JUST WHAT I NEEDED! | Fighting Art Insecurities | Inktober | India Ink and Dip Pens

JUST WHAT I NEEDED! | Fighting Art Insecurities | Inktober | India Ink and Dip Pens

This sketchbook is getting some love this month *giggle today is October 23rd which means we are on the 23rd day of inktober and the
prompt is… MUDDY! ♫ instantly I want to draw a little pot-bellied pig okay this is
gonna take some practice I’ve never drawn a pig before I’m just realizing right there’s
my first attempt let’s get a reference oh my! [baby voice: this piggy has ice cream] the pure
joy so we’re 23 days into Inktober right? and
that’s a lot of days *laugh and if you’ve been following along inktober, if you’ve made
it that far, congratulations I’ve only done a couple 30-day
challenges and they definitely — I’ve noticed some very similar things happen
each time and I always get to this point where it starts feeling like a chore
which I mean whenever you do something that’s monotonous that’s going to happen
and I definitely reached that point I think earlier on last week and so I
think my art was suffering from that so then I started trying to be a little bit
more detailed and putting more time into it at least trying and I think things
are turning out a little bit better but then I started — I just started feeling —
and I started looking at other people’s inktober’s and then I started comparing
myself I — ughhh — that’s just that’s a terrible rabbit hole to fall into
because no one’s ever gonna be happy if you’re comparing yourself to others and
then you have to talk yourself out of it and it’s so hard to get yourself into a
better mental state after you’ve I don’t know, started doing that What the heck does a back leg look like? that doesn’t look right at all proportions are a little jacked up on this
one [baby voice: but at least he’s happy!] anyway the point I was trying to make is whenever you try to do like a 30
day challenge or when you challenge yourself to draw regularly it’s a
marathon it’s not a sprint and you’re going to go through ups and
downs and it’s going to get a little scary and you’re going to
go through some mental challenges my opinion is if that does happen that’s
probably a good thing because that means you’re trying to evaluate yourself and
self-evaluation is important if you want to make improvements so yeah I just take
it with stride and usually those feelings of not being good enough means
you’re about to maybe make a breakthrough and maybe figure out
something — I’m still in that feeling so talking about this is a little — hopefully
helping — I just feel a little “errr” my goal for today’s inktober is to
really give it my all and not try to skimp out on like things that I’m not
good at like drawing pigs I’m very inspired and I’m not gonna let the fact
that I’ve never drawn a pig before in my life stop me. so actually their nose isn’t completely round, at least not this one it’s
more shaped like’a dis, the nostrils are hereish and this guy’s ears poke like straight up — that
looks like a donkey like a donkey maybe looking a little more pig-like and of
course I need a little smile and of course where’s the mud that’s the prompt isn’t it? muddy need to put mud like all over these guys Pigs are funny looking
did you know pigs are ranked number four in intelligence behind chimps, dolphins,
and elephants says Pinterest try and simplify it a little bit I don’t want
draw too realistic but I do need to look at real photo to see what features are
important you know I think the feature that I was missing in my first drawings
that didn’t really use a reference is that pigs have a very large under-chin
bit, I mean it’s not really a chin, cuz I feel like a big chin I would think it
pokes out that way but it’s large in a downward direction, basically what I’m
– what I’m drawing cuz I can’t seem to explain it but that is what I mean – once I started
doing that it seems to be helping a little bit cute little piggy in a bandana what if I added a character oooh that same character I drew the
chicken maybe this girl what if I drew this girl since I’ve already put time
into sort of designing her character and she has chickens is it too far to say
that maybe she also has a wittle piggy gonna have to draw a little smaller Oh
what if they’re splashing each other with mud! *ohh that’d be too cute *sped up* so she’s like “ahh” – her hands are up like this like “ahh, youre getting mud on me” *sped up* and then the pig is here and mud splashing up
and maybe the pig is turned the other way kicking the mud like *sped up* “oh yeah, look what I did!”
