Des Meets His Father, Redd | Black Ink Crew

Des Meets His Father, Redd | Black Ink Crew

– What’s up, Dad?
– What’s up, boy? – [indistinct chatter] – [bleep]. – Oh [bleep], man.
[laughing] – ♪ – [laughs] Just [bleep].
– Boy, you sit. You can’t let me see ya,
you’re a handsome young man. Where you get it from? – I ain’t get it from parents.
– [laughs] I always wondered would
the day ever come, and it came. – Man, I’m gonna tell you,
I’ve been wanting to meet you ever since… we were all supposed
to bring our dads to school. I ain’t have mine. – ♪ – That’s when I started
to wonder, like… “I don’t know [bleep]
about my dad.” – REDD: I know it’s hard, man. It’s hard for me, too. But you are here. It’s all we gotta do is
move forward. – ♪ – I do have some questions
that I wanna ask you like… – Ask me, man. – Man, I just–I’ve heard
so many stories of what happened when I was little.
– Mm-hmm. – Like mom couldn’t take
care of us, she gave us away. – Mm-hmm. – Well, your daddy
never left your life. Your mama took me
out your life. – Why though? – REDD: I don’t know why. If it was my fault,
I would admit to it. But it won’t my fault. I couldn’t control
what was going on. – So like what’s up with… I mean, I’ve heard,
[bleep]– – Don’t beat around the bush,
I know you’ve done heard some crazy story, don’t
[unintelligible], man. – What I hear like with my mom, like she was too young
when she had me. – ♪ – Some of that [bleep] you heard
about your daddy ain’t right. Don’t get me wrong,
I weren’t no saint. You know what I’m saying? But your mama lied
about her age. Told me she was 18,
which she wasn’t. Only reason why I found out
is because your grandma. She told me your mama age. After that, your mama
took you away from me. For what reason,
I don’t know why. – It is hard hearing
his side of the story. And it’s a little bit confusing. But I can kinda see
why they both had to do the way they acted. It’s okay. – Man, you know this [bleep]
hurt for real, man. [crying] You know how many time–
[crying] [bleep] hard, man. It’s hard not seeing
your [bleep] son, man. Last time I see you,
you were three. You’re 19 now, man. You know how many birthdays
I missed? – ♪ – I’m sorry, man. I’m just glad you getting
this opportunity, so I could see you,
connect with you, like… I don’t take this for granted. You can’t–you can’t
get that time back. But we can move forward now. And I’m willing
to do that with you. – ♪ – I’m willing to do it
with you, too. – ♪ – REDD: I love you, boy.
– DESSALINES: I love you, too. – REDD: I love you always.

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  1. I don't give a SH#%… If she was 18 or not it was still very inappropriate for a man his age to mess around with a young lady!!! Any grown man or woman(I said it!!!) who goes out of their way to sleep with an 18 year old is just a "Legal Child Predator". Keep it simple, if anybody of younger age gives you signals/hits on you and they cannot rent a car and not of legal age to drink, you tell them to stay the HELL away or say NO!!! When in doubt look at the their damn Identification and make sure!!!

  2. I kind of believe everything his father saying it hard for me to believe sky because she lied about everything

  3. She was young and sky mama probably said stay away from my daughter or you going to jail. Then sky was left with no support leaving her to make the decision to give them up til she got right but got comfortable living kid free. I always wondered why Sky mom didn't have them, I'm sure she raised hell for having kids and she'd have to care for them.

  4. black people and spanish people we can relate alot cause we both races have the tendency of been left out by parents

  5. I love Des, now about his Daddy, honestly I believe him and I truly believe he's sincere that man was talking to his son in pain because he wasn't able to be there, people say they don't trust him and he's a creep, the man says he wasn't no saint but I do believe sky lied about her age at the same time Des father had to have known she was young people make mistakes but Des is also emotionally unstable and broken herself. All I care about is the fact that these two brought tears to my eyes on their connection. I wish every young boy and girl looking for their father could have the connection these two just had

  6. Such a grown up young MAN. He acting adult about everything. He has the strength to accept regardless of how tough everything is. I also see that in SKY. Those are her genes regardless of what took place. I pray peace understating and continuous LOVE for their union.

