Parents React To Tattoo Reveals [Full Compilation]

okay okay okay okay what what what I got
a tattoo, what do you think is that the one you
drew as well yeah don’t touch it that’s nice I’m a yeah oh good work
nicely Fletch where’s my present hey that was a surprise now I’m gonna
get mom it’s so anticlimactic because you’re meant to feel like angry or
something like parents are so you know what’s so it’s pretty cool on it
that’s nice all right and it’s meant nice Ted Gupta well doesn’t always think
about it those likes it oh you know you didn’t holy shit yeah let’s go huh thanks dad
oh my god I do not believe for one minute you back that door yeah I know me you tell you can do this yes
yes I know it looks nice look at it
nice yes you know like no I don’t like it
my did not want you men to so nice this is dragon a dragon dragon yes what were
your substitute back side right what’s wooden easton dragon is right Leviticus
chapter 19 in the Bible it is against tattooed yeah – but not just one people donated
you know native museum the people a lot it’s a lot it’s so messed up look now I
can show you what like my my physique like I’ve been working now hold on day
you guys you gotta get you gotta take the whole shirt off this is a toggle
what is that thing that’s a hand the hair didn’t you did
are you that’s not real it’s real no it’s real it’s real it’s not real it’s
real I said I swear to God mom on everything I love it’s real oh my
king look it has a little loop on it I just sorta God it’s real who took you
mean you know I have a car I can drive I am so upset yeah it’s true I’m not playing with your
mouth like deer emotions I wouldn’t do you like that once you so happy I got my hair mom I am
really upset that you went and did that well I’m very upset why you rose you
know and I did on the prank but real life so usually don’t believe me let me
uh I’ll show you and this is of all mankind I am gonna be getting tattoos to
fix that too one time yes I’ve been long time ago
oh yeah you take something it was a fake tattoo today what’s wrong with this boy
where’s goodies strangers what do you mean he’s strength oh you
manage you know I never thought they’d they would do a tattoo honestly I never
thought so nice really skin JJ you are a prick I mean I’m very disappointed in
you seriously I am very very disappointed in what’s really scary is
cool just shut up oh the way you go to any you have a tattoo fine well I’m sorry oh shut up don’t say bunnies
sorry why is this a mom sorry what’s the point in sorry but you’ve already told
me the diamond on the card yeah nineteen you know so I’ll be turning 20
so I got this but you know always somebody’s to talk to it can’t be
something done that’s to be meaningful it has to be from the heart what so if
I’m at the knock you out please

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