Calling All Cars: The Flaming Tick of Death / The Crimson Riddle / The Cockeyed Killer

Calling All Cars: The Flaming Tick of Death / The Crimson Riddle / The Cockeyed Killer

from development program remember the rio
grande deal company knowingly going online and on our blog
and want to be thirty-six regarding the murder and suicide and nineteen twenty
nine cell grand avenue independent bye g two g or anybody that
you miller para in the city campus office we find url crawford chief chemist working over his cubes and reports he turned to his co-worker with a
science that section record goes i think we’re working on by canceling lives very mysterious catherine ever since the city’s art of buying a
gasoline and then we had to report to brenda archive remote prison than ever beleaguered right after the bar and
develop more power records are getting greta mileage per gallon than ever
before we’re using rio grande e crack gasoline now and also because i’ve read that god now it’s gone so much comment about your
allies and they’re going to crack and tell them i moved up in some way or
the find the secret of its own version reform icy it does contain paragraph
uh… warheads but other guys i mean that that that will do nowadays a career and outstanding
performance refining process it’s cracked into a tiny molecules into other madam obviously by a patent process for i’ve
never seen any other governments are finally cracked i wanted so much faster than other
government cracking process of the reason why we
are going to cut government gives greater speed powered by image than
other get the radio show main i’m going to use reinventing fact in my
own car i see now way more police cars fire
engines and then it is a matter of urgency equipment are powered by real
can be corrected to mean wherever it is seldom any other time and now it is our pleasure to present
captain burt wallace head of the homicide squad of the los
angeles police department at the moment remain friends tonight you will hear dramatize the
story of a perfect crime which like all perfect crimes was a
little imperfect it because we made plans of the kremlin
worked perhaps he would have escaped but there seems to be some truth in the
belief that there is a loft compensation i have in my years of experience in
police work never known the case where a man broke
the laws of society but he was not eventually make the
papers must be you can break every law but the law
compensation and in the end it delivers you up for an
accounting with the society you about raged a celebrating the caitlin loveland demand all right uh… hai dash handicapped apple ipod d project cattleman matt it and but the matter k the contract ho if you’ve got a call on on those
manuscript midsummer smoke out policy which started this year intake bio you know that this problem over the place looks like we’ve got more
than a little time what the government food looked like it might have been a bit of
a sudden it was a bit probably about the advent of power could
happen i plan to keep away from a bio wouldn’t retreat i don’t think this pilot had anything to
say in a manner there’s next monroe remain you mean somebody killed the booth
that’s what it looks like putting with don’t make sense made in israel look at this moment scholars managed right i can tell anything about the man to run led to an autopsy shows whether he was
killed an awful productivity and read the terms of medical care we found something that you increase
your voice relevant uh… data i don’t think so woman scotland smacks of something article about the man or at it month abuse can we get the job that
was before we move them indelible pointed out that they can come
in now at about this police photographs are taken to the
grisly discovery and the body’s removed the marlboro ma tops and in the burned apartment veteran
patent surrounded by reporters fireman walked into the apartment house begin on
the new investigation uh… arrival a decade but did not get the tax railroad
it guys can’t add anything yet but it looks like a better job back analyst with humana mastermind of the
bed granted but still back but by cannot about that panel do there then we can get work done and tend to get in the bangor frenchmen
living now mom six that bigoted with a lot of things here that don’t
make sense character and that managed to member one out of the past that it is that a magical that havoc bernard in addition to that under the bed bunch of water that they prepare for it for that matter medicated included one of the unit anyone the devil in the obama as a delegate to
the destiny take a look for yourself role and instead of iran and i think it is bad news is that uh…
double-murder and this walk is wired into the either or go
to the second time in a minute and we’re contacting spectator and that he did
that to the paper brennan command accepting that we don’t know who did it right well if you look around you and i
think i like within a few of the people in the building okay let bus ticket
flattening out the government is about right there but is that interests you thing to
do anything and i know that you get a big black
magic your questions pan that neil but c_n_n_ prop mining olive directly
into the barber department but did you hear anything last night that might have
any bearing on their i heard some noise of stairs abandon our troops from well
it might have been a scream and then something fell to the floor what time was that paul was somewhere
around eight thirty in the student because i remember listening to radio
program under the amount of say it was a thirty and when i was there anything like that yes but he did what’s your name gramps atwood group unglued wrote next to mister problems with the reported that there were some of the
discriminative and she said i haven’t been woohoo and only can’t give approval which did
so good anywhere you go to i didn’t give it more difficult to deal
with israel if i didn’t think much about it either or even comic mosser pup tent party i heard someone moving
around up there in the apartment not about twelve annoys stopped another
department making the noise and gone to bed so i want to sleep an initial seven productivity the truth michigan to think i should have done
something but i didn’t and does not sure enough suspicious than the standard i woke up about four thirty and i heard
what sounded like someone warning of paper upstairs struck me is kinda funny but i don’t think there’s anything so
there’s sort of a scintilla stockman went back to sleep is that the last
thing you heard and woke up this morning yes sir partial credit required so many young
people and i got about the building is burning down well we’re going to turn in the parallel
behind it but it’s almost like on the market must be cut opening up about six
o’clock this morning i saw a small coming up on that one of the bible there placard that one woke up everybody in
the pot not bummed out thing it was the original yet another ten minutes the
whole place with a burning devoted return at that news outside says he
wants to see rollback i’m glad that you did not go let let let
it go i want to ask more particularly by the
continuity i was just wondering records indicate that people here store
but there’s two grand vertical twelve dash around i wasn’t but do not use booker bloomberg newsroom the list of the people who work for mr
barbour there’s a lot of good gin yeah remains in my book tocqueville and plan
on and i think he depends yeah with that in a decade we listen to the
whole thing but didn’t make another month to investigate in immediately that you might have not gramm finished yet there’s still a couple of people in
there and pleasant distally okay decided that that networking interview
questions asking people many people and i don’t want anything anybody that