  7. Des seems to be such a humbled young man. And I could feel the heartache coming from Redd at that moment of him thinking back on how much he has missed in his sons life. It's never too late though. I wish them the best !

  8. Genesis told his true story you know guys.. she didn't give them up for adoption.. she lost custody of them when they were 5 and 6. Genesis and Des are brothers but the dad's are different.

  9. He knows he was Cracked Out! At least Sky took responsibility for Her actions and Apologized Genuinely to her children! This guy is still Pointing Fingers and Pretending to be the Victim!

  10. might be lying might be telling the truth who knows, only thing that matters is that the kids trying to reconnect. 💯

  11. Too fake to be real….Men have been dating younger women since forever. Men never figure out my age. 65 year old's hit on me even when they think I'm in my 20's.
    A lot of Chester Chesters out here.

  12. Bye dude she was underage period point blank smh if he would have tried to claim the kid he know he would have went to jail bc he had fathered a child with an underage female he needs to tells the truth he was saving his ass over being a father sicko..stop lying to these kids!!

  13. He's a liar. If he cared he could have fought for his son from being put up for adoption. He's just embarrassed that it's being made public.

  14. He said he don't know why Sky kept him away!? Lol bro she was 14 and you was 28! You shouldn't be allowed to be around children.

  15. The dad is crying all for show…. blaming everything on his dead beat mom but yet why didn’t he try hard enough to get his kids. Smh won’t change and never will change , kids are better without both parents

  16. Females always take kids from they father and sky look like that type of lame ass always in there feelings and all emotional

  17. It doesn’t matter if the mom is trying to take your children away you go to the courts and try everything you can. Like don’t use that a cop out that’s weak af

  18. The dad is a liar and a pedophile. Now he crying for the camera….TF. These boys are wrong for how they do their mother

  19. You guys keep blamming him , and it's not right at all. I know alot females that looks 18 because their make-up. And she wrong for lien about her age and she wrong for taking des away from his dad . And the father is wrong for not trying find him. And no something not adding up with his story

  20. Honestly, Des just needs to love both of his parents from a distance because they both know how to manipulate his feelings with their elaborate story lines and on-cue waterworks.

  21. Oh he a narcissist, narcissist 👀 jeez, these poor kids got the short end of the stick when it comes to parents. Both Des and Genesis Dad sounds like they came up with this story together 🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. I Love How He Is Open To Love Both Parents And No Offense I Know Sky Wasn’t There, But He Was There Either They Both Fail And He Was Way Older Than Sky 28 He Could Have Step It Up While He Was Sleeping With A 14 Year Old

  23. i dont see how he wouldnt have been able to tell she was underage. wasnt she only 14 and he was like 28. maybe not so much these days because half of them try to dress and act older than what they are but you should definitely be able to tell the difference between a 14 year old and an 18 year old, they act different they look different.

  24. He's such an handsome,caring man. I am praying for him imagine he's feeling. I love him for that being strong and giving them chances

  25. Here go the “baby momma didn’t let me see y’all rap” the momma not being w you anymore is not an excuse to be out a child’s life 🙄

  26. Sky has some good looking kids 😭😭 and des is a sweetheart lol I love that when he met sky he had open arms and when he met his father it was the same thing he deserves nothing but the world and that’s that but red is still weird

  27. You telling me a 20 something year old man cant tell a girl is 14… 14! Not even 16 or 17 but 14??? Sis just started highschool if that! She was very easy to manipulate easy to beat down she was a damn baby alot of this falls on her parents im about to have a daughter and her ass will be going to school call when u get there and bring that ass home make sure all the teachers got my # she skipping call me! Idc if its 1 time she feeling lonely come chill with ME! I take u out do things with u and if u want to chill? Ya friends more than welcome thats how i was raised i didnt like it but uk what i finished school got married to a wonderful man now im having my first child and living my best life…

  28. I see everybody talking down on him like if skyy don't act like a straight hoe now that she's older so don't play w that bs 😂😂😂

  29. Sad but true at 1:41 seconds, people don't understand this and its rhetoric that the father intentionally leave the child's life. A lot of times the parent puts their personal feelings over that of the child and will exclude the father out the childs life and not even care about the child's feelings and the need for that. It's out of selfishness

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