Buddies’ Dream Trip Movie HD

Buddies’ Dream Trip Movie HD

We dedicate this film to all our beloved
children of the Children Center in Poi Pet and to all those who have dedicated their time,
prayers and financial resources so our children can come to know the love of God,
have a worthy life, a smile on their faces
and the hope of a better future BUDDIES’ DREAM TRIP FILM PRODUCED BY: Alexandre R. Fonseca
Andre R. Fonseca
Robson Daniel J. Barbosa Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen,
our audience here in Cambodia we’re here today Mr. Vua An and I getting ready to start this broadcast live on FM 106.5 radio station in the state of Banteay Mean Chey we’re already here in the statium where the Cambodia National Team
will play against the National Team from… Brazil…
Yes Last year, in 2014, Brazil lost to Germany
Yes, yes by 7 goals and Brazil only scored 1 goal But now Brazil will play against Cambodia…
Yes, that’s right I think Brazil won’t win this match today against Cambodia Cambodia is playing very well now
Yes, that’s true The players are excellent…
They’re very skilled
Yes let’s not waste anymore time now because
both teams have arrived at the stadium And soon the players will be out in the field
They’re putting on their boots and with the ball in their hands Now the players are coming into the field CAMBODIA! Both teams are getting ready to sing their national anthem
Yes, they’re getting ready Hurry… let’s go, let’s go Wow, they’re very handsome… very handsome The players now greet each other in a friendly way Brazil attacks dangerously,
but Cambodia has the ball again Yes, Cambodia has the ball again Ohh… the players are playing so well
Yes, so well and the number 10 player is very talented too Go, go, go… he kicked… ohhhhh what an easy goal our Cambodia team is already losing by 1 to 0 it’s really sad to watch Cambodia losing to Brazil by 1 goal No, no No, he’s done nothing A Brazilian player committed a foul on Pilat,
Cambodian player “Help me get up, help me get up” Maybe he’ll get a card Ohhhh… the referee gave him a yellow card
Yes He really needed to be penalized
It sure was a foul Botra, a Cambodia player, and captain of the team… kicked…. Pilat heads the ball and… GOAL!!! GOAL…
Ohhh… we tied 1 to 1 Cambodia 1 Brazil 1 Our team is not inferior I used to think Cambodia wouldn’d
score against Brazil but now they’re playing on an equal footing Come on, come on… that was nothing, that was nothing My husband, my husband, my husband…. Now, Cambodia has the ball on the side Botra throws in Daniel Robson kicks and scores one more GOAL!!!! Ohh, excellent!!! Two to one… it’s already 2 to 1 Ohhh Cambodia is really happy
Yes, they’re celebrating a lot Pilat, Pilat Come back, come back I’m alone… come back, come back, come back Ohhhhh…. Daniel Robson was able to get
the ball out of the danger zone But maybe it was a penalty
Yes, penalty the players are arguing about the foul Ohh, penalty
Yes, penalty… the goalkeeper is already positioned Reken is a great goalkeeper It’s two to one, but Brazil can score a goal now and tie the game Go Reken HE SAVED IT… HE SAVED IT!!! Ohhh…He didn’t score… He’s really very good! The referee blows the whistle to end the game
Cambodia wins the game! Where’s Reken? Reken… Reken… Reken… Come on, come on… Reken, Reken Reken, Reken… we won
Reken wake up, wake up… OK. Let’s go Let’s go. It’s here Here, here…
My friend. What do you want to eat in our little market today? What do you want to eat? I’m going to drink a soda… Do you want this one?… This one Reken
Come here Reken Oh Reken… Reken. Why are you there all alone? OK. Wait… Wait for him to finish eating first
It’s nothing… finish eating So. When are we playing again? Maybe… next week we’re playing another team But is it the same team or another?
It’s a stronger team… Maybe there’s no other team better than ours in Cambodia, huh?
Yes, that’s true… we are Cambodia! Agree or not? Yes The ball came in my direction then… Goal We won… we won Did you see? Did you see? Botra, I… do you remember or not? Daniel’s goal was the best…
I told you I could score a goal like that Go check where’s Reken… Oh… Reken what are you doing there all alone?…
wait, wait…. Ohh Reken What’s wrong with you?
We won the game and you’re there all alone and sad Oh… what are you doing here? Are you sick? I feel sorry for him because they kicked the ball on his face
Have you died yet?
No Look here… Reken is here eating by himself…
and didn’t even share any with us We are a team… if you bought it, you have to share Oh Reken, come here, come here He’s got little cakes, that’s why he’s there so quiet…
I wanted to laugh at him, but I felt sorry for
the ball hitting his face Hey… come on, come on… come and sit with us
we are a team and need to be together Why are you sad? We won today and you had an incredible save…
You played very well Reken What’s happening with you today?
Why are you sad today? What’s the problem? Because all of you had someone cheering for you at the game I had no one… I have no girlfriend,
I have no wife Oh… that’s really sad At the game your wife was there, yours was too,
yours was there and mine went too… Did you see there at the game: “My husband, my husband…” My wife is very nice… “My husband, my husband!!” But that’s not a problem, no problem…
maybe later you’ll get a wife You… you’re a handsome guy He’s more handsome than everybody else Reken, do you want to find a girlfriend or not? If you want a girlfriend we can help
Yes, I do, I do I know this old lady who works at the street market…
she doesn’t have a husband. I’ll get her for you Reken Oh “Barang” you can keep her… “Barang”? “Barang is…
Hey, cut it out… I’m NOT “Barang” OK?
Foreigner… Foreigner yes… Why do Cambodians always call us “Barang”?
Because “Barang” means FRENCH But I’m from Brazil!
Ohh.. Brazil right! So, don’t call me “Barang” anymore OK?…
Foreigner, foreigner… Yes foreigner… Cambodian foreigner Reken, you’re sad now, but I have a good idea What if the five of us go on a trip together?…
Walking? Let’s go on a trip to find a girlfriend for Reken,
or a wife for him… That’s a great idea… because you don’t have a “husband”…
oops, not “husband”… a wife Look the foreigner…
No, I don’t have a husband, I have a wife, OK?! You don’t have a wife… so it’s a lot easier right?
So you can go they have to ask for their wives’ permission I’ve got a good wife… if I ask her, it’ll be a piece of cake,
no problem… she’ll let me go But they, huh!!..
My wife is cool too… Yeah right… cool too… I want to see We’ll see huh?!… Pilat’s wife’s got a quick temper Yes, Pilat’s wife’s really got a short fuse
Do you wanna see??? Let’s go there check it out, come on, go… OK. But, where are we travelling to?