might have had a grudge against the muggers anyone who didn’t like them i don’t
think there was anybody didn’t like him there was a really nice compliment there was always so ka and everybody and especially have bad young fellow
collector mr barbour preaching at my grandson but then wyatt young man who used to help me
around the place here what’s his name i don’t know he’s last name according to play driven around her neck for sure usually around all the time just like
one of the family repeat that will begin uh… you don’t think you can if you
can’t why do you wish via so use it well i think it’s a bit of the federal
government too deborah would that be a candidate i don’t know i
mean everything that’s been but he wouldn’t do it in nineteen eighty
four course meal we’re going back to headquarters making the remains of the european union
has time to talk and thought the headquarters veteran pat report to
couple moments and the homicide squad uh… is is that we picked up by the
department government although they didn’t get to that bruce
weir not known to me about what it what does
it make this work or have something to go on incidently the coroner’s report shows
that both the bodies of the metal met with some heavy objects on behalf of jonathan also said that they are definitely out
we’re looking for a smart mater argumentative federal event or about
might know something it doesn’t seem very likely momentum undisclosed time
dealing with my mom what is your money well as many yet but i’m still by the government
throughout his address shenzhen limits but we found forces may not be the right fred but without out of it up and anything you want to get the merger
would form the political go ahead vicious jokers abuse this given in the book the two
detectives bind at the man known as friends dot no result the problem is where they learn we’re sure ankle through the fit very
well speak to a malaysian that’s about all particular strictly for money the way it
was a p_h_d_ team goes a little nervous hardly even notice me when i said hello remember that it’s just me contender for
the above its current about but there’s no adequate you get to sleep and return
to warm direction it out here on the poor
traditional until pretty late it was about one thirty when i went to bed and step dad hadn’t come on get was
better than usual little when it was the first time i can
remember that he was absolutely but then you know in the morning i will go up about six
forty five and looked out you know which is coming
from the hull now i ask you what we have each doubt st polished budget in the back but anyway what i was looking out the
window at the door open he comes out of his house he walked with god i thought he was leaving early but he
didn’t leave wanted to do with group he looked around to show he’s afraid
someone might see him and many reached an intelligent step
into the back of the kind of good in the mountains some stuff wishing that i couldn’t see just what it
looked but later he started plan of the
backyard and prevention i don’t really do do anything wrong hedge pretty sure
looked like might have the masterminded he got his car and drove away actually less time received lined up with the group holocaust new mothers kill any money but
you told us running about are being asked unsure important will show you wanted to
know what you can crash may do it among many but usually program that
precious but i’d like to say what it was so anxious
to get rid of detective can advance bolted inundated with their neighbors today again aircraft from might be stratton oakmont around us and we can see younger looks like he’s going to come right in
the store just a minute point of view where the bomb indicated yes unanimously stepped into the address yes chinese for you detectives one escaping fortunes room reminder for the court house for a
minute let it be right back wall would probably be from component curriculum referendum reaction from them sometime reported
creek and get on the edge quadratic you know that met with an accident have been murdered in fact you confirmed that it is not possible
occurred not only part of a report there was a great or from the record and
brandon their private this morning we wondered what do you know but admirably repeatedly predominant grand worry less about that oregon but we can motion about ten thirty norm driving around from written thing it would be better can you you’re not trying to say that i haven’t
been doing wicked record it but then the virus dentistry ticklish because you’re not going to have you
know we were murdered there implement problem regarding a broker to
get the watch that liberty remarks on that one hundred problem and literally insane it goes your paper can recover surrounded
forward you would be a big hit with brando program wanted to find though important the
brian this morning statement inmate bacteria and then because interest some precedent otherwise you’d better come down to the
station with their restricting questioning right it what i remember and wandering around
but replacement remember people requesting right there pretend that waterboarding back there
where you were you know we were told to at one thirty right went over to my girlfriend sugar program energy program retirement returned to bill clinton you didn’t go anywhere nearby recruiting nobody nobody would president
undisturbed neuberger berman running ever worked in the watchmen organic material the streets businesses with whom they could find
what is bridge movement there is a vote on it repertoire bill i’ve got to do with me you’re talking about budgets for older
at the time broken water for industry for saying that the speaking of watches let me know that one
way other until this morning another one i mean retina drawer and there is is that they are being
discovered meeting that would be a good day that the government dharwad brokered reminded then refer to our yes there seen anything like it before there a dollar and missing directed to go
ahead including the printed word on the
program soul anointed him away from them right in the rhythm natasha preferring to side of the people of oregon it was with that but i think the key to
the by reporting right and that the impact and it was wired up so that would be a
few minutes that and making your own at the back the rwandan error here have never been a drawer
because i’m sure the product range from and getting pretty excited over actually i’m not sure but if you are doing a girlfriend about
fred it had to do that and i can’t remember
from last night and or was i a mistake last night yes to cover an argument brick never got the men who read this article identified her good luck with your
premise right all right doesn’t really matter look that bad girl at the low
inventories record photograph i read your own nevermind
maybe he’d be more willing to cooperate with an attack recorded information
that’s currently remember about what you think about it either barrister want that when you don’t know
what is not adequate recommend ordering for the without ever
agree with you if you’re if you’re interested there were a grandparent or reading return where where little workshop instead where there are
at work recruiter about having right now but that the letter there well is that correct i get this network is keeping around
there are no longer jim reidtemple indigo that the that you brought me worry about
that it up at the white yet never seen before reported about your work at the site and you know what is going up at lunch but hundreds of doctors like that active
or their hundreds of but advisor and that they have to live in or repair and your bread and butter
or out here about that right cut myself if you’re just going to go through three
alright if that works better the governor for tourism in the world
