Neck Tattoos and Didgeridoos (Monumental TV Episode 4, Series 1)

Neck Tattoos and Didgeridoos (Monumental TV Episode 4, Series 1)

(upbeat rock music) – Morning! Harriet’s not very well today, so we’ll have to fend for ourselves. But we got main man
Richard on the front desk. So yeah, we have a lovely
shiny new kitchen look! Ooh, look at that! Smile. Let’s get some work done. (upbeat guitar music) – Move in day! – Yeah! – If you’re going to film me, try and dim down the sunburn a bit, yeah? – I’ve got some cherry
blossoms on the shoulder today and then I’ve got a
henna foot tattoo thing, so that should be quite nice. Got to do a couple of
changes with the designs. Gonna do that now. – I am doing some finger
tattoos, and that is it. Had a cancellation, so that
is all that I am doing. – I’m tattooing today. – Awesome. – And I need help because
I’m gonna use Scott’s machine that I’ve never used before. – Great. – So I’m going to need
you to help me set it up. I haven’t tattooed in almost a year, so I actually forgot how
to set the machine up. Let’s hope I don’t forget how to tattoo. – It’s all about hiding, really. And use that just in
case any liquids go in and stuff like that, so
this protects it a bit more. I need you to do it every morning but you’re getting new to it and then it’s just normal. – What are you doing today? – Um, I’m finishing a
person I started yesterday. – Oh yeah! Cool! – Yeah, skulls and roses. – So what’s going on the inside? Roses? – Uh, one rose and one skull yeah. – Did you get the face done yesterday? – I finished the face, I just have to do the top big line there,
some hair on the top. – Cool. – So hopefully I’ll be able
to finish it all today. Might ship him off today. Don’t put that in there,
do not put that in there! today I’m doing a continuation of, a piece I started yesterday, it’s a skull and rose, blended together, and it’s going to finish
the inside part of an arm. Yeah, I’ve got the design, and we’re gonna have a skull
and the rose blending together, but we’re gonna do a
lot of freehand as well. – I think it’s tea break time. Tea up, Mike! – All right. – Tea up, Louise! – All right. – Tea, Sam!
– OK! – Tea up, Richard.
– OK. (Instrumental music) – OK, back to work everyone then. – Morning.
– Hello. – How you doing? What’s your name?
– Gracie. – Gracie, who you here to see then? – Louise. – Louise, cool and what
are you getting done? – Some blossoms on my shoulder. – OK, first tattoo? – No, fourth. – OK, cool, you excited?
– Yeah. – Scared?
– A little bit! – Oh cool, scared-excited. – Yeah, scared-excited, nervous excited. – Excellent, thank you. – So I’m just changing
up the little flowers, just at the bottom, because
she wants them smaller coming down the arm, just looks
a little bit more delicate, so I’m just gonna make
these a little bit smaller. Just so that a little bit nicer for her. (Owner and Louise laughing) – I might call, my guy, get him to come in a bit earlier, I told him 12, but–
– 12? – Uh oh, it’s the vodafone
Voicemail service. – [Richard] Is he on his way? – Nah, probably still in bed, lazy git. – [Louise] He went out
last night, I reckon. – Yeah, well I hope not, he’s gonna bleed. – Do not drink alcohol the
night before your tattoo. – [Louise] Lots of bleeding. – Yeah, lots of bleeding. – [Richard] A bleeding nuisance. – It’s a bleeding nuisance, yeah. – Today I am doing some finger tattoos. Not love and hate, it is “overcome”, which is quite a nice difference to the usual sort of vibe
that people tend to go for. (Laughing) – [Richard] Are you trying to
pick it straight from there? – Yeah. – [Richard] Right from your iPad? – Yeah. – [Richard] No way, cool! – I printed it off from the iPad. – [Richard] Yeah but
you just literally just press print on there?
– Yeah. – I tried to do some designs yesterday and I did a couple actually but it was, actually quite irritating because, I first learned to use that. I get all excited, I
wanna do some designs. I might spend two hours
trying to figure out how to use my iPad again.
– Oh, yeah. – And that was quite annoying. (upbeat music) – [Louise] All right now this way. Oh, yeah, definitely. – So who are you here to see today? – Here to see Sam today. – Cool, and what are you getting done? – Overcome, tattooed on my top knuckles. – Cool, black and grey, or? – Black and grey. Yeah, nice and simple – It’s so hard to see them. Like so, honestly. Because when you move your hand like that, they look all in line but
then you go like that. – Then they all go skewed. – Yeah, they are always
going to move a little bit. – Oh, here it comes. Called me on my phone. Just saying… Now that Harriet is
still working, bless her. She is not very well and
she is sending me messages about the day. Hold on Harriet. Have a day off. So we are gonna get a
new sign put up here soon with a new branding It’s gonna be around the
13th of May I believe but by then this will already be launched so it will already be up. (upbeat music) It’s gonna be nice and white. – It’s going all right. – Bleeding quite a bit.
