Crafty Mythbuster – Part 2: When that tack really won’t come back!

Crafty Mythbuster – Part 2: When that tack really won’t come back!

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow so hopefully you thought yesterday’s a mythbuster video if you
didn’t go back and check it out I’ll link it in that top right-hand corner
too we talked about how to bring your electronic cutting mats back to life and
one of these tips we see all over the internet really do work so I’m not gonna
spoil that but you can go check it out however now the thing I get asked all
the time is ok I’ve refreshed my map or I’ve tried this or something like a
scout and cut map that lose it tack pretty fast how can i refresh it and
make it better well I have the best tip you’ve ever ever gonna need and you will
be using these mats until they disintegrate so the first thing you need
to do is take off your cutting area so I’m just gonna take some masking tape
you could also ant the thermal web wide tapes works really well I just happen to
run out so just take some pieces and we’re gonna tape this off and it doesn’t
have to be accurate if anything I would go inside the grid lines rather than
outside so that you maybe lose a tiny sliver of cutting space because having
it on the outside it’s just a bit of a pain to deal with so there’s a tip for
you in there so you can see what I’m doing is taking it and just laying it
roughly against that black cutting line and it doesn’t have to be any special
tape you just want something that’s going to stick down
masking tape Semih web powerful tape I’ve got my heavy doodle tape here you
really you can use anything you like ok and then the other thing you want to do
is just I mean you can see this is not taking long either because you don’t
need a huge amount of accuracy to it I’m gonna stick some here so this gets fully
covered up and then you can either take a piece of paper or a load of masking
tape I happen to have a piece of paper yesterday fester’s down
yeah and so I’m just gonna add this on the top and use a little bit of masking
tape I can cover that last bit up and you’ll see in a second why you want to
cover these areas up it will be well worth it than having to scrub and deal
with the stickiness afterwards so you just want to make sure that everything
on the mat is covered apart from that area so that’s how your mats gonna look
well the cricket mats works with silhouette mats works with all of them
it just happens to be the one I get asked about the most is this ganic
hapmap then you’re going to take some pixie spray so pixie sprays from thermal
web they launched it last year if you have seen my life changing stencil tip
you’ll know that pixie spray is it and literally all we’re gonna do and I’m
gonna just do it off my table because I have a concrete floor you want to do it
in a splat box in the garage something like that and we’re just gonna do a
light coat forward please read the safety instructions on the pan
ventilated spaces all of those kinds of things and whenever you use anything
whether it’s pixie spray epoxy everything and we have a big space here
and it’s well ventilated but please read the instructions before your space and
then I’m gonna leave this for 10 minutes or so and it’s ready to go I can already
just peel off my masking tape and imagine you know if you’ve used this on
your stencils you will know this works really well if you are in Europe and you
cannot get the pixie spray you can use crafters companions repositionable
adhesive it works exactly the same and it works great for craft applications
some of the repositional sprays i’ve found a little bit too strong for
crafting and they can tell your paper these do not and now you have a map that
is like new with extra tack on it and just remember that when you remove
something to bend your mat and you avoid any tearing as well so who’ll enjoy
today is a top tip I have more of them on the way and more crafty Mythbusters
so be sure you hit subscribe run the belt and of course given today’s videos
a thumbs up I’d love you to join our community in that joy
button below lots of reasons to join lots of fun going on and I will see you
tomorrow with another tip trick tutorial or maybe something a little bit
different so join me then anytime happy crafting and I’ll see you tomorrow bye

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  1. This video is completely incorrect! You are giving ScanNCut users incorrect information 😡

    Have you contacted Brother to see what they say about retacking? I actually HAVE – so I going to bust YOUR myths – here is the OFFICIAL Brother information on retacking:

    You should NEVER out any adhesive tape, low tack or not over the area where the rollers run.

    Brother USA 100% do NOT ALLOW retacking of the mats – this will immediately invalidate any warranty the machine may have, so retacking is at users own risk.

    Brother UK do however allow users to retack their mats – but ONLY using a 100% NON ADHESIVE mask over the mat, leaving only the gridded area exposed. The ONLY adhesive for retacking Brother UK permit is Pinflair Stencil Glue. Anything else will invalidate any warranty the machine may have.

    I recommend individual users contact Brother direct in regards to retacking.

  2. I've used a repositional spray and zig 2 way glue pen. Both work well. My Maker is still under warranty but I use it with my scan n cut and my Explore air. Never had a problem.

  3. I am going to assume you can use this on Cricut mats. I have several that are losing their tackiness. Do you need to clean and wash the mats before this Pixie Spray DIY? Blessings.

  4. Could you do a tip about preserving Gemini cutting plates and un-warping them if possible? With no support on either side of the pressure point I find they start warping from the first use. Thanks so much.

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