Captain America Punching Nazis: Why Comics Were ALWAYS Political

Captain America Punching Nazis: Why Comics Were ALWAYS Political

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  1. Excellent video, Scott. Thank you. This made me, and the issues that my family has to deal with, feel seen. Thank you. I am glad that you are growing and changing. Not that I ever noticed any issues before, but more because you saw these touchy issues and are doing something about it rather than just barreling ahead disregarding those issues.

  2. One, I wish I had spare cash because I really want to support this channel because of content like this and two, why TF hasn't this channel reached atleast 1 million subscriber because that's what it deserves at the very least.

  3. Thank you for taking time to make great videos! Thank you for your open honesty in your journey & evolution (self & channel)! You are modeling how to speak with authenticity & share your truth, especially as you become aware of it!

    You may have fears, doubts & concerns, yet I see you as fearlessly & bravely showing up as an amazing human! Keep it up! I love you!

  4. I look forward to Jon Hickman and Frank Quitely reviving Volcano Doug for a new generation. Also, this is your best video yet. You've always been subtle about how you believe comics have always been political, but this is the crowning achievement.

  5. I honestly think you missed the whole point of people's contentions with modern day comics injecting politics. The politics of the past, and the politics of the present are not vastly different because of ideology. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. That really hasn't changed. The problem is this. Artists and writers today don't know how to tell a compelling story that also injects personal politics. Instead of coming up with new characters in a story that pushes along their ideology, they take well established characters and re-identify them in their own political image. Writers and artists have taken Thor and re-imagined him as a woman to make comics more inclusive. They've taken Nick Fury and made him African-American in order to make comics more inclusive. They've made other characters homosexual when they never were to begin with. They're trying to make Superman black for the movies. And it's all because they believe too many whites exist in comics. This is how you don't inject politics into comics. The SJW crowd takes themselves too seriously, and it needs to stop.

    No one who reads comics is anti-woman, anti-homosexual, or anti-people of color. You can have great battles of political ideology, i.e. Liberals Vs. Conservatives, you can have war battles between nations, but do it in such a way that it doesn't come off as forced or re-writing established characters to fit your narrative because you personally feel that someone like say Batman should've been a half Chinese half Puerto Rican transgendered amputee vampire. I know, that's an outlandish idea that doesn't exist, but I do see re-imaginings happen to well established characters all the time, and it needs to stop. If you have an idea, then put it into the comics by way of new characters being entered into a well established comic instead. And yes, if you work for Marvel or DC then you are probably going to get robbed of your creation, but that's the way those publishers are. And if you don't want to give your character up, then make your own, or get with an independent publisher like Image who won't do to you what Marvel and DC have done to countless writers and artists for 80-something years.

  6. I love your humor and I like that you do it more that in earlier videos (at least it seems like that to me). It would however be better for a different video with less of a load. Imo.

    Great video. I love your work.

  7. Great video my man. Good on you for taking a stand, out in the open. With the rise of fascism and nationalism, it's more important than ever to choose a side & make it known.

    Nazi punks, f**k off.

  8. This was a very great video!

    Also on the point of neutrality, that concept just reminds me of a lyric from Freewill by Rush
    “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”

  9. Awesome video Scott, really informative and carefully handled. Also I loved the end where you reflect on your growth since you started the channel. Thank you for such an amazing video and for all your work!

  10. Scott I love your videos and I respect your opinion. If you have enjoyed marvel (I don’t follow dc so idk) over the past few years than nobody should take that away from you. However I do disagree with you and I’m going to try and explain why. This isn’t me saying “you’re wrong” because I’m open to change and maybe I’m wrong. This is just my point of view.

    I think the problem I’ve had with marvel in particular is they seem to be saying “if you’re on the right no matter how close to the center you are than you are the enemy of the people”. I consider my place on the right but very close to the center. It seems like you take the stance (perhaps even unintentionally) that marvel seems to take. That a large portion of your fellow Americans that hold almost identical values but just disagree on policy are the new nazis and they belong on that level. Which I find unfair and unjustified.
    You said at the end “eat the rich” which doesn’t directly but I’ve often seen linked to socialism (which the left seems to be on board with) which you then followed up with “and punch nazis” almost putting it on the same plane (the left in general often does too). I don’t think socialism works and often hurts the people caught in the system. Am I as bad as inhumane murderers because I disagree with how to handle our money? I don’t think so.
    But that’s the point I’m getting at. Nazism was a clear and present threat to the world and people’s lives, disagreeing on economics, gun rights, and anything other than human rights is not. So why are they being treated as the same? Being on the right does not make you an enemy of the people. But treating it that way makes it harder to root out the snakes among us and punch the real hitlers of the world.

