Margot Robbie Retires from Tattooing Friends After Almost Ruining a Wedding

Margot Robbie Retires from Tattooing Friends After Almost Ruining a Wedding

-You have such
a big weekend this weekend. -Yes.
-“Birds of Prey” is out on Friday.
-Mm-hmm. -That’s a giant movie.
I want to talk about that. But, also, you’re nominated
for an Oscar in “Bombshell.” [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. Thank you. -You were phenomenal
in that movie. It was like, it was so
heartbreaking to watch. I was just, like —
You know, ’cause I just — I root for you, and I love you,
and I know all the — You know, we have guests on
the show that are great actors, and they go and do these movies,
and you go, “It’s not really them,”
but I just — I — I want to stick up for you.
-Thanks! -Don’t let that go down. -I don’t think my mom’s
seen it yet. She gets really upset
when I cry in movies. -Oh, my God.
-She like wants to defend — And I’m like,
“Mom, it’s a character. It’s not me. Don’t worry.”
-Yeah, “I’m just acting, yeah.” -She gets really upset.
-What a year, though. I mean, “Once Upon a Time.”
-Yeah. -I went and saw that in
theaters, and I was like, “Oh, my God.”
You’re just fantastic in that, as well, but, I mean,
you got to be excited. Do you like to going
to the awards shows and doing all that stuff?
-You know, I really do. They’re really — It’s
actually a really nice night, and a lot of friends back home
in Oz will be like, “Oh, it’s very competitive
and people kind of side-eyeing each other,” and I’m like,
“No, it’s really not like that.” I feel like in the ad break,
everyone gets up, and, like, runs up to each other
and says hi. And, you know,
“I love your work, I loved your film,” like,
“Let’s work together.” You know, it’s really —
It’s actually really nice. I’m excited.
It’s a really nice night. -I have a picture of you.
This is from the SAG awards. You’re just giving —
That’s Meryl Streep. You can’t see her
’cause you’re strangling her. [ Laughter ] You gave Meryl a nice big hug.
-Ah, she’s a great woman to hug. Well, you know what?
Two years ago, when we’re at the Oscars…
-Yeah. -…and Frances McDormand won,
and she did this amazing thing where she asked all the female
nominees in her category, she got us all to stand up. She said, “Stand up,”
and we all stood there. It was honestly one of the best
moments of my whole life. It was way better than winning.
Standing there, and we were, like, all in it together.
And she kind of said this beautiful speech.
And then afterwards, we all just went
and hugged each other. And Meryl was one of
the nominees, ’cause, you know, Meryl’s always nominated.
But I was just hugging her. I was like, “Oh, my God.
This is the best night ever.” So when I saw her at
the SAG awards this year, I was like, “I think we’re
at the hugging stage, like…” [ Laughter ]
-“Can I get another hug?” -I was like, “Hey, Meryl.
Can I have a hug?” -“Come on.
Give me a hug,” yeah. -“Bring it in.”
-Tell me about “Birds of Prey.” I’m so excited about this.
It’s fantastic. But, you’ve been working on —
-It’s fantabulous, even. -Yes.
-[ Laughs ] -You’ve been working on this
for a long time, right? -Yeah, no, I first
started pitching the idea when we were still shooting
“Suicide Squad” the first time. So, it was 4 1/2 years ago,
and now it’s out on Friday. -Wow.
-The 7th, and I can’t believe it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -It’s a long time to work on
something. -It’s been a long time
in the making, and now I’m finally gonna
show it to the world. So, I hope you like it. ‘Cause it was
really fun to make, and I think
it’s really fun to watch. -Were you just waiting
for the right script? Were you, like, working on it?
-No, it just took a while to — You know, 4 1/2 years ago,
when I pitched a R-rated girl gang action film
with DC characters, that was a bit
of an uphill battle. -Yeah.
-And now, you know, it took a couple years
to convince everyone. Like, “I think
this is a good idea.” -Are you still giving everyone
tattoos on set? -[ Laughs ]
-You know what I’m talking about?
-No, I hung up the tattoo gun. I mean,
on the first “Suicide Squad,” we did Squad tattoos,
and it became a bit of it… -Yeah, this is you
giving a tattoo. -Yes. That’s actually
David there, I think. That’s David’s arm.
-Is it really? -Yeah, he’s the director.
Everyone got it. People, like, honestly,
in lighting setups would just pop into the trailer
and get one. -Yeah, you tried to give one
to me at one point, and I was like, “Look…”
-That’s Jai’s. Yeah. Everyone got — I mean,
mine’s on my foot right here. I did my own one.
-Where is it? -Right there on my foot. I don’t know
if you can see that. -That little one there?
-Yeah. But I’ve hung up the tattoo gun.
I don’t do it any more. -Do you get —
-I had a few mishaps, and I feel I should
quit while I’m — [ Laughter ]
-Of course! -A particularly bad one.
-Really? -Yeah.
-You’re not trained to do this. -No, not trained at all.
Bought the gun on eBay. Like, it’s…
[ Laughter ] Yeah, no, I shouldn’t — People let me do it, though!
I — I warned them. I’m not good at drawing,
and I’m not qualified, and people still do it.
Anyways, so it was my — One of my good friends
was getting married in Australia and had the hens the night —
the bachelorette, you would say —
the night before. And, of course,
there’s a lot of drinking, and then we’re like, “Oh, we’ll
get matching tattoos!” ’cause that’s a great idea.
And, I was tattooing my friend on her back, and she didn’t —
she — Another friend had drawn it on
in biro, like, in pen. And then I tattooed it, and then
when I showed her afterwards, she was like, “Oh. I didn’t know that’s
what I was getting.” And I was like, “Oh, God.”
I was like, “What did you think
you were getting?” She’s like, “Doesn’t matter.
Like, I like it either way,” and I was lucky
she was cool about it. But do you know
who was not cool about it? Her mom,
the next day at the wedding, when she walked down the aisle,
as one of the maids of honor in a backless dress, and this,
like, red, raw, scabbing tattoo. [ Laughter ] And her mom was filthy with me. She was — like, rassed at me
at the wedding. She was so angry, and I thought, “I really
shouldn’t do this any more.” -Yeah, you go, no.
-I don’t know if Patricia’s okay with it yet, so I’m just —
I hung up the gun. -All right,
so you hung up the gun. Good, all right. Good.
So no more gun. -Unless you want one, Jimmy,
in which case I’ll do it. -No, no, no.
I’m really — no, no. I’m not —
I don’t have the guts. -Do it!
-Oh, okay. -Well, I mean, if they say so. -Like I would say yes. That would be the most bizarre,
like, “Oh, okay. I’ll do it,” yeah.
-Sure. -I thought about it and I can’t.
-You asked nicely, so… -I can’t do it, yeah.

