Ink Protocol Ico Review | Ink Protocol Partners with Quantstamp | Listia | ICO Gold Rush

Ink Protocol Ico Review | Ink Protocol Partners with Quantstamp | Listia | ICO Gold Rush

hello crypto hunters and welcome today I
got a a review on ink protocol the token sale starts with 22nd January I
should say pre so there’s only 3.5 million
Tigers we saw increase so total tokens is 500 million so bad sighs so the
fundraising goals 15 million total price is going to be 10 cents so not bad
obviously at VRC 20 token the tick is every exit and kay you jump on what this
obviously people to participate it’s going to be a kyc so unfortunately USA
China and Canada can’t jump into this one
let’s first ops in Canada anyway and bonus is up to 20 sitting in the Pollak
pre-sale so it looks like this at the moment is no minimum maximum so it seems
to be announced and yet let’s get straight so that’s a look actually
looking forwards this one this one has been some news on this one so it’s
alright it’s for big one so in protocols dissension our decentralized reputation
and payments from Peter Piot marketplace so what that’s pretty much saying is
like might be borrowing up email yeah have a reputation so obviously you have
feedback score so same kind of thing this is a mega site so this follows the
sellers around pretty much so the I’d use is this
profile will be into implemented so obviously the so it’s very cranky
Craigslist let go and offer up now they’ve already got
lister which already has I think so 10 million registered users it’s been
around since 2009 a hundred million items sold so yard use
a buyer so you view e sales reputation across multiple marketplaces pay with
escrow and leave feedback to completed transactions now the sells its
reputation is the centralized in public so available
anywhere bring with you never worry about rebuilding it from scratch so it’s
a good idea to so emag replace ink motor-car can be integrated into new or
existing marketplaces and can also be using marketplaces that don’t directly
handle payments and any transactions that ink protocol doesn’t require
marketplace use for any p2p so like I said it’s already been launched since
tears of nine so this is a working prototype
morituri its existing its investors it’s got a few investors in there so the
features saying in protocol helps user users safely send and receive payments
in PDP marketplaces while earning public reputation for every completed
transaction sellers can take their earned reputation with them from
marketplace to marketplace to insure sellers reputations a credible feedback
may only be given on completed transactions so that third-party
mediation in decentralized escrow so inc protocols built-in dispute resolution
there’s a mediator to be assigned to a transaction mediators exist as
independent smart contracts and a jointly agreed upon by the choir itself
with mediation payment is held in escrow until the part if it’s a transaction in
the event of a dispute the mediator works with both parties to decide on an
outcome so they’re also Inc paid doesn’t Inc pay up it’s coming it’s coming early
2018 so I would say the next month or two ETA app will be released soon at the
protocol becomes available this will immediately allow buyers and sellers to
make and receive payments for items on third party might plays like Craiglist
face book marketplace offer up in more so this goes on face book it’s just
going to be it’s going to be really strong all right
sellers can accept payment with Inc pay and build reputation
fires can check a seller’s reputation before adding I mean for buying and also
leave feedback once the transaction is complete optionally add a mediator in
escrow for high-level security level of safety so the rhythm is in protocols and centralized reputation
payment protocol Network powered by the etherion blockchain and that’s the
ticket the in protocol toner so xnk it’s not
obvious is 8020 is the only line currency use X encodes that underlying
currency used at all in protocol transactions as a result as a result all
transactions and feedback are backed by proof payment on the blockchain xnk is
also owned by mediators full of mediation services they provide a
transaction so that’s pretty cool too so we got sure that so here we go is the
token allocation so like we said 400 million is the total supply the hard
token so hard kappa b 50 million let’s say a price I want aetherium I was at
the moment will be 75,000 X and K and sometimes we burns so three investing
for both the lister in distribution allocations by a smart contract
so obviously the white paper even download the white paper have that look
to join in due diligence so there’s milestone so obviously have
been around since June three thousand nine so this is grows about eight years
nearly not only 90s it mean business as good
check out quickly through this you guys can read this when you can’t you come on
to the website have a look obviously in May 2017 Lister has hit ten
million reads users June 2017 Lister begins work on the in protocol design
white paper obviously encroach January 2018 incredible public launch and type