Well, maybe we can go to Ethiopia… Ethiopia is too far, we can’t go
I don’t know how to go to Ethiopia So then, where do we go to?
The best tourist place to go is Phnom Penh
A lot o people go there to visit Phnom Penh…
But is Phnom Penh nice or not?
Yes, it’s really nice Do you wanna go or not?
Reken, there are a lot of pretty girls in Phnom Penh…
Let’s go Reken? I’ll go If you go are gonna be happy?
Yes! Are you going to stop crying?
Yes Reken, don’t make this “have pity on me” face… But first we’ve got to go ask our wives…
I can go first, it’s easy with my wife I’m just afraid of this guy’s wife…
this one, this one… I’m only afraid of this…
Pilat is only a tough guy here in front of us,
but at home, she grabs him by the hair If I tell her to crouch, she’ll crouch…
If I tell her to crawl, she’ll crawl… you’ll see I really wanna see if that’s the truth
Yeah, me too So… so let’s do this… let’s get ready…
You’ll see I’m much stronger than my wife… Ahh… sit down… we don’t believe you! Let’s go talk to our wives, then…
Later, if they allow us, we plan the trip But we’ve got to hurry, because we have a game next week
That’s true… Agree or not?
Yes, let’s go…
Yeah Very good, very good… help me here I’m tired…
Reken, you’re gonna get the most beutiful wife There’s still a lot of cake here…
we can eat on the way Maybe… maybe Ayu did all this mess…
wait… wait a minute Let’s tidy this place up I’m going to close this
Now… I think your wife is not at home Maybe… maybe she went to the street market Yeah… I know Aline… let’s clean up the whole house
so she’ll let me travel.. so when she gets here, she’ll be happy and lets me go travel
That’s fine What do you think? Help me then?
Sure… I’ll go to my room first OK… start the cleaning…
wait, wait just a minute… I’ll come back to help you Have you started cleaning up or not? Very soon Aline… What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to clean up…
come on, come on, come on, let’s start Go… you two to the kitchen…
and you two come help me here Aline will be here any minute now Hey… my wife is here my wife… my wife Wait Li, wait… Daniel, Daniel… help me here
Wait, wait… Go, go, go “Ga”, hurry…
Wait, wait Wait… ohhh, you’re back? My goodness Ga… what took you so long?
It’s.. because I was getting things cleaned up here… sorry I waited too long Ga
Ahh, close the door Phew, it’s still very hot
Sorry my cutie pie Gaa… I went to the street market today Ga
Again? Yes, I like going to the market Ga
OK, no problem, no problem You should go to the street market everyday I think
Really? And I bought you a water melon. I’m going to put it… in the fridge
No, no… let me see… let me see Huh… come here, sit here with me Wow so beautiful… no, no… sit here No… but sit here this way, this way
My goodness Ga, why are you doing this? I like this side of your face… here, here…
Turn your face like this OK? I like it this way… Why are you talking nonsense like this Ga?…
like crazy Ga? Ohh… you bought this for me?
Yes But… can I eat it all by myself?
Yes But, have I told you how beautiful you are today?
Yes Ohh Ga… it wasn’t me! You tell me I’m beautiful then
you think I farted? It wasn’t me Maybe, maybe it was me… maybe it was me
Oh Ew… what a stink smell… ugh it stinks
No… it’s not stinking… it’s normal Gosh… I’m going to open the window…
No, no… I’ll help you… come on, come on Oh my Ga… why are you acting so strange today?
Because I want to say… I love you so much!!! Really?
My beautiful What did you do to your face today?
I just went to the fair Wow… then you have to go to the fair everyday…
And it was so hot What was so hot? Ah, it was so hot…
Let me help, I’ll help… No… let me help… Did you see… when you went to see me play today?
I remember… you played so well Ga… my husband Very well…
Everyone said that too Do you want me to show you how I did with this watermelon? Huh?
No, then I’ll have to clean up later Ahh… clean? Look around the house…
Wow… the house is really clean! Oh, the house is so beautiful Ga
Your husband is really good Ga… was it you that cleaned up?
Cleaned what? What’s this Ga?
Maybe it’s… Ahhh… it’s a cat
But we don’t have a cat Don’t We?
No Don’t we?
It was there Ga… I’ll go check Ga
No, no wait, wait… come here, come here… maybe… maybe now we have…
I don’t know Sometimes this happens…
Yeah? OK, OK then… if you say so Ahh, have you seen the house?
Our house is so beautiful… Did you do it for me?
Yes, it’s for you Well, about this… since I’m a good husband… You know… after the game ended today, Reken, Pilat,
Isak, Botra and I went out to have a soda But you know… Reken is so sad
Why Ga? Why is Reken sad? Because… Reken doesn’t have a wife
Yes, I know Ga Well, we won, and everyone was so happy…
but suddenly he said: “I don’t have a wife”… And you know… I felt sorry because I love Reken he’s not handsome, but I love him… it’s not a problem so we thought together… the five of us what if… I had this idea…
what if we went on a trip? So, then I thought like this… what if we go to Phnom Penh? We go on a trip… the five of us
But Phnom Penh is too far Ga There’s no problem, no problem… I can do it…
I know how to speak the Cambodian language And they help me too…
I know they help you… they’re our family But I think this will be very good for Reken…he’ll be much sadder here
That’s true He doesn’t want to play, he doesn’t want to play football,
not even eat… Dance… does he want to dance? Because, he loves dancing…
He does, but now he’s too sad So, what do you think?… Would it be good to go on this trip?
Maybe one or two months?… OK, one week… can it be one week or not?
One week maybe you can… Maybe one week right? Do you think it would be nice? Do you allow me to go?
Yes Uhhhh… we’re going… we’re going… Thank you, thank you so much… Ohh… very beautiful, very beautiful..
Isn’t she… very beautiful! Look, look…
She has a good heart Ga… one week is very long… why does it have to be so far?
One week is not so long… But you let him go already…
OK? My husband…
You already said I can… Ga, I think it’s better you don’t go Ga… maybe not Ga What?
It’s better you don’t go Ga There’s no problem…
Maybe just three days Maybe I won’t go… I won’t go
Maybe just three days… Ahhh… I’m not fanning, just wind…
Maybe three days Gaa… three days Three days, three days… Here, here, here… really beautiful!!!!
