“Calling Out An Ink Master” Bubba Irwin vs. Boneface | Road to Grudge Match

“Calling Out An Ink Master” Bubba Irwin vs. Boneface | Road to Grudge Match

– Look who it is, Bubba Irwin, Ink Master.
– What up! – No DJ.
– Don’t be runnin’ in there, tryna help your boy out. – Anybody coulda won with DJ. You had a Titan on our team. – [Bubba] It’s a smart move. – I wanna see what you got on our own. – Hey guys!
– Holy man! – Look how it is. – This is gonna be a fight today! Callin’ out an Ink Master. – How can I show that I can be Ink Master if I don’t defeat an Ink Master? – What kind of Ink Master would back down when they were called?
– Hell no! – You know?
– Right, it’s gonna be a dog fight!
– I’m ready to go. (upbeat rock music) My first impression of Boneface,
was he’s very confident. I know he made it pretty
far in the season. We tried to get him out right away. We single him out, and that was part of the strategy that we had. I do not blame ’em for being mad at us. – What do you think about the new guys? – Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing the hardest ones. – So you think Hobo and
Boneface should get the hardest? – Yeah.
– My grudge is against anybody that’s better than me, whether it be Bubba or whoever else. I need one-on-one, so
(in foreign language), so we can see who’s
really the better artist. – Do yo want to give
the new guys the neck? – Yes. – I’m 1,000% sure Otown
Ink is gonna screw us over. I can see it in their
eyes, I’m watchin’ ’em. (DJ whistles) I won’t be surprised. Every team in the competition
had a stronger artist and kind of a weak link. Obviously, DJ was the
stronger artist in that team. But Bubba could’ve easily been the stronger artist in any other team. – You know, season nine, me and Bubba, we heard from everybody that I was carrying Bubba the whole time. And Boneface was a big
part of that shit talk. – You’re not owning (beep). – My tattoo was not
the best today; owning! – You wish you coulda drew that (beep) yo self and applied it. – Of course! We all do! – I know, ’cause I trust my man. – I trust him to draw it! – You damn near wanted to
throw ’em under the bus. – Yeah.
– Aw man! – You wanted to so bad.
– This is silly. – We’ll see that as the
competition goes on, we’ll see you throw him under the bus. I just felt like, there would be a time to where, Bubba made a mistake, and DJ’s so great, that he didn’t want to be tied to that tied to that mistake. So he would blame it on Bubba. Because great artists
hate to be critiqued. I felt like y’all took the
easiest and it kinda backfired. – That’s ridiculous. – Did you try to (beep) people? Or did you not? – What does this have to do with art? – I’m not a artist. I tattoo. – That (beep) stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my whole life! – I tattoo for money in real life. I don’t give a (beep)
about the art part of it. – Art, this is serious to me! This is my whole life! – You can art yo ass all you want, bruh. I’m here to win. I honestly feel like Bubba and I both were two of the most
underrated competitors to ever come into this competition. And him coming back with
DJ made it worse for him. Because you are already underrated, and then you come back with a guy like DJ. You’re gonna get pushed
further into the shadows. So I understand that he feels underrated. I feel underrated too. So we both have something to prove. – Bubba has a title to defend, for sure! Boneface; he wants to take that title. – Boneface talks big game, and I hope he has the talent to back it up. – Feels good to be going
against a Ink Master, Bubba. – Now’s your chance to prove
you shoulda been there. And I guess it’s my chance
to prove it too dude. – Me calling him out, is
good thing for both of us. Because he gets to show
that he can stand alone. And I get to show that I can beat ’em. It’s not personal, it’s just business. Somebody gonna get L today, not me! (upbeat orchestral music) (upbeat rock music)

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  1. Uuh, im so mad everytime i hear Boneface say " Im not here for the art, I dont do art i do Tattoos for money, Im here to win." Like..CMON

  2. I feel that Boneface went back to the competition with an ill mannered mindset. That being said, he kinda has a point when he said that Bubba would have been the stronger artist if he wasn't teamed with DJ.

  3. Even before this interview I know Boneface was a technician and not an "artist" (meaning he's better at the tattooing aspect than with the drawing aspect) but what kind of Ink Master doesn't know how to draw? Chris Nunez himself has said that they (the judges of the Ink Master series) will not even SEE you in the finale if you can't draw.

  4. Holy fuck. After listening to "the black Hebrew Israelites" turned me into a racist. I cant stand hearing black people bitch now.

  5. I actually like boneface. I think on both his seasons he was underrated. I love nikki Simpson & everything like she’s a great artist but I feel like she picked on boneface unfairly & then season everyone picked on him too was bullshit. Boneface could’ve easily the finale in season 8, season 9 idk but season fersure.

  6. I remembered that. when Boneface came back they targeted him and Hobo and their strategy backfired. resulting in them getting a bad critique and nearly getting sent to the bottom and Boneface and Hobo did a super solid tattoo.

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