ask, is the Machine magical itself, or did Joey Drew make the rituals to help the machine get its satanic power?

  8. Do you want me to starve?? I have no money and no food So do you want me to be happy or want me to die?? Prodcharles: You Betcha'

  9. I got a theory:
    If Joey didn't send that letter to Henry, who did? :v

    They were some theories from fans that say, Bendy sent it or Sammy sent it.

  10. Don't suppose in the next chapter or later, we might actually get to hear tapes from Murry Hill…? We get to hear from Sammy and from Norman in Chapter 2, perhaps there are still more employees we will be hearing from in the future to help fill in the details of how the machine became a project to what happened to everyone else.

    all these theories popping up (not to mention the teasers theMeatly keeps posting) takes me to a whole new level of hyped.

  11. I would never have noticed that detail about Wally Frank's name on the blueprints; pretty cool. The story is definitely thought out; now we wait for the blanks to be filled in. 🙂 Keep up the fun, Prod. God bless yours and you! 🙂

  12. CK2 looks like a model number; also, looking closely at the numbers on the right, the blue prints appear to have an issue date. Depending on the date display system used, it could be one of two dates: 5th-Nov-?8, or 1?-May-?8 (1? possibly being 11, 14, 17, or 19).

    Fun, although unlikely relevant, fact: 5th November is known as bonfire night here in the UK, and originates from a failed royal assassination known as "The Gun-powder Plot" . Could Murray Hill/Joey Drew be British, or am I just looking too deep into this?

  13. I made a android version of bendy and the ink machine also I've had a dream about chapter 3 that the cut outs will try to kill you and there will be a bloody cut out also in the dream Henry was fat

  14. Very awesome you know Charles I find it very funny how basically everyone in their mom has their own Five Nights at Freddy theories, yet you're like the only or main one doing bendy theories 😂

  15. Theroy: joey didn't made bendy come to life bendy tried it's best to come to life he came to life with his friends but joey killed Boris and stuff also when bendy came to life he wanted to kill Henry and joey cuz he was trapped in the screens dancing and making people laugh so he wanna take revenge

  16. What happen to the " Hey Proteges ProdCharles here and welcome" I loved that, it was catchy. Also If Wally built the machine then why would be mad if the pumps broke, he just fix them or be better at his job a reinforce the pipes so he would have this problem and if Wally Franks Built the machine why did call back Henry to fix it why did bendy take control of Wally and force him to fix it unless Henry worked on it as well but when Henry sees the machine he acts like he never seen it before.

    Adding to the Who is Boris Theory it's possible that there are to Boris's, one the first Joey pull into reality and Wally Franks the person Bendy turned into Boris, It possible there two Boris's. The one hung on the table had inking pump through him butt didn't stay in his body and Wally Franks The worker Bendy turned into the Second Boris. (Thump Up)

  17. Hey, check out the official Bendy and The Ink Machine store. I'm not sure if the meatly just wants to give an effect towards the items being sold, but the descriptions may tend to be… odd and you could use it as evidence. Great theory, by the way!

  18. I think Alice made the ink machine, or has something to do with it. She uses cartoon clones to make herself beautiful. The ink machine made the cartoons come to life.

  19. Well Wally Maybe because did here noises after you press the flow button you hear strange noises that wally is the one who blocked but why maybe it's because he wants Henry to be alive or what I don't know but that's all I know for now

  20. #Spoopyween
    I like the part where you were curious of who built it, it made me curious. I also like how you went into detail of the blueprints of the ink machine, its something we never notice in chapter 2, Well I never noticed.

  21. I also think that wally did build the ink machine but i think that wally has a bigger role in this than we think #spoopyween

  22. #Spoopyween
    My favorite was reveling the secret of the ink machine. I bet you spend a lot of time thinking through your theories. You should have more subs.

  23. #Spoopyween Not part of the episode, but I just thought of something. The six offerings were the doll, the book, the ink, the gear, the record, and the wrench. Some ideas for who gave up what that are widely accepted, include that the book was from Joey Drew, the record from Sammy Laurance, and the gear or wrench from Wally Franks. And idea could be that the doll could be from Shawn Flynn!

  24. #Spoopyween My favorite part of this theory was the part where you didn't forget about Wally franks! The one character that gets talked about The least. I think it's awesome that a big ink machine was built but the one question I have a bout that is how did they move it when I was it was invented I think it strange that there's no way to get up there to the top floor if there are no floors above where we use first were in the first chapter so did you use the elevator or did they just take it apart and then move it I think it's very strange that there's no other way to get up there except for the following it through the exit that's literally what happens.

  25. #Spoopyween my favorite part of the theory was at 1:11 because i didn't realize this before! and it get's me hyped to meet that character or to listen to an audio recording of him! HYPED! HYYYYYYYPPPPPPPPPED!!!!!!!!!

  26. #Spoopyween
    I love how you analyze the blueprints for the ink machine Mark 2 I don't know a lot of people would do that since it's a little hard to read

  27. #Spoopyween my favorite part of this video is when it explains how wally built the ink machine. It supports the theory because if you think about it he is the janitor. His sacrafice could have been the wrench.

  28. #Spoopyween The best part was when you said that the blueprints were for Wally Franks, but the blueprints were made by Murray Hill. And if you look closely, you can see the date is 5-19-78 or 18. I can't really see that well, but that is a point that I want to make.

  29. #spoopyween (i need it,my parents dont let me buy things online,but they said i could enter the giveaway if i got an A at maths,i did and now i am here begging XD)

  30. #Spoopyween My favorite part is your use of elimination in the video. Taking certain characters and eliminating them because of how they might not have matched to the character that built the ink machine. Also, it gave you an advantage when you took what characters are skillful in. Like for Wally, he's good at repair work and janitorial work as well. So, even though it's a theory, it still gives you that advantage to see that it could possibly be Wally Franks that built the machine. The process of elimination is key!

  31. #Spoopyween
    I like the part where you say that it was supposed to be built by Wally Franks and when you say that Sammie was really mad about this! Now that made me think… Wasn't he the one that praised bendy? Why would he want it to be built?

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