Family Designs Secret Tattoos for Each Other | Secret Santa Tattoo

– Mother– – [Ty] Breathe. – Oh. – Ahh. (DeeDee screaming) – Merry Christmas. This is one of the best
Christmas gifts ever. (Christmas music) – I’m Nae. – I’m DeeDee. – I’m Ty. – I’m Diana, and these are my daughters. – [Narrator] Who’s your favorite? (mom laughing) – Whoa, hold on. – I think she is. – Stop it. – Oh gosh, here we go. – She’s the baby. – She’s the favorite. – There is no favorite. – Mom, just keep it real. We already know, we ain’t trippin huh? – [Narrator] Do you guys
know what we’re doing for this video? – Unfortunately. – Trusting each other. – Yes, secret Santa tattoo. – [Narrator] You guys
are gonna design tattoos for each other. (mom laughing) You won’t see the tattoo until
its finished on your body. I’m gonna meet with you
guys each individually and tell you who you’re gonna
be designing a tattoo for. – Oh my gosh. – Woo. – [Narrator] Are you guys ready? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Do you feel
ready for a new tattoo? – No. I got a tiny tattoo and
I mean tiny 30 years ago. – [Narrator] Who do you not
want to design a tattoo for you? – My mom. I don’t want flowers on me. I don’t want an inspirational quote that she thinks is beautiful. – [Narrator] You’re gonna
design a tattoo for Ty. – Oh my– – [Narrator] Who are you
worried about making a tattoo for you? – Well, of course Ty. She may get so deep I might not be able to live up to or something. I don’t know. – [Narrator] Your designing
a tattoo for your mother. (screams) – [Narrator] Who do you
not want to design a tattoo for you? – Oh man.. DeeDee, I don’t got time
for no, no extra anything. – [Narrator] Are you saying she’s extra? – Very. – [Narrator] You’re gonna design a tattoo for your sister Nae. (laughing) – [Narrator] Who do you not
want to design a tattoo for you? – Nae. We’re both too goofy. I don’t want a goofy first tattoo, so. – [Narrator] You’re gonna
design a tattoo for Dee. – Oh man. Her first tattoo, that’s pressure. – [Narrator] Let’s talk about it. What is this tattoo gonna be? – Hmm. I want her to get something
that is something lengthy. – I was thinking something
meaningful for her kids. – You have to get something
really, like, spiritual. – You know something sexy. I just want her to have
some bad bitch energy. – I would give my sister an elephant with her kids names across it. She loves elephants, she has elephants all around her house. – I’m thinking like a dragon or something. – [Narrator] Why? – Cause its big. – I see a sun somewhere. Sun represents self, ego. I think I wanna put something in the in the middle of the sun, though. Maybe like a symbol. – Maybe like a lotus
flower with the word love. Love in spite of. I’ll love you no matter what, you know. I think that’s a good one. – [Narrator] We’ll see you
next week at the tattoo parlor. – Okay. (tinkling music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the tattoo parlor. – Yeah.
– Thank you. – [Narrator] Who do you think
designed a tattoo for you? – I think my mom. – I hope her. (laughing) – [Narrator] Nae, Dee Dee
designed a tattoo for you. – Dee Dee, Nae designed your tattoo. – I knew it – Whoa. – [Narrator] Ty, who’s
designing your tattoo? – My mom. – You want us to be mad that you put us with the person we said we didn’t want? – [Narrator] It was random. It was random. – No, that wasn’t random at all. – [Narrator] Have you met the artists yet? – Well, hello.
– What it do boo. – Hello, Eli. – [Ty] And this is?
