Jangan Salah Menempatkan Gambar Tato Pada Tubuh, Karena Terdapat Larangan Di Tiga Negara Berikut

Jangan Salah Menempatkan Gambar Tato Pada Tubuh, Karena Terdapat Larangan Di Tiga Negara Berikut

You Are Planning To Make a Tattoo And Are Confused Determine The Image, And The Right Placement To be applied to parts of your body Check out our information first Not Aiming To Advise You, To Keep Making Tattoos but When Your Desires Are Ready To Make Tattoo It is recommended that you first look at the following information Because There Are Three Tattoo Placement, Which Apparently Prohibited To Use In These Three Different Countries, One Is In Indonesia So You Are Not More Curious, Let’s See The Information The first is a tattoo on the face, in the United States Some Countries In The Territory Of The United States, Prohibit Residents To Make Tattoo On The Face In the State of Georgia, Has Rules For People Who Want To Make Tattoos It Is Not Possible To Make A Tattoo With A Distance Of 1 Inch From Eye Socket That’s the reason, Tattoo Aiming To Substitute Makeup Not Allowed by States in this Part of the United States In addition, it is not permitted to make eyebrow tattoos As Is Being A Trend In Indonesia The second, is from Japan It Is Forbidden To Make Tattoo On The Part Around Hands And Feet Or Also Body Parts That Can Be Seen Directly Japan has banned tattoo from the public since 1872 Precisely, during the Meiji Dynasty Although Currently The Ban Has Been No longer Used There are social burdens in Japan that assume people who have tattoos Is part of the criminal group in Japan, is the Yakuza Because the Yakuza Members in Japan, are known to have a lot of tattoos on all parts of the body In fact, people with tattoos that look directly are not permitted to swim, In public swimming pools in Japan, hot springs, and other public activities The third, and the most controversial Is a Prohibition of the State of Indonesia Placement of tattoo images that are prohibited in Indonesia Apparently More Specific than Japan, and America If in Japan it is prohibited to make a tattoo on the hands and feet And In America Is On The Face, Around The Eyes In Indonesia, this prohibition is intended for the use of tattoos in the whole body With Certain Images Are You Curious About Tattoo Images That Are Prohibited? Tattoo Image Which is Prohibited in Indonesia is Tatto Lettering Image Is the Name Writing “FORMER BOYFRIEND” ^^ If You Have Made Tattoo Lettering, Is a Boyfriend’s Name and now he has become a former girlfriend You are advised to quickly remove the tattoo, or change it Before your new boyfriend knew ^^ So, Not Placement of the wrong tattoo image. But because the tattoo picture was indeed problematic ^^ and will definitely be a problem for you, with your new girlfriend ^^

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