New ‘Dark Knight’ Comic Shows Joker Working to Get Donald Trump Re-Elected

A new “Dark Knight” comic shows comic
universe supervillains working to re-elect a president who looks and sounds suspiciously
like President Donald Trump. The comic portrays Joker as scheming with
the evil Darkseid to win a new term for an unnamed president, according to The Hollywood
Reporter. However, as The Hollywood Reporter described
it, author Frank Miller did not even try to cover up his political views: “The president isn’t directly named in
the comic, but he doesn’t need to be; his likeness is used on multiple pages; dialogue
from the president is heard at one point and is distinctly Trumpian (‘It’s going to
be beautiful! You’re gonna love it! You’re gonna love every inch of it! I’m talking
streets so safe you can let your kids go play and not even think about ’em!’); and the
Joker’s jacket, made of the U.S. flag, has the words ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’
scrawled on the back.” “Subtle, it’s not,” The Hollywood Reporter
noted. In the comic, Darkseid believes that if he
employs Joker to get the president re-elected, it will be easier to take over all humanity. “For those wondering why the two are working
together for this purpose, Darkseid has recruited the Joker as an ‘agent of chaos’ to promote
Trump’s election, with the ultimate goal of destroying humanity’s faith in itself
and thereby being easier to conquer,” THR explained. But DC Comics’ decision to be directly anti-Trump
may not come without a cost. Getting political has proven risky in the business. Marvel Vice President David Gabriel said in
2017 that the company’s sales were negatively affected by diversity, according to the comics
trade magazine ICV2. “What we heard was that people didn’t
want any more diversity,” Gabriel told the publication. “They didn’t want female
characters out there. That’s what we heard, whether we believe that or not. “I don’t know that that’s really true,
but that’s what we saw in sales. … Any character that was diverse, any character
that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people
were turning their nose up.” However, Marvel will still be including diversity
in its upcoming “phase” of movies, according to the entertainment website Uproxx. The development caused a stir at the San Deigo
Comic-Con, Uproxx reported: “It became quickly evident that — along
with news of Doctor Strange and Thor sequels — one thing distinguishes the next batch
of superhero movies from the previous three: They’re incredibly diverse, with major roles
going to women, to people of color, to people of many ethnicities, and to the LGBTQ+ community.” Real-world politics have been known to intrude
on the comic business. Now, The Hollywood Reporter noted, the world of comics might
be on its way to becoming as polarized as the real world. “If 2020 proves to be as ideologically divided
as it appears it will be,” the article stated, “partisans will find it easy to choose a
comic book publisher based on their beliefs headed into the next election.”

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