‘Earth Wind & Fire Tattoo’ Elimination Challenge Sneak Peek 🔥 Turf War (Season 13)

‘Earth Wind & Fire Tattoo’ Elimination Challenge Sneak Peek 🔥 Turf War (Season 13)

(suspenseful music) – Welcome. 15 artists remain; four in
the West, five in the Midwest, three in the South,
and three in the East. – Way to rub it in. – Only one of you
will earn $100000, a feature in Inked Magazine
and the title of Ink Master. – That’s what we’re here for. – Today, there will
be no flash challenge. – [Male Contestant] Oh no. – We are going straight into
the next elimination tattoo. (groans) – Oh my God, I have PTSD. – Straight into the
mouth of madness. – This week, you are being
tested on consistency. – Oh man. – Consistency in
tattooing is making sure that throughout your whole
tattoo, nothing is irregular. Nobody wants a wonky tattoo. Consistency is key. – And there is no better
test of consistency than collaborating
with other artists to create a series of tattoos. – Seriously? – Each artist on your team
must create one tattoo, and every member of your team
must tattoo the same canvas at the same time. – Oh my God. – [Female Contestant] All of us? – [Male Contestant]
All four at once? (sighs) – That is just insane. We’re gonna be in
each other’s space. I’m working here, and I have
somebody working next to me, stretching, moving the skin. It’s just a crazy environment. – I mean, maybe
that’s a good thing because we only have three. – [Male Contestant]
Better for us, bud. Three is a lot easier
than doing five. – [Male Contestant] Someone’s
getting five tattoos today. (groans) – Good luck Midwest. – Five tattoos at the same time? Buckle up. – Just as your four regions
make up the United States, Ancient Greeks believe that
there are four elements that make up all matter. – Okay. – Earth, wind, water and fire. You can tattoo any style,
but each of your tattoos must consistently incorporate
your team’s element. – So that’s the four skulls. – On the bottom of each
skull is an element. The skull you draw will
determine the element your entire team must tattoo. – Hopefully we get water. – Tattooing wind? – Yeah, like how? – You’ve been randomly
assigned a picking order. West, you’re up first. – [Male Contestant]
No pressure, right? – Ooh, I just hope we get a
good element, fire or water. – Fire. – Yeah. – Fire, all right. – [Dave] East. – Pick a good one. – You’re next. – Earth. – [Dave] South. – Which one? – Money Mike, you got one job
and it’s not to pick wind. You got a 50/50 chance. – Bitch. Wind. – Damn. – And finally, Midwest,
you get the last skull. – Water. – The Midwest is landlocked, we don’t do a lot
of water tattoos. We don’t see a lot of
water in our daily lives. I can’t even swim. – Five people on the team don’t have to tattoo
the same style, but be sure that something
about your design or the way you tattoo it,
or your color palette, goes together. – Five of us. – (beep) – Your human canvases have
been randomly assigned and you will have
six hours to tattoo. Fail to get in your element, and not only will your
entire team be at risk, but you just might be
packing your machines. Good luck. – The word they have to
remember is consistency ’cause that’s what
we’re testing. – I think we should do four
different fire holders, like a lantern, a torch. – A candle, a torch, right. – [Female Contestant]
That’s pretty good. – Yeah, I like that. – If everybody does
their own thing, then that’s not consistent. – It’ll definitely be uniform if they all have
tornadoes in them. – Or we can do three
different phases of it, like comic strip type shit. – Yeah, like comic strip. Maybe there’s three boxes? – [Male Contestant]
Yeah, I’m cool with the comic strip idea. I like it being
boxed in like that. – We are looking for
consistency throughout the team, not just in the element,
but also in application. – Okay, what if we did things
that were seashell themed? Like if we did a
seashell, starfish, coral? – I feel like a seashell
is like something that we can all nail
in our own style, so nothing falls short. – Right. – Because I feel like if we
were to pick the same style, like if we’re all doing color,
like I’m gonna fall short compared to you two. – Okay, cool. – Yeah. – If one person falls short, they’re gonna bring
the whole team down. – When I think of earth, I think of things going
back to the earth, like dead things with
flowers growing out of them? – [Jessa] Live things,
the juxtaposition? I’m into that. – Believe it or not, I’m
a pretty versatile artist, and as far as adapting to
my team, I can do that. Playing to one style
can be more consistent, it looks like one team did it. – Yeah. – What if we each did like
a black work skeleton, with different elements
growing out of it? – [Mikay] Yeah, that’d
make a cool tattoo. – Kay is primarily
a black work artist, so if we can all work
together with her strength, we’ll be able to pull
this challenge off. – [Bob] You’re putting
color in yours, right? – [Female Contestant] No. – [Bob] So I’m gonna
have to do black and gray is what you’re saying? – No, you should absolutely… – [Hiram] Yeah, you
should do full color. – There’s no reason
you shouldn’t do color. – But then three of you
are doing black and gray, and only one is doing color? That wouldn’t make sense. That would look weird. – [Money Mike] Do
your thing, bro! Blast that bitch with color. (contestant laughs) – It doesn’t have to
be the same style. We all look same in the element. – It’s not gonna look
cohesive with the group if there’s one that stands out. I’m stubborn and
Hiram’s stubborn, so it’s hard to get the
idea that we both agree on. We can’t turn in
one color tattoo and three black
and gray tattoos. That is not consistency,
that’s three and one. That’s not four. – [Hiram] I don’t think it
has to be extremely the same. – I mean, but that’s the