  11. ummm….. Sorry, but someone fighting a murderous conquering regime is not even remotely related to what is meant when someone is talking about a movie/comic/whatever having a political message/bias. It's not even close. This video is just horribly misleading and miraculously misses the point on almost every level. It encapsulates everything people detest when they say they don't want politics in their entertainment. Anybody who forms political views based on what entertainers tell them shouldn't be allowed to vote anyway. Unsubscribed.

  12. Ok but why is it that main stream political message only is one side and if you don't agree the audience is called a nazi for wrong think??? That's the real complain. Ironically these people actually use nazi tactics to place blame on some one that didn't agree on your political point of view. Basically those targeted by people portraying a person who they think is wrong thinking as Nazi without real evidence to the fact, in fact are
    labeling that person the equivalent of what a Jew was to a Nazi. That is the more often used political escape goat to wrong think.

  13. Ok but why is it that main stream political message only is one side and if you don't agree the audience is called a nazi for wrong think??? That's the real complain. Ironically these people actually use nazi tactics to place blame on some one that didn't agree on your political point of view. Basically those targeted by people portraying a person who they think is wrong thinking as Nazi without real evidence to the fact, in fact are
    labeling that person the equivalent of what a Jew was to a Nazi. That is the more often used political escape goat to wrong think.

  14. Ok but why is it that main stream political message only is one side and if you don't agree the audience is called a nazi for wrong think??? That's the real complain. Ironically these people actually use nazi tactics to place blame on some one that didn't agree on your political point of view. Basically those targeted by people portraying a person who they think is wrong thinking as Nazi without real evidence to the fact, in fact are
    labeling that person the equivalent of what a Jew was to a Nazi. That is the more often used political escape goat to wrong think.

  15. I need a shirt that says a version of the quote he says near the end- “All I learned from comics are that trans rights are human rights, to eat the rich and punch natzis”

  16. Making political comics is fine, but making PARTISAN political comics is bad. Comic books sales are declining because people are sick and tired of the industry choosing one political party over another. Most people are not complaining about comics, they are just choosing not to buy them. Why else are so many comic shops closing down? The comic book industry today is not attacking Nazis, they are attacking MAINSTREAM conservatives. But I'm sure to you, Nazis and mainstream conservatives are the same thing. Feminism IS a bad thing. Ask the two thirds of women are are anti-feminist. Diversity is okay, but diversity that is forced and the product of virtue signaling is not. I've heard a lot of black people say that, too. And all art is political? Really? What political statement does the Mona Lisa make? Instead of having a monologue, debate a comicsgater. Are you afraid? Do you think someone like Ethan Van Sciver or Richard C. Meyer will tear down all of your arguments and reveal how mindless they are? Yeah, I think they would, too. I'm done with you. Your politics are extreme, and are in line with the fanatics who are destroying the comic book industry. Your channel will one day collapse the way the comic book industry is doing currently.

  17. It's OK to value the unable, but keep an open mind about humor. All humor is tragedy H timing and it has a cathartic effect. Humor doesn't mean supporting its cruel elements.

  18. Did you really question how REAL Nazis immigrating into America, Illegally, was "somehow worse?". You do realize that if you were to say that to a Polish person of the era you would be beaten to death on the spot, and rightfully so, since they lost an incredible amount of family, friends, and neighbors due to Hitler invading Poland, illegally. Not to mention, you are basically saying you would be fine with having a Nazi neighbor right now, no matter how illegal they are, despite the fact you clearly would hate that, because illegal immigration isn't that bad? What about active duty Russian soldiers, that's basically what it was to the people back then, except unlike now, there was a war going on that those soldiers were the main reason for it starting. In order to make a jab at current day politics, you have essentially sympathized with the Nazi party. And you wonder why People don't like Politics in the current era when you get hot takes like that? What was going through your mind when you wrote that? Why didn't you double check it? Was there an editor that also looked it over and also somehow missed it? You need to be more careful with stuff like that. Remember, before the Holocaust Hitler was possibly most known for building bridges, and he used those bridges to massacre most of Poland. Something that many Americans at the time were well aware of, so having Nazis essentially invade America outside of its laws doesn't sound like the worst case scenario to you?

