Love Your Vagina Song

Love Your Vagina Song

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  1. Hi Angelica, you can download the lyrics and songsheet from our website – check out the link in the Description box above. Enjoy!

  2. This became the unofficial song for my schools 2012 cast of Vagina Monologues. We all fell in love with it and would sing it during rehearsals!

  3. More than the song itself, which is clever, I'm very impressed with the production values shown. The whole "40's niteclub" motif is very clever and adds to the song a great deal.

  4. I've adopted "downtown dining and entertainment district ". especially when it closed for repairs and maintenance.

  5. Why is ‘twinkle’ not there because that’s what we called it growing up. And boys had ‘diddlers’
    True story…

    Someone I knew used to call it a ‘tuppence’ or ‘tuppy’ for short.

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