review your recant i did not do it captive when it was in the newspaper we’ve got
the party formatting met watch that occur but feel proud of that blood
privately about in your backyard with public and your contact kathleen users
of the part that was before you get back now can be met repair work hushed up content but i can’t stand it that uh… that blood recommended the
more questions democratic fool regarding women migratory briefly did not want to get into distributor
october bridge respond recruiter recruiter corporate orchid referal happy birthday controversy here our shop crack open your and neck captain york
squawking if you could have p education is world right here ever there huh one hand-written idea too one hundred and recuperating front page the greenpeace repairing measuring ribbon-cutting market activity six-pack in background and dr angelina cricket thinking dark i ve been thinking
about running pretty pink fresh dr all out candidate try to get back at the station
cap with much talked about you would not do
without your troops action discovery i think it’s great capable of doing what should she worked
on now if we’re using xc working hard docu it wouldn’t be able to attend midnight how shin darkening if you listen to you anymore and whether or not it it wouldn’t probe it would not be grateful dead with them bookclub six-foot v uh… rent room repeated and and i’ve been back in the bodies into
bed ready to be not to pay for it and put it
to the heat which talked for an interview turned on important testified remembered it
improves probably watch recommended that you get older for the government records neutral kill these people were ordered out of it picture because i did not know what
they’re up to dramatically thank you the care the then fred standard was tried and found
guilty of murder two counts of burglary and one count of
arson he was sentenced to life imprisonment
but after alienist had checked his family case history and home with his
mother in law who were both confined in an insane asylum in switzerland and that
is brother was a sufferer from epilepsy the judge incentives in this man made
the positive injunction that in the event that status should become insane
that he be sent to the state insane asylum an immediate left upon his
recovery should be returned to the state prison upon examination doctors found stabbed her to be not
criminally insane but mentally unbalanced will not be greedy and so when is the story of the almost
perfect crime and standards will get it done off
before the gasoline added that return the entire room what on that we have
burned eliminating the important clues that
started the investigation but his mistake was not in figuring his
time writing he set the match reset the watch to blow
up in an hour and for god that gasoline evaporates in
much less time so we were able to put this color safely
behind the bars thank you wallace ladies and gentlemen tonight and tomorrow thousands of calling all cars plans will
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by the cancellation broadcast one of the thirty six magnetism and energy and mention this is your narrator establishments having a good night for the rio grande oil companies call a mall cop copyrighted programs
created by the real problem we’ll cover that or because there was a brief calling all
cars watergate but it would work with the
patient while waiting despite the forty white-haired medium like wearing green dress alleged on hold not at all ever that that was put on hold for the
discounted by real ground approx athletes you also know that many many cities and
counties provided upon request fittipaldi more policemen but you
probably have a plan everywhere it’s over probably don’t know what a difference
between government mobile home park vertical w copper phone who realized this is not just in
advertising for it what can we do do intend to use the same
deafening the police emergency got us remind you of the field democrat
costs no more than other part of the government company operating records prove
conclusively but the delivers more mpg but more probably definitely you’ve got me to speak for your call people who go wheelabrator power and the
book promote it will be cooler more efficient and you’ll be less vibration but it was an opportunity to prove all
speaker driving behavior from the station governing you agree that the where older people amount is our pleasure to present the
sheriff of san francisco company who will speak to you open the studio
station k_ a party in san francisco cherub murphy good evening if ever a criminal case proven that crime does not pay the one you are about to hear does the guilty ones are still serving a life
time sentences behind the thick gray walls of san
quentin prison i particularly remember this crime because i was acquainted with one of the
relatives of the victim who was an old man living by himself injuring no-one engaged in the peace will push you uh… rating boats and selling them out for up their
livelihood the criminals did not obtain a single
sent from him thought he had no money but listen to how it happened the just a few miles outside the bustling
lots of people the never-ending streams of nor the
public apartment buildings that make up the
harbor city san francisco by the small sloping valley although today to become a private
little community upon this case occurred at the start of
the room there but finding some big check uninhabitable for but you can go to it was here in one of the tumbled on
houses but i can almost daily lives the beatles his nearest neighbor some
three hundred yards away nearly seventy years old marco to
support himself but there were no who just called her to build serbian
province about it into the occasional tourists who happen to stop in and refresh
themselves before continuing their journey one morning in sept dot com it was
turned into a scapegoat when he has a car approaching defeated stopping by this place these two men in the bill get out and authority abap goodnight fresh goat’s milk orlando proposal of a two-thirds vote
but they were overthrown registered under control i think it is just great as you know that uh… university student groups welcome the
i’d like to try it what what their political lives i’m i’m afraid he was able to find a
portion of your up here exits etc it was a fire represent maybe she’s just aren’t
well-known not all right thank you about people who haven’t learned about
them i’ve got the mail or drug it’s easy to
get it differently articulate and forwarded heeded the call into question five pgs exposed and the pope at that
time as a budget that i think is that bill
you’ve got hidden around here portugal you’re unemployed demonic when noriega funny and where to relieve the other whitewater but the respect capital one
and are retarded is important that we haven’t had a lot of other let them know you’ve got uh… thousand
dollars in cash in on the stump the also concept and i’m not leaving until i get
up there about eight hundred battery on that one of the at that point and tell us
what it did not do we have to get tapi di oh analyst mildly silly kicked in the middle class i’m
expecting a lot of money but that won’t work with them out chap could not make the filled by that talk
about the break a rainbow and i think it might without the president it took my daughter my colleagues
unemployed we’re himani horrified i’ll show you a little bit habitat demanded high salary peacock and dot com not thing not what is going to it demonic vicap
the dot faced with a health bill not get this place up pot that those around here somewhere then picked up any comment which stock that you had a bad however the problem but instead all we’ll op about all or i can probably at a time what exactly are you know willful well sexual or whatever i’d go ahead apple willful awful all the product or provided awful off alright used a lot better and don’t touch anything understand onto for another one when a man without it is addressed right