and she’s like “ahhh, youre getting mud on me” plus she’s having fun *sped up* so she’s like”yeah thats funny” Isn’t that a masterpiece? probably should try and define this a little
bit more before transferring it to the main page of course some mud and maybe
a little fence so that little piggy doesn’t escape because he’s obviously a troublemaker here we go – defined it a little bit more let’s take that concept and transfer it
onto this page I want it to be pretty expressive so I’m gonna be very loose and try to just sketch out where all the elements are on the page like the main
element so the main element is obviously the pig so it has to fit on the page and
then her expression of being “mud in the face” and she’s trying to
shield her face so her arms are gonna be up like that – the other hand it’s gonna
be trying to block this mud then her body would probably be like pulling away
from the mud see I should be trying her face to the
left she doesn’t want to get a mouthful of mud – but she’d also be trying to get
a good look at the piggy and she wants to know what he’s up to when he’s gonna
stop so she maybe she can grab him tickle him maybe her expression should
be squinting a little bit cuz she doesn’t want to get mud in her eyes – she’s also
having fun so we don’t want her to look too upset so I’m gonna put a big smile
on her face this hand blocking trying to block the
mud like something like’a’dat and then we have our mud, *splatter sounds* hmm I lost her pose somewhere in here what was I thinking
Oh squiggly piggy tail can’t forget that should make sure the pig is looking at
her okay that looks a little “meh” but I’ll get back to that yeah I like that
cuz if she was standing up I feel like she’d be too far away and be a lot
harder for him to get the mud in her face so by having her kneel down like
she was gonna pet him or something and then she – and then a little piggy turn
around and splashed mud in her face a little storytelling, as simple as that is then
that fence maybe it’s a little janky it needs a little maintenance maybe there’s
something on the fence just hangin’ there oh maybe we should put the chicken
on here incorporate the chicken from that one prompt – day five or
something see if I can still remember how to make a chicken *correcting herself* draw a chicken I mean the chicken is like:”what are you doing? youre crazy man” mud mud mud mud
everywhere cuz that’s the prompt word after all ♫ okay that arm looks funny and
doesn’t make any sense okay see this would be coming back
maybe like here and then this would come down like here – yeah that’s better
okay glad we’ve solved that problem now I just need to finalize the little piggy
down here I don’t think makes sense that that back foot down see how the – there’s a bit of a pretty cool flow to this like the pigs looking
up the mud follows up hits her face and then her head and our arms and her
posture it’s all kind of like make an arrow that points up at this chicken and
then the chicken takes that focal point and points back down at the pig so it’s
kind of like “wooo” your eye just sort of travels around and around and around
until you’ve seen the whole picture which seems kind of neat-o all right
for inking I’m going to ink with the black ink and I’m nearly out of it
hopefully it lasts what about a week left of Inktober?? I’m gonna be using a
new nib this time I haven’t used this nib yet and I feel like I need to try
out all the nibs before Inktober is over this is the drawing nib – thats what it’s called speedballs drawing nib and it goes on to the
speedball handle – just fits on like this this is my first time using this so
hopefully it works very similarly to the other ones that one sticks so far in its a little nub – looks like a turtle um so yeah let’s shake up the ink erase the sketch just ever so slightly then go in and ink it I just dipped it right into the handle
which was a mistake this doesn’t feel any different than the other nibs so far
like they all have different names and they all look completely different but
they all seem to work just about the same for me oh the bowl-pointed (nib) has
been my favorite so far which is this this is the one I’ve been using for the last
couple weeks or week I think just week and I’ve been really liking that one
definitely feels a little softer than maybe the bowl-pointed ah! the paper lifted
up when I lifted up the pen and it just drew gotta be careful this one I seem to have more
control over going in different directions which I like but I feel like
it’s softer than the other nibs and because of that I’m getting a much shakier line and I have shaking hands so “er-her-her” already messing this up
dang it and all that talk about this is gonna be my good one jinxed it aye? maybe I should