Three, three, three… Look at this… look… he cries all the time
Our son Ga Look, look… He won’t shave his mustache because he’s sad… He’s not your son…
He’s older than me, but he’s like a son… Let us all go for a week?… all of us…
please, please?… Please my beautiful… my wife is so beautiful OK Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Thank you, thank you
Byeee… My love You’re back already? Yes How’s our son?
He’s fine I’d like to ask… can I?
Ask what? I’ve got a friend called Reken… do you remember Reken?
What happened to your friend? He’s very sad because he doesn’t have a wife… I have a son, a wife… so does Pilat,
“Barang”, and Botra So I felt sorry for Reken and I want to help him go to
Phnom Penh and have some fun, because he’s very sad But how many days do you guys want to travel?
They said that… maybe for a month
No… one month is too long One month is not too long…
It’s not that… we have a small son,
if you go away for a month, who’s going to help me? How about for a week?
OK, one week you can… Are you sure? Do you stay here caring for our son and the house?
Yes So? But where is your wife?
She’s right there Hi, everything OK?
Yes, all is well Isak has a son…
Ohhh… very goood He’s my son But does he look more like you or your wife? He looks like the two of us… Then, he’s not so handsome…
His hair is like yours.. and the eyes Do you have just one son? Only one? Yes… not just one…
Ah… you have more children? I have one more… One more? Yes, one more… Ohh, very good… then we can go?
Yes, you can Thank you, thank you… see you later
Let’s go, let’s go Very good, very good…
Wait, you and I already got permissions… who’s next? Pilat
Me There’s not problem, you can go to my house… it’ll be easy, easy
He’s the most handsome, but his wife isn’t… eeeeee Now, let’s go talk to Pilat’s wife
OK let’s go, let’s go Honey, honey wait… our children want to say goodbye to you Kids, daddy is leaving…
Daddyyyyy Isak, Isak… what happened?
Isak’s kids did this Wow, they hurt Isak so much Reken, go get the wheelbarrow Are you gonna get him like this? Pick him up, pick him up Be careful, be careful…
There BE CAREFUL How are we gonna do it? Put it here, here Put it a little farther Let’s go…
Let’s go over to my house 1, 2… oh my, it’s so heavy Here, here…
We’re home… Everything is OK And now, where’s your house? Let’s go, let’s go
No, no… it’s not gonna be hard in my house. I can go by myself… I’m not afraid of my wife…
I’m just gonna ask and she’ll let me go at once… just wait there OK, no problem… we’ll stay here to help Isak
Yes, help our friend No Isak… no problem
you’re not going to die Savun… my love… My love… where are you? Hey husband right over here… come here Come quick, quick!!! Ahh… I’m coming, I’m coming…
Not a problem, my wife is very calm Be careful, she’s very strong… she’s very nervous
No problem, there’s no problem with my wife Ahh… OK…there’ll be no problem then What do you want me to do? Come here and help me… here, look
Help me now Cook the rice and make the food Hummm… I want to ask you something Ask what?
You know my friend Reken? I don’t want to know anything about your friend… move, move, move
there’s no friend He wants to travel to Phnom Penh
You want to go out all the time… come here help me make
the food… I have to make food everyday We’re going to Phnom Penh OK… I need to go… I can go with Reken or not? Go to Phnom Pehn on this trip with them You want to go… then go quickly… go, go
I’m going for just a few days Come back here, come back here You don’t work, don’t help me cook
Of course I do I do help… can I go or not? Go, go hurry
I can go, I can go… I’m leaving Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Botra, Pilat, “Barang”…
My love, come back soon. I’ll miss you Where did you go? My husband, come back soon… I love you! Let’s go, let’s go… it’s now in my house Where’s it? Is it far?
No, it’s not… it’s right around here So, let’s go then
Help Isak Oh Isak… you’re hurt all the time Where do we go now?
Here, here… my house Where, where?
Here, my house What is this?
A house? My house… my house
A henhouse? A henhouse…
Oh my, a henhouse… but it’s not a problem
It’s my house You’re our friend… there’s no problem
Let’s go, let’s go But where’s your wife?
She’s inside Will all of us fit in there?
Yes, come on How about Isak, is he going to stay all alone?
There’s no problem He’ll wait here
That’s OK, no problem… leave him here Can we go in? My love Love… Love My husband is back? Come here Hello, how are you?
I’m fine Do you know Reken?
No, I don’t This is Reken… my friend He wants to travel… and I’m coming with him Can he go or not?
Can I go? Is there a problem?
No, no problem… you can go Wow, it was easy… see? Foreigners have a good heart Can I go for a week? Yes or no?
Sure, because I need to go to America too Then, there’s no problem? Let’s go?
Yes Then…
Wait, wait… do you have money? Money?
No Look here… wait… you don’t have money… you’re poor
I don’t have it His house is so small… isn’t it true?
Yes It’s OK, I’ll give you
OK Let’s make money…
I think I don’t have money either I have a key, but I don’t have money
“Barang” doesn’t have money This money is for my love I have a lot of money!!! Now I do… I have a lot of money!!! Thank you my dear wife Thank you, thank you very much See you later Thank you… come Botra… let’s go, let’s go The house is small, but there is a lot of money
Yeah… there’s a lot of money… I was surprised The house is small, but it’s huge inside… See you later dear wife
Thank you… thank you very much Now, we have a lot of money, huh? Now, where do we go?
Let’s go to Phnom Penh Let’s go, let’s go Pilat We now have to get that bucket of water… come on Let’s go
Help me then Isak… we’re going to travel Let’s go Look here
He peed.. No Reken
It’s dirty That’s pee… why didn’t Isak tell us he wanted to pee?
Now he’s got pee all over him He peed just like my daughter Throw some water Heyy… WAKE UP We’re going to travel…
We’ve got a lot of money
Isak.. have a lot of money We’re going to travel… touch here, touch here
Let’s go You almost died huh? Come on, come on
We’ve got a lot of money Are you ready?
Ohh… Imm, Imm sorry, sorry Isak? Not like this… Isak, you’re not going like that Go take a shower or else you’re not traveling with us Isak… hurry I’m going, I’m going Are you ready?
Yes, we are… let’s go OK Botra, start the bike
Let’s travel OK… very well Heyyy… stop, stop, stop… shut off the bike What happened?
What did Steve say about riding a bike?
Everyone already forgot? He’ll be angry at us, huh? Wait… I’m not talking about the five of us riding the bike…
But what then? Safety? HELMET!!!
Everyone go get your helmets if he sees us riding the bike like this, he’ll be very angry…
come on, come on Ahhh… now we’re all set!!! Let’s go And now? Are we going or what?
