[CC] What’s in my bag? 我的包包裡面有什麼+ Loewe Hammock bag Review

[CC] What’s in my bag? 我的包包裡面有什麼+ Loewe Hammock bag Review

Hello, I am Katrina, welcome back. The topic of today is What’s in my bag summer edition. The bag I have been using recently is this one. Loewe’s Hammock I bought this bag for more than three months. I want to do a review of this bag today. Also share what I usually go with. If you feel interested in today’s topic, Then keep watching it. The material of the bag is the cowhide. Then I think his material is very scratch resistant. It’s just like me, someone who doesn’t care so much about bags. After more than three months, it still has no traces of scratches. Basically, I think it is still full of durability. And inside it is the material of the cloth The material of the cloth is actually quite easy to get dirty. So I suggest everyone. If you have an expensive bag, you can go online and buy Inner protective cover Like myself, I bought this and put it inside. Protect the cloth inside So if you put some dyed things or put a key or something it won’t scratch inside This one is what I bought at Taobao. not too good Because the size he made is not very good. he is doing too big. So if I put it inside and locked up. The one inside it will shrink So I think this is not good. You can see which one is doing better. Then go buy the inner bag to protect This can also increase the service life of the bag. This bag is also very soft leather And he is very light when nothing inside, there is no weight at all. When you put things in, I don’t think the bag is heavy when I hold it in my hand. Or on the shoulders, the shoulders won’t feel hurt, So, one of the great advantages of this bag is that it’s Very light Then his color is this Mocca multitone color Then why do I buy this color? Because I actually looked at that before. Classic brown one But I think that too many people use and I feel Um~ I want to be different from others. Then I saw it out this color this year. it is actually Mocca color in front Next to it is the apricot color and there is a more orange-colored brown side here. That’s the hand strap and the strap are both dark brown There is Suture design in the middle in the middle So the whole bag looks like a brown bag. But it has different levels of brown So I think the color of this bag is very nice. Then it is a deformable bag like you just paid one price and get three bags The first way to do it is to open this side. Then I usually take it like this. Because this is the way to put most things The second way to use is that it can shrink.
when you shrink the side a bag that looks like a bucket shape That is another feeling of style the third way to use it is The oblique carrying type charters the bag you can carry the bag across your shoulder this way is very suitable for ordinary if you take things You can carry the bag across your shoulder Then it is also very suitable for a casual look, it’s also very nice So, this bag is also a bag with a high CP value. it can have a different type Different styles Can match a different style So yeah, this is one reason why I really like it. There are zippers on both sides. These two zippers also openable So when you really have a lot of things You can open these two sides and the bag turns bigger. Basically, I rarely open it because I think this is enough. Then there is a space in front of the bag that can put things. I will not put things in it, the inside of space is good for me So I will not put things in front. Then I saw everyone taking this place. Hang the kind of charm I don’t really like hanging charms in bags. Because I think its too much The size of this bag is Small. Then I think this size is very suitable for common use. And I think this size is also very suitable for girls of any height (15X -17X) Because it still has a Midumn~ Then I think Midumn is a bit too big. There is also a Mini, I think that is too small. So I think the size of this Small is good. That’s all the information about this bag Next, let’s see what’s in my bag. First of all, the mobile phone that everyone has. My phone is I phone X I bought it two years ago. In fact, everyone knows it~ So I don’t have anything to talk for iPhone.XD That mobile phone case is a plastic phone case with a matte surface of marble One advantage is when you put it on the table and take pictures That would be nice So I think everyone can buy a nice mobile phone case. Put it on the table and it will be a good deco thing for photo Then I hope everyone can follow my Instagram. Because I updated my daily life often on Instagram so the phone is the first thing The next thing is the power bank. you can buy whatever you want of the power bank. I also have no requirement for the appearance of the power bank XD I bought it at a place like Daiso called Mumuso It’s cheap, but it’s pretty good. And it looks cute, this is a bear Then his nose is the switch If you press the nose, it’s eye will show the power of electricity. a grid of electricity represents the least then There are four squares that are full, I think this is what I bought unexpectedly. it’s a good power bank The third is my pouch. my pouch comes from a gift that I bought cosmetics, the material is Space cotton material, so It is