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(dramatic music) – Hey, everybody, Matt Haines here. – And I’m Roy Tristan. – And we are the piercers
at Scared Arts Tattoo in Brandenton, Florida. Today I am going to pierce his ear, and we’re gonna cover the
entire ear piercing process from start to finish, what to look for, how to know that it’s being done clean, and also, be sure to check
out our follow up video, where we’re gonna talk about
the entire after care process for ear piercings as well. Let’s get to it. Disclaimer, do not attempt to do any of the procedures you see us do in our videos, guys. We are trained professionals
with years of experience in this industry. We know how to tattoo and pierce safely. We everything that needs
to be done beforehand, everything that needs
to be done afterwards, and there are certain things
that you need to be aware of to make sure your clients
are well taken care of. I wanna say it one more time, do not try to do this on your
own under any circumstances. All right, guys, first
step for an ear piercing is your piercer should
clean the entire area before you take a seat. And it should look a little like this. (upbeat techno music) All right, the next step
is your piercer should clean the area that’s gonna be pierced. So, today that’ll be earlobe, and then they should
also check the anatomy, and make sure you like the placement and ask if there’s anything
you wanna leave space for in the future, like this. (upbeat techno music) Your piercer should always
check to make sure you like the placement before they pierce you. Do you like this placement? – Good to go, buddy. – Excellent. So, there are a couple
of ways that a piercer can set up to do a piercing. It depends a little bit on local laws, like Florida, where we’re at, we are required to use a sterile setup. There are a couple of ways that
they should be using tools. There are prepackaged, disposable, and there are reusable, sterilized tools. Either one of these are fine, just make sure your piercer
opens them in front of you. This is one acceptable form of setting up for an ear piercing. Now, remember, your
piercer should always open everything in front of you out of brand new packaging wearing gloves. Like this. This is a sterile setup. And this is a sterile field. It’s important that you
don’t try to touch anything on your piercers tray, and it’s also important
to make sure your piercer doesn’t touch anything on the tray until he puts on his sterile
gloves just like this. (upbeat techno music) All right, now, we’re ready to pierce. There are two acceptable
ways to pierce an ear. You can use clamps, or a cork. It really comes down
to personal preference for your piercer. Both are totally fine,
both are totally safe. (upbeat techno music) Deep breath. Exhale. Big breath. Exhale. Needle’s gone. One done. So that was piercing with clamps. Now, I’m gonna pierce his ear
again using the cork setup. Big breath. Exhale. Big breath. Exhale. (upbeat techno music) Pain for earlobes is nothing
to really worry about. It’s pretty mild. But if pain is something
you’re worried about make sure you take a nice, deep breath in, followed by a nice, deep exhale, right before he actually
does the piercing. It’ll help to alleviate some of the pain and it helps to keep your mind
off of the actual piercing. Make sure you stick around, let your piercer give you
their after care instructions. And if you like our content, make sure you subscribe. We’re Matt and Roy at Sacred Arts Tattoo in Bradenton, Florida. Stay tuned for some more
tattoo and piercing videos. Catch you next time. (dramatic music)

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