– Nice to meet you. – Andy. – I have sweaty hands. – Me too. – If you mind, or don’t mind. – [Andy] They’re gonna be sweaty yeah. – [Narrator] Are you guys
ready to get your tattoo? – Yep. – You might be okay, lets be optimistic. – Come on, I don’t wanna
keep thinking about it. – We gon be okay. – Lets just do it, let’s just start. – Blindfold up. – Oh my gosh, man. – [Eli] Everybody blind folded? – I’m gonna lock you out. – [Narrator] Everybody blind folded? All right. – [DeeDee] Yeah. – Wow, this shit kinda
feel kinda massive yo. – I know. – Does that feel like too much? – I don’t know. – You’re good ma. – Okay. – Are you ready? – I-I-I-I – [Andy] Okay here we go. (laughing and making bird calls) – You’re doing it. Your doing it, you got it. – Mother– – [Ty] Breathe. Breathe. – Oh. Mmm. (heavy breathing) – [Ty] Yeah, keep breathing. (DeeDee screaming) – This is crazy. – Mom. You abouts to give us bad bitch energy. You gonna wanna take your
pants off after this. (sister laughing) (mom groaning) – Merry Christmas. This is one of the best
Christmas gifts ever. – This is rude. – No its not ma. – [Andy] Guess what? We’re done. – Woo. You did it, you did it. – [Andy] You made it. – Okay. – Aw. The ankh, right, it’s a
heiroglyph that represents life. This is a sun crown that
evokes the ocean energy and who’s a deity of our
sensuality and prosperity. – Its different, but I do like it. I like the representation
that you gave me for it. – Oh. (girls laughing) – Thank you, I appreciate all
the thoughts you put in there. Its beautiful. – Ohh. Ohh. Eli, Eli, Eli. You haven’t… (tattoo gun buzzing) (dramatic music) – 1-2-3. (gasps) – Oh, what does that say? – You daughters name. – No fucking way. Oh my God, DeeDee. – I know, I did a good
job I’m schwifty with it. – Oh my gosh DeeDee. – I’m cooking dinner for
her everyday (crying). – [Narrator] Now did she
spell the names right? Because she wasn’t sure. – She better, I’ll beat yo ass. – Wait, wait. – Oh, that’s why you asked
me how to spell they names. – Wait, wait, what is that? Wait. Let me see the stencil. – I didn’t write it,
how’s the name spelled? – Auzha – Auz, yeah. – Okay. – It’s right. – Yeah Dee, you about
to get this shit done, man, on that ass. (peaceful music) – Oh gosh. (tattoo gun buzzing) – Oh look at you girl. It’s like nothing. – [Ty] It kinda tickles. (peaceful music) – Mom, you wanna give me a hint? – Its something with
pointed ends and round ends. – Oh god, flowers? Oh, no flowers. No, but is it a flower? – Um. – [Narrator] Ty, who didn’t you want to design a tattoo for you? – My mom. – [Andy] We’re all done. – Yay. (clapping) – [Narrator] Are you ready? – Yes. – She did exactly the flower
that I would’ve said not to. (laughing) – What kind of flower is that? – No but this says… But it says Love– – [Mom] Love in spite of. – [Nae] I had the same reaction. – Love in spite of? – Everything. No matter what, no matter what
goes down, now matter how– Because you know what,
a lotus grows in the mud but still grows beautiful. – Is it a lotus? I like it. Is it a lotus though? – Yes. – Okay. (tattoo gun buzzing) – We are done. – My baby, you did it little baby. – That’s dope huh? – Ah. You knew that’s what I wanted. – DeeDee. Oh my God. – Yes. – Wow, are you happy? – Yes, this is what I wanted. – That’s why we got each other. – Wow. – [Narrator] Well? – Hmm. – I’m satisfied. – Me too. – I think mine has a lot of meaning to it and it’s everything is
exactly what I want. – [Narrator] I mean, some
people are more excited than others. – Definitely. – The two. – I think mine has the most meaning to it. – I was about to say. – And it was very well thought out. I think it worked out, the way, the people you gave it to, it worked out. We knew more about each
other then we thought we did. – I’m telling you it’s like the trust fall but like 10.0. (all laughing and cheering)

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