away fill a void to stand by the guide that they given a parking lot i’ll be out there but my mail by the time attention a bicycle shop eminent who had already taken the
unconscious but still the most of the hospital but cannot deputy district attorney what
are some of the book the hospital and question the victim then settles down to investigation of
the fact armadillos you approach to discover the elaborate support you’re talking about just what
happened i think i handle welcome him everyday for almost a year so that they aren’t came over to get
some funding pathways fall victim chris ultimately yes of course i know i think particularly a mis-trial one twenty idea who might have done this acceptable thing to be any people for it although it probably one of the most
prominent people i’ve ever known he couldn’t have any and i think you
know and yet someone beat them up that doesn’t quite jive doesn’t i don’t
know oecologia likeness i want to go they want forty or we get some rest look as though
you may get some thank you karen well i think nothing of it it was well known thanks for the help regarding the payment but there’s a
woman here say she know something about we want to talk to where settlers writer that this is lieutenant began last he
contracted you just tell him what candle well act i don’t know that it had anything to do
with all the really but yesterday and the late afternoon
sometime i think i’ve come up unpack i cannot house real flow and then a few
minutes later a comeback by again and alabama i can’t be explained bateman go
on there with a couple yucky and and uh…
annabel a pretty kelsey while to right would make you think they’re going to do
with that although they were back in funny like can i don’t write back and outplacement
talking among themselves than a fictitious to me can you give me
a result of a description of them ran made retracted day to go ahead on
the bright green grass and she had black hair very black and
you don’t have anything about the cause treatment is not one month in another it had white as though i remember that
wide tires pardon me a moment profile of a phone call that work delegate article also recall what
whitewater also grow with black hair wearing a
bright green red mega practice also i have every colorado by some
contact africa rocket if liberals do stick around here
question everybody will ultimately a report to make im go to a hospital in city hall and gps and at the hospital detective with the
again plunged into the schiller of the bed by
the board that carmel most of them it is obvious the old man has only a few
hours of lifeless ako animate uh… you know that a divided adequate likable partners critical areas a really good to have to tell me tell me who it was personally for business but i don’t growthorbit ordered collective breath for predator greater read the book that wall do you think that the other hand mcbride the ride worked or you could remember if mike trabajo
may not know i’d rather talk to me was that i got up here so far it doesn’t know anything but mum
about money and go to a yeah i heard provide well pablo could get better therapy no reading about it school which is not going out we want to help you prepared then secretary really worked hard to you’ve got the better miracle here but what i have been several and the people i talk to what they get a
description of a pretty good i want to win around the place today kahan okay i’m going to outlook
recovered what kind of driven by program i’m not going to bring gripes now all that day with a look at the end of
the little mermaid thrown broad you privately people are tired out but one of the
bottom up but no president can be found the following morning that found almost
on a diet having given over the course of the
ability of israel but in terms of more determination than
ever for the past pocketing the car last two days after the murder he
opposes the fifteen th level place for the day addresses the manager in the money was placed either party
generous country not exactly a m looking for a collado ka where what time it my parents i mean here on friday i sleep so i have just
picking you have what what what does your line up and this is still going to
be true that or i was just thinking out loud i’d like to editors was out effective adela padilla was that was a
strong belief the policeman said over the bag and a policeman suggesting a
history of aquatic i don’t know what you’re going to look
at what i really want to know the name of
the people who were last winter that probably what drives and i think it was showed that he he i got a bucket of my
books on at least you now would have any idea about the and it
might have been out yeah i think so just before the length of time two days ago i will be the second photos are on the second of this month
puro voters demonstrated that the internet shipping about getting out september second that’s a kind regards their history it was optimistic and wanted to go out wait a minute therapy is underpriced mindshare with mongering and john casick well yeah i remember them now they would have been a very difficult at
all about money big but with that roadways to giving you some money that
he could do it but they didn’t but it never open getting them to change you got their addresses there yeah right here in the brake on prime
good figures book what makes it might be
important but the government is not don’t worry we have a good government economic back at some of them for what
it’s like right now i needed more than usual returning to resolve those with him up
the battle creek mi c and taking two offices within forty two
points to the address given by the refund green lately illegally couples for standby in case well apart surrender but only after taking a ride with us
area which is all about plays out of my time but probably the best part of charles
especially now that taken aboard pad a few minutes later another out
correctly we’re talking your cover last unless she found out
about a have elected all of us for your phone calls and i think but if you’re interested i reckon you want a special by that
matter actually whatever that you’re back or come on get blown taking the protesting counterproductive
academic office like in katmandu involvement hand of government to memphis reporting and then spent the night of spring into
the myth that request door but we got there about what they are
mandatory i’d like to know at the bottom they put in baltimore but everyone else together on that well i don’t think so important to point out what we know more about all this and i think
widow template of the juliet and anything other than in others that level of anybody like nearly over i have to tell the truth about what my
feeling is that true or a quick break up again in order that’s why were you looking at the top
of the second right don’t remember they’ve got to refresh your memory for
it everything that book before yeah she said no about your trip back to
managing editor earlier lead story i’d like to think about it simply the
fact that broken i recommend it as well as a rabbit and what you get that falls hello you began to remember it well and
i didn’t say that i see a closet lecture on air up yourself i actually i had seen this before aladdin recommended at first how about
your material i remember that some of the colorado players inadequate follow one another whether you’re going to take a look at
the car we discover that the deck didn’t go anywhere particular finger on
top of the debate about whether candidate and i think that you don’t think so which are not aware
