Ink Blending with Simon Says Stamp Inks

Ink Blending with Simon Says Stamp Inks

– [Voiceover] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to
be creating a card using two stamp sets from
WPlus9’s latest release. I’m going to be using
a large floral stamp with some embossing and then I’ll do a
bit of ink blending and then bring in those
word stamps as well. I’m starting out with some
WPlus9 Cashmere cardstock. It’s a very pale kind
of peachy pink color. It’s a hard color to describe but I did want to show
you the difference between regular white cardstock
and the Cashmere cardstock. So that’s what I just did there. And now I’m going
to do some embossing on top of the
Cashmere cardstock. Just for reference,
this cardstock is cut to be slightly smaller
than an A2 sized card. It is four inches
wide by 5-1/4 tall and I’m going to be
stamping the floral stamp in VersaMark ink two or
three different times on this cardstock. I want to keep the top right
corner free of any imagery because I want to have a little bit of a
diagonal line of movement going from the top left corner
to the bottom right corner. So as I do all this
stamping you’ll notice that I’m gonna leave that
top right corner pretty free from any stamping. I’m using some Hero Arts
white embossing powder and sprinkling that
on top of the stamping and then shaking off the excess. I’ll then use my heat
tool to heat set this until it’s completely
smooth and melted. Just a tip for using heat
embossing on your cardstock, especially when it’s a
large area like this, you wanna make sure
that your heat tool heats up for a considerably
long amount of time until it’s as hot as
it’s ever going to be and that means it’s
only going to be applied to your cardstock for a
minimal amount of time. So I’ve cut a piece of
Neenah Solar white cardstock to be a little bit more
of a narrower strip and I’m going to do
some ink blending. So my previous two
videos for this week were both on ink
blending and I thought, you know what, this is
sort of turning into a little bit of a mini series. Let’s go ahead and just
finish this week off with another ink blended card. So I’m using three
different colors from Simon Says Stamp right now and I’ll bring in a
fourth in a minute. This first color is a very,
very soft kind of warm pink. It goes really well with
that Cashmere cardstock. This color is called
Pale Blush Pink and then I’m gonna go ahead
and switch that to Coral Reef and then eventually I’ll start
blending in some Hot Mama. I love these color
names, they’re so fun. So I wanted to give you
some additional tips on ink blending especially
when it comes to using inks that are not distress inks. I think ink blending really got a lot of attention when people realized that it
was particularly less difficult to ink blend with distress inks. I think that’s
because distress inks, they take a little
bit more time to dry so you have a
little bit more time to really kind of mix
them onto your cardstock. Other types of ink tend
to soak into the cardstock a little bit more quickly so they’re hard to get
a really good blend. The thing that’s interesting
about Simon Says Stamp ink as well as W Plus 9 and Lawn Fawn and
Hero Arts Shadow Inks. They all have a
very similar formula where the ink kind of soaks
into the paper gradually and then dries into the paper
and evens out over time. So I think with
these particular inks they lend themselves
to ink blending because even though you’re
blending them onto the cardstock and they might look a
little bit splotchy at first as they soak into the
cardstock they really even out and give you a very
soft blended look. I think that’s why I really love to blend
with these as well. I had never really thought
about blending with Simon inks until I saw Laura
Bassen doing it and I just thought
it was gorgeous and I’m like, wow how is
she getting this to work? Because I’ve tried ink blending
with other types of ink in the past and didn’t
have great success. So when I saw her using
the Simon Says Stamp Inks I was like ding, ding, ding. This is awesome. (laughs) So at this point in
all of my ink blending I’ve realized that
those three colors just weren’t cutting it. I wanted to bring in a little
bit more of an intense color at the very bottom
of this panel. So I added in the
color Blue Violet. And I’m only gonna bring that
in to the very bottom portion of this blended
piece of cardstock. The other thing I
wanted to mention is that you may have
noticed that when I blended on that Coral Reef color I brought it down almost to
the very bottom of that panel even though it was really
only going to take up about the first half. That’s because if you want
a really nice smooth blend go ahead and blend those
colors out even farther than you think you’re
gonna need them because then as you
add more color on top it’ll get a nice
transition of color. So I let that piece of paper
dry for a couple hours. I don’t think I needed to
let it dry that quickly, or that long but I just happened
to be doing other things so it did dry for a couple
hours and it evened out a little bit even more. And now I’m gonna bring
in these word stamps from that other stamp set. Space them out using
my grid mat here. This is an 11 by 17 or I think it’s 12 by
18 grid mat from Dahle. I think that’s how you
say it, or maybe Dahle, I’m not sure how to pronounce. But all of these
supplies I’m using today will be linked down in
the video description with links directly
to online stores. So I used an anti-static powder
tool across that panel there to make sure that as
I add embossing powder that it won’t stick to areas
where I haven’t stamped. I just did a test run
with that by sprinkling on some white embossing powder and then I stamped all of
those words in VersaMark ink onto this panel. You’ll be able to
see them a little bit as I pull this away here and I’m going to be coating them in that same white
embossing powder that I used for the Cashmere
cardstock floral stamping. So sprinkling that on, making
sure I get a nice even coating of all of that embossing powder and then I’ll go ahead
and shake off the excess and then bring my heat
tool over to heat set this. And like I said before, a
way to help with warping is to make sure you’re heat
tool is sufficiently heated up before you bring it
to your cardstock. I put some foam adhesive
on the back of this panel and then press that down onto
the Cashmere cardstock piece. I’m going to prep my card base by using some Neenah Solar
white 110 pound cardstock. I’m scoring it at 5-1/2 inches
to create a top-folding card. I then put some Tombow
extreme adhesive on the back of the
Cashmere cardstock piece and then pressed that down
onto my card base here. The last thing I did was I wanted to add a
little bit of detail around that ink blended panel and so I used a white
gel pen to add dash lines just around the edges. This card is rather
simple looking and I think it needed that
additional small detail just to make it feel a
little bit more finished. So that’s the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. If you would love to see more
ink blending cards like this in the future, let me
know down in the comments. I’d love to hear
your thoughts on it and if you have other
color combinations you’d love to see ink blended I’d love to hear those as well. Thanks for watching and I
will see you guys on Monday. (happy music)

