Georgia Peach: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– Hey, Clay.
– Hello. – Hey.
– How’s it going? – Good.
Welcome to Anonymous Tattoo. – This is an awesome space. – Thank you. My name is Clay McCay. I have been
tattooing 23 years, maybe 24 if I remember
correctly. I do classic tattoos. I like it to look like
it’s in the skin, not on the skin. I am the longest-working
existing tattoo artist in Savannah. I got into tattooing
because I thought there needed to be somebody in Savannah
doing custom tattooing. – Well, what was it like when
you first started here? – The reason there’s shops on
this street is because I pulled the zoning. I talked to the landlords. – You were a pioneer. – I’m the godfather of
tattooing in modern Savannah. I started it. ♪ ♪ – I’m Brittany Lively, and I’ve been tattooing
nine years. I specialize in illustrative
new school, and I use a lot of
bright colors. I’m not just some cute,
thin-skinned princess. I’ve busted my ass
to get to where I am. – I don’t fear anybody outside
these walls in this town. – Oh, hey. – Hey. – We got your first competitor
in here. You must be Brittany. – I am.
– Clay. – Sorry. Clay.
– Nice to meet you. – I’ve heard of your shop.
It’s a really nice place. – Why don’t you tell us about
yourself? How long have you been
tattooing for? – Let’s see. About nine years. – How do you feel about
competing against somebody who’s been tattooing
for 23 years? – It’s a little daunting.
It’ll be some competition. – Looking forward to it.
– Yes. ♪ ♪ – I’m Jimmy Butcher, and I’ve
been tattooing for 15 years. I have my own style, slightly
abstract, that feels more like art. I want people to see that
I’m pushing boundaries to create something new and
exciting that’s never been done before. – Oh. Welcome. – Here we are.
– What’s up? – The hermit crab.
– The hermit crab? – Still hang on to that
after 20 years? – What exactly is happening
here? – We’ve been on the same block. – Oh, no, you moved into
the shell of my old shop. – So you opened your shop next
to this shop, but you were the pioneer. – You got it. – Did you feel like there would
be any kind of issues
moving in there? – Could have something to do
with the fact that I have a huge sign two doors down
with my name on it. – You moved in right next door,
put a big honking sign up. – Yeah, I did.
– Yeah. – I’m here to assert my
position in this town at the moment. – So you guys ready to get this
[bleep] started? – Yep. – This is how the competition’s
gonna go down: you have two elimination
tattoos, and one person’s gonna be
eliminated each round. – D’oh. – Whoever survives these two
elimination tattoos, you get to tattoo against
an Ink Master. – That’s [bleep] intimidating. – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. She’s great. – Hopefully you guys are ready, because I am definitely ready
to get back in the ring. – If you can beat her, you secure your spot on “Ink
Master” and a shot at $100,000. – All right.
– Yes. – Your first elimination tattoo
is going to be a two-hour tattoo. We are in Savannah, and Georgia is known
for its peaches. – Ugh. Peaches are difficult. – We are going to be looking at
style, shading, outline,
and overall application. – Your canvases have been
randomly assigned, and they’re completely open. – Yes.
– Get set up. We’re gonna send
in your canvases. ♪ ♪ – This place is nice too. Maybe
I should put my name on it. – You can have the sloppy
seconds again. – I mean, I didn’t bring the
first settlers here or anything. – You didn’t do anything first. – Bunch of old-timers.
Hi. – Clay. Nice to meet you. – I’m Jimmy. Nice to meet you.
– Candace. Nice to meet you too. – All right, you guys. You have
two hours to tattoo a peach,
and your time starts now. – Okay, so… – All right.
