‘Neon Lights’ Elimination Tattoo Challenge Highlight 💡 Turf War (Season 13)

‘Neon Lights’ Elimination Tattoo Challenge Highlight 💡 Turf War (Season 13)

– Okay, artists,
you have six hours to tattoo neon lights, and your time starts now. – All right. – Let’s do this. – All right, man,
this is gonna be your throne. – Today we’re testing
the artists with neon tattoos– not just a tube of neon
but light source tattoos. – I tried to keep it small.
– All right. – I’m gonna just kind of
wing my color theory. – It looks frickin’ dope. – Where there’s light
on one side, there’s shadow on the other, so these artists
have to grasp that and then use big,
bright color to demonstrate it. – I’m excited for the colors. – The hot pink and teal really
complement each other, yeah. – If you have any problems
or anything, just let me know, okay?
– Let’s do it. [tattoo machine buzzing] ♪ ♪ – I was concerned
that the neon ball did not read enough as neon. I did have another idea of
a neon light of a crystal ball, like you would see outside of a fortune teller’s business
or something. – Instead of it just
being glowing? – I have no idea
how you tattoo something and make it look neon. It’s not something that I do. The ball didn’t look
neon enough, so what if I just made
the crystal ball into a neon sign of a crystal ball? – I like the neon sign idea.
Yeah. – Okay. I know better than to do this, but I’m, like,
doubting myself and changing
my [bleep] game plan all up. – Five hours left, guys,
five hours remain. ♪ ♪ [tattoo machine buzzing] – Cool. All right, queen,
here we finally go. Better late than never. – I’m just trying to make sure
it meets the challenge. If I’m not careful, I’m gonna let the stress
completely overcome me. Sometimes the bigger the ask is,
the simpler you have to go. – What happened with that
alliance, buddy? – I know, right? – Well, I’m glad that y’alls
partnership is going good. [chuckles] – I just need to focus
on what I do. You just gotta be Jimmy Snaz. Just be Jimmy Snaz. ♪ ♪ – I had a funny feeling that
I would be doing some biomech. I’ve never done biomech
in my entire career, but the thing is,
it’s a light source challenge. All black and gray is,
is light sourcing, and I think I might actually
have an advantage here. – Every time I got a tattoo,
I bring a general idea, and the artist
just takes it from there. – I think you end up getting
way better art that way. – Exactly. – Thank you, Midwest,
for this biomech tattoo because it actually gave me the perfect platform
to shine today. I’m on my game 100%. – Three hours to go, guys,
three more hours. ♪ ♪ – Did you normally draw, or did–
you went to school for it? – Oh, yeah,
I was always into it. My mom, she’s really artistic,
and so she always allowed me to paint on my walls
as a kid and… – Oh, that’s good. – She would, like,
take photos of them, and then we’d paint over them,
and I’d start–start again. – Start again?
That’s cool. – My canvas wanted so much
in this tattoo. I got her to fold
on some of the elements that were gonna make it take
way too long. How many kids you have?
– Just one. – I’ve got three boys.
– Oh, wow. That’s exciting.
– It’s exciting. It’s loud.
– [laughs] Yes. – Something I try to always
instill in my boys is, you may not always be happy
with what you’re given, but you do your best, and that’s exactly
what I’m doing right now. ♪ ♪ – Bob, can I turn real quick?
I’m sorry. – My canvas can’t sit still. He’s just moving around,
tossing and turning. – Man, my bad, Bob. – Are you kidding me, dude? I told you just get the head.
It would be done faster. If this guy doesn’t
sit very well, then I’m gonna have
patchy saturation in my black, and therefore it’s not gonna
have a very bright effect. – It’s just that
one [bleep] part hurts. – Don’t lie. It’s the whole
tattoo that hurts. – [laughs]
Okay, Bob. You got me.
– [laughs] – You got me. – And that is two hours left. Two hours left, guys. ♪ ♪ [tattoo machine buzzing] – I thought I picked
a somewhat easy one, but I put
way too many bulbs on it. I’m trying to put in
all of these light sources, all of these dimensions, and I don’t love
what’s happening. ♪ Surviving somehow ♪ My eyes are just going crazy.
I’m gonna take a break. I am not a color artist, and I gotta pull off color
in the craziest way today. The farther I get in my tattoo,
the more worried I get. – Are you worried?
– Mm-hmm. – You shouldn’t be. In a team aspect,
you’re gonna gravitate to the person in the team
that is right there with you. That is Jordan for me.
What are you worried about? – Just all the shit
going on in it and where to put
all the reflections and– – This is definitely
a tough challenge. Like, there’s nothing easy
about this one. Jordan has always
been there with me mentally. We push each other,
so I’m kinda worried. I don’t want to see Jordan
in the bottom at all. – Got me worried. – So you said you’ve only been
tattooing for, like, five years? – Yeah. I was originally studying
aerospace engineering, and then I wanted to be a pilot.
– Oh, shit. – And then my cousin
was dating a tattoo artist, and I kinda
fell in love with it, so I switched my major
from engineering to art. I risked a lot
to go into tattooing because you’re not
guaranteed to make money, but I wake up every day just
ready to do something I love. I used to do a lot of graffiti,
so I love color. I want to make sure
that all that work goes into this tattoo. Man, it looks like neon?
– No, it does look like neon. I mean, I’ve saw–I’ve seen
a lot of [bleep] ups today. ♪ ♪ – Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Machines down. Time’s up.
No more ink. – This was definitely
not an easy tattoo to hit, but I’m very
[bleep] glad I did. – Thank you.
– Yeah. – Gave you a hard one
and you killed it. [laughs] – You did give me a hard one.
For real. – Win or not, I’m proud of it. – No, this came out amazing. – The skull picks did not go
how we planned. I’m not sure
if it was accidental or they just overlooked
or they didn’t care. – It’s a hard one.
– Dude. That [bleep] neon skull
with a headdress? Come on.

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  1. My pick for final 3 artists is 1 Jimmy, 2 Angel, 3 Jerrel. Jason would be my number 4. these 4 are the best artist of their team. Jimmy is my personal favorite and does think he is in the final, but I don't think he can win sadly. I like angel lot and do think she can win. Jerrel is the only new artist on this list but would not be surprised if he wins this. I have jimmy getting 3rd sadly Jerrel getting 2nd and angel getting 1st.

  2. Let's go Angel! She got this one in the bag, we went to film school together and she definitely understands the properties of light! 💡

  3. I really think blonde girl got some plastic surgery to give herself a more hour glass shape. She was probably fat fat so she moved some fat from her stomach and put it in her ass. Her shape is just weird to me it doesn’t look natural. A lot of fat women been doing this bc they have all the fat they need to create a curvy body with a snatched waist

  4. Switched major from engineering to art lol he’s definitely white bc no minority parent would allow that lol they’d pay to u to stay with engineering

  5. So frustrated, just dumped dtv because tired of paying $132 for watching 3 channels. Bought apps, but can’t find where to stream this show. With no tv provider, guess I’m screwed for some shows. Figures this is one I can’t find

  6. Ink master y’all gotta do better. Either show us the final finished tattoos or show us who wins/loses… its f’d that you don’t show neither!

  7. I clicked because of the post saying that Angel "blew" the competition.
    I guess that part is only in the full episode 💦🍆

  8. K appreciation comment
    She looked like he would be the first one off the boat and she has improved so much. I hope K keeps outlasting competitors

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