Ryan & Kitty Leave the Club Together | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ryan & Kitty Leave the Club Together | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

(woman laughs) (upbeat hip hop music) – Hell, man. My homie did show up. (upbeat hip hop music) – What’s up?
– Hey! – What up?
– How are you? – [Man] Is that Kitty from New York? – Phor, Don, yo, look. – Oh ho!
– Oh, (bleep)! – Hey, guys! – You can’t be sneaking in.
– How you doing stuff like that? – I didn’t see (laughing). I didn’t see everybody. You know I, tunnel vision. When I come in, I be like. – Woof, double surprise today. (beep) But Ashley gon’ be happening ’cause Ryan don’t need a wing man no more. – Hi, how you been? Good, good. – All day, all day. – What’s up, boo?
– How you been? – I’m all right. – Good, good. Yes, yes.
– That, too. – [Man] Are Ryan and Kitty hooking up? – Hey, don’t ask me. He ain’t tell me nothing. She ain’t told me nothing. – You just got in town or what’s new? – I mean I’m in town for business. I had a couple of things to do here. – [Don] We over here taking shots. So whenever you ready. – Ooh, wait. Y’all a mess. – That’s cute. We out here. – Y’all a mess. – [Producer] Why is kitty here? – I don’t know. I think she said she’s in
town on business or somethin’. I don’t know what business that is, but I did say if you wanna
come out and kick it, you can come out and kick it. – [Producer] That’s it? – Look, I known Kitty for a while with me and hanging out with
my people from Black Ink, seeing them at conventions. They even was down at Essence Festival when we were down there. Happy to see you. (Kitty chuckling) – That Ceaser’s gon mother
(beep) toss in his grave, girl. – [Ashley] Girl. – You look good. – Thank you, thank you. I see you got. Hey. – That’s base part. It’s all up in the hat. – Looks good, though,
look healthy. (laughing) – Me or my hair? – Both. – I don’t know what the (bleep)
is up with Cease and Kitty. I know they dated before. – This ain’t so bad. – Aw, this is cute! – And us being friends
shouldn’t be no problem, but I guess Kit been
dealing with a lotta bull back in New York. – Everyone knows that Kitty’s (beep) Ryan. – [Woman] What? (woman screeching) – What the (beep)? We just gotta go our separate ways, yo. – I’m getting fired. (Kitty yelling) (beep) (Tati woman shouting) – Yeah, I know they talking about us, but they can talk all they want to. I still keep up communication with her. So a friend is a friend. – So, you know, I’m out in the city. Y’all gotta show me around
Chicago, show me a good time. Let’s go hit the next club. – If we hit the next club, I don’t give a (beep) if
we went to go get dinner or (beep) breakfast. Yo ass cook. (Kitty laughing) Well, let’s hit the next club then. Let’s go. – I’m serious, though. – I’m (beep) serious, too. Let’s go. – Hey, hey. Me and shorty finna ride out. Come on, girl, get your
(beep) and let’s go! – Let’s go, next bar. (Ryan laughing) You coming? – You good, you good. I got you, I got you. I got you right there. – Thank you. – [Don] That’s cool.

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  1. always going to pick my boy Cesar over ryan Harlem stand up baby ryans my mans also they should just run a train on that bitch

  2. the producers are annoying asf. โ€œwHy is Kitty HeRe?โ€ like why does it matter ๐Ÿ’€, all they want is publicity.

  3. #GoodForYouKitty๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  4. The way his friends acted and greeted her is just pure class and how accepting they were when he said โ€œMe and shorty about to ride out โ€œ is just ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    Wish my next bfโ€™s homeboys are like that

  5. Why does this look so fake. This dont even look like a real club. Why is it so lit in there lol. Everyone there looked staged. There was like 10 people in the whole club ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ lmao

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