Yes Daniel took longer than everyone else
What took you so long? Hey???
Now, you sit here in the back You come late and want to sit in the front
It’s good now… very good Isak How do I sit here? OK, see you later… I love you Li
I love you my wife Help me Isak. Did you die or not?
Help me… My goodness. What took you so long? Help me My foot is stuck in the bike
What a stinky smell… I think I fell on dog shit Open your eyes Isak That was nothing, that was nothing… You’re wearing a helmet
With a helmet there’s no problem Help Reken My foot is stuck, my foot is stuck Help me, my foot is stuck
Help me Wait, wait Hey, help me here… my foot is stuck Daniel, my foot… this leg here
Wait, wait Now it’s my foot… ahhh… help, help Be careful Pilat… help him Now we need to walk
Argh… walk all the time We need to walk to Poi Pet Is everyone’s feet hurting?
Yes, they hurt… it’s not a lie Where’s the “Tuk-Tuk”? It’s there, right? It’s better now What happened?
I ate corn and now my stomach hurts Where are you going now? Is there a toilet around here?
It’s inside So, go quickly, go… be careful OK? Heyy, heyy… wait, wait Let me in… quick
No… wait, wait Come on, hurry in the toilet
Heyy… wait! Where is he? Get out, get out… I haven’t finished yet My friend… I have to crap, hurry
I haven’t finished yet Hurry up Hurry up… I haven’t crapped yet Hurry up You crazy man We’ve been waiting here for a long time What happened?
He wants to hit me Hit you?
You Reken… always getting in trouble Reken we’re going to fall, we’re going to fall… Help me… Don’t leave, don’t leave… no one move Wait, wait… I can do this
No…. come back here You’re cheating, you’re cheating “Barang”
BARANG? Foreigner, foreigner Go Botra, go Botra… you won’t be able to get this one Go Reken, go Reken 1… 3 Wait… this one is nice This one, this one… this one is nice… a monkey
This one, your daughter already has so many No, no, no… shoot that way…
don’t shoot them I shot one more Go Botra, go Botra Are you tired?
No… I’m full Where do we go now?
Let’s go to sleep Let’s play football?
We’ve eaten a lot. I want to sleep now We can sleep over there… what’s the name? There is a bus…
At the bus station Yes, we can sleep there
Let’s get a taxi and go We need to hurry, because there is a bus
to Phnom Penh today Are we going to Phnom Penh today or not? Tonight?
Yes or no? Let’s go now Let’s go now then… because we need to go quickly Let’s find a car fast…
OK let’s go Let’s go that way, right? Wait, wait Where do we go now? That way?
Yes… that way Look there… a car Wait, wait… I’ll go there I’ll try to get a ride
Ask them Are you going to Poi Pet?
Can we join you? Very good, very good Thank you very much That’s good…
It’s much easier If we had to get a taxi or Tuk-Tuk, it would be very expensive
Tuk-tuk is expensive It’s expensive because it’s night time now
Yes, it’s night time We were lucky now… otherwise we would have to walk
That’s true But we have money
But “Barang” helped us now We have a lot of money, so why…..
“Barang” got us the ride I think we have arrived… what place is this?
The bus station Stop, stop, stop Thank you very much
Give them some money Give them some money… let’s help them Wait a minute, wait just a minute Give them the money and I’m coming down What’s the matter? Get the money… I’ll give it to them The money is not here! Where’s the money?
It’s not here You don’t have it Botra? Botra stop playing around with us Didn’t you put it some place else?
No Maybe… maybe we’ll have to go back
because we lost the money They don’t want to go back… now what? We’re too far
Yes, we’re too far Too far It’s empty So, what do we do now? Let’s go, let’s go… they don’t want to go back Where’s the money now? What do we do now? Ask them if they can go back They can’t go back?
They won’t go back Tomorrow morning we’ll need to walk Are we walking?
No, I think we need to sleep here tonight Oh my… it’s already evening And how do we go to Phnom Penh?
It’s too late now I can’t believe… how could you lose all the money? I don’t know.. when I went to drink… OK, OK… thank you very much
Now, let’s stay there and wait because it’s night time already Remember me in case you need help
OK, let’s go inside Thank you, thank you very much And now… where do we go? Ohhh… let’s stop walking We’ll need to sit here We’ve been walking for a long time I’m tired of walking
Come closer And what do we do now? It’s early morning already Everyone is tired We don’t have money to travel anymore…
we’ll need to walk home now We keep going tomorrow, tonight… We sleep here? Because we lost all the money
What did we lose? Money! We don’t have it anymore… it’s better we sleep here So let’s sleep here… there’s no problem I’d much rather be home now than sleep here…
but I want to help my friend Reken it’s only hard because Botra lost all the money he was not careful enough Who hit me? Ohh Botra, leave me alone… I was already sleeping Yet, you hit me… it hurt Who farted? Isak farted again? Stop that!
I won’t stop You just mess up everything I won’t sleep with you guys anymore “Barang”… foreigner..
Foreigner? I’m not doing anything Who gave beer to Reken? Reken go to sleep What’s the matter with you? You keep hitting people all the time You need to sleep like this… Now I don’t know where we’re going anymore We’re going to Phnom Penh
Then, let’s go? So, how do we go now? We don’t have money anymore We’ve lost all the money
We have nothing left Ask Botra’s wife more money Isn’t there a way to call? Call her My wife’s gone to America already Now what? We’ll have to go back home?
Let’s wash dishes Wash dishes?
Let’s go look for a job… what do you think? I think we should go on walking around
Let’s wash dishes in the restaurant Let’s pick up aluminum can to sell Then where do we go? I don’t know… let’s keep walking
We need to work so we have something to eat We need money… without money we can’t go Maybe it’s better we just keep walking
Walk? I know a place… a Karaoke it’s near that street fair… it’s not too far It’s not “delicious”
It’s not far… it’s a karaoke “Far, far” Let’s go to the street fair “Dam Putria”
But what are we going to do there? We’re going to sing… when we sing, they give us money Then let’s go to the karaoke to make some money
But who knows how to sing? I don’t Isak knows how to sing
Reken knows how to sing You two can sing
Let’s hurry then… our wives will be calling
very soon to go back home Let’s go
So we’re going? Pilat, do you agree?