– A little bit. The dot works not as painful though. – Yeah, it’s bleeding a little bit but, that’s just how it is on
the shoulder twig there. – Is it?
– Yeah. Just got such thin skin
and quite boney as well. – I just won’t look. – Do you not like blood? – I mean it’s not my favourite. (laughing) – Not keen on it. (upbeat music) – Yeah, my hands are
so used to being dirty it just kinda sucks it in there. Covered in wafty, bendy fingers. They are so bright. (upbeat music) – Yeah, so I came in today to see Sam to get a tattoo on my hands. She absolutely smashed it. Really neat line work. I’m really chuffed with it. It’s exactly what I wanted so happy. – [Richard] So how was
it yesterday because obviously you had the first part done and then you came in. – Yeah, it was quite an experience. It was painful but it
was definitely worth it. – [Richard] Is it going
to be twice as bad today because you are so tender? – I don’t know. I think I will be able to withstand it, but we will see now won’t we? – [Richard] Is it going to hurt you? – It’s gonna hurt me a lot. – [Richard] It’s gonna
hurt your sleep, huh? – It’s gonna to hurt my
feelings and everything if he can not finish it. – This is George. I don’t know who he is. I just picked him up on the way here. – Pretty much. – And he bought me sausage
rolls this morning. – Basically just head
sausage roll provider. – And he got cool tats from
someone who is even cooler. – Yeah pretty much.
– Me. – This is my lovely girlfriend. – I’m going home. – Bye, bye, bye. – See you later! – We are done. (upbeat music) It came out really nice. We are going to see how it heals. If it heals light or dark. Might put a little dark shading in it, but yeah pretty happy with it. – Me too, it’s good, I’m happy, thanks! – That’s all right. I’m glad you like it. – Yeah, I love it, so nice. Oh, that’s so nice. (upbeat music) – Hello again.
– Hey. – Got it done then? – Yep, all done! – Looking good. Was it painful? – This bit was a little bit sore. – A bit tender there? – And where it’s off
was a little bit sore. – Around the back. – Yeah around the back but
the rest of this was fine. – Nice, it looks good!
– Thanks. – It does look a bit red from here. – Yeah it’s quite fascinating
it was just done, isn’t it? – Yeah, careful with that in the sun. – Okay.
– Put some cream on it. – No sunbathing. – No sunbathing, no swimming. – Damn it.
– Yeah, not for a good week. Two weeks really.
– That’s fine (upbeat music) – Yeah just like bounce back. – That’s fucking painful. – It hurts doesn’t it? – [Owner] Is that seriously
as low as you can go? – Yeah.
– Come on, mate. – It’s terrible, look. Oh, that hurts. – [Owner] My shirts nice and tight. – You’re a pro, what? – What have you been doing at the gym? – How did you do that? Oh my god. – I’m like double your age.
– I know. – I won’t be able to move. – You want to start now? – [Owner] You gotta do
stretching, more stretching. – [Louise] I know. – [Mike] What do you do? You go at the gym and
you do like stretching? – I don’t actually stretch that much, but I literally have
to stretch if I’m like, I feel it, I get up and I’m like ahhh. – [Mike] Did you see his legs? Like your legs, mine they stay like that. Yours, it feels like
the ground is like that. Like he is an alien or something. – Yeah mine don’t bend down. – [Owner] Yeah, to be fair it’s not good if they hyper-extend or they
want to bend even a little bit. They should bend that way a little bit. Not that way, like this. – Wait, I can do it if
I bend my legs that way. – I can do that. – Yeah, to be fair you should
bend them a little bit really. – Oh, I can do that then, almost. – A little bit. – I’m afraid if I go that
far low, I will stick there and be walking like the gollum. (intense music) – [Richard] How is it going so far? – It is going really well. My experience at Monumental Ink
so far has gone really well. It’s my first time here
and I can generally say, that I’ve been treated very well by Mike and I’ll definitely be coming back to get my sleeve finished. I’m just really happy with it so far so, just got to wait to ride it
out until the end of today. Hopefully I can make it. There is no way I’m pulling out anyway. – [Richard] How’s it going Mike? – Very well thank you. We are getting close to, finished. No way. (energetic electronic music) – I’m a automotive design clay modeller. – [Mike] Sounds so cool. – It’s not posh, trust me. – [Richard] So you basically
play with paly-doh? – Well that’s what a lot
of people say, you see, but I think to get a real realisation into what it is you need
to see it in person. It is a job that not a lot of people have heard of and obviously when you tell them they are a bit like, wow what’s that. Then the life story comes out and you have to start explaining things. But yeah, it’s a very
interesting job, I like it. Hopefully I can continue to
do it for the rest of my life. – Hi my name is Vicky and
I’m coming in here today to have a tattoo on my foot. It’s gonna be a henna star tattoo. It’s coming onto the toe
and then around the ankle. I’m looking forward to it. Louise is doing it so hopefully
it’s gonna be a good one. (relaxing music) – I’m just making a little lotus
flower to put on the bottom well on the top of her foot with, the little band that I’ve done. Tada!
