‘Schematic Tattoo’ Elimination Challenge Highlight | Turf War (Season 13)

‘Schematic Tattoo’ Elimination Challenge Highlight | Turf War (Season 13)

– Artists you have six hours
to create a schematic tattoo, and your time starts now. (rock music) – Let’s do this. – All right so I’m gonna
have you stand right here. – The one thing about
these schematic drawings is there’s no place to hide. You’re looking at just the outline and it’s a technical drawing. If you don’t do it perfect
it’s gonna fall apart. – I think I just noticed
it’s facing the wrong way. The blade should be on this side. – If we flip it then it’s
not true to the knife. – Yeah it is.
– I don’t know about that. – Well I know about that. – No, I know you do, but I’m saying there’s
also rules to what we do. – Yeah but my left arm is this way. – I could just flip it around. It’s your tattoo, it’s
permanent. (both chuckle) I’ll just flip it, just
give me like two minutes. – All right, are you about ready? – Do it! – All right, here we go. (dramatic music) – I think that West is
trying to shake me up thinking that it’s gonna be hard because it’s a lot of circles. I’m just saying there’s some
pretty bold ass lines on it so. – [Canvas] Yeah, that looks really good. – The circle it has to be
smooth, it can’t have any bumps and it has to connect exactly where it’s supposed to connect. I’ve been tattooing for a while but, it wasn’t until eight years
ago that I could just finally like, (beeping) everything
else, just tattoo. I really haven’t been able to shine here and show off myself, I’m
a very strong tattooer and I’m ‘a show that today. What’s funny is like, I make my own hours, but I work more hours
than most people still. That’s the best way to be, it’s like, if you love something, do it. (dramatic music intensifies) – Tattooing eight years, and I’ve only ever had one other job and so tattooing is
pretty much all I know, which is trippy to think about. All I wanted to do with this tattoo is show off my line work and it is going the polar opposite way. All of those tiny lines. – [Canvas] Yeah, lot of detail there. – I can feel how soft this guy’s skin is and how easy it will be
to blow these lines out, my only option is to try to pull this off. This day sucks. – Artists, four hours to go. (tattoo machines rumbling)
(music intensifies) – Ooh, that’s a cool piece. – Thank you, when I saw
everybody else’s I was like oh I could’ve done this
a lot easier, damn it. But that’s not who I am. (chuckles) I’ve been obsessed with
robots since I was a kid and I do a lot of
biomechanical that involves a lot of robotic structures and stuff, this is a total shoe-in for me. Almost there with the lines,
like some dots and stuff left. Little son of a bitch. Every three dots I do blow out, every other line I do blows out, I don’t understand what’s going on. – [Canvas] Am I sitting
okay for you, any issues? – Oh yeah, you’re sitting great, it’s just like, I’m a
(beeping) perfectionist. This is a disaster, I am
scared shitless right now – Your skin doesn’t
like the stencil at all. Your (beeping) hates it. It’s trying to get rid of it on me. With older skin you don’t know
what you’re gonna get into it’s usually prone to blowouts, it could just split open on you, it’s always thin, so
I’m playing it simple. The outline is pretty much done. I mean yeah it doesn’t need shading. I guess I’m just not used to having this much time leftover. Should I order a pizza? Maybe I’ll mess around with it on paper and see if there’s anything
else that can make sense. I don’t know if this thing even reads as a schematic tattoo, my
best chance is to zoom in on some of the details
that I already have there. Either way, I’m taking a risk here. If I do add it in and I don’t pull it off, I may not finish my tattoo. – Well I mean you nailed it. (beeping) that’s cool
though, very cool dude. – Thanks. We got Frank’s approval. – Two hours to got, you
have two hours remaining. (string music intensifies) – I’m surprised you picked that one. – Kicking myself for taking
something with all these gears. In retrospect I think
maybe the pocket watch was a bad idea, the schematics were kind of an afterthought and it’s probably gonna come off that way. I know I can do a super clean watch and then I was like oh yeah, it has like a ton of gears inside. – Yeah, it’s a schematic man. – I got to pick this tattoo
and now I look like a fool dropping the ball on something, I thought, was gonna be simple. – No matter who has skull
pick and what they give me I’m going to do a good tattoo, period. They thought that I was
gonna change the placement but I was like nope. – Well that’s good ’cause I wasn’t gonna change the placement. (laughs) – I don’t mind tattooing a spine. You know the west they just panic easy. – There’s like three
people on the west side that I don’t feel like did all that good. Raul was hiding some mistakes, Bob had the blowouts and Arlene, for having skull pick did not do near as well as they should have today. – With the redness and the swelling, I’ll use witch hazel, it helps. – [Canvas] Nice. – My canvas has skin tags and moles all throughout his forearm so my lines aren’t as straight as they usually are. I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18. My mom was like what is that? I come from a very strict
religious upbringing and tattoos are definitely
something you wanna do. She’s all, that better be a fake tattoo. And I’m like oh yeah yeah, I was about to go wash it off right now. My late brother he passed
less then a year ago he was really the only one
who was very supportive. One of the last things that he said to me, he was like Arlene you could
win, you could totally do that I don’t wanna let him down I want to be an inspiration
and honor my brother. (rock music) – Five four three two one that’s it, machines down,
time is up, no more ink. – Alrighty, looks like we are all done. – [Canvas] Awesome, looks dope. – All right man, we’re all set. – [Canvas] Thank you. – Oh thank you. – We’re all done. – Bob drew his completely by hand but there’s like a butt load of blowouts. – Don’t stress something
you can’t control now. – I know well. – It’s done. – You’re going home Bob. – I know. – It’s not over ’till it’s
over, we don’t know that yet. Who knows, Jason could have
not done a schematic at all. (dramatic music)

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  1. Hiram and Kelly are really flying under the radar. Either one of theme could have won Tattoo of the Day tonight. This went way better than that one season where they had the stained glass challenge.

  2. Man! That spine tattoo of the bones was terrible! At least place the bones on top of the correct ones inside if it’s meant to be a schematic. Duh!

  3. It really rubs me the wrong way that Oliver Peck is still on the judges panel. It doesn't reflect too well on the show, particularly as he never apologised.

  4. I understand it's a competition. But the bitch trying to take the easy was out and not give him the blade how he wants and then gives attitude.

  5. Watching these "Ink Master" videos, learned about definitive american feature: first tell some sad story about yourself ("i'm underdog all my life blah blah blah"), then brag, then make excuse about why you fail ("not my day", "bad skin", "too much pressure" etc).

    Can't help but root for anybody who's not like that.

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