  19. context is everything and nuance is important. when people give a foolish argument like "comics didn't used to be so political" and you want to prove them wrong, you have a responsibility to leave as little room for doubt as possible. even if you don't convince a fool of the truth you educate the ignorant, even if that ignorant person is yourself.
    no one is born perfect and pure and we all have things to learnand unlearn and places where we'll stumble. the important part is to get back up and to continue to do better.
    also the guy who punched dick head pepe pin is a hero.

  20. I love this channel, but cannot agree that all art is political- no matter how you got there. Art (in its plethora of forms) comes from the heart and soul. Not necessarily the idea of change or the status quo. It's an expression of feeling, wonder, hopes, and memories. I love to write. Writing is a form of art. I also use to draw and sketch. The majority I did when I had no concept of politics. It just doesn't add up.

  21. Can't wait to see the comments of angry people trying to disagree with the statement that comics were always political because they don't even know the history of the artistic medium that they love. thumbs up

    And no matter how many times I see Richard Spencer get punched in the head, it always makes me laugh.

  22. Thank you Scott, for making videos that not only entertain me, but challenge me, teach me and that make me think about the world and the way I navigate through it. The wait is always worth it for the quality of videos that come out the other side. Keep up the excellent work!

  23. yeah…. no.

    The problem with politics in media now is not that it was more subtle back in the day, but that most stories are nothing but politics. There is no story behind it, just bland dribble in every one :///

  24. I know this is probably been said well over a thousand times but I have to say it did he just burn real money??? Talking about rent in food money but you over here burning real dollars

  25. Hey Scott, can you do a video explaining the life equation? I get the anti-life equation, but there isn't much I can find out about the regular life equation.

  26. I came to the comments to write a WHOLE LONG comment about how much I love this video. About how I didn't think I would have enough time to watch an hour long video but then as soon as I started watching, I couldn't stop.

    But let's be real, we all know Scott is the king of putting fun and interesting comic book facts into my brain. It's even inspired me not to shy away from political discussions on my own social media channels. Keep doing literally everything you're doing, Scott. You're a perfect comic book angel boi and I would have it any other way.

  27. It's funny you think Wonder Woman was created to empower women and not because the creator had a bondage fetish which specifically objectifies women as a sex object. As for Submariner. Wasn't he in the Invaders? A superhero team against some evil Axis empire. Hmmm, what was the name of the empire he opposed? I am sure you will think of it for me. This kind of laziness makes me question the information in the video.

  28. Everything is political. That is why wearing a Superman or Batman or Capitan American is always a Political Statement.
    And it is always correct y right to punch nazi!

  29. I literally jumped up and down chanting "Golem! Golem! Golem!" when you were in the lead-up to revealing that Cap was created as a sort of golem. As an American Jew? This video means a lot to me. Thanks, Scott.

  30. I’m not saying that comic books were never political, it’s just that why are the ones nowadays all in favor of left wing agendas and us right wing people are always portrayed as being in the wrong? Why does this bias continue?

  31. I loved it, you make great videos, and i value, all the effort, and patience, you put, in doing them, all that research, it is amazing!!!!!!

  32. Isn't it sometimes wrong to be too political? I've been told that Captain America took part in the Red Scare hunting down communist in the 1950s. If those comics exist, I haven't personally seen them, but I have seen reprints of stories of the Human Torch and Toro hunting for "commies". Would it have also been OK for Atlas comics to encourage kids to spy/narc on suspected communists in the fifties?

  33. This is one of my favorite videos of yours Scott. I’ve seen so many people on both twitter and YouTube complaining about political opinions expressed in modern media and it always pisses me off because it seems clear that they don’t won’t their status quo to change and that they don’t like challenging opinions.

  34. Excellent video Scott full of history and facts.. Don't be hard on yourself you are always growing and changing and learning that's what being human is about we don't get instructions

  35. Honestly to me the difference is that you take those two groups of people you mentioned at the start and then the fact that now we have that whole idea of the universe, so a lot of people think anything else adding on top is changing that hobby thing they do for fun.

    So a lot of changes that happened it seemed like a random blip and literally anything was gonna happen. If something they dislike happened it'd be gone next week. If something happens now that people dislike it seems like it is gonna be around forever.

    Tbh I don't have any major feelings on comics, but when a book series I like has a plot point even without being a political point it's easy to get quickly annoyed because it feels like they did it wrong… Which is obviously a backwards thought, but it's certainly an interesting one. Instead of thinking the book isn't for me my brain goes to the book making a mistake.