in the distribution advantage coming up seeing protocol go live and ready for
use everyone in February 2018 so that’s good you’re not have to wait long Inc
pay in pay ends in pay tap in developer portal Lord shall be on q1 of 2018 so
it’s good you don’t have to wait you say I says we have to wait obviously you
know for there to have it if they got a prototype or not or if like a working
model this is great souls all that problem already they gonna have like so
many straightaway now just go through some of the team
this is the founders just isn’t due diligence guys like you should always
with everything in regards if it’s a program or Accio so look so scary and
CEO this step my Internet’s not very far it’s not running as Leroy co-founder and
see our Lister so 18 years 8 months co-founder and partner of Mon search for
seven years senior software engineer that’s four years so defi other
credentials so I’ll do I guess all these guys you can do this yourself do your
own due diligence go always go to the team and advisers I will say the
advisors is very interesting so con stamp so if you’re in constant right now
I’m you’d know already now could con stab is going career on stem on stems
are piece on their constant so sorry have to 51 cents now I dropped here at 7
cents for con stem and how many days it is growing exactly the way it was
supposed to go now to backed by constant it’s so Richard ma honest Lee is the
owner of constant it’s going to be awesome so what will this do for
constant I mean I’m supposing from what I’ve heard constant will do a full audit
reform a full order on in profile before it’s even released so that’s awesome
for Quan steer and Fink protocol at the same time who’s obviously constant as
what does that protocol for secure in smart contracts so they check in his
note back doors and making sure everything secure and this is good for
constant was works it’s obviously showing that task companies I trusting a
Quan stem in you know securing their I co really excited pretty much so I think
this is a good one don’t you know I’m not obviously I’m not a financial
advisor everything you know getting too up to you I mean you’re the one in the
in and invest may or not so always do your due diligence if we’re alone all my
stuff is obviously the private course that our ICO course that I’m involved
with its I see a gold rush I’ll have a link institution a live look at that
very worthwhile to learn so you’re learning you skill set yeah investing in
yourself and my personal experience or I’m loving every minute six weeks and my
portfolio has just shot straight through yeah it’s done well I’m not gonna get
into it I like showing not only in marketers that scares and shows really
you know well they’re person that I feel that I don’t have to it’s up to you you
believe me or you don’t something yeah I can if you already been following me
anyway hearing icon still told me a constant a month ago and if you jumped
in you’d be laughing like now MF as well who knows it a constants going to go to
this isn’t cost anything protocol pink protocol and I think it’s going to be a
pretty decent SEO just don’t forget you’ve got to register get on that white
this first in might you know you do Kate your car I see stuff all that and then
get ready for it I get ready to jump in ten cents I think so low price it’s a
you know you can get a lot of tokens yeah payments for a hundred parties to
get a little Tigers running back so yeah why I said always used to do your own
due diligence on it I’m not a financial investor I’ll learn all my stuff when my
eyes private eyes here course I got said and if you want to learn more you know
like I said the lease in description below so it’s yeah I mean yeah you can
sit there and jump into things wildly or you can learn yourself and you know you
don’t have to watch videos you can yeah if it goes through every single Accio
there is that’s coming out there’s so many come and you can dissect them as
quick as I can so let’s see if that’s the benefits of joining an investment
self so guys that’s all illegally today thought maybe you get a thumbs up if you
want to subscribe hit that subscribe button and hit that bells and you’re my
notifications when I do a lot of video and if you got any questions feel free
to message me I no problem trying in secret if I don’t know the answer I’ll
find the answer for you simple as that and now that guys have a good day and
always remember it’s never a loss on this cell a loss okay so I’ll leave that
with you and if you want to see you on my next video

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  1. Hey nice video, if people are hot on this ICO price should rise with release of app but looks like long term success of this ICO depends on merchants on ebay, craigslist and facebook adopting the tech, not sure if that will happen. Have you checked out Titanium Blockchain ICO, promising a lot and for some reason a american tv station is doing a documentary on the CEO and the startup.

  2. Hey Anthony, in your view which is the best ico to invest in this month? Ink protocol, bee token, gatcoin, any neo based ico coin?

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