Neek’s Mom Isn’t Pleased w/ Charmaine ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

You guys been dating
for two years, this is my pleasure to meet you
for the first time. We actually thought
you were hiding from us. I mean, Neek was like out of
town for a long time. You could have a whole
nother family somewhere else. Dad. Oh my god. I promise you. With five kids. No, no, no. No kids. I got two dogs
and that’s about it. Hey. Hey, Mamba. How are you? Oh, nice to see you, sweetie.
How are you? Charmaine, this is my mother.
Oh, Charmaine? Who is Charmaine? This is my girlfriend
Oh, how are you? Hi mom.
Why don’t you sit next to me? No, let, sit next to,
between us. How are you? Good, I’m good,
I’m good, I’m good. Shanique, she’s beautiful.
She is, ain’t she? Shanique. You better
(speaks Creole) Why?
She need … move this up. (Speaking Creole) What is she saying? Nothing.
She said you look beautiful. So just little bit,
put it little bit up. I did,
and I even put a pin. I even put a,
I even put a pin. Yes, that’s too much, skin out. I told her, she should … It’s like you a miss
a part of the clothes. Neek’s mom is
an extremely traditional, no (bleep)
nonsense, Haitian woman. Which means she’s
extremely dignified, has the highest
of the high standards, and I might need a little sake
to be able to handle all this. So what do you do
for a living, so? I work at this tattoo shop
here in Chicago. We have some
of the best artists. They’re really great,
and I manage the shop. Also I’m on the radio, so WGCI is a staple
radio station here in Chicago. I have a radio show
every weekend. Well, job is a job. I expect better than that. What? Mom, look.
She works on the radio. You go-
I don’t, I mean, like I said. Job is a job. They ain’t got
no waiters around here taking no orders
in these hibachi places? The (bleep)?
Your son seems to be a very, but this is two years,
we’ve never met him, our first time meeting you. I’m surprised, yes.
They’re living together. Oh, do they live together?
Yeah. Oh, how long? We’ve been living together
for two years. For two years? They are playing house. So Shanique, you know
I raised you better than that. You know?
You didn’t know? No. You can’t tell your mother
about your girlfriend? No. That you playing house with? I definitely have told her
that I’m in love. But I didn’t know
all that time, lived together. And you know you’re
supposed to get married. I think that might
be a mistake. I don’t remember you,
no, no, no, no. I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that Neek ain’t tell
his mama we live together, or the fact that
he ain’t never told me that he ain’t tell his mama. Good evening everyone. By the time
two people cohabitate, you gotta pretty much
have in mind whether you gonna go
through this thing or not. The day I laid
my eyes on this girl, I knew I wanted to be in
a serious relationship with her. And as far as us
living together, I personally want
to be able to … Oh my god. I personally,
hold on, hold on. I can’t even hear that word,
living together. Listen.
As a Christian, you will not accept
live together without marriage. Yes. You’re supposed to get married.
I understand what you’re saying. You cannot do that. Oh, (bleep).

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