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  1. Kristina can't get enough of your videos.  Thanks for all the tips and techniques in a way I understand.  Looking forward to more of your videos and to reviewing many of your past ones.  Thanks.

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  4. Loved the mini ink blending classes. Thank you! I have been loving ink blending but have been stuck in Distress Inks nice to see other inks used.

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    Thank you so much Kristina! You inspire me every day to create something…anything. ❤️

  8. After watching Laura Bassen and now yours about ink blending, I am hooked and would love to see more video on this technique. Your card today i just lovely. Thanks so much.

  9. Hi Kristina ~ I absolutely LOVE watching your ink blending videos, both for the shear knowledge and for the inspiration. The colors you've chosen here are absolutely gorgeous and the white pen adds the perfect finishing touch. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. You have amazing talent and inspire me in so many ways! I ordered some distress inks on Amazon tonight (the most random colors lol but they spoke to me!) and I cannot wait for them to get here! I missed the Monday delivery cutoff by a few mins, though, so now they won't get here until Wednesday! Waa!! Oh well, gives my sentiment stamp set time to get here and then Wednesday will be the magical day I break into ink blending! Can't wait!!

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    Love, Maria in Sweden

  14. SOOO beautiful. I love how you heat embossed the base layer in white over a pale color and then added the bright colored panel. You're so talented!

  15. I should also add that I have some Simon inks and I really love them too. My other die ink favorites are Hero Arts and MFT but I am wanting to try Lawn Fawn's new inks. Have not tried blending with any of them, however. Must do that.

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  25. Dear Kristina, this is such a wonderful card <3
    I love the products from Simon Says Stamp but they are not available in Germany and shipping from the US is so expensive. Very sad 🙁 But watching you using this beautiful things makes me happy 🙂

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    BTW you need to catch up with Laura B as you aren't saying "Hot Mama" properly 🙂

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