go back to a nib I’m more comfortable with yeah this one’s way –
okay I’m noticing a difference this one’s way softer than the last nib if
you’ve ever used like a brush pen when you tried to use it you couldn’t get
like a very solid line because you kept shaking thats what this one feels a lot like and
I don’t love brush pens so you can imagine how I’m feeling okay oh yeah I’m not
liking this at all dang it! NO! *GRUNT* it’s okay I’m switching nibs – this is – this is
too much for me to bare and I already did the face which is usually my
favorite part to draw kind of messed that all up I’m
gonna switch to the bowl-pointed nib so I feel like I was getting really used to
that one all right switching back to this nib hey ♫ boop-de-doop ♫ see that one just
looks nice – doesn’t that just look cool? let’s see if this solves all my problems
oh yeah I can get a way skinnier line okay now that I’ve used these
back-to-back this one’s definitely a more preferred nib yeah this is turning
out better it’s a bummer that I did the face in that one
oh yeah if you’re having trouble with your art, maybe its the art supplies’ fault hehe
there you go only took what 23 days but I have a
favorite nib now think i’m going to add all the mud in last with the brown ink I
think that should look pretty cool that’s the plan at least so I’m not gonna
draw any of the like lines of mud I’m gonna save that for later
okay next – oh it’s gonna be this fence ♫ if I can remember chicken Anatomy from
the chicken prompt *whisper: or I could just look back and cheat something like that so
whatever this rag thing is hanging over the ear and then little hooves are they called hoofs on a Pig? I think so all right and then once that’s dry I can’t color in all the mud oh and erase
of course all the pencil sketch I think even though this had a pretty poor start
I think I kind of pulled it together so let’s let that dry completely before I
try to erase because I’ve gone through some mistakes where I’ve tried to erase
these parts where I sort of like go over with the ink multiple times they
have a lot more ink there so it takes a little longer to dry and while I might
check I’m like “oh that’s all dry” and then I go to erase it and I just smudge
straight through one of those deeper puddles of ink and that’s never a good
time so we’re going to wait a good long while and let this dry okay all right everything’s dry alright before I add the brown ink I do want to
try and fix the face so I’m going to use what I’ve been using is the Posca Pen
but I don’t see it oh wait it’s out hehe its right here this is
what I’ve been using the Uni Posca pen in white I think this is the fine point
one we can go over the places where we’ve messed up all right now I think it’s time to go in
with the mud and just make a mess I’m excited about this part – I think this is
gonna be kind of fun let me first swatch this out – oo, doesn’t
that just look like mud? that is the perfect color and see what it looks like looks pretty earthy I like that that’s a little darker if we add water yeah it’s
got a nice red earthy brown tone I’m liking it – what happens if we ad ink to an
already wet surface… does that look muddy kind of like that I’m gonna try and do
that all over here I want to do the splashing mud first before I do the
Pigpen mud probably be coming up like maybe there’s
a little smaller particles – something like that and spots I should probably put some
like on her arms so she’s actually already protected herself a little bit some on her clothes probably probably making a big mess and on her knees of course
she’s literally kneeling in the mud actually kind of want a little bit on her chin then I need a ton of mud actually but
this I want it to be lighter so I’m going to wipe a little off on some paper
towel – so that there’s some dried mud like you know a little piggys been in the mud and
then it dried and then he went in the mud again, kind of thing, and then I could
put another layer on top of that it should hopefully look like multiple
dried layers of mud that’s the plan anyway okay next we need to add a big
wad of mud but they’re kneeling in that is the perfect mud color isn’t it
maybe some more particles oh they’re definitely be mud on her feet, wouldn’t there? I’m gonna leave a little bit of white oops messed that up I’m trying to leave a
little bit of white for contrast purposes between the pigs belly and the actual
mud but this paintbrush isn’t giving me any luck with that i tried 🙁 ♫ all right so I can actually go in with
the Posca pen once that’s dry and steady out that line a bit more but Im going to
remove a little bit of ink from the brush – try to add some more mud – here on the elbows – very
