Lust Crimes Ep2 (Graphic)

Lust Crimes Ep2 (Graphic)

Let’s all go to the lobby let’s all go to the
lobby let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat. The community is one
of the fortunate few where there’s a first Warning the following program contains
scenes of death Toronto Canada the land to Eskimos
lesbians and people who don’t believe in the death penalty and at the end of the
day I know it’s one I’d rather fuck. But beneath any friendly look at me facade
that Lurks a darker world a proverbial tumor within the fleshy walls of
perception. Meet eleven-year-old Alison Perrot responsible, well-liked, I guess
you could say that she had her whole life ahead of her and nothing in this
world is what it seems… Nothing! are you gonna go in the place from up on
the top I guess a tomboy of sorts Alison loved
track and field and if you want to get all fancy did you say that it while
calling in life she would go Donna which were generally against the grain for
your typical eleven-year-old to throw in 1980s Toronto Alison and a track and
field team were training the participate and an international track me and their
Jersey us she spent most days after school training including the weekends it was 11 o’clock on the morning of July
25th 1986 that Alison received the phone call at home from a male caller claiming
to be a photographer he wanted to take publicity photos of her and the rest of
her team at varsity Stadium trained a short distance from her home
unsure about meeting up with a strange man based on a telephone conversation
she phoned her mother and asked for permission and mother gave her that
permission 11 days earlier this same man had called Allison’s mother at her work
also asking to take pictures of the young runner but says the girl was at
summer camp she was unavailable Allison’s mother
lastly couldn’t remember the name of that man it was just after lunch that the 11 year
old set out on her own to meet my mysterious photographer the young girl
who had regularly traveled on home she know about strange engine sheep and
street proof once Alison got on that train it was the
last reliable confirmed sighting of her alive although later
defense attorneys would present two witnesses who claimed that they saw the
young girl with a well-dressed man buying her an ice cream but these two
witnesses were later deemed to be not credible you’re the person who’s taken our
daughter please please bring it home and let her come home after finding out that
there was no team photos session Alison’s mom called the police that
night at about 6 o’clock and told them that a Dada
had not returned home after setting out to what the mother now believed to be a
non-existent photoshoot and that the man and from the house twice before the
police were quick to react and started checking every non speedo and freak in
the area going door to door but being it will Canada there was a lot of them so
won’t gonna be an easy job the City of Toronto was now impaired that someone
was snatching their babies off the street and if the citizens were having
sleepless nights wondering what happened to the child they were not the way long as it was two days later that Alison was
found facedown in the river but two boys collecting tadpoles and when they got
her back to the carp shop and on a slab their worst fears were confirmed she
been taken in every hall that God had given up a child struggled to death the
only clue to go by was as you adding out to meet a photographer and sure
forensics had enough cheese to make a cheese smoothie but being this the
pre-dawn of forensic science and were pretty well fucking useless but it was
exactly a decade after the young girl’s murder that forensics on an initiative
to revisit old cases tested the jizz that were found inside Alison and a
matched that of a filthy Indian named Karl Roy who had a taste for young girls
and to prove it he had convictions for rape and sodomy the reservation reject
who was a keen photographer who like to run and hang out at the same track as
Alison admitted that he’d stumbled across a young girl’s body in the river
when he stopped to take a piss while out jogging and when he went to pull her in
his fingers must have slipped inside of her
and since he’d been masturbating that morning well he must have started cheese
on his fingers you can’t make this shit up sweet strategies banished their minds the Kingdom of Thailand formerly known
as Siam with its mariette of violence and over 35 million tourists visit in a
