‘Sri Charon Paabo’ by Parvathy Baul

‘Sri Charon Paabo’ by Parvathy Baul

Just to attain your holy feetThis wretch calls out your nameFrom the depths of timeJust to grasp your precious feetThis wretch calls out your nameTrapped in the circle of timeFrom my own past createdFor what fault was I plungedInto the cycle of becoming?From my own fibre createdFor what fault have I been thrownInto the ocean of time?Why brought to this worldGuru, o guruWhy brought to this worldIn such an abject state that I forgetYour compassionate name?Just to attain your holy feetThis wretch calls out your nameFrom the depths of timeYou bear the name of wish-fulfilling treeSo the clan of ascetics told meYou bear the name…..of wish-fulfilling treeSo the clan of ascetics told meWhy be renowned as compassionateIf you can’t help me be free?What use your fame as compassionateIf you can’t help me…..be free?Just to grab your precious feetThis wretch…..calls out your nameFrom the depths of timeI fail to remember…..Heeruchand’s feetHeedless Panjushah saysO Master…I fail to remember
Heeruchand’s feet
Unmindful Panjushah saysIs this your famed compassionThat you don’t let me near your feet?Just to attain your holy feetThis wretch calls out your nameFrom the depths of time

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  2. beyond description, the pimple goose, tear rolling down, reminds me my child hood when my mother used to listen from baul singer in remote village in west bengal. It takes you to that time and beyond that. keep this good work-ajab shahar.

  3. cant thanks enough for publishing these wonderful videos of parvathy baul !

    its an earnest request to post a milan based song and radha gobinda chants which she does at the end of her performances .

    a millions thanks for all that u have already posted .

  4. মা, আপনি তো তাঁর শ্রীচরণের কাছেই পৌঁছে গেছেন, আমি তো রওনা দিতেই পারলাম না

  5. im from Ecuador i sing in red tent we have in my country i really facinate of the beauty and grace of this girl, and if as possible sent a vigourus hug for her from the other side of the word and i love to lenrn his songs if you can put the lettler in original language for i can sing too i will be very happy, we have a beatifull music too i can show you if you want. namaste

  6. The Kabir project has been a very, very good initiative. And, this piece is just a privilege to hear. Such a brilliant performance. A heart and soul affair. Things like these give meaning to my life.

  7. ma go
    bachader jmon ma ra chand dakhte shikhay
    tumio amake ma sei shri charon dakhte shikhao na ma amay daya karo ma ma ma goooo

  8. ১। শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে,
    ভবকূলে ডাকে দ্বীনহীন কাংগালেরে
    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে, (২)

    ২। সৃষ্টি করে আত্মরসে কারবা দোষে ভবের কূলে পাঠাইলে রে
    সৃষ্টি করে আত্মরসে কারবা দোষে আমায় ভবের কূলে পাঠাইলে …
    ওরে কার ভাবে ভবে এসে, গুরু ও… গুরু ও
    ওরে কার ভাবে ভবে এসে,

    ওরে ওরে কার ভাবে ভবে এসে,
    বেহাল বেশে দয়াল নামটি শুধাইলে

    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে,
    ভবকূলে ডাকে দ্বীনহীন কাংগালেরে
    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে, (২)

    ৩। বাঞ্ছাকল্পতরূ নামটি ধরু,
    বাম নাই কারু
    শুনে এলেম সাধুর কুলেএ …… (২)

    ৪। তোমার দয়াল নামের কি মহিমা,
    যাবে জানা আমারে না তরাইলে এ…
    গুরু ও… গুরু ও ……… (২)

    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে,
    ভবকূলে ডাকে দ্বীনহীন কাংগালেরে
    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে, (২)

    ৫। ঘোষাই হীরু চান্দের চরণ
    হয়না স্মরণ ভজন হীন
    পাঞ্জ বলে এ…
    ঘোষাই ঘোষাই ……… (২)

    ৬। সেই দয়াল নামের এই মহিমা
    যাবে জানা আমাকে না চরণ দিলে

    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে,
    ভবকূলে ডাকে দ্বীনহীন কাংগালেরে
    শ্রীচরণ পাবো বলে রে, (২)

  9. This deeply spiritual tradition of Bengal once drove the whole Bengali culture yesterday. But in modern day, this spirituality almost dispeared. But thanks to such amazing talent as Parvathy Baul, a glimpse of the rich spirituality of Bengali culture survives and may well be possible to strengthen and pass on to future generation not just as a legacy and something intangible of deeply spiritual Bengali Hindu culture that developed over centuries and millennium past.  Thank you Parvathy Baul.  My Twitter ID: @CafetwinV

  10. Je 39 jon unlike kore6e… Please request u guys state the reason for that… if u cant appreciate then at least don't insult….

  11. Please also see this link of 'Pala Gaan' from Bangladesh performed by Boyoti Shah Alam and his team at Dhaka Literary Festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMCS0P8OQfk&feature=share

  12. She is an excellent singer of Baul… the folk songs of Bengal…Her devotion of Baul is amazing and the voice of her is like magic…