muddy and then the perfectly clean little chicken up there
we actually color the chicken in with brown and that might help even out the
color here because right now it’s a very bottom heavy with the color but I think
if we go in with like that lighter brown so if I add some water to my brush and then take a little bit off of there yeah so you can get that lighter brown
color and color in the chicken I guess it’s more – is that a hen or a rooster? not too sure probably could color in the fence post with an even lighter brown yeah ooooh I almost dumped [the ink] *freaking out audibly* excuse me while I have a heart attack there we go
I might also I think when that’s dry going with the Posca Pen and outlined
this mud splash that’ll help too I think Im gonna just color in the hands completely Brown like she’s been throwing mud a bit too maybe I’m just enjoying painting
something like like I think that works works add some texture to the hen or
rooster/chicken-thing and then along this edge I was a little bit more
sketchy with it because I want it to like hint that it continues on, you know,
the mud continues without having to actually color straight to the edge now, is there anywhere else I want to add some tones I’m thinking I kind of want to go
in with this lighter brown color in the hair here we go now you know where the hair is I think I could do this without this all being dry famous last words aye? oh I think this character actually had freckles as if I
remember correctly so let me try and add those without smudging anything ooh what could be cool
I don’t know if I should wait for everything to dry before I do that well
what if I use the pen instead of the brush with the brown and add some like
wood details to the post I think that could look very very cool if I do it
right let me put this black away before I make an absolute mess let’s see what
that looks like if I can get tested over here oh yeah see it is much darker and
then what I would do is actually draw like a wood texture though like that
does that make sense they look like wood? ♫ just do that for the
rest of it ♫ voila! oh I do think that makes it look
cooler I like it I like it I’ve definitely gotten better at writing with
these Pens. Today is the twenty-third day 23rd?! oh I just wrote “day 23rd” this is why you shouldn’t
talk and write at the same time right and then once that’s dry I’m gonna add
in the final details and we should be done after that so its all dry again
I’m just gonna go in with the Posca pen and just add some final things here and
there actually doesn’t really make sense for there to be white there should be
blending- oh well I just put my hand in that – what I really wanted to do is add a
white outline around the mud splash – make it more obvious – I think that works yeah here’s
my finished illustration for day 23 prompt: “muddy” I’m actually quite happy
with it, I think it’s cute and it kind of tells a story, you know, it’s a lot
more like what I’ve always wanted my art to kind of be especially when you
compare it to that little guy right there hehehe and I think this was really
important for me because like I said at the beginning of video I was having a
little bit of trouble and I was comparing myself to other artists who
are better than me and I think it’s really important that I drew this and
had a lot of fun with it so yeah I’m very happy I think it turned
out cute it definitely encompasses like what my art is but I think why I’m going
through this phase where like I’m looking at other people’s art and like
not being completely happy with what I’m making it’s because it’s time for me to
make an upgrade and I’m getting a little complacent with what I’m making so maybe
in the future my art will start evolving a little bit I think what makes someone
a good artist isn’t that they draw better than other people is that they
don’t ever give up even when they think their art sucks – I think that’s the
difference between a good artist and a great artist and I’m gonna do my best to
not give up – errrr – I think what it is is I’m being a little lazy with my art and I’m
feeling that and I know I’m being a little lazy and like I know I can do
better and I think that has a lot to do with it so yeah look for maybe some
improvement in the future oh let’s hope fingers crossed right? anyway
thank you guys for watching if were interested in checking out all of
my other inktober drawings you can check them out me on my Instagram page and
I’ll have a link in the description I want to thank you for coming along with
me on my journey of creating this illustration and I’ll see you guys all
next week ♫ I hope you all have a
delicious evening full of waffles! ♫ ♫ bye! ♫ ♫

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