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  1. Omg she’s not American! She did a flawless American accent on Birds of Prey! And btw for those who haven’t watched… The movie is indeed a lot of fun to watch!

  2. Margot robbie es mi favorita la quiero tanto me encanta harley quinn es mi personaje favorita la quiero tanto😘😘😘😘💙❤

  3. The Oscar nom for bombshell is so disappointing anyone that saw that movie knows her acting was subpar not to say she’s a bad actress but I don’t see the Oscar worthiness …the chick from queen and slim is Oscar worthy

  4. I don't get how anyone likes Jimmy, he comes across as so fake and seems sly. That's aside from the fact that he overacts and talks over people all the time.

  5. Birds of Prey was such a fantastic film, I watched the very first screening here in New Zealand and I loved every minute!

  6. Bruh, i hate this girl. Not because shes a bad person or anything. Its just because seeing such a beautiful gorgeous woman like this is pure cruelty to a loser nobody like me. Because its seeing something you want but knowing you will never have it the rest of your life. 😔

  7. Yuck. This one has nasty feet.
    Saw them bare on wikifeet. Unpolished, unfeminine. Run fella's, this one is lazy and doesn't mind her feet looking like men's feet.

  8. One of the most beautiful actresses we have today. She reminds me of the classic Hollywood beauties of the 50's/60's.

  9. Me : So Margot, you were a TV actress in Australia, then all of a sudden, you became a Hollywood superstar? How did that happen?

    Margot : Well, I got completely nude in my first Hollywood movie and that's all it took.

    Me : There are skinnier, bustier, prettier girls than you at every beach in Australia, and also the world – what makes what you did so different?

    Margot : Sorry, I am getting naked in preparation for my next role, were you saying something?

  10. She should have talked about that time her, and abuser amber heard got booted from a strip club, where they were trying to use their fame to get inside

  11. Omg every day I find Margot as beautiful as her characters, and about what she does, I'll pay for being tattoed by Margot. Notice that, I haven't heard about Birds of prey very much, so I wonder, how good is that movie?

  12. See Brie Lawson nobody hates you because you are a woman. It's your attitude that stinks. Be like Margot Robbie and Gal Galdot

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