MAN Truck Modification

MAN Truck Modification

MAN Truck Modification offers tailor-made solutions that modify MAN series-production for every demand and application. We offer a wide variety of equipment options ranging from extensive storage space with atmospheric lighting to compact galley units to brilliant TV entertainment. There are no exceptional requests. There are only exceptional solutions – for every purpose and every application. The cab, chassis or driveline of the series-production vehicle is modified as desired and the corresponding bodies are fitted. Whether the roof is to be cut or lowered, the cab halved or given new windows, the axles fine-tuned or the wheelbase changed everything is possible. We design, engineer and build your MAN in exact accordance with your requirements and specifications. We build the MAN you need. Exactly that MAN.

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  1. Specs for my MAN:
    1, Sleeper Cab for extended trips.
    2, 4K TV.
    3, Power outlet.
    4, Automatic transmission.

    What I will add:
    1, Step-down power convertor because I am AMERICAN!
    2, High-end audio system.
    3, Aftermarket Sat-Nav.

    And then, other important mods to pass U.S import inspection.

  2. Fuck off all of you who want all new MAN TGX. We have new painjob and new stickers and few new lamps, deal with it you morons.

  3. Also MAN überascht mich aufs neue ! MAN sind ich finde es sehr gute Lkws Vorallem der neue MAN Facelift ist einfach Top und das neue Getriebe genauso.

  4. Porqué me da la sensación de que MAN va siempre por detrás de todas las demás marcas??
    Porqué no ponen leds en las bullbar??
    Por ejemplo.

  5. How can I order one for the USA. Is there a dealer here that can service? I know International is using a MAN engine currently.

  6. really modifications:12,8litres f2000engine power up 460hp to 500.16speed zf ecosplit manual trans.double diff with 8 bags air susp.front axle with hydrodrive,donaldson air ram and complet filter system,600litres fuel tank,60litres hydrotank,saf holland fith wheel,separ fuel filter,double air dryer,king bar aluminium roobar,alcoa aluminium wheels,michelin tyres….electronic maximum:electric mirrors and side glass,radio,cb radio….this is the really trucks..whitout many-many computer and electric delayed-action bomb!

  7. Absolutely fabulous truck, plenty of power even better on hills. Very comfy drivers seat.Only bad point is huge steering wheel. Otherwise brilliant truck.

  8. Обосраться , блеать, я живу в Украине, и у меня слезы на глазах, никогда, никогда нам не достичь производства данных машин, да не то, что бы производства, даже возможности на таких машинах работать, моя страна и народ просто в жопе((((((( To crap, bleat, I live in Ukraine, and I have tears in my eyes, never, never to us to reach the production of these machines, and not that production, even the possibility of working on such machines, my country and people simply in the ass (( (((((

  9. Все Ман центры не могут грамотно установить верхние дополнительные фары на крышу. Не квалифицированный персонал.

  10. Truck of past time were more reliable, but today we have a wide distribution any Trucks for Special Purpose because it became part of their life

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