– I see what she means, because my mom and dad are dead against tattoos and there is respecting my mom and dad. I just decided that, you know
what, I’m having tattoos. Having this one done on my thigh
where no one can see it but I’m proud of my tattoo
and I just can’t show it off only when I’m in a bikini. – Just walk around in a bikini. – So, I was like, you know what? It has taken me six months
to decide on the design. – [Louise] Yeah. – [Richard] How’s it going? – It’s going okay actually. It’s not as painful as I thought it was. – [Richard] Yeah. – The ankle was a little bit stingy but. (electronic music) I didn’t think it was as
painful as I thought it, was gonna be. Heard so many stories but today it’s be actually quite pleasant to have. I think the thigh tattoo was more painful than the ankle so, yeah no. I’d have it again on the
other foot if I could. (laughing) But no, I’m happy with
the actual design itself. From what I wanted in the first place, it’s so much better than that. So yeah, thanks Louise! – [Louise] It’s all right. Yeah, so it went really well today. Got a lot done in a lot less time than what I thought we would as well. Really happy with the outcome. It’s really nice and dainty. Which is what we were going for, so yeah. – [Richard] How’s it feeling? – Yeah is all right. It’s not too bad up near
the elbow, funnily enough. – [Richard] Not up near the elbow yet. – Oh am I not? – [Richard] No! – Has it even been near the elbow? – [Richard] No! – Oh fuck me. (laughing) – [Richard] What inspirational
music are you listening to? – It’s rap, Hip-hop. stuff like that, but it’s Greek. But It’s quite cool. – I’m the complete opposite
end of the spectrum. I’m at rock. I’m listening to “Ten
Thousand Feet” by I See Stars. I was listening to Pink Floyd earlier. But no more. They’re a little bit too soft. I need something a bit more hardcore. – [Richard] If he changed
to rap he might be able to tattoo like I do then. – You all done then?
– Yeah. – Sweet! Good work, two days back to back. – Yeah man. – Painful. – I think it’s worth the pain. – [Mike] It’s a massive
tattoo for two days. – Yeah it is. – Oh he’s got the shakes
a little bit, yeah. – It’s because I’ve barely
eaten anything either. – If you’ve not eaten then the body, is like in shock a little bit. – Yeah. – That is looking so cool though. Good work Mike.
– It was worth the pain. – Yeah mate, that’s the thing isn’t it, crushed that whole forearm in two days. Poor old boys gonna drive home now. – [Customer] No I aint driving myself. – Oh good. – [Customer] He is gonna
feed me and bath me tonight. I know that much. – [Owner] Get some sugar in you buddy. – Yeah I’m going to. – [Owner] Nice one. (upbeat electronic music) – I’ve just had a two day sitting with Mike at Monumental Ink. I can’t fault it enough. The process absolutely was amazing. Big thank you to Mike. You’ve done an amazing job. Two days, you’ve done exactly what I’ve, wanted if not better. And I’m definitely going to be coming back to get the sleeve finished
in a couple of months time. So, thumbs up to Monumental
and big thanks again to Mike. You’ve done a great job. – I was excited for this piece. I’m very happy with how it
turned out and hopefully I’ll get back to it soon to
finish the rest of the sleeve. Awesome tattoo, awesome guy, perfect day. (upbeat music) – Today on tattooing. I’ve not tattooed now for almost a year, so I’m a little bit scared
if I’m being brutally honest. I’m just going to keep it simple. Well the design is simple, It’s a rose. I do like roses. I’ve done more roses than
you can shake a stick at. So I’m hoping that will help. (energetic music) – It’s a bit sore in the end. The last half hour was a bit yeah. (mumbles) Positioning with it on the neck, worth it. I was tattooed by Aaron. Neck piece. Pain was good. I’d probably say seven out of 10. Been at done better places done worse. Collar bone was the worse. Everything was perfect. Had a good day. More than happy with it. Can’t wait to get more done. – Fucking hell, that is so
banging or is it bang bang? – [Richard] Louise is that hams? – Yeah that’s hams. (energetic music) So, I’ll have a good day at the studio. What’s been going on today? Well, we’ve had Louise, Sam, Mike and myself tattooing today. We’ve got Richard. Richards got some gloves
on and he’s having a go. He’s got good potential. He’s one to look out for
in the future I think. We’ve missed Scotty boy today. No Scotty today. I believe he is dog sitting. And Harriet is ill. But I’d say a all around
good day in the shop. Good vibes, the sun is out. So it’s time to think
about getting that tattoo. (upbeat rock music) – [Owner] Thank you for watching. If you like what you see, hit the like button, comment in the bar below, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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