KPOP Idols Que Têm Tatuagens E Seus Significados

As South Korean society has always been very conservative, many people in the country have very negative thoughts about tattoos Usually when Idols perform at music shows like M!Countdown or Music Bank They are required to hide their tattoos under clothing, make-up or even skin-colored ribbons This is why tattoos are often considered unfit for public broadcast on TV But as tattoos become less taboo in Korean society and more accepted as a form of self-expression, more people are starting to get inked With that, even very famous idols get tattoos And in this video I decided to list some of them and also talk about some specific tattoos and their meanings Just remember that there are several Idols that have tattoos, so if I leave any of them out, comment below But before I start, I just wanted to ask you to subscribe to the channel. This is very important because this is how you will get all the next videos that I will release Also, if you can, leave a like that will help me a lot The leader of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, is known for having many tattoos on his body On every angle, you can probably spot at least one tattoo His most notable one is “too fast to live, too young to die” on his back right shoulder This tattoo conveys the meaning that we need to live life to the fullest Another one is “Vita Dolce” on his upper right arm, meaning “the good life“ He also has a Dragon Ball tattoo with eight stars on the ball since his birthday is 8/18/1988 Hyorin possesses many tiny tattoos on her body But one of her most important tattoos is, in fact, the large cross on her abdomen The cross symbolizes her belief in Christianity. But, it is also a cover up for her stomach surgery scar due to complications when she was an infant The scar was a bad memory for her, so she covered it up with something that brought calm into her heart X1 and Victon leader Han Seungwoo has three tattoos The one on his neck is his birthday in Roman numerals. It’s actually “MCMXCIV XII XXIV” and it’s in mirror style Seungwoo says it’s to always remind him of his parents since he doesn’t call his parents often so he can always remember them whenever he sees this tattoo The one on his chest reads ‘Don’t lock me up’ which it used as a reminder for himself to not keep his feelings and emotions to himself when he is feeling down The most recent one which he had on the left side of his arm is a crescent moon as well as lilac flowers When he was promoting ‘Time of Sorrow’ with VICTON, he said that he had treasured the moments so much and wanted to remind him of his fans, friends and family Other members of X1 that have tattoos are Cho SeungYoun and Lee Hangyul Cho SeungYoun is the member with probably the most number of tattoo on his body He has a few on his arms, back and also on the side of his wrist Among these a tattoo written in Portuguese, which says Passion Portuguese is one of the 5 languages ​​he speaks, and he learned when lived in Brazil in his teens (The others are: Korean, Chinese, English and Tagalog) He also has his parents’ birth years tattooed in each arm. In addition to 4 other tattoos Last but not least, we also have Lee HanGyul! He has two on his back Although Lee HanGyul did not talk much about his tattoo, many fans hope that they would get to hear the story of the tattoos one day Lee Hyori is not just a legendary K-Pop diva, but also a nature activist She has been working on charity work for animals and the environment outside of her celebrity life To honor nature, she inked “Walk Lightly in the Spring, Mother Earth is Pregnant” on her right arm She also has a turtle and heart tattoo on her right hip Zico comes off as a rebel in his image, yet he is another devoted child. Some of your tattoos have a very sentimental meaning He inked his mother’s face on his left chest to show his respect and appreciation towards his mother In an interview, Taewoon, Zico’s brother, talked about this tattoo, stating, “He got it on his left chest where his heart is because his mother is as important as his heart.” He also has a yellow ribbon tattoo as a reminder of the Sewol incident where about 300 people died. One of his fans died due to this accident too Zico went to her funeral and even let her parents attend Block B’s concert for free with her picture with them so she could attend the concert as she always wanted After Block B received their first win on a Music Show, Zico set the date next to his bee tattoo representing the group’s fandom Taeyeon’s petite body is home to some also petite tattoos One is the word “sereniTY” above her right elbow and the second one is the letter “I” below her right thumb nail She purposely asked for the last letter “-ty” to be drawn larger as it represented her initials. The second tattoo is a tribute