of crack addicts better than rather well in length for the elderly like gender don’t tell me a forgotten that joe yes certainly have a pretty bad memory how much you marianne your love of the other way alright quite alright but when and where there were no matter what
are we all about but i don’t give up different that make the way that haven’t
been with us with into anything wrong course within it it worked like getting places what is available at somebody economic
development as well she was just outright what is happening right now what issue it alanna lakin three separate more
apartment thanks what you want to go back to sell the
lack of development and while you know that they get over it lately but by the time and i cannot
remember a little more about this the but upon arriving at the panama
mechanism a bad elderly woman who says she is the girl’s mother approval to operate a reliable sheehan uh… als evisitor living here in the life love it difficult to find them could you
tell me what i would find it i’m afraid i can’t you see even told me she wanted to visit
a friend of players who lives in la fuente one of the day two days ago sheep accept them all i don’t know exactly where she’s staying
down there dingy give you any idea where you can reach any foreign address rather than she mutual fund account apartment but i couldn’t say pre-show wedding
that’s where she is enough of what you think you want him on
nothing important men just want to talk to a level accusatory because when i get older that
the way particular baggett i thank you michael anyhow you’re quite
welcome pontiac and i’ll buy you want to go to hold it was nothing important really
don’t get another thought if you’re right you’re right a lot just jot down our address in my view
i’ll come back to see a letter with a vampire asx homicide wildlife thankfully please change someone whitehall apartments york today to pick up where deflection black hair wearing green dress is uh… wanted in connection with
murder older notify vish department again homework uh… department upon receipt of this message is intended
to come up with the los angeles police apart in common with a lot of the republic one
for the apartment house interview the landlady discover the counterfeit and yet young
girl with black hair climbing the stairs effective stop them
from one of the boards and full pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop policemen open the door lol here the part of the residence ever get thing what is that right local blackness you know if you want to keep you updated on didn’t healed more policemen with regard to come into this mess general restore rescue for the san
francisco please and then anything can toward men we can
talk about it later right now we’re in a kind of a very and math argue if you’re going to come
along to miss as a matter of formality of course for
way captain corporate clients let’s go next eight years in the san francisco
and turned over to the kind of again and again buys to the weight of a woman
questions are in his office retaliated there are just a few things i want to
talk to you about was allowed to approach where i just
won’t take long the first place logical other ideas live long at one of the capitan there for a visit
from one parent nothing but a good time to do what whatever putting in a time when it
before before i want to follow it up number
that i do about it i don’t know what you’re talking about let me tell you about it deliberate for a story is the final home and story could be found himself got beaten with a club but i didn’t have
a whole lot of fun and it wasn’t broken concrete not a very pretty picture
innovative it’s hard what i would say there’s no but it
doesn’t tell me exactly what happened out there that day and completed complete with them but that wouldn’t wouldn’t it be and
what happened expedient debate kept asking him to make money with him i don’t think that treatment you talked about a dozen caught it so i have to say that in front of them think of what they did theme uh… can help uh… everything armed with a confession of a problem for
the people testify in court but involvement of a problem for me because
i want but two of them spend dollars preparing
a foolproof case against mongering compact i don’t think that we can slip up on the
solemn for through and i know it’s perfect i don’t take any chances i’ve had to run a provocation sunday
blowup in workplace when something slippery mob before a lot of strings at the same thing that mummy reunited
with him at those two things that i was black that’s why i don’t want to tell about
the growth compression and might be able to bring up some story
between now and the time to go to trial you mean you want her friend making the whole day
exactly willing to do is as much evidence
against them but we can from various witnesses and such unveiling photograph
when i get it you’ve got a conviction practically in
europe and the whole it all depends on your return to court love one another problem there climbed up the detective well don’t worry with a case like this
but i can’t move monday investigate for pupils court in san francisco the trial begin in a study line the witnesses are sworn
in that testimony given birds come the milkman instead killer
concentrate on my studies show that morning but i didn’t think that the other not but i think we’ll stop by that by some got help from your web if i
don’t know what was going on that issue i stopped them indicate that your
lifetime next witnesses apprentice are concerned academic track record what happened
overnight but it didn’t before the the lab from other witnesses overbuilding
one like bonanza robert novak and then they one afternoon after three
days of the trial process mollen places final cut act like the quality of life therapy receded watches usually try to tell the truth the whole
could not about to pick up is that what’s your photography wasn’t came up to i don’t know acquired in your own words exactly what happened and i kind of
michael about the morning but done it in fact and mandarin and i don’t
have the old man pal we were going to happen but i did not ever going to be any
violence i thought they were japanese rocket and
demand the apart she does when she is through there is no doubt
matures mind what critics bringin opera on the fifteen minutes a return
with a verdict of guilty a recommendation for leniency for the
girls another result the following day just a
few cobra mountains that that mainstream vendors extending face the court before i pass judgment on you i do
anything to say that wasn’t enough good ready when you have been found guilty of first
degree murder unfortunately the memories of the jury
admitted impossible for me to give you the signature of this error however i attended over the next best i think you said and penetrating all-america ecommerce domain icici do to make the imprisonment in the state penitentiary a few days later he took off because given the kinds of ten years
suspended and put on probation that’s critical explaining his actions
by saying interning status that’s fairly testimony was instrumental
in convicting the actual figure also it has never been shown in that he
was in any way connected with the murder although she was a party to the
attempted robbery therefore i feel of the long-term
probation would serve a much better purpose the nativity calling all carpet bite every boy and
girl who joined the junior police department we offer you a complete detective outfit deathbed or mother one of your neighbors
described in your neighborhood we opened this week ask for your free copy of the calling
all cars news and learn all about real bad news for pain free gift your great deal do you believe the boys
and girls would listen to this program you have induced your poems by real
democrat and hundreds of letters testified to the
unusual distinctive qualities of this got me all we ask is that you give me open to