definition of consistency. – Maybe I should do
it without this box? – [Male Contestant] You
can take out the box. – So I’ll just do it
the size of the calf just so that part fits in there. – Yeah, and then the
stippling out soft, yeah. – I like that idea better. Think we should maybe tell Money
Mike take the box out then? – Well, I don’t
have a box on mine, so I think his having a box – one of them having
a box is fine. – All right. – We’re all gonna be
doing color in the flames. All our containers are
gonna be black and gray, and the light, the
fire is gonna be color. I know you don’t like it, but it’s gonna be a
bit more cohesive. – Yes. – [Bob] And that’s the
name of the challenge. – [Hiram] I don’t think that
looks better with that color. – But it will if all
four of them have it. (rock music) – Artists! You have six hours
to show consistency by tattooing the elements, and your time starts now. – [Male Contestant 1] Yeah. – [Male Contestant 2] Okay! – [Male Contestant 3]
All right, go and hop up. – [Male Contestant 4] Let’s
go and get some stencils on. – Today could be really
tricky, because first off, God bless the canvases. Either three, four or five
tattooers will be tattooing them at the same time. – You’re gonna try your
hardest to go to sleep. (canvas laughs) Just let it happen. – These tattoos
have to be cohesive. We’re looking for these
tattoos to almost look like one person did them all. That makes this
extremely difficult for anybody who’s a weak link. – [Money Mike] You doing
the box around yours? – Nah, took it off. So I don’t know if you want
to take it out or leave it on? – Hmm, I designed
mine with a box. – So then keep the box then. I don’t think it
makes a difference ’cause we all have
the same elements. – Man, what the (beep) Jordi and Jason scrapped
the whole square idea and just enlarged the piece. But for me to change designs
now may be a setback for me. So I’m sticking to
the original plan, hopefully that don’t sink me. Should I bring this angle in? – Let’s see, no, because if
you get down, it’s straight. – All right. – Yeah. – [Male Contestant] Let’s do it. – [Female Contestant]
Here we go. (tattoo machines buzzing) – [Male Contestant] How’s
it treating you so far? What’s difficult about it? – Positioning, light. I’m like 90 degrees to how I
would like to be tattooing. – Oh shit. Sorry, let me know if I need
to get out of your way at all. – This is going very poorly. The inside of my starfish
has a lot of circles. It’s very difficult
to cleanly tattoo. I’m not gonna be able
to do these small lines with someone right next to me. I’m gonna finish these lines
up here and then cycle out. – We’re not little people, and we’re inside of
this four foot area. But Kelly’s the only one
who’s in between two people. I mean, what if Jurrell flexes? – Hey, hold on. Let me finish these two
lines, then I’ll jump up. I hate collaboration tattoos. I can’t get my own space. – Like Kelly, just
pull it together. (tattoo machines buzzing) – [Hiram] Your black
and gray looks sick. – [Female Contestant]
Good boy, Bob. – [Male Contestant] No blowouts? – [Female Contestant] No. – Holding up my name, you know. – [Female Contestant]
Blowout Bob over here. Gotta keep him on tight watch. – Today, all eyes are on me. They saw weakness
in me last week. – This is the best
drawing of the day, man. But I lost count of
blowouts on this thing. Like forty-something. – I cannot have any blowouts. I have to show them that
last week was a fluke. That shit doesn’t happen. – Three hours to go, teams! Three hours to go! (rock music) – You about to dot? I only ask ’cause
I heard you like, run your machine way down. – [Jimmy] Yeah, I’ve never
done this before so… – The way I do is the
slowest that I can run it without it getting
snagged in the skin. You should be able to
get like a line of dots. – Mikay and Jimmy,
as we get closer, we’re only getting stronger. It’s only up from here. – [Jimmy] Like that? – [Mikay] Yeah. – [Jimmy] This is so much fun. What haven’t I been doing this? (Jessa laughs) – We’re consistently
consistent, queen. – [Money Mike] Y’all
seen everybody else’s? – Everybody else
got the same thing, and threw the element in it. Ours is the only one
that actually connects. – We’re doing three different
versions of the tornado. Money Mike’s is gonna
be from a distance, my tattoo is gonna be
right before the impact, Jason’s gonna be the impact
tearing up the house. Of all the groups, ours
has the most consistency with a story. If they don’t like this piece, I don’t know what to tell them. – Louisiana, man, we
get hurricanes, we
don’t get tornadoes. Never seen one,
never tattooed one. So it’s an all around
new experience for me. Mine is simple yet effective. We’re just trying to get through and make sure we get the safety, make sure nobody on team
South gets eliminated. (suspenseful music) – [Female Contestant] Yours
have a similar feel, only like, you know, his is in color. – Yeah, and then like, same
with them, but it’s like, not. – Yeah. All of the other teams
approach to this looks way more consistent than ours. Their tattoos actually look
like they’re in a series. Ours, not so much. It looks like we have
five different tattoos by five different people
with five different ideas. – Kinda fun tattooing this
close, ’cause I get to see how you guys tattoo. – I know, right? (suspenseful music) – Five, four, three, two, one! That is it, machines down! Time is up! No more ink! – [Bob] Think it’s solid? – [Hiram] (beep) solid dude. (makes explosion sound) – Whaaaa! – [Female Contestant]
Looks killer. – Fishing for a win today! – You guys feeling good? – Yeah, we kept
everything the same size. – You think those 25 circles
Kelly did are circles? – [Male Contestant] Yeah. – I don’t know. I definitely think
the team of five is about to become
a team of four. (rock music)