to her first solo debut Bobby has one tattoo on his back that says “Fear only God Hate only sins“ He has never openly spoken of being a religious individual, but it seems that this tattoo can already represent that life’s value that Bobby is upholding This particular tattoo is also special because he shares it with his father and brother, who has the exact same tattoo on the back Bobby is not the only one in the group that has tattoos The main vocal of the group, Jay has tattooed the phrase “renaître de ses cendres” means Reborn from the ashes in the literal translation In terms of its interpretation, the sentence means to learn from your mistakes and failures in order to not do them again Maybe one of the reasons why Jinhwan chose this tattoo is because of his journey to finally become a singer As we know, it was a very long journey for Jinhwan to finally become one of the vocals in iKON He had to go through two different survival programs to succeed, which takes a huge amount of physical and emotional effort Mamamoo’s Hwasa has three very discreet tattoos On the back of the neck is her baptismal name, Maria The word “resonance” is on the back of her ankle and is a friendship tattoo she has with WheeIn Which means HwaSa and WheeIn will walk the music path together She also has one on her forearm that says “Paradise is where you are” Baekho has two noticeable tattoos on his chest The first inked chest tattoo is the phrase “N’abandonnez pas“, which is French for “Never give up“ It is a self-reminder to always go forward in whatever he does, as an individual and NU’EST’s member The second one, comes later after the first tattoo, it is a star symbol with the phrase “What you give is what you get“ This tattoo conveys the message of your kind or bad deeds will also be repaid with the same kind or bad deeds from others In Korean, the stage name ‘Baekho’ literally translates to the white tiger Korean people consider the white tiger as a sacred spirit As it was originally a tiger that has overcome trials and tribulations and understands the world, thus later turning white This tattoo could be Baekho’s way of reminding himself of both the name given by his group and also the meaning behind the name ‘white tiger’ itself He also have a compass tattoo inspired by the NU’EST symbol Twice Cheyoung has some little tattoos on her left arm You may notice a small pair of tomatoes plus 4 small carrots on your wrist Cheyoung also has a tattooed lip on his wrist. The color of the tattoo is the same as the official color of Twice And more recently she came up with a supposed new tattoo. Apparently a fish that Cheyoung is supposed to have designed the designer In every video I make about tattoo I get a lot of comments about Jimin’s possible tattoo The tattoo was never officially confirmed by him, but he also never denied it, so no one can be 100% sure Jimin famously rocked a fake “Nevermind” tattoo during the boys’ MAMAs stage with Block B on Dec. 3, 2014 The clearly fake tattoo turned out to be a teaser for the boys’ then-forthcoming album (“Never Mind” was Suga’s intro track on the album) At the time, fans never really thought Jimin’s tattoo was real But almost 4 years later, in late 2018, the tattoo reappeared. The tattoo first reappeared in a performance on November 6, 2018 But with the boys’ 2018 MAMAs stage quickly approaching, fans assumed that the tattoo must be a fake tattoo planted to tease the concept for their MAMAs performance However, the MAMAs came and went and Jimin’s “Nevermind” tattoo still did not make an appearance as an intentional part of the performance Then in a concert in Japan on January of 2019, Jimin’s “Nervermind” tattoo was once again seen, totally intact From that point on, fans of the group began to really believe it could be a real tattoo this time around The tattoos longevity has now convinced some fans that it’s real. Even the most heavy duty semi-permanent tattoos don’t last three months But many still doubt the veracity of the tattoo since there has never been an official confirmation Supposedly on a fansign a few months ago, a fan would have asked the meaning of the tattoo for Jimin Jimin would have said that “nevermind” has a certain deep meaning to him. Maybe he just doesn’t feel comfortable yet talking openly about it But well, we can only know if the tattoo is real and its meaning when Jimin himself reveals But comment below, do you think it’s a real tattoo or just something for performance like in 2014? Also don’t forget to leave your like in the video and subscribe to receive all the upcoming I will release I know a lot of idols were missing here, but for the video not to be so long, I decided to just talk about these If you like the video and want a second part, comment below See you later 🙂

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