  36. Please don't encurage violence against anyone not even nazis! It only makes them seem more sympathetic, witch you don't want!

  37. Never state that a political stance is corect (even if it would somehow be objectivley corect). It makes you look arogant and self agrandising. It's like saying that you are all knowing. It's silly.

  38. "The curent state of the world, the curent status quoe, is demonstably not good for some people." That is one of the dumbest statements I have have ever seen or heard. We succsesfully halved the serious poverty in the world in les than 20 years, africa is the fastest growing continent economicaly, the middle class is growing from the poor, war has been and is decreasing around the world. What exactly is the problem you are having? Is it China? Is it ISIS? Things that are fiting against what you call the status quoe.

  39. Always punch Nazis? Dude, any Nazis who are still alive are probably in a retirement home shitting in their Depends.

    Also, most comics aren't political. The vast majority of them are just fun stories.

  40. Remember, kids; attacking unarmed civilians (like Antifa does) is NOT the same as fighting against the Axis armies during WWII.

  41. dont delete your videos,i cant find another channnel like you,i even check frequently for the channel untill this 1,
    also,i live in nastromo,my reflexes(out of defence)made me punch a nazi,an alt right/assult rifle/silent assult rifle nazi to be exact,i HATE the nazi and all nazis/mafias.
    i still havent got revenge on it,
    but!i did conciosly punch 1 of its creations,

  42. Would have been a better video if you'd stuck to things like the idea that in the climate Captain America #1 was released into punching Hitler was a political statement, not least because there were German-Americans who were sympathetic to their nation of birth, the press (and politicians) had been downplaying the Holocaust to the point that most Gentiles in America weren't really aware of it, and there was a large strain of American thought that it wasn't the job of the US to get involved beyond keeping sea lanes open.

    But, nope. You're off to justify the guys who were telling their audience that they should be spying on an ethnic minority, something you bring up (approvingly!) more than once. Oh, and an insinuation that anyone who disagrees with the wokeness of modern comics is really a Nazi and should therefore be punched.

  43. I admire you for being open about how you’ve changed over the time you’ve had your channel. I love the content you create and especially these once that dives deeper into different subjects.

  44. political satire "caricature" predates comic books.

    as far as i understand the issue with comic books and adaptations there of is not political stuff it is co-opting existing heroes to give veneer of credibility to certain movements, as opposed to creating new ones.

    in motion picture departement this is exemplified by:

    the whole debacle about vanilla plank of wood (captain marvel) is that there is no personality, it merely exists as political statement with no storytelling prowess, claiming (incorrectly) to be leading the way in feminist movement.

    i have no interest in such movies as i am very interested in storytelling, hell i grew up on Xena, arguably one of the best (not so super) heroes TV i've ever seen.

  45. Not a very nuanced take on politics, is it? You would hate centrists. Well made video, but it boiled down to the only talking point anyone ever uses against modern comics being too political. Still, always love your work and I was entertained.

  46. Thank you! Great video! Lots to think about. I am so tired of people thinking that talking about politics is something evil or annoying the only way to solve things are to talk about them, not ignoring the fact that they exist.

  47. Well ok man, an hour long video with 8 mandatory commercial breaks. Lets do this.

    Good think I like your voice and the product you make.

  48. Can you please watch some PSA sitch and Adin Paladin, you are doing so much priming and straw manning right now. PSA sitch and Adam friended did a break done on that about internet radicalization and Paladin did a video on why people don’t like the politics in modern comics.

  49. Funny that Matt Draper did a voiceover for this video, since Matt and Scott's channels are both super underappreciated

  50. I had no idea Jack Kirby fought in WW2! That's awesome, I already loved and resepcted the man, but now he's a hero in my heart too 🙂 <3 Also, I love you guys, have since the college days, this was worth the wait! And Scott, honestly, deleting your videos would be a mistake. So many people when they're wrong hide it, bury it. This channel though, your journey as a creator, it's beautiful. It's what we need to see. It's okay to be wrong and grow up, and it's normal to be scared of screwing up or offending people! As long as you keep making videos, you're a kind of hero too, and I love that, it's why I love your content. It's a good person that is able to change, no matter how long and how much research it takes.

  51. Thank you Scott. You made an amazing video and you've grown so much, I still love your work and love seeing you grow and change and become a more aware human being. <3

  52. I've spent the past 24 hours rewriting this comment so it wouldn't be a novel, so here we go…

    So there's one track Scott used that I wrote for the YouTube Audio Library that holds a specific sentimental place, to hear it in the place that it is in this video was both a surprise and an honor. That brings us to my next point, getting to the message at the end meant so much as a POC to hear, even though the message was highlighting the human rights of a group different than my own, it means a lot when your CIS white male friend is brave enough to acknowledge the experiences and feelings of people who have lived under very different circumstances than his own.