crack the fair trial we are confident that your car will
develop greater speed and power to get a new free a lot of real brenda’s police
car perform at another big value at all the of
member station another school term abroad when you get your next cranky spring
give your we are going to do the job you repeal the single-player motor oil
from refinery feel cams and you put the discovery of motor runs smoother cooler but you need seldom add another four but because all the impurities are
removed from this incredible hulk those element of cold cough and
developer val runaways elite in hot water is are
already extracted from civil camelot leaving only a pure royal that gives you more miles free money
than ever before corridor because i wasn’t afraid going
lol cause translator broadcast one three seven registration covered audible astronomical but they couldn’t they’re
having a good night calling all of my own copyright admiral
dr greeted with a real problem with the oil company was on the police going on for a
national guard broadcast wanted thirty-eight regarding memorable murder lead five feet seven inches weight about
one hundred fifty balloons management or simply cross-eyed nodule rolls around and covering the material for tonight’s
broadcast the writer interviewed officers of the
police department one of the oldest police car drivers
volunteered the story and let you know i know about this case uh… you know a lot to rio grande e of course you know we use your cracked
gasoline anopheles cut no pool in your gut great actually we’ve tried them all the detected rio
grande e cracked when you got to start your engines go
another route i let me tell you a little experience one night we were cruising around us a
little as possible and i hear but all of a sudden a conference around
the corner at top speed headed right for us driver couldn’t step led lights mashup sure but i slammed down the problem at our
schedule classes we kept it in front of a speedy trial by
anxious for half a block then the pilots and on a side street and
try to make a getaway we had a lovely around the block we kind of tolerance it detracts
gasoline we caught up with the spiritual books rio grande that gets the credit for
emergency performance and sailors from a smash up ambrose speeding dangerous piece is that
everyone does it more police cars fire engines ambulances another emergency
equipment or powered by real brenda cracked happening wherever that’s all and an eighth other brand in your own cough once more the da pleasure to present
captain lindbergh wallace head of the homicide squad of the los
angeles police department at the moment grieving friends one of the most fascinating aspects of
police work is the model for crimes committed by non
professional criminals these rains all the way from being seen
jealousies of crimes of passion tumor where fearful to trigger begun to this category of non-professional
crimes belongs the case you are about to hear the mode of lay hidden in the delusions
of grandeur upon which the circumscribe people all the murder the murders committed was not
premeditated but he was never the less a dangerous
man for what is carefully nurtured eagle became the object of ridicule he
murdered is all the to frequent cases of this
type which demand it or police officer to be a practical psychologist as well as a good shot and fingerprint
expert earlier one february evening in nineteen
thirty accross the copay forgotten probable
whitewashed or the corner of the things we can grow without a new one more time
with dream and climb out spending public conversation with her whoever got the jitters whose business
is good meal covered with goose pimples yahoo market well that’s all the same
tupelohall beltway went through it no mention won’t come along with it and why don’t you i’d like to would
about things to do suddenly ok they carousel follow fell apart seems like a nice guy embedded in a play if they’re going to think it’s all right curator say that you’re going to think we’re a
couple more got there at a bank isn’t willing to look up the lawyers about
speaking and crap games in this town journey to get picked up don’t worry you
won’t get into any trouble i don’t know that that that and i know
that yet and i’m not their property every time i feel a little creek appears
something with that isn’t around and they were killed in boulder britain from
alright layout that the lapd near the end of the depth of it you don’t make them what’s up guys sketch maybe alone and we waiting for let’s go
back recog do something was going to have
more children yes worker duma weapon for mr jones
original alone second over with barbara jordan or a uh… moral first network thing unless i want to
talk to murphy which one you perfectly notion injured i don’t think that’s when i am i thought
possible drug czar i said programs i’ve got a gun burnt okay well about it we’ll look at the sky zac brown but there’s a trustee curtain at the
site of a partnership television broadened was maybe she was under kochar usually don’t which i am so
i’ll put that trial and data before i slept there let’s look to jimmy might
mean white nothing but i think i couldn’t get it wouldn’t hurt helped him dot all others are doing havent we don’t know what doctor robert
don’t wait you would out probably long appalled but but but
but don’t be offended barton still smoking gun in his hand stranger who would at the bottom of the
in less than a few minutes before it is across the street to find the two men
sitting on the running border guard but more importantly stomach america despite his involvement and and
and and lapses into a coma from which he emerges several moments later he turned to the left estimates because of course thursday dead very with an m i can spend as much more berliners yeah thora the all right a minute went back to our border it yeah i get a storehouse prorate electro
you’re guilty verdict logical don’t know ways are volatility barely hit that
night all right in the here but i actually got a pullout third-largest between eating hospital the two men are operated on the
political move from their bodies and a few minutes later the bennett let
the games head of the gangsters lot in common with captain blames feed
questions then alluded to interfere with the slogan stomach lots
of good ideas i don’t know about juku in tokyo japan and bristled before right was important that moment you’re trying to claim upon
us peacock was the old friends all we want to do is find out who’s
behind this understandable it just depends dildos their heads up did you do it lake hayes demonstrate
good skier when one of us and the guy into follows an old with the doctor hyatt this probably means that the need for
both of them legend joe listing options naked land as a butcher he’s been out of work but no hijacking erin my i rent a room in october sixteen twenty
five twenty two st if you don’t believe me or bank check up on or equipment supposing we believe you’ve eloquently about the good at it well i know it’s he still cockeyed nobody taking search i didn’t look what happened but i’ll tell you this much ideologues and then if i ever saw him
again you’ve got the cockeyed best-looking guy
you can find and sees it and while the search for a cockeyed
bellman begins lou officers combing the republican district binder chevrolet copay barked a block
away from the scene of the shooting bearing the registration of of missus
vera smith of seven reports done for them upon repeated inquires in the vicinity
of the discover that no missus smith is known and following up this lead that
lots of arrive at the address on the stand for them of yet okay buses brown are at the same thing the long run yes and it was the on an factor itself that’s right away that we are
thinking about my car pants that’s what we came to see you know
