Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 12)

Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 12)

– Finalists, one of you will
walk away with $100,000 and the title of
Ink Master. (audience applauding) (upbeat rock music) – Cam, you’re up first. (intense rock music) – The eye itself is very nice. That soft gray that comes
out and radiates out into the hand and into
the pattern is beautiful. – Thank you. – Don’t hate. – I’m not hating, it’s a
beautiful piece. – Dani. (dramatic music) – I’m going to tell you
that I hate this tattoo because people are gonna want
this shit. – Oh (bleeped out).
(laughter) – [Chris] This is a really
solid applied tattoo, less is more. – Thank you. (bleeped out) Awesome. High five
me. (lively rock music) (rhythmic hard rock music) – I was nervous when
she picked the subject ’cause I knew it was gonna
be something totally crazy, ’cause she’s definitely from
another planet for sure. – Dani is one of the strongest
competitors not only on the girl’s team but in the entire competition. – I was in my mind, I think, making it more difficult than it
was. – So to be able to defeat her is gonna say a lot about my
artistic ability. Every since I could hold a
pencil I was (bleeped out)
drawing when I was five, and I just never stopped. – [Friend] That’s your calling. You knew it was in you girl. – Dani and Laura. (intense music) Laura you call that a new school
alien holding a Milky Way galaxy. – I really like this
illustration. Anywhere you look throughout
this head of the alien you see the
color saturation is equal throughout
every tone of color, which is the main thing
we’re looking for today. – Let’s take a look at Dani’s
tattoo. It’s a killer tattoo, it’s
an incredible rendering. I’m super impressed for throwing
together having no concept of
what this was gonna be. – I love this battle. I wish this battle was every
week. – Me too. All right guys, who wins
this head to head face off? – In technical application
Laura looks stronger. If I just look at the head
versus Dani’s it’s just so clean and so
meticulous. Laura’s application is really
stunning. Laura for the win. – The winner of the face off is
Laura. (lively electric guitar music) – Were you always into art–
– Always. – Or Were you just straight into
yeah? – Yep, that’s all I ever did in
school. Growing up I was always
kind of the weird kid. But I stayed true to my roots
and I never changed who I was for
anyone else. Drawing and getting beaten
up, that was about it. – [Customer] Yeah. – Assholes.
– Yeah. – I opened up a shop
and I became successful. (tattoo gun humming) Who’s laughing now? – [Customer] Exactly. (tattoo gun humming)
(dramatic music) – (gasps) Oh my God, it looks so
good. Oh I love ’em. – I love ’em too. I already told Jason what I
would do with my own design. Now I have to tattoo my
own design differently from how I would tattoo it. I can’t wait until they
put ’em next to each other. – I know, I really wanna
see ’em side by side. – Jason, you tattooed Laura’s
design. You’d do a great tattoo here. And to take it from that
weathered look and then going to the clean hat, which clearly has not been with
it it’s entire life is a
nice touch of detail. – Again you hit it out of the
park in your execution, you’re
competing. – Thanks guys.
(dramatic piano music) Bow. – Laura. (intense music) – This thing is the best. The style and execution that you
have here and the way that you understand how to capture chrome is great. What I get excited about is real
soul and real coolness to tattooing. The thing looks amazing. – If you choose Creepy Jason you
will not hurt my feelings whatsoever
(laughs). – [Chris] Thank God I
don’t have to choose, so they both win. – Wow.
(Creepy Jason laughing) (fervent rock music) – Check out this (bleeped
out) Broccoli Wizard man. – Nice, I like the skin breaks. – [Creepy Jason] And that’s how
I’m doing the whole top man. – [Pon] I think that was
one problem Alexis’ had, was that it was too
claustrophobic for me. – It didn’t breathe much man. This is my chance to bring this
guy to life the way he’s supposed to
be. – [Friend] I like him man,
he’s got a lot of personality. (tattoo gun humming) – Compared to what we
just did the other day I feel like I have all
the time in the world. – [Customer] Yeah. – I’m gonna fight my ass off. The beloved Broccoli Wizard, I don’t know how I’m gonna beat
that, but I’m gonna do my freakin’
best. You imagine in your mind the
critique that they’re gonna say and then you’re like, “Oh maybe I should
do that”? You just hear them in your head
going, “I wish you did this and I don’t
like the way you did that.” I’m like, “I’m trying.” – [Customer] (chuckles)
It must be terrifying. – Jason. – More than anything
it is crisp and clean. That solid approach with
letting things breathe in this competition,
it’s what’s gonna win. – Moving on, Dani. (suspenseful piano music) You picked Creepy Jason’s
new school Broccoli Wizard. – The black fade leading into
your red and you skin breaks,
super soft, super smooth. This is a very clean sticker
tattoo with no questions in the design. I think it’s very strong. (celebratory rock music) (tattoo gun humming) – Yeah, I’m just having to take
my time, making sure it looks good. Unfortunately for me my canvas
neck is smaller than most. The smaller it is the harder it
is to put detail in it
especially on the neck. When you go small with
details it just swells up, it’s hard to work with so I’m
just gonna have to go pretty simple
today. So I’ll tell ya’ what,
doing the long lines across your head is
not (bleeped out) easy. – [Customer] No, I believe it. – I can still do a clean
bold traditional feel tattoo. And the only way I
could really show, like, good finesse is showing solid
clean black and solid colors. But it’s hard to pull off
on such a weird place. – [Pon] Dude, that’s probably
the coolest tattoo you’ve done here. It’s like a totally
different J Cross tattoo. – So cool? – Go team. (intense drum music) (tattoo gun humming) – What do you think so far? – [Cam] Well it doesn’t look
anything like a mandala that’s for sure. – For the first three years of
my tattooing career I did
nothing but mandalas. I will not let myself fail at
this. – Your black and gray is weird. What are you doing? Oh my God. – Get the (bleeped out) out of
here. (Cam laughing) You’re just jealous ’cause my
black and gray is better than yours. – (gagging) Oh my God, are you
trying to make me throw up. – If I actually pull this off, he’s gonna be so (bleeped out)
threatened. It’s all right, I can tattoo
better than these (bleeped out)
boys even with heels on. – Jake. (intense violin music) – It’s probably my favorite
tattoo I’ve seen you do in the
competition. The design sits really well. I love the interaction of the
rope with the design and I
like the flow of the rope. Your use of black here and this bold strong outline on this
really stands out well. I love this style of
tattooing out of you man. Really really nice tattoo. – Thank you. – Women’s Team, you’re next. Laura. (intense battle music) It’s really beautiful. It’s really delicate, it’s
really clean. – I didn’t want to do any fine
line detail on a neck so I recommended
doing some sort of flower. – All those lines that
Laura did so spot on and on the money everything
lines up. Laura for the win. – The best tattoo of
the day goes to Laura. – Thank you. (upbeat rock music) – How’s my little tattoo
poltergeist doing up there? – All right Ryan you drew
surrealism, how are you feeling right now? – You know surrealism is not my
wheelhouse but if we’re gonna get up there
and coach, we better put our money
where our mouth is. (audience applauding) – [Male] It’s definitely
looking amazing, ya know? – [Ryan] Thank you. – [Dave] Let’s take a look at
this tattoo. (audience cheering) – [Chris] Now that’s nice. – The way these multiple
images are intertwined and all the detail show through. The face beautifully illustrated
and then the swan just appearing out
of it, and all of the filagree swirls, and the solid background color. It’s really rich, it’s really
vibrant. – That is definitely true. – Thank you very much. (upbeat rock music) Laura you’re up. (audience cheering) Let’s have a look. (audience cheering) – So I was assigned traditional
Japanese and I choose to do Raijin. He’s a very powerful ancient
thunder God. I always just really loved the
look of these big boney demon like guys. And I thought I would just make
a really striking powerful image. (audience cheering) – Man, this is a hell of a
tattoo. It is strong. The layout is really nice. I love what you did in
the center of the belly, how you gave it that light
source. If you open it up a little bit
in the feet and in the inside of the hands
to balance all of that out it
would’ve been beautiful. But overall, man, I really
do love what you did here. (audience cheering) (upbeat rock music)