– Yeah, no pressure. – That’s really neat,
just as an outline. – It’s what makes
a good tattoo. – There’s a lot of
problem-solving involved in tattooing a peach. – That really kind of fits
nicely. – Yeah, I like the way
the arrow’s pointing too. – Because you have to figure
out, how do I apply black to make
sure that this tattoo lasts
the test of time rather than fades away because
I used too many peach tones? – You ready? – Ready. ♪ ♪ – It makes me nervous to go up
against someone who I’ve been next door to for
15 years. I grew up in a household that
nourished an ambitious, artistic,
creative person, and then I walked into a world
that didn’t like that. I’ve faced a lot of violent
situations just because I was
trying to do me. I don’t know how this is gonna
go, ’cause I don’t really know
what I’m doing. I’ve made it a point to
dedicate my life to creating a world where I can
be myself all the time. The Butcher. I mean,
that’s what it’s about. It’s everyone who works there and everyone who comes in can
be proud and excited to be whoever they want. – What’s this? – A heart with an arrow through
it, ’cause a peach is kind of
heart-shapey, so I can blend this line style
with a realism color, and that’s what’s so cool about kind of winging it
a little bit. – Improvising is definitely,
you know, a ballsy move in a competition sense. – My reputation on this block, everything that I’ve built is
on the line with this tattoo today. ♪ ♪ – My strategy for the peach: a badass tattoo that
is bulletproof. I’m shooting for perfection
on this. – Ready? You gonna get it? Are you gonna get that?
Ready? – Go get it, Hannah.
– Go get it, girl. Good job. – I’ve been in Savannah a long,
long time. I want my kids to know what
I’ve done for this city and tattooing. I want them to be like, “Yeah, that was my dad.
He did that.” – Ooh!
– Nice. It makes me happy to see
them proud of me. ♪ ♪ – Did you just take a marker
and make a straight line and just wing it? – Gravity would pull that
string in that direction, so… – Well, yeah, of course, but no
one takes a marker and just draws a straight-ass
line and tattoos it perfectly. Just real quick,
let me do that. – 30 minutes left.
There’s only 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ Damn, you went big.
Holy [bleep]. – Yes, we did. – Well, hopefully you work
fast, ’cause this is damn near
a quarter sleeve. – I want to push the envelope. This is my chance to prove
myself and kick ass and take names. Being a young woman in this
industry and trying to gain some
traction is a little difficult, ’cause it’s most certainly a
boys’ club through and through. Coming to Savannah changed
everything for me. I went from having almost no
tattoo career to being able to
help open up a shop. From struggle comes clarity. – Where’s the black?
There’s no black. It’s just pastel on
pastel. Everything is gonna
look washed out. – I hope she realizes it
before it’s too late. [rock music] ♪ ♪ Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Stop tattooing, guys. ♪ ♪ – Done. – We did it. – So what do you think? Did everything go according
to plan? – Designed it in my laboratory,
and it worked. – Well… – The tattoo that Jimmy pulled
out today is a very cool tattoo,
but that’s an apple. – That’s an apple. – My honest thought is that he
was afraid of making it look
like a butt, so he didn’t putt
the little peach crease. – But he has really clean line
work in that tattoo. The tattoo that Brittany did
missed the one biggest thing that she needed for that
tattoo to actually be good. – There’s just no black. That
thing is not gonna hold up. – I love the shape of the wind
bars. I think it gives it a
little bit more movement, but damn it,
give me that black. – You know what’s crazy about
Clay’s tattoo: there’s a lot of brilliance
in the simplicity of it. – He started with beautiful
line work. The black contrasted against
the colors of the peach makes the peach pop up out
of the skin. – You can see the years of
experience in that tattoo. – We’re just gonna have to
figure out – I did a quarter sleeve
in two hours. – It’s not about how much space
you can cover in two hours; it’s about what’s good and
what works, and you know what
to look for… – And holds up. I have issues
with both you guys’ tattoos. – Seems like we have some
pretty mixed opinions on what happened today. – I thought Jimmy’s was a
trendy mess of whimsical, sloppy lines. – Or you could say that it was
a very trendy, popular, cool… – I like timeless, not trendy. – Yeah. [inaudible]. – Yeah, it’s created to be a
timeless tattoo with a style that’s…
– It’s trendy. People will know
that was done…2000. – But after 20 years, why
aren’t you paving the way? – It’s not about reinventing
the wheel. It’s about doing a badass
version of whatever you’re doing. – It’s really interesting,
because we have a completely old school
mentality, and the more new school
mentality as far as styles are concerned. We can’t necessarily judge
things on our taste. We’re judging on the quality of
each style that you guys are doing. – We have reached a decision, and the winner of today’s
elimination tattoo is… ♪ ♪

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