very light and there is no weight at all. So I like it very much. Take it as my pouch I usually don’t really need to retouch my makeup so basically I am bringing Two things. The first is my powder from Guerlain This powder I bought this year with Guerlain liquid foundation together, because I want to try it out. Its coverage of it is good Sometimes I might go out That makeup will smudged. Then I mainly retouch the dark circles. part I will use it to press the dark circles part Then my dark circles are basically covered, 80 or 90 % So, I think this powder is pretty good. And it has very good looking Very beautiful So when I take it out, I feel very happy when I am doing retouch. Then I will bring out two lipsticks. I liked these two very much recently. one of lipstick is YSL’ Volupté Tint-in-Balm
Color #9 the color number is 9. it is a pink tone color. when I apply it on my lips, it is very moist. So, basically, you can also use it as a lip balm. and my lip lines were also covered About 90% Then its color is not too strong It’s a light pink and perfect for everyday use. The second one I will bring out is the Dior’s Lip Tatto. I think it is very nice lip tattoo If you apply this when you go to eat, You don’t need to retouch your lipstick at all. It is a kind of lip liquid. I think its texture is also very moist. not very dry So I also highly recommend this lipstick. Then its color number is 451 Also a pink tone color perfume my perfume that I brought out is the kind of perfume that is a trial. Usually, I will Sephora points to get the trial size perfume to try Because I think it’s good to use this small size of perfume when you go out Scent, in fact, I personally will not struggle which kind of scent is my fav If its smell not too stinky. all I can accept XD So I like to try the trial size perfume Then you can also bring out easily. It’s also very convenient to bring to travel. And tissue is also for every girl must-have item if you have no tissue when you go out, it is quite troublesome. The next one is the rubber band. Long-haired girls must-have item as well sometimes if it’s a windy day or when you eating you will need it. otherwise, you will like a ghost XD So the rubber band is also something I will definitely bring out. Next is the headphones. Everyone should bring out the headphones. Sometimes I can listen to music outside. Then I won’t bother others when watching the movie. So headphones are also very important. The next one is my wallet. My wallet is bought at Coach. I have bought it for three years. Then I think he is very durable. Basically, I have used it for three years and it has still remain new Is that except for this place where the change is a bit dirty Basically everything else is quite new And I think the design of this bag is very practical. Because it is a square So it’s not too big Then it can put a lot of things Here you can put some cards Then you can also put the cash After that, it can put changes So this design is my favorite design. I don’t have found another bag Can replace it So I have been using it, and I have no intention of changing it. The next thing is sunglasses. The sunglasses are from that brand of Jessica, an ex. member of SNSD I just went to her counter to try it. then I found this style. This sunglasses is very light when you wore on the face, basically there is no feeling of weight. Because I am scared, very heavy sunglasses That will always hang down That sunglasses are very light And its style is also suited for most of style whatever kind of style you wear, it’s not too strange to wear this. So, I really like this sunglasses. So this sunglasses is still quite recommended. The next one is my comb. I have bought this comb for a long time. It’s been for five or six years. This brand is Tangle Teezer This very famous comb It is said to be able to comb the knotted hair. Actually, I think it is indeed you can comb the knotted hair soon But the comb is the kind of sharp So I don’t really like to use it for the scalp. I think I basically use it for combing. Tail place Usually the hair ends are easier to tie knots~ Then I like to use it to comb the end of hair If you comb the hair, it can quickly smooth the knots. it’s very easy to use And it has a lid that is covered is covered You can just protect your bag. Will not be scratched by the comb’s bristles So this one I usually bring out the as well Then go to the last camera. because I am recording now. So I can’t hold it This camera is Sony A5100. I think it is very suitable for a beginner of photographer It is a Micro SLR So it’s quality is good enough. Then he is also very light and you can also flip the screen If you like to take selfies Very suitable for girls who love to take pictures and love selfies. Then it can also record video So I think this cp value is quite high. The price is not very high as well That’s all for today’s video I personally recommend this bag very much. I hope you guys love today’s video If you like, pls don’t forget to give me a like. Then subscribe to my channel and press the small bell If there is anything you want to tell me, or If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Then see you guys next time! Bye Bye~

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