about hundred sound push up an economic argument dietmar yes of course important minor opinion i’d like to ask
you a few questions below ka withdrew car not present registrant we want to know is out of it get to the
corner of clinton and group of them what will do and uh… i don’t know it was analysis hardcore hardened you
say your card and stolen bus which are going to think about or no ma’am weekend as well and that what your car
was doing over with a string of issuing the night plucked a block away which but i don’t
know i was still running stolen missus smith
what tonight sometime you know they’ve been stolen during the whole story together and then
we picket name fourteen welcome i think that can possibly make nickname understand i don’t think it’s going to have an
optimistic about my cock this is a garage and customers like i
guess so and within them that would not want to stop them you mean by that well it wasn’t doing anything wrong with
him might as well different than the intended stand with
your coffees reappeared which don’t want to have you
give me time allred cognizant of my cock in stores
and actually that’s not going to be helpful registers read open witnesses
meant iraq to tell you that he had nothing to
do it with i’m sure probably right but supporter of the losers of
president-elect wasn’t that great how can i do that way rewrote the rooming house from twenty
three will find that i can just met someone at the start of all at headquarters of the gloves and report
the findings surges into the start of the missing reptile and then less than an hour later the
form in the homicide offices answered by a student almost ninety two high-speed ops off on and all line all well seven or whatever onto a cab driver hit list full o all inadmissible but no thanks we’re going to work abusive well for you love is all about i don’t know well i know is that when i stopped at
various tonight she said you fellas we’re looking for me reason why it
doesn’t happen so i can do it that was not going to do what dole is about missus smith’s car
big storm brought well like i told her i market over by my place in a little
while later when i came out it was gone that’s all i know i’m miss who was opposed to read over this last
night or it was very young fallon accused iran
of my place and i don’t work and i was sorry forms
or economic reform of the invite the so it doesn’t happen to be corrupted
knowledge eyes are alright missus smith does rewarded the glasses we as a piece of stan resigned he’s been
waiting for that city reporting i can’t make it was a suspect zero yours certainly good enough gear ascetic
cap manager metro but what you’re anything other than
richard ruling out of here anytime care of it thanks for coming in cold-blooded espy took all right thanks well-appointed leading figure in the clear in this
field i was at camp the younger those who follows bob leslie
dill today which makes this uh… but around g when broadcasting dominant top outside
town about twenty seven inches tall weighing one hundred do you want to be
temporary or content nor more informal men wanted to one hundred and fifty phone walletpop kingsland become more suspects sugars description assault-style inflated cross-examined went through the interior minister
children review repairers within one of these are very good in other writing about the more i
realize you kathleen is filters right in the world united in maybe i do in the forest that is definitely colors lamar read about these killers and stuff
but i like the fortune also buried freeride room try kar samples from the
food preparation is only when you get a tough spot for tourism and leisure of
rubber or something like two all-women thank yous uh… awkward yet piglet across go ahead with your business of the
people uh… k uh… rather or univariate so i’m embarrassed and that is solve the problems with all
of the excess fortunate but thank you regarding requirment depression have to procure forever what you’re right now if you may be a
proper across it but that doesn’t give you any right to
go around the world of the taxpayer about it i don’t see any reason sad so damn taken
your customer for electrified you’re not going to have a headquarters and have a
talk with the times i don’t want to dr lipset panel that maybe you want to talk
to you come on religious relax for a moment we’ll get
this over with you want to ask if you questions was played with him and he doesn’t feel
like doing this weekend in common that’s the main reason i brought him in
will do it over your head it may not know that you’re breaking the
law right now out by refusing to answer questions well corporate but not that i care whatever way they
were not but letters but another part of you would
like to know what and and if they did it would be terrible for me three like to
make sure that we’re not in the private detective business that with your credit welll in that case my name’s joe job growth and where were you last night
mister drivel about nine o’clock that willis waterville well out of your father i think it will give you a promise not
to give me a way that depend on what to tell if of course legacy it perfectly out my ex-wife and common seal of the
book and when she’s on the walkway what i can figure out that he had which
is something awful go back to me i i i i think if they have
reportedly how about last night welll or it doesn’t matter i was over at a friend’s house won’t be
able to their overestimate the grid yet or gps toward the devil but it was in
the hope because well is easy he thought it would have been latin idea think i understand would you rather friend have any
objection verifying the fact that you were there last night and that is
between the hours of eight contend third rope right i guess it was necessary to might do it always you can start to put it it was a
telephone number and we’ll take your story this of the bill that a lot uh… if so or if you showed a startling man easy on they call to the final burials program results incomplete corroboration of the
read about what time of the building and this together with the but that
aside from across the eyes of soda drinking mister middle but none of the
other descriptions of the weight and height leads to is really vi and the
bill number one but opposition and not be discouraged by
this during the next six hours before more
qualified management background out of office questioned only to be released
again my belief that evening becomes apparent
this method of cross-eyed man is no nobody in the city of los angles leading fund that was all over the fifth
time that day he started once again on the search it isn’t one of an employment agency on
east fifth street responses to compare the boss eyes standing in line waiting
his turn of the window moving possible i’m walter smith
continued was brought down the street break and watch this program noted quorry at last and before the
agency window is directly behind connection has made what do you do
anything mister romney i want to michael and demand do anything in return for a
job or a trade war dead at the idea only at work outside california i don’t think
los angeles right wing well there might be stopping off in about a career that in california i don’t know yet what i can do we do
that’s alright but i’ve got a spot for murder in los angeles the monterey wanted that is what you
might call it a rest worked it back together this time i think we’ve got something
and like the last time and time to pull them out of it all fits the description
of the latter when he was trying to get work over respect alright all that bring in the investor equipment like power cable or i don’t know from combat reverses the current what
anyone’s monetary joanna trimester does want to get it right radio god right got going to go back and georgia knows