    The cherry on top of everything was hearing the voice of Kat Blaque, one of the most amazing humans to grace this earth as the voice of Toni Morrison. Kat has taught me patience, understanding and boldness when I've been afraid to stand up for myself.

    This video hit every beat for me and I loved it in multiple dimensions. It is so encouraging to know creators like Scott exist on this platform: a creator that makes quality content, considerate of others' voices and experiences with the courage to stand for something instead of just standing on the sidelines.

    ❤ -Rod

  53. I don't want to belive your opening, but knowing that human stupidy is the only thing that is truly infinite so i can't help but agree

  54. Honestly one of the best videos I’ve ever seen not only from this channel but in general. It’s amazing to own your past mistakes and use your platform to make positive change. Confronting the toxic comic community is always highly respectable, Major props💯

  55. I love these long format video essays, but I understand how they aren’t really moneymakers. I hope you can keep doing what you are doing Scott. 🥰

  56. Here I go again. Diving into this hour long video essay about a man created to punch Nazis, for the second time in 5 days.

  57. Problem is…YOU SCOTT? YOU are NOT a gollum. You are NOT a superhero. So, if ya wanted artistic integrity, ya shoulda buried yer political views. All great art is political… yes. But it presents both sides with a tact that makes your political agenda go down smooth. You just got rough. That's not good art. That's straight-up politics.

  58. I definitely agree that comics and all art is political in some sense or another. And I respect your brief comment about trans-rights being human right. I think that of course I would want people to do whatever makes them happy… I just have a really hard time seeing gender dysphoria as anything other than a mental illness. I am certainly open to discussing this, though.

  59. First I've seen of your work, great rundown on the frustratingly ignorant "old media wasn't political" take. Also, hats off to calling your past self out and striving for growth… refusing to do so would be political because oh glob politics is in everything. Can't really add anything you didn't say, so here's a bit of Scooby Doo trivia: Matthew Lillard, aka Shaggy, also played the roll of Cereal from Hackers (1995). I can't not think about this every time I see Shaggy and now you can too.

  60. So comics were always political and that's why it's ok that the writers and editors in comics today have an over encompassing agenda in everything they do, right? There is no problem with that at all? You yourself lambast Namor for not taking your position without a hint of irony. So when people say keep your politics out of it, they mean: You're not as smart as you think you are and what you are doing doesn't make any sense. And when people say X was or is always political, they leave out: That this is ok as long as they agree with them. But if you are so sure about it, why don't you show the current sale numbers for the recent comics that are labeled as being political? A comic book from over 70 years ago sold millions? How many did the recent Captain "I'm not going to lose her to a 7 foot misogynist" Marvel, after her multi million movie debut sell?

  61. No. A lot of times not making a political statement is not endorsing status quo. It's just not distracting from other topics. This mentality of with us or against us is ridiculous

  62. Simply fantastic work, Scott! I love your in-depth analysis of topics, especially those where you let yourself into it, not just your (fun, entertaining) personality. Keep up the amazing work (and thank you to everyone who helps make it possible) – I look forward to your new work in the future.

  63. When you want to eat the rich but that means there will be no more mahvel and stah wahs and say that you can fight nazis but have no idea how to fight outside from watching coreographed fight scenes from mavhel movies

  64. Comics have never been political, everyone knows that. Like the time the Hulk yelled at an Israeli superhero for letting an Arab boy die, or that time the Fantastic Four took over Latveria to make an independent democratic republic, or that time Dr. Strange showed an inter dimensional warlord the dangers posed by nuclear weapons, or when Superman got involved in inter ethnic strife in Africa, or that time a black man chewed out Green Lantern for spending all his time fighting for aliens but never for Civil Rights, or the way Green Arrow …

    Nope. Not political in the least. Just harmless, mindless adventure books with no political messaging …

  65. This is fantastic. I will say, I have fallen away from this channel in the last year. But I am recommitting and thinking about donating. Do more. I will be here.

  66. Ok there's a lot I love about this vid, and I really appreciate all the work you put into these. But I really want to note how good the timing for your commercial breaks are, they break up the flow of the video really nicely and it's clear you put a lot of effort into making sure they didn't cut off any of your sentences and such.

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