Let’s go… I’m very hungry! OK, let’s go then Are you tired? Now, we want to invite the dance group to come up to the stage Let’s give them a round of applause Only women dance like this… not man…
they’re watching Let’s give our friends a round of applause I’m here with my group of five members We came here to sing Ladies and Gentlemen and everyone here
you’re going to watch our show and… forgive us if it doesn’t come out so good,
because we came here walking and we want to travel to Phnom Penh And we don’t have money
Yes, we lost all the dollars my friend’s wife had given him Actually, he lost all his money Musicians, please the song “Vuei Kadán” Where are we now?
I don’t know There’s a sign… Phnom Penh Where’s Phnom Penh? Which way are you going? Look here
Ohh… wait, wait What’s this? It’s the direction to Phnom Penh
To go to Phnom Penh We’re going that way… that way…
go where? Wait, wait… I think it’s that way Daniel, how do you look at this? Like this? Like this? That’s true
This road is better What do you think Isak? I think it’s here
Where Isak? I think it’s climbing here The road is here
On top of the tree? I think so… I think it’s on top of the tree Wait… what do you think? What should we do? One says it’s that way, the other says that way, that way Let’s play “jokempo”
The winner decides which way to go if it’s that way or this way Jokempo, jokempo
Phnom Penh is that way
I think it’s this way Here… the road is this way
Pilat on top of the tree Pilat… Oops.. Isak Sorry Pilat Botra, which way? Jokempo, jokempo
OK, jokempo Whoever wins decide 1…2…3 Eeee… Isak didn’t win
Let’s all go that way Wait… I won!
No, I won… this is bigger The foreigner doesn’t know how to play jokempo But Phnom Penh is this way
No, Phnom Penh is there.. it’s there Phnom Penh is not that way… it’s up here Look, there are three people up ahead,
let’s ask them Phnom Penh is here… here
In here? Ugh, that stinks Then, where should we go?
Over that way Are you sure?
Yes, the sign showed exactly where it is I think it’s wrong Heyyy… I don’t believe There I hope we get there soon
Yeah, I hope we soon get to Phnom Penh I don’t believe Phnom Penh is this way So, you think Phnom Penh is that way?
Yes, it’s that way Pilat you’ll see you’re wrong
No, it’s back there… that way You’ll see you’re wrong
Maybe Maybe?
Yes… “maybe” because… Heyy… everybody says “maybe”
The road is long, we can look for it Hello
Hi How are you?
Hi Hi “Barang, Barang” where are you going? I don’t speak English
Ask them where they’re coming from “Barang” means “beautiful”, right?
Yes, “Barang” means beautiful Someone told me in the city They think “Barang” means beautiful
“Barang”? Beautiful what? They think the word “Barang” means beautiful…
but it’s not true Let’s tease them
Beautiful right? “Barang” BEAUTIFUL So, where are you going?
Wait… they’re asking “where are you going?” We’re going to Phnom Penh
I’m going home Phnom Penh
We’re going to Phnom Penh Ohhh… yeah we’re going there too…
because we’re really hungry… and walking They’re going to Phnom Penh too
Then you can come with us But Phnom Penh is there… where are you going?
Really? Are you sure? Phnom Penh is that way “Barang”
We just saw on the map. It’s that way They said they saw on the map and it’s that way No… we saw it on that sign there
that side They saw the sign… they said it’s that way
not… not that way It’s this way and not that way We’re walking now for five hours…
yes this way We got that road… until here… yes
It’s true They said they’ve walked for five hours But Phnom Penh is much farther… very far
Yeah, I know… they know nothing… “Barang” know nothing Cambodians know everything
No problem… let them go If you want, you can go brother They said you can go… yeah Phnom Penh is that way
Are you sure? Not going there?
If you don’t know Cambodia, don’t walk around Wrong way man, wrong way
No Ok, Ok… thank you thank you If you don’t know Cambodia, don’t walk around all by yourself don’t walk around here… you’re a foreigner
I’m Cambodian… I know everything No, no… he said it’s a good way this way
This way? Are you sure?
Yes, yes Go… this is a good way
Can I find food there? Food… A restaurant? Eat… food?
I think they want to brush their teeth Yes, yes… you can brush your teeth there
Walk that way, you can brush your teeth You can go, you can go… there’s only mud on that crossroad There’s a puddle of water… go brush your teeth
You can go, you can go Go you fools… these two are fools
See you later, see you later But it’s this way OK
Yes, this is the way Botra doesn’t know English and keep speaking to the foreigners
See you later… let’s go, let’s go I don’t want “french” with us
These two are dead Only Cambodians can go to Phnom Penh, foreigners don’t know
They don’t know anything Go… go to the bush
Go find a girlfriend There was a sign there to Phnom Penh
There Is it better this way?
This way is much better Pilat studies computer technology
Yes, computation He studies computation, but what if he’s wrong
Pilat is smart in computation Is Pilat intelligent in this?
Yes, very intelligent He studies computation, but only plays computer games
Heyyy… stop bugging me… I know how to key in the words But are you sure Phnom Penh is that way?
Phnom Penh is there My mother says if there are these energy cables
I can find Phnom Penh Look there… that road… there are light poles
Reken has already counted all these light poles before Clever huh… Pilat is very clever Here, here… there’s bike tracks Car tracks too
That’s right, cars’ too I heard Phnom Penh has a lot of garbage…
look, there’s garbage there Ohh.. so, we’re going the right way Look there, there… there are people there
Are there people in Phnom Penh too? There are a lot of people
A lot of people Then we have to go where there’s a lot of people, right?
That’s right I’m very tired
I’m happy now “Jokempo” Choose me, choose me Are you sure it’s this road Pilat?
It’s this road, this road Hello girls
Hello Are you OK?
We’re fine Do you know how to speak Cambodian?
Yes, we do Don’t mess around with somebody else’s daughters They must be Isak’s daughters… Do you know where’s Phnom Penh?
Phnom Penh? No, we don’t know Let’s play again
Ok, thank you very much Thank you, thank you The road ends here
Where do we go? Friend. Stop, stop
What?… What’s this? “French” be careful… don’t touch this Sorry, sorry… I didn’t see you You “french”
He’s a native boy Where are you coming from?
What’s this? Natives? Did you hear me? Where are you coming from?
Sir, we want to go to Phnom Penh If you want to go to Phnom Penh you have to ask for permission
Sir, have mercy on us… let us go If you want to go to Phnom Penh, you’ll have to get by me!
Sir… why this? I didn’t like them
You didn’t? I’m not afraid… they’re only three
They’re three and we’re five There are many, many of them!
