Let The Ink Flow – Relaxing Story In Moleskine Sketchbook – Rotring Isograph

Let The Ink Flow – Relaxing Story In Moleskine Sketchbook – Rotring Isograph

Hello and welcome back to another trolling video Today I have for you a short story about what happened the other day So let’s go ahead and get into that story and draw along with me. I Was driving my car the other day and I backed out of my driveway. I Drove down the street the next stop sign I made a right turn and it went down the street as I was getting towards another stop sign I noticed that My car felt different and it sounded a bit different but it wasn’t quite sure what it was When they got to the stop sign and made a left turn as I was going down the road Both of these roads had no bumps so there was nothing that could cause a slight change or the feel in the car that could think of at the moment and Then as I was driving All of a sudden I heard a very loud sound It sounded as if someone was driving without a muffler I Was a bit confused because the closes car to me I could see that it was ahead of me Was probably about two to three hundred yards away About a half a quarter mile. I looked behind me and I thought it was the car that was behind me as well But that car was quite a ways behind me so I rolled down my window and I Noticed that it was my car Why would my car suddenly be so loud? I never hit any bumps. I don’t remember running over anything And this just suddenly happened After I backed out of my driveway There were no bumps in the road I didn’t hit anything So what was going on? I? Drove then for another three miles then when I got to my destination I stopped Thought about what it could be and Then didn’t notice anything underneath my car. I drove back again another three miles or so back to my house and then I Thought about it. I Couldn’t quite figure out what it could possibly be And then I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some food At this point I realized my car was gonna be loud in my way there. So I was just gonna have to deal with it Then I backed out of the driveway. I went to go to the store and then I drove about ten feet and I heard a loud scraping sound I Backed up went back into my driveway and noticed That my entire muffler had broken off and was hanging and touching the ground. I Had this whole muffler and everything replaced Less than a year ago It had only been about the early spring last year So why was it broken already? At this point, I’ve got to find my receipt gives him a call and see about getting this replaced It only cost 80 bucks. So Maybe that’s why I’m so cheap. They probably didn’t do a very good job Anyways, I’ll tell you more stories later. Thank you for watching and you have a good day later

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