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  1. So East and South probably won’t loose any members this week since they gotta even out the playing field. My bet is on Midwest loosing a team member 😕

  2. i think midwest is losing this round… least consistent and also they did water = the only element not mentioned in the video title

  3. It sucks that every season now has to have a gimmick. I'm sure all of these artists could do much better without worrying about a team

  4. Aw man. I guess it safe to say Frank wouldn't make a great lifeguard?

    Also Jason is becoming the Josh Payne of season 13.

  5. Every season of the show they should do hate coverups for one of the challenges. It tests a lot of skill and allows for the opportunity to help the canvas turn their life around

  6. Dude from the Midwest says people from the Midwest are landlocked and don't see a lot of water 🤣 the state with close to 15000 lakes as well as the great lakes fall into the Midwest?

  7. Wind; have something from a season blowing in the wind making cool swirly designs. Flowers, leaves, snow flakes. Probably come out really feminine but still…

  8. The team's members are so unique it's tricky for them to collaborate all that talent, but their results always deliver 💙

  9. Why is Jason a massive jerk on this series. I think perhaps his head has filled up with ego. He thinks he is amazing, but the truth of the matter is he is simply no better than good.

  10. minnesota is in dead center of the midwest and has 10,000 lakes… yet this guy said bc the midwest is land locks they have no water .. he doesn’t even know how to swim.. bruh…

  11. I really mess with with the wind concept. Dude keeping the box frame for his drawing might actually be a good thing for the story their tatts make

  12. These poor people getting tattooed! Don't care if you say that they agreed to it, they most likely didn't know the extent of their decision. It's tough to sit for even one tattoo, imagine 5 at the same time! Love the show but hate the disrespect for the people, human beings, they call canvases…

  13. Booring.I miss the days when ink master had individual competitors. No teams,no themes.Just artists and every man for himself.And bring back some fucking guest judges.I mean this thing just become so commercial it sucks so much it's just cringeworthy.

  14. I got 2 tattoos at the same time once and it wasn't a pleasant experience… And then, there's this guy getting 5 and not even flinching


    East won. Mid-west and South were in the bottom 2, with Money Mike going home and the rest having to tattoo again to avoid going home.

  16. I get that they’re trying to make it challenging and want to test adaptability, but c’mon.. no tattoo artist will ever have to deal with tattooing with multiple artists simultaneously. So unrealistic and unnecessary. Lol

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  20. I don't understand why they say they will struggle to tattoo something they've never seen, they've never seen a fire breathing dragon before but they can still tattoo one

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