Attack, attack!!! Attack the “Barang” Attack them Throw at them… throw Stop, stop, stop If you win against us…
if you beat us you can go but if you lose, you can’t go this way How do we win? If we hit someone on the head, he’s out But how is it?
I’ll show you Show me… I want to see
Explain it to me Eeeee… you didn’t hit me
Come on… explain it better Did you get it?
Yes I didn’t get it!!! If you didn’t get it, we’ll beat you up Come on… come on Let’s go Come here… come Attack the “Barang”, attack the “Barang” Ok, ok…. we lost, we lost You lost, you lost…
Go back home Go, go Where’s Isak? What did you lose? Where’s my friend?
We don’t know… we don’t know Don’t ever come back here to our territory Where did you put our friend?
We don’t know… you lost Where’s Isak?
I don’t know where your friend went Isak is here… Help Reken… help here Here Botra… help with this Hurry, hurry… otherwise they’ll be back I didn’t see Isak fighting with us It’s much further now from Phnom Penh That’s true… I don’t know where it is anymore Come on, come on… we need to go to Phnom Penh We can try to fight again later
I didn’t know there were so many native boys there before There were so many
In the beginning there were only three…
after they yelled, many came out They lied…
They hid under the water When they called us to fight, I thought we were going to win
because our group was bigger We want revenge You can wait… we’ll be back I’m “Barang” but I can climb Come on Botra… can you do it or not? To fight against those natives boys, there’s no way we can win What is this place? This must be old That was the way to Phnom Penh, but we lost to them And now, what’s the way to Phnom Penh?
Isak didn’t even help us… they hit him once and he died We fought them hard
Isak… watch out for the dog shit I don’t believe it… we had this and didn’t win We had this and didn’t win You shot with this gun, but didn’t hit them on the face You think you’re strong, but didn’t beat them Because he shot like this…
he doesn’t know how to do it right, look Stop shooting water at him We’re going to Phnom Penh
Let’s go Sorry, sorry We want money… money Money? We don’t have money Quick, hand me over the money.. hurry Give it them Botra, give it them Botra
No… they only want the money Sorry… I don’t know how to use because it’s from Cambodia Ok… it’s enough
No, no… we want money Money!!!! We’ve been walking for such a long time I think I’m talking to myself… hey? Heyy… stop playing… I’m afraid! Where did you go?… Show up!!! I’m going home! Where were you hiding? Reken Pilat was already crying You know I was afraid? This one is not so macho
He’s a chicken Of course, we’re in the middle of the bush
and everything became silent Ok… sorry Pilat… we need to go to Phnom Penh Go on ahead of us, go ahead of us
This one is weak Now, I’m gonna go ahead of you
Yes, go on What a chicken… he’s afraid
Let’s stop goofing around! No one is brave in the bush Oh my… we’ll NEVER get there!
Don’t hold on to me… I’m tired Be careful in this bush… don’t step on any animal
We walked and walked, and ended up in the middle of the bush Where’s Phnom Penh!!!
I don’t know… Pilat is the one who chose this crazy way It was him that made the mistake Oh my, I’m so hungry Now I don’t know where to go Let’s sit down
There’s no more road Stop, stop… I don’t want to walk anymore Now what?
Ahhh… I’ve got a cramp How far do we have to walk?
Everything hurts We need to take a break now
because everyone is tired We can’t go any longer
My goodness, I’m very hungry! So, let’s stay here What?
Let’s rest here, everyone is very tired No, but to stay here we’ll need to clean the area
That’s true Let’s clean everything up, because maybe tomorrow…
So, let’s stay here Yeah, let’s do it… we’ll need to build something to rest Let’s cut some wood and make a hut Do you know how to do it?
Everyone helps a little I can’t do it alone, but together we can do it
Ok, let’s do it Reken is the guy
I’m tired… I can’t do anything Then, pick up this wood… Pilat, where’s your knife?
We’ll need your knife now It took very long, but we did it What’s this Reken? Wow, how nice…
where did you find this? What are you going to do with it? Is this is to be used here?
It’s to be used anywhere So, what are we going to eat?
I broke all the sticks and almost hurt myself Let’s go fishing!!! Let’s hunt something
Be careful with that fire But wait a minute… I’m tired What do you think… let’s take a bath first? There’s lake here… we can play a little
I stink I stink too
So, let’s bathe then Reken’s armpit stinks
Botra smelled it so hard that the smell is gone now So, what do we do now?
Let’s take a bath Let’s bathe then?
Yeah, let’s go But the fire is gonna extinguish
Let’s bathe and catch some fish Congratulations to you all… did you like it?
Yes we did Come on Let’s undress here
No, no… let’s take off our clothes by the lake Let’s go there Come on Reken… come on Pilat So, did we work hard?… Are you tired?
I’m very tired The water is crystal clear Wow… that’s cool Who’s brave enough to jump here? Be careful, be careful No, no… it’s gonna drop… let’s go, let’s go Take off your clothes, take off your clothes Can I go?
When you jump there, close your eyes You jump there and jump here
1… 2… 3 Heyy… wait for me Heyy… what about me! Wait!
“Barang” come Hurry up! Jump Heyy… wait, wait!
Brother, hurry up I’m coming I want it too Be careful back there
Get out, get out, get out Be careful Reken, be careful Let’s go?
Let’s go I’m tired already
Let’s go find something to eat This lake is deep
Who shit here? Come on, come on Botra Are these two gonna stop playing or not? Oh my, I’m very tired What happened, what happened? What’s this?
A fish! Very good!!! I caught one
But where did you get this? It was here in my underwear
Yuck… it must be stinking! That’s not a problem, right?
No, no problem… Wait… let me clean it Clean it? Ok, go on
Yes I got water in my ear
Let’s eat, come on… the fire is lit, right? Yes, it is
Come on Be careful Reken
Don’t drop it Hurry, hurry… very soon you’re gonna lose it…
come on Reken Reken pray for us Thank you Lord Jesus for this food We ask that this food will be good for us We ask you to be with us in our trip to Phnom Penh,
and protect us on all the way… in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN Don’t leave the fish near “Barang” If there’s no fish left for me, I won’t help you anymore I’m going to eat it all by myself
Botra don’t be rude, we’re friends Talk nice to me
All right Sausage… sausage
Give me one Reken We’ve been hungry for so long and he had this all this time?
It’s been a long time We’ve got to slap Reken on the face
One each I want two Save one for me One I don’t know what kind of meat this is Thank you Wait a minute
I got two Why did you take so long? Let’s find another fish We don’t know what our future is like now Have you finished eating already?