year the biggest sex trade nala asia warm aqua blue waters are hospitable
people i guess is easy to call it a paradise but with any paradise just
below its welcoming foilage is a syphilitic reality made 27 year old
German tourist miriam bill tea the pretty young blonde that just arrived on
the island that day the start of a dream holiday renting a moped she decided to
take in the sights of the small island despite both Marion’s parents concerns
about a young woman traveling on her own Miriam assured them that she was a
modern woman and this is a modern world earlier on in the day when Miriam was on
the beach trying at that new bikini AHA’s she was approached by a Thai Beach
sweeper who made crude advances whistling Hannah asked her if she wanted
to have sex with him but she never reported it cuz it ain’t agates a lot of
like pussy least not yet on the south side of the small island she decided to
visit an old monastery where she can be seen on camera reading about the
historical significance of the area as the young woman climbs his stairs at
that clock is not taking this little this Miriam no she has company the crude
tide beach sweeper who has all the charm of a woodlice spotted a getting on a
scooter and he pursued a– and is only a short distance behind her the sweeper
who’s working there usually starts at about 5:30 a.m.
Clarence shit off the beach left from the night before
and ends at 8 o’clock once a tourists start coming out makes the equivalent of
about six American dollars in a day which don’t give him a lot of fold in
cash to impress the ladies if you get my drift
and I ain’t asking after purchasing himself a refreshing beverage the beach
sweeper scans the area see if anybody else is around then proceeds up the
stairs the noodle edan cops figure there were about three minutes after the beach
sweep I had gone up the stairs that he caught up with Miriam and most likely he
tried the Confessor to have sex with him again to wish she said no I guess she
weren’t in the beach sweepers either way he tried her into the forest
he raped he betta fucked her and about every hole that God gave up and smashed
her face to a pulp with a large rock had to finish him with Miriam Aquila through
a rental ravine miss unclear at this point whether she were alive or not
although thigh investigators figure by the nail markets on the rocks that she
survived and it tried to climb out before she passed there’s about four
hours later that the young woman’s body was discovered by an old bag who had
served the beach sweeper his refreshing beverage concerned the merry men
returned she one chat and she found her and being the fact that the killer were
a street sweeper and not some book-smart individual well it didn’t take the cops
long to figure out who committed the crime besides they’d almost got him dead to
rights on CCTV footage anyways when they knocked on his door later that night
they were sitting in a chair watching TV high as a kite still have Marian’s blood
on his clothing and the juices on the tip of his cock and if the timestamp on
the CCTV footage is correct it took the beach sweep of 15 minutes
take away 27 years of living ma she had no she were ever gonna have
when cops got ahold of little fucking little Lita
they didn’t even have to beat it out of him he confessed to the whole thing he
said he tried to fuck Miriam and be nice about it
but she turned him down he thought she was hot so he took it to what he
believed the best conclusion 1960s London England the land of fish
and chips and fucked up teeth I know what I’d rather eat
and although the syphilitic hippies were preaching love and peace it went that
way everywhere it was an egghead philosopher once said loll yourself into
a sense of contentment you’re bound to get a spot and speaking HEIs fucked I
got no idea what this guy’s capable is but he’s making me feel not comfortable it was in Kingston upon Thames West
London the most unlikeliest place for someone to come to harm the well-heeled
suburb that called home to more than one rock star Mick Jagger Jimmy Page Pete
Townsend but it was on a warm English day in April of 1968 that the kids
weren’t alright 14 year old schoolboy Roy doodle had just left school and
we’re on his way home last seen hitchhiking so it could save up his bus
fare to buy a new bike when he disappeared into thin air and the cops
will fucking baffled who’d take a schoolboy after all there are no such
thing as pedophile homos in England and with Jimmy Page already living in town
everybody locked up the dhatus but now they were locking up their sons and the