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  1. Besides Ryan, not a single 'best of' tattoo didn't feature Laura, Dani or Jason. What a way of saying everyone else sucked

  2. Nunez acts like he's the greatest tattoo artist on planet Earth. I watched him on Miami ink and he is decent, though not Exceptional..

  3. Dani was one of the best new artist ink master ever saw, she killed almost every tattoo except for that damn eagle

  4. Also Dani's poker playing bird tattoo! There were lots more amazing ones but that's one that's standing out in my mind.

  5. Laura is really really good…i have not watched InkMasters regularly since 2014 and the quality now is way better

  6. Mi favorite season so far.
    Battle of the sexes was not the best concept imo, but it was an awesome season.
    It wasn`t focus on drama, but in friendly competition, especially last chapters. Challenges were very good and gave the artist many opportunities to show the best of themselves. And the way they included coaches was very good and didn`t make current cast look bad.

  7. If there will ever be a season like season 7 (I don't count season 9) then I would like to see these people in that season:
    – Gian Carle Cruz
    – Chris Blinston
    – Juan Salgado
    – Kelly Doty
    – Dani Ryan
    – Creepy Jason
    – Erin Chance
    – Sean Patrick "Halo" Jankowski
    – Gary Parisi
    – Teej Poole

  8. How the fuck Laura is getting Jugded by these old shcool dudes ?.. she is on an other planet. Ya'll dont speak the same langage. Shut up

  9. I didn’t watch this season because I wasn’t into the concept, but maybe I should from the looks of these amazing tattoos

  10. الوحيد انا عربي هنا اذا في احد عربي يشاهد المقطع ينطي لايك لتعليقي👍

  11. I like Tattoos and i am starting in tattooing seriously ( i am a teacher of painting and conservation of works of Art by profession) But all of these people, except one or two, all look like fucking idiots. The exageration in the close, makeup, hair, pseudo radical and edgy personalities are idiotic and fake as fuck.
    Fuck them all.

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