I’m already full Have you finished
There’s no more meat Can we eat this or not? I’m still hungry
What can we do if you’re still hungry? “Barang” don’t you know you can’t eat the skin
That’s the skin of the fish… throw it away So, what are we going to do if we’re still hungry?
Let’s try to find it again? Let’s go look for it in the lake… who knows how to swim? Whoever is tired, go to the lake
It’s very dificult to catch a fish You swim very well… go catch the fish then
Let’s go Everyone go hunting Can you lend me the knife? Can I get it?
Let’s go hunt something to eat Ok, I can go… what about you, where are you going? To the bush?
To the bush… I’m going to set up a trap Let’s go that way then we split up to look for something
OK. Let’s go But we don’t have anything… only this
Let’s do it!!! Do you know how to do it?
We do, we do When are you gonna catch a fish?
Let’s hurry then, because … oh my… Look, look
Wow! What a big belly! Look at Reken
Look… I’m still hungry Heeee… you’re really hungry!!! Come on… we’re hungry
Let’s get ready then You know how to do it, right? Let’s go I put it on the wrong side… come back here. I’ll put it
on the right side… even on the wrong side he was scared He ran like crazy! Help, help! Fast… snake! Snake! Heeee… when are they coming back?
Isak has some stupid jokes That was not funny, OK?
I don’t know who was hiding there…
you almost scared me to death We almost caught something to eat
What can we do? You scared us I’m telling you
Who ate my fish? Nobody ate it
I ate it but I’m still hungry We need to find something to eat Where are you coming from?
What happened? What happened? What happened? What happened?
Look at his face… he looks like a ghost That’s strange, tell us what happened
Sit there… oh my. There’s nothing to eat Did you get anything?
There was a crocodile… Crocodile? Where?
There! You’re lying
It was afraid of me… I did like this. Look… Then, he ran away
Couldn’t you catch it? No, I couldn’t get it
But the crocodile was afraid of you? Yes Ahhh… the crocodile was afraid? Huh?
The crocodile was afraid of your hairy chest Oh I know… the crocodile was the one afraid…
He’s afraid of me, because I’m “X-man” Do you believe it or not Isak?
Yes, I do Very good Isak, very good Stop talking… there’s nothing to eat He was big like this Then why didn’t you catch it? Was it very heavy? Yes, it was very heavy… but it ran away,
I couldn’t catch him
Reken. What are you eating? I’m not eating anything, I’m chewing on this vine
Isak where’s the snake? What snake?
The one you threw at me, and almost scared me to death You were playing with the snake instead of eating…
now you lost it and you scared me You guys keep playing around, now we’re all hungry…
and you Reken, did you get anything? No, I went to get the vine
You found vine and now what are we going to eat? I got vine to make a trap
Have you caught anything? Not yet
You made the trap. Now when are we going to eat something? I left with my spear searching
Ahhh… now what? What are we gonna do? Now… my friends where do we go?
I’m hungry Here… I was camouflaged as a tree “Coming back to my country. I miss Cambodia” Ahhh… I want to die!!!
“I miss my village, I miss my house” Don’t sing in the middle of the bush
“I miss my brother and my little brother” You’re singing with your dry “throat” Do you miss your wife?… Do you miss your wife?
Yes, I miss her My wife is nervous, I don’t miss her Do you miss your children? I miss my children What’s that? Come here, come here Ohhh… a dog!
We don’t need to keep looking anymore! Beautiful dog Beautiful, isn’t it?
Let me take a look at him Just take a look Let’s light up the fire… light up the fire
Catch the dog to do what? Light up the fire… light up the fire Do you know how to make a fire?
I know but it takes a while Like this, like this… good, good Beautiful, beautiful…
I want to see him You’re not gonna see him
Just a short look Reken… we’re hungry He doesn’t belong to Reken It’s not Reken’s
We can get him like this Give the dog to us… Reken give us the dog Reken this is not your dog Come on, come on Shoe, shoe… wait up HELP… Mine HELP What? What?
HELP Mine, mine Reken is there!
Heyyy MINE… “Barang” don’t go Don’t move, don’t move
Please, help me Reken give us the dog… give us the dog
Don’t move Wait a minute. He’s crying there… Can you believe this?
But this is a land mine This mine is mortal…
That’s very old… hold here Pilat I’ll show you that there’s no problem Come back here
Ahh… that’s nothing Where are you going? “Barang” is dead! Come on Reken Very good, very good Hand over the dog
No! Hey, I saw a watermelon right over there
No, don’t go there… there’s land mine Stop, stop…
It’s very dangerous… Wait, wait
… everybody is going to die! It’s not dangerous… I’ll go get the watermelon If it blows up no one is gonna help Look… he went by himself What’s this?
MINE!!! Don’t move, don’t move Stop, don’t move… “Barang” don’t move No “Barang” it’s gonna blow up, blow up!!! No, no… leave your foot there and don’t move
You’re gonna die, you’re gonna die Here… there’s a watermelon here
Throw the watermelon here Look here… look
Don’t move!!! That guy is crazy… if that blows up he dies
All of us die Nothing happened You’re all chicken
You crazy guy They fooled us? Isn’t it true? Let’s go there to check It really didn’t blow up That’s nothing I’ll go check if it’s a real one
No, you’re not going It’s all dark My face hurts
Help me… everything hurts Blood Oh my… you look terrrible My dog…
What an explosion… Nothing happened to “Barang”… only to us Ouch! What a pain… everything hurts… I didn’t think this would have such a strong explosion
I told “Barang” not to play with this “Barang” didn’t believe us
“Barang” you’re hopeless I don’t even want to eat the dog anymore
Ohhh he’s bleeding Let’s help each other Who wants watermelon? Botra come here
My face is bleeding… What happened?
Look at my face… right here Sit here Botra But I was there…
The dog was big but it had just a little bit of meat That’s right, the dog was so big… like this
No, it was small… a puppy Give me a piece first
I skinned it… and there was no meat It’s small, isn’t it?
Who killed the dog? Was it you Reken? It was Reken This way I shot an arrow then it was dead
Do you have a knife? Lend me the knife I’ve got less meat than you guys
This one I did… if I hadn’t found it If you hadn’t found this,
my face wouldn’t be black… I almost died! That’s true… I almost died
This watermelon is explosive And you laugh Can you see that smoke?
Yeah, I think I saw a camp fire Maybe there’s a shelter… let’s check it out It’s that way…
Here? Yeah A plane?
Can a plane honk? It’s some noise
What kind of crazy plane is that? Reken… Isn’t it the alarm you made?
