Learn to Tattoo from Real People in Person at a Real Studio

The key factor in my deciding to take
the workshop was probably that it was so close to where I lived. It was an
apprenticeship that had its doors open to the public, to anybody
who is willing to learn. I think it was definitely the vibe of the staff here. It was a lot more relaxed than I thought. It was definitely not intimidating like I
thought it would be. Especially the structure of the program made me feel a
lot more comfortable it wasn’t kind of like all over the place or just like
this typical stuff that I’ve heard happens with apprenticeships elsewhere.
So I think it was definitely like just the vibe of the people because of the
staff in particular and then just how serious they were about bringing artists
in and teaching them the right way. It felt like a comfortable place, a supportive
environment for artists in general to come and do their thing. So that definitely took care of my fears.

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