Man tattooed team’s shirt on his body

Man tattooed team’s shirt on his body

a Brazilian football superfan loves his
team so much he decided to that to the home shirt on his door so Jose Mauricio
dos Anjos has spent 90 hours in agony over the past year to get flung goes red
in black uniform inked on his body after 32 painful sessions the replica of the
club’s 2015 home shirt was completed on Friday the 33 year old has naturally
become a local celebrity in his club’s home city of Rio de Janeiro
he told Vice Brazil people ask me if I don’t find it strange that I’m always
wearing a flamenco shirt and I just don’t to me it’s normal
Jose told the publication that he has always wanted a tattoo to honor his team
and at 18 he got their mascot inked on his biceps wanting to go bigger Jose was
quoted 165 pounds for parts of the shirt over his shoulders he tried to save
money and even sold his motorcycle to afford the rest but as they got started
on the process a tattoo artist offered to do the rest for free after finishing
up his front he went on to his back where the number 10 is a constant
tribute to the iconic Zico Jose said he never felt any regret partly because he
got to meet his idol Zico in December last year Jose said he was shocked and
touched it to make sure it wasn’t painted on I asked him to sign my skin
and I then got his signature tattooed he added that other Flamengo players
thought the tattoo was cool the father of threes family has except in his dad
too and he even said he might get more inking for his team he still has to
cover it up with an actual flung go Jersey however while he waits until it’s
safe for the fresh tattoo to be exposed to the Sun

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