The alarm of the trap! My trap….
Maybe there is a big animal Let’s go check it out Let’s all go there
Reken, where did you set up the trap? Way over there
Let’s go, let’s go Hurry up, let’s go check I forgot, I forgot Maybe there’s something there… go, go Just a little more?… Come on Botra… call “Barang” We caught a pig, we caught a pig
We’ll have meat to eat Who killed these two here? Reken? I did this to catch an animal
Now what? There are cookies
Did they die? Wait, wait… Cookies….
Don’t pick it up!!! Wait, they died… we’re Christians,
we can’t pick up the cookies Just one!
Wait… They didn’t die Yes, they are dead!!!
No What’s this?… Cookie!!!
They didn’t die Only one… I’m hungry
Heyy… let’s do this… … a package for everyone, OK? Help take them over there… take all this and…
we just took one package But there’s a lot of cookies
Botra… take care of the cookies Isak, I put this here to catch an animal! This “French’s” nose is very beautiful And now? Let’s make some pairs…
I’ll help too… come on, come on Botra lift this one up How are you going to pick him up?
I’ll guide you, I’ll guide you I’ll carry one of them… this “French” here is better I’ll get this one… help me here
Oh my, he’s very heavy… What a pity Ugh. It stinks… this foreigner stinks He’s very stinky… I don’t like him
Where do I go now? Let’s go to our camp I thought it was some kind of animal…. My goodnes… he’s very heavy… too heavy He fell
Pick up the arms, the other pick up the legs… come on One of you grab the arm the other grab the leg You grabbed my shorts… let it go Where did “Barang” go? Where did he go?
“Barang” hurry up. Come help us lift him “Barang” has gone back to the camp already
Now, help me lift him Lift him up
My goodness, he’s very heavy Take him like this… come on Reken… wake up… Reken Wake up… Sorry… “I’m sorry” You talk to them in English…
I don’t know… They didn’t say anything…
I think they’re very angry But what did they say?
I don’t know This is theirs!!!
I apologize Am I the one going?
Give it to them… go I don’t know how to speak English Have you given everything?… Here, here Botra… go there Botra…
We’re sorry We ate… we ate a cookie
Only one Give it to them Pilat… Pilat ate everything Ahhh… I only got this t-shirt
There’s one more here Sorry Ahhh… You again?
You bunch of crazy people I can’t believe this We’re sorry… see you later… sorry I was hungry
There was nothing to eat I thought that “French” didn’t like the cookies
Don’t be angry Let’s go away
What did they say “Barang”? How many cookies did we eat?
Just one package No problem… they’re gone See you later
See you later… sorry… “Sorry” “Sorry”… “sorry”… “sorry” “Sorry” … “I’M SORRY” 1..2..3.. “I’M SORRY” Oh my… they were really angry It was so difficult…
I started to eat one cookie… two… When I realized it, I had eaten the whole thing
Three… four…. and it was over We didn’t eat just one cookie
Everyone was eating then it was all finished Heyyy… you haven’t taken a bath yet…
you’re all dirty Reken That makes it hard… go clean up Look at his face
You have an ugly face You two with ugly face and talking about each other
They’re gone… there’s no more problem Go clean your faces then we’ll light up the fire
I want to sleep a little longer Maybe we’ll find another animal
There are cookies in “French’s” backpack You can go look for it. I’ll make the fire
Come on Botra… come on It’s hard, isn’t it? Now what?
We all have difficulties, don’t we? But we did all this for Reken…
because Reken was sad We have to do all we can for our friends It’s hard, but for him we can do it I think the five of us are very good friends… if you need us,
we’ll help you. If Isak needs us, we’ll do the same For our friendship
We’ll always do the same for our friends We won’t give up until Reken is happy
Yes Ahhh… I’m starving
You’re so handsome now You’re wearing my clothes… Isak washed his face, but he’s still ugly There were no mirrors to help Have their cookies finished?
Yes What are we going to eat this morning?
I don’t know Are we going to find something to eat?
Hey, we need to organize this place We need to try to find something…
I’m going to try to catch the crocodile that ran away If you don’t go, we won’t have anything to eat
You just talk, but catch nothing Come on, come on… stop playing around,
because I want to go home Which way is you house?
Let’s go home Where do we go now?
I don’t know… I’ll go this way and you guys go that way Hey… we went the wrong way…
You brought me to the bush and there’s nothing to eat You found NOTHING, did you? Reken lit up the fire but let it go out
I couldn’d find the crocodile…
Reken, I couldn’d find anything A beautiful girl!!! A beautiful girl!!! Beautiful… look there
You saw an animal and says it’s a beautiful girl Right there, look… there… come and see
Where? Come Isak
Where, where? I don’t see anything
Where Reken? There… I saw her this morning… it’s true
It’s a beautiful girl
Where? Uh-huh… that’s true! Was it a fish? A beautiful girl
You’re daydreaming Maybe you’re hungry… you’re hungry
You don’t believe me, do you? There’s nothing there… where’s she? If there was a pretty girl there, we could see her
I don’t know what else to do… there’s nothing to eat Where did she go?
He’s still daydreaming There’s nothing to eat and he keeps
thinking of a beautiful girl Reken there are beautiful girls in Phnom Penh,
not here in the middle of the bush I told you and you don’t believe me… you’ll see
Only Isak is handsome in the bush Not in the bush… I’m handsome in Phnom Penh
There’s nothing to eat What’s that?… There, there A native girl!
I told you there was a beautiful girl Can you see now?… The beautiful girl right there What’s on her hand? Reken… come here Reken, you don’t know her Leave me alone! What happened?
You fainted for a long time We won Reken… we won
You saved the penalty kick Reken What happened?
I had a dream The dream was very long
You were dreaming and we were here afraid you were going to die I had a dream someone got a knife
and tried to attack me The five of us were going to Phnom Penh Cool…
Let’s go out to Phnom Penh That’s really cool
But first we’ll have to ask our wives We’re going out?
Yeah… let’s go on a trip We’re going to Phnom Penh
I’m not going There’s no problem Reken… it was just a dream Do you have a headache? Did the ball hit you here?
Who’s sick here? Wow. You took so long…. She’s a doctor Reken… there’s no problem It might be because of the ball that hit him Doctor, he was playing and the ball hit him right on the face
Maybe there’s something wrong in his head Ask the doctor if you have any problem Let me check Reken… where are you going? Reken!!! What happened?
He hit! He fell again!
Again Help! Help!

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