Getting 3 TATTOOS in one DAY? Tattoo Vlog 2.

Getting 3 TATTOOS in one DAY? Tattoo Vlog 2.

Yo Mom! sup? No,No! Noo! i am not getting tattoo today yaa sure thing! dont mind what i said at my previous video! Everything for the Views ! YaYa! i am telling you ya mom ! lets talk later You got your Jacket ? aight! just asking because is cold outside! ya ya mom cya ! Yo Dad! You can imagine what tatts i am getting today !! YES,YES!!! So today we are back with 3 more new tattoos btw for a week now i waited for a sunny day so i can film this intro so this video will be aired by Sunday maybe Monday we will see also exams are coming as well we will see! Dont Worry! we are getting through that all together! Stay till the end to see what tatts i am getting today and dont forget to let me know what do you think about them in the comments bellow also dont forget to Follow Constantinos at social Medias Find the links in the Description! i told you mom !

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  1. Bruuuuhhh you getting soooo good at this YouTube thing! Don't you ever stop and με για τα τατουάζ bro 😁

  2. Φιλε μπορω να καθομαι να βλεπω τετοια βλογκ για παντα 😮❤ τρομερο εντιντ και φυσικα τρομερα τατου συνεχισε ετσι 😉(περιμενουμε βιντεο που θα δειχνεις ολα τα τατου ενα ενα 😂)

  3. Ζωγράφισε τους Unboxholics θα τραβήξεις κόσμο ετσι!! Καλή συνέχεια στο κανάλι σου ❤️

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