first thing I do is run a background check on this clown was just got to do
with swimming with the recently convicted child
killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley still in the country psyche was every parent’s
worst nightmare thousands of police at the streets of
West London with roadblocks questioned and drivers going through the door the
nation was glued to the television sets wondering if they had another child
killer on the loose but if the limey populace was sitting around ones where
they didn’t have the wonderful too long was three days later they found the 14
year old boy in a wooded area 20 miles away being strangled and ass raped and
yeah I’m sorry if that offends some of you sensitive viewers this ain’t the
fucking Disney Channel you can tell that because there’s no Mouse’s on the corner
of your screen but either way the city were unlocked now have already issued a
warning but children are young people coming
we consider this is a serious offense now the cops worst fears come true dare
to kill her like the ass pussy and in the country were already half the men
were homos and we’re gonna be like looking for a needle in a haystack
and although the kids mouth and ass will full of jizz and he had blood on him it
was before DNA testing so could be anyone but I’m gonna go out and a limb
here and say it was this guy yeah I know what you’re thinking that was 20 years
later and the case it got colder than a retards cadaver who got trapped in a
free South to try to hide from his own shadow and after exhaustive inquiries to
cops and hit at that end and it was started to become a reality that the
killer may never be found it was in 1993 that the case was taken over by expect
the chief Bernie Watson who was determined to bring the pedo perpetrator
to justice and with the advances of DNA testing
there was the impetus to move forward was war running these tests they found
the match a man had been arrested two months earlier for trick drivin and he
had a DNA swab that turned out a positive match to the gist found in the
kids mouth in his ass the jizz done’ wore Brian field the traveling salesman
who had worked for the milk company and movements could be linked all over the
country certainly had the opportunity with me is Brian field who is the head
of this testing service for the milk marketing board and although he’d been
married twice and had three kids no with divorce he had a long string of offenses
seven to four years stretches because he had a habit of sticking his dick in
young boys asses without their permission as cops gathered evidence to
make that case stick they put the old fucker under surveillance and
and they made them move just received information that is in the house so the
teams towards going or someone my boy you’ve been arrested on suspicion of the
murder of Roy touching do you understand offenses you’ve been arrested yet
I got I understand what you say but I refute everyone it’s seen the nuts as
days were numbered but the former milk salesmen weren’t gonna go down that
easily I’m going to show you photograph of this boy okay
okay and that’s a copy of Roy wind you won’t miss it now I’ve never seen anything you never
say no you’re 100% sure you’d never see ya this boy beautiful yeah my colleague
is going to show you a blazer which is a copy should identical copy to the Blazer
boy I was ready when you disappeared and it’s a blazer which is quite vivid in
color yes yeah have you ever seen that blazer
before now one signal no did you ever give any school boys a lift in your car
until now you know it’s easy you know no you’re
quite sure it seemed after 30 years field were in
no hurry to make peace with his God will make his conscience clean and after 16
hours of being interviewed his lips were tighter than the velcro strap sonic
ripples boots but even a cripples velcro straps come undone and the old-timer put a chill down the
cops spines as he casually told him how it killed the young boy chemist a decent
guy and interesting yeah Brian had been out huntin that day get up boss hey some pretty sure you stop that by his own account he threw the boy over
the backseat for leverage then he has fought them but then the realities what
he done said in interesting for the time is madness sunny in charge back in Qatar I think in the end the milkman who like to stick
his straw into the chocolate mix even tried to tell the cops the kill on the
boy was by mistake liar liar pants on fire
we all know what you desire that book says no more