of only the undercut them and that a few questions that the
aluminum another couple of men with the over report avalon involve a lot then what was a big area to get out of the
state are not what california included rewrite quintuplets do bad
mister but let’s take that up for the chamber of compton almanac to see if you
don’t want to mcinturff managua hamburg how we’re going to be brave and thought
maybe you’d be another band governor that if there’s a lot of at interbrand unfunny seek learning fun well i’m going
to give you a chance to prove just how funny you are that cousin bill and it would it on that they would he has to say who accosted when we return we’ll let
you wouldn’t little breakers will not couple of men who were shot up one of the rooms that now with regard to do with me and i don’t
know yet tampa detective you’re not going to be in something on
the way you look at whether the rank again’ were not met with a pending
things on people in this department though not for the people themselves double-digit you will die i met with the cut political agenda that’s the part of it jordyn why do you think i shall write a
letter that got headquarters privately crazy camp chromosomal formalizing not it all
internet where prayer while it following morning and a little bit my lip talk i have a
new removed from the seven escorted once again into combat was off where you greeted by a ominous what is reserved from jerusalem what you’re going to say something waiting for you to talk birthday would expect me to say all right thank you for booking
epitomize v’ll colonies of that who still don’t remember anything about
it sure did you don’t remember standing right where
down their government spending world monday three hundred that knowledge it
got them now how are you reading talking and that’s one thing about me i can
assure you couple of nights sandwiches and some hot called a with a pretty good
right now what in the border one day dot what are you reading not pick up at eleven at all the thought of the world i’m really my
picture as a plate of that was in the whole pot
of coffee in the next room there oran alfacell you’ll be mature him in israel just open the door and go on in or just watch okay okay wounded hahahaha media dalton mistake let them out of his inability requires knowledge other than that we’re
talking about a when you’re trying to do with done at
got that as a delicious tomato story you know all about your pal redbook net
all we did not your story about for reform that’s about it well-run i’ll tell you about it if you guys got another man anyway it doesn’t matter much what this is a
conservative replied that order our commitment to order to get more
interested won the battle of neglect of the
committee and a actually nor copied well go ahead with your story read anywhere didn’t get anywhere to store it wasn’t letter went broke we had a couple of dollars what probably was a picture that was a would
help them went on a benefit handsomely with president probably operable
would-be gun in my hand and going to get a big wooden dolls what dole has got to
do with it should be graham whatever pictures informal talks really tough thoughts in a couple back some friends
in georgia a lot of a real hard line on your oven confined in any institution i
think institutions me bog on more or less yet will cost about what do you think i had crazy whatever your story sounds a little
uh… five that routine patrol and i want to alright contactable you
belong to represent the pictures are lobbied and think and i want to hawkeye you might think it is up about those
things throwing around town here both men are
killed a couple of guys in a lot of stuff like that and at your noel when they are in the war well anywhere but i would think that went on the
camera the bag organelle regarding billing you know i used to talk a lot and i
don’t know what a hot guy what he believed in we brought out of the cambodian let me suggested what we see an old
friend of yours reptile went over to replace not them yeah prepare when they let your kaliath habitat
palaces cac dreadful at that particular collect come on and practice or shipment all right let me know manage company so right at this moment yeah forgetting about the fabric of our guys
the other day and it certainly feeling that way plus and next for them reduction pretty big if you know the truth manager corrective action rich don’t get soared mir and i wouldn’t
say anything why don’t you give someone the get
import them action ninety eight dash era and i don’t
know what to do it placard if i think i think are so drawn to
upgrade prepare would have to you go out and get those guys are really
big blackberries and break a couple of bones
in popping up fifty bucks at house or i am
whether where you see our planet when a girl i don’t know i thought you said this
guy’s got the right choice for want of hop on it for kato wrong difficult these guys are going to a little bit you
know i don’t know about tomorrow night you go over the and when you see them u_s_ diplomatic but not someone would mean i wasn’t
dropping still being scared to death and then what fabricated a case on the wrong word better take guns are a couple of one let’s not forget there is a smith garden told me where to go on what you’ve got
it looked like didn’t black is more because i don’t get
the fifty bucks before that when they showed up at ballistic up and orbit brackets michael bolton beauty strong murder one of the government
elective but i’d have the stomach that the other document and i don’t have
to if you’re interested they realize what this means for no
apparent forgetful lagata itinerary water sewer and water which is because of the vote without
being a hot guy batteries of that that i come back down acting upon the completion goldman
having or both charged with murder without giving the states case dot
marshall that michael dismisses the part of important the betting that the prosecutor the
overthrow the is linked to any concerns that the jury the last three or more one morning cockeyed having georgia
batman stands by the before dot mccoll to
receive seven it uh… good gauntlet therefore thit kho i think it by end of the dead forms more warrant capability your butt uh… uh… the his did do you judge it and liven up when submitting hezballah intrudes role the driver of the police cars ambulances
fire engines are posters for your branded but kathleen or more emergency carter powered with
free around the clock than any other company everywhere diesel no one knows better than the veteran
drivers how important it is to use a government
emergencies with like like action you can enjoy the same a baptism the
extra three rows of police car performance in your own car with rio
grande a quack doesn’t mean or exactly the same gasoline that these emergency
card use is sold by your neighborhood we open the gate by the end and get a free copy of the calling all
cars news fascinating publication with to
detective stories movie in radio news learn how you can supply every four
interview appointments with the fourteen free gift that comprise the real
grounded you detective outfit at no cost to you and learn about the same claremont
lubrication but it was your we are going to be with
know exactly what graders and thermal draw your motor needs an exactly what
great of the one hundred and twenty different simpler lubricants is needed
for every part of your car sinclair scientific lubrication served applies according to your car
manufacturers specifications is now available at all one hundred
percent rio grande estates bleeding falling on hard times more
martin and later we’ll get one hundred million magnuson is known really mitchell were
literally secure medicare federal employees that
any of that night or the rio grande will donate

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