Grudge Match Wrap-Up w/ Ryan, DJ & Cleen | Ink Master

Grudge Match Wrap-Up w/ Ryan, DJ & Cleen | Ink Master

(upbeat jazz music) – What the (beep) is that? What is that? – Cheesecake, want some? – [Ryan] I’m gonna go get some. – It’s amazing. – You already had one? – Mm hm. (plucky jazz music) – So this entire thing absolutely flew. You know, 12 episodes seems like a lot, and now we’re, and now we’ve got one left, and it’s crazy. Wow!
– (laughing) I’m done, you guys!
– Wow! – We almost done filming. It’s been an awesome season. It’s been really crazy actually
being on the other side because I feel like I’m
really good at competing, but at the same time, I do feel like I’m really good at judging. Everybody has an opinion
on what they think is art. There’s plenty of people that
buy some expensive (beep) art that I think looks like shit. – Having Ryan and Cleen with me everyday (imitating cat hisses) getting to spend a whole month with ’em, I mean, I’m gonna miss the
shit out of it, you know? If I could come back tomorrow, I would. You guys know that, did it once. – I’m prettier, Rock, look.
– Don’t let DJ peer-pressure you.
– No, I– – Don’t let her–
– Don’t let DJ peer-pressure you.
– Don’t let the freaking, don’t let that fool you.
– I’m trying, I’m trying, okay–
– Look in my eyes. – Don’t fall victim to that, dude. Good friends are hard to find nowadays, and the ones you do find, you cherish. Getting tattooed today, that guy, well (beep) me.
– They’re getting their faces tattooed, holy shit.
– Eyelid tats, today, woo! Ooh!
– Face tats! – Seeing all these competitors, it kind of feels like an alumni, you know, this really cool
club that we all get to be a part of, and we all get
to come back in this clubhouse every once in a while and do
this crazy thing as artists. – I guess it’s time for
me to make Ink Master look good again! – Cleen, his pants match your shirt. – I should ask him if I could borrow ’em. – [DJ] No, you’d look
like a putting green. – It’s been really fun. I would come back any time the phone rang. The phone rings, “Hey, what’s up? “Where you at?” I’ll be like, “Yo, I’m on my way!” – The inside jokes, and the comradery, and the companionship
of just the whole crew, and the whole experience,
I’m gonna miss that, I’ll miss it a lot. – Yeah, it’s gonna suck. You know, I hate wrapping this stuff up. It’s fun for me. It’s a new chapter in my life, and I don’t wanna leave, you know? – Alright you guys, take care.
– Bye guys, take care. – Later.
– Oh, that was good, man. (funky jazz music) Where’s that cheesecake? ♪ Hey ♪ (funky rock music)

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  1. Show is awful. Especially with all the episodes of the artists gone week 2-3 from their seasons. Want to see a season of nothing but the best artists from the final 5 of each season. Sausage, Josh, Matt, Tatu Baby and so forth.

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