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  1. I’ma watching Deadbug, i’ma watching DEADBUG. he’s gonna show me a whole lotta fucked up stuff. And I fucking luv ya 💀♥️💀

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  3. I was worried that watching this video might make me catch the Erotophonophilia…

    Thankfully, I got through the whole experience entirely jizz-free…

  4. Deadbug, you ever hear about Clifford Olson??? He was a serial killer from British Columbia who killed children in the 1980’s. anyways, i would love to see one of your takes on him….

    Love the content. I always try to plug wherever i find likeminded people wth morbid curiosities.

  5. I encourage people to join deadbug’s Patreon; there’s 20k of you! Wish I could contribute more on Patreon. Hoping what little I do contribute helps keep you afloat. YouTube is so fucking stupid I’m glad we have that platform to watch your videos. Much love from the Central California Foothills 💚 we do things our own way up here away from the commie bastards.

  6. Again another great episode, love that these aren't stories that have been out and played over n over, but ones that grip me and make me hate people sometime. It's the way you tell it that makes them more enthralling. Can't wait for the next 🙂

  7. Absolutely gripping, chilling, and crazy amusing episode, Deadbug!
    Doing what you do best and you do it so well!
    Greetings LEGION! Hope everyone is safe and having a good weekend!

  8. Hey, just in time for me to take a break from being an adult. I will eat Kracks chips in honor of this new video. Thanks for the upload!

  9. Well done as always, Deadbug. People who prey on children are the lowest of the low, which is why most of them don't fair so well in prison. I think if you're an adult and you kill a child, you should get the death penalty. I don't care who's offended by that. If you take advantage of a child's trusting nature in order to have your way with them, then you should get a speedy trial followed by a speedy execution.

  10. Oh yeah wanted to throw out a second comment. My wife who's been taking care of mentally retarded people for the last 17 years, gets pissed at me when I ask her something like "Why you laughing like a retard with a Mr. Microphone on Christmas morning?" It's hard to explain about DB says and where this stuff comes from. I know my conscious is as clean as the sole on a cripple's boot honestly.

  11. Any person who has been proven through DNA/SEMEN/etc to sexually assault children need to be castrated. Such human filth has no need for reproductive anatomy.
    Words cannot express the disgust such useless scum brings me.

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  13. I have heard of Roy's case another youtuber did cover it but not well known as it should be so thank you for bringing further awareness to his case. It really baffles me that a lot of these child predators have been married and have children of their own. What I want to relay is that as someone that who did background checks for over eight years some of the most innocent looking people are monsters and some of the scariest have no criminal history at all, just let that sink in. If you had encountered Brian Fields at the time he took Roy would you think child molester?

  14. Crimes against children absolutely infuriate me. I believe there's a special place in hell for people that hurt children, but damn how I wouldn't love to get my hands on them first.
    Thanks DB for another great video. ❤️

  15. Hello Everyone, Deadbug, legion , Patreon
    Who can best speak about those tragic story's but your video
    ( thank's for the early release…)

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    For those of you who feel like leaving a negative comment, you should probably consider the fact that you were pre warned of the content in the description. If you decided to watch it anyway you would've heard DB clearly say "I'm sorry if that offends some of you sensitive viewers but this ain't the fucking Disney channel, you can tell that because there ain't no mouse ears in the corner of your screen". So basically if you leave a negative comment you kinda look stupid because you were pre warned!

  18. Disclaimer… There is no such thing as street proofing your kids! Predators, murderers have no boundaries, proof they'll snatch em off any street, sidewalk, stores, school, playground and sadly from home! That's street proofing, proving what can, does and has happened! I kept mine next to me freaking when they thought it'd be funny to hide in clothes rack. Nothing is more valuable than innocent people! The 1st girl was waving the red flag, her mom should've wanted to go for safety and (if had been legit) want to see it. Hitchhiking to save for a bike? I'm sorry, realizing some parents have it difficult supervising 247 but..figure alternative ways, make the sacrifice!
    Deadbug love the opening. Reminds me of many happy matinee memories!
    As always excellent editing, IMHO above professional quality. Nothing compares!
    These sweet souls deserves recognition, I consider it an honor knowing who they are!
    Have a great week,
    Legion forever ❣️

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  21. Hey, my s.o.s phone and he got me into deadbug videos. I understand the whole less subscribers thing for the love of blunt inspection and little to no more YouTube. That being said, once upon a time I lived as a child on st Paul street in Burlington by and my mom kept me from the adjacent woods with a story of a deaf child and raped, abused sister in said woods the year I was born, 1981. Can you tell me the real story?

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    Rest in peace all those victims..💔🖤💖

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  29. It's a simple rule of life: DO NOT HURT CHILDREN!
    If you violate that rule then you should be put down…after a long and extremely painful "cleansing" of your evil.

    Legion Forever!

  30. I remember when I was 25 and went backpacking to thailand for the first time I hooked up with a girl one night and we went skinny dipping. At some point we felt we were being watched and heard noises in the trees. We could have ended like that couple in Koh Tao. Next time I go there I'll be a lot more careful jesus christ…these stories of murders in thailand always get to me

  31. Wow. Just wow. I'm a cop's daughter who admittedly has a dark side. And this channel just takes my breath away. Stunning, stunning work. Extremely well done. The quality and content may not be for everyone- some people can't handle it_ but for those of us who can, no other channel comes close.

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