  13. চোখের জলে তোমাকে স্মরন করি। যে আকাশে ভালো থেকো

  14. Grateful to
    I have long time experiences by the Ethnographical process behind this study for which I am able to finish the research work named “Study of Baul Community Family Relation and their Philosophy: An Overview of West Bengal”.
    Many people have helped me by giving information, ideas, publications and others. For this I have completed this work with most ordinary common sense and a little knowledge. Here I can’t give in details about their heartiest contribution individually. Even I cannot mention some names unconsciously in this research book. So I am very sorry and I want apology from them.
    To observe the family life of Bengal’s Bauls and their philosophy a huge information have been collected, for which I have to take help of common people, students, Teachers, Researchers, Authors, Newspapers, Magazines and families. All of them have helped me heart and soul to reach the subject. I give them my heartiest respect.
    Especially I mention the name of my Baul Guru, Jaga kshyapa, because he has introduced me to these Baul Communities.
    I am grateful to my respected Professor Sudhanshu Shekhar Dutta and respected Dr. Debanshu Chatterjee, They have directed me to prepare my collected data with their boundless efforts.
    My cordial respect is to Fakir Mansur Ali of Gourbhanga, Nadia. He has made me understand how men remain in the garden of humanities.
    My heartiest thank is to Gulam Fakir of Gourbhanga, Nadia and Lalu Fakir of Santiniketan, Birbhum. They have taught me how the cosmic culture is misused in the sphere of application for lack of knowledge which is dependent on Time, Space and Men.
    Also give my pranam to Nityananda Das Baul Royganj, Sadhandas Boiragya Burdwan, Gour Khapa, Birbhum & Netai Das Baul of Siuri, Birbhum. He has proved how we can live quietly within different problems. Baulani Prabha Das of North Dinajpur & Parvathy Das Baul Kerala has mentioned ‘the family is a ‘Maya Nadir Char’ (The frog dances on snake’s head and peacock dances there spreading beautiful long feathers). Her delivering speech and in ordinary and simple language, presentation of Satya, Shiva and Sundaram have inspired me very much and helped to enter into the spiritual world. My respect is to her.
    I have great respect to Tarani Sen Mahanta of Subhasganj in my heart. He is the guide of a vast numbers of Bauls of Maldaha, Nadia with North and South Bengal. My heartiest respect is to the Researcher of Bauls, Folk culture, author, conservator, preacher and Baul songs like him who has given me all matters in a thread. I also bestow my respect to Sasthi Mahanta Halder of his family and his son Madan Mohan Mahanta for their valuable opinion, family relation and for giving their enlighten knowledge.
    Thank to all Stuffs of National Library, who have helped me by giving information.
    My pranam is to my respected Teacher, Trishna Ghosh who has given me permission to use her personal library, “Amiya Pathagar” and obliged me.
    I also give my respect to my family members – wife Kabita Halder, son Agnidyuti and daughter Avishikta who have inspired me to go ahead of my long time journey.
    I also give my respect to 82 year old Kabiyal Amulya Sarkar and his first wife Malati Sarkar, 2nd wife Madhu Malati Kar and 3rd wife Karan Bala Sarkar of Yugpur, Dhaka Colony of Nadia, because he has kept his families jointly with beautiful understanding.
    My heartiest respect is to Anil Krishna Sarkar Goswami of Nakashipara, Yugpur, Nadia. He gives his time to his family and with this he adores, writes and sings ‘Kabigan’. It will be remarkable evidence in future. With this I also give my respect to Narayan Sarkar, Gita Sarkar and Amrita Sarkar.
    I am also grateful to Lok Prakolpa Department of Information and Cultural affairs, Hooghly district, who have arranged to contact with different Persons, Baul Organisations, members, festivals and Seminars.
    Besides, I am grateful to –
    Ajit Burman, Ajoy Majumder, Akash Sahis, Aleya Begam, Alo Acharya, Amal Chakraborty, Anath Bandhu Santara, Anna Pal, Arati Pal, Arati Roy, Arjun Talukder, Arun Burman, Ayesha Bibi. Balaram Biswas, Barun Ghosh, Bhanu Paul, Bhola Das, Binoy Krishna Mahanta, Birendra Nath Roy, Bishnupada Sarkar, Bittu Mahanta, Buddhiswar Pal. Chaitanya Pal. Dhiraj Kshyapa, Dipak Kumar Adhikari, Dipankar Paik. Ganapati Mondal, Gopal Brahmochary, Goutam Das Baul. Hasina Bibi, Hassan Fakir. Indrajit Swarnakar, Indranil Chingri. James Khan, Jyotshna Pal, Kabi Arun Chakraborty, Kalachand Murmu, Kanak Kumar Acharya, Kartick Das Baul, Kartick Debnath, Khokon Rabi Das, Lakshan Gun, Laksman Malo, Lalu Fakir, Latika Sarkar, Luxmi Byapari, Madhabi Das, Mahaluxmi Biswas Halder, Mahua Ghosh, Mantu Sarkar, Milan Karmokar, Mongal Burman, Monimala Mondal, Mukul Sarkar, Nabakumar Biswas, Nirmal Kumar Biswas, Nirmal Sirkar, Nitya Gopal Das, Nupuri Mahanta, Pankaj Roy, Patit Das, Professor Satyam Mahapatra, Pulak Modak, Radhagobinda Mahanta, Raghu nath Ghosh, Rajkumar Burman, Rakesh Karan, Ram kanai Das, Rama Sil, Ranadhir Roy, Ranajit Mondal, Sadhan Sarkar, Sambhu Prasad Chowdhury, Sanatan Sil, Sandhya Rani Das, Santosh Pal, Saptorsi Mukharjee, Saraswati Modak, Satani Simha (Karan), Sheikh Sabir Ali, Shephali Dey etc. Shibu Mahanta, Shyamal Biswas, Silpi Chowdhury, Sontosh Howlader, Subhankar Mahanta, Subhas Das, Subodh Chandra Halder, Sudhir Malick, Sukumar Das, Sumitra Adhikari, Suphal Chudhury, Sushanto Halder, Tapas Singha, Tola Pal, Uttam Golder.

  15. Joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru joyguru

  16. আমি বাক্যহীন ৷কিছু বলার নেই শুধু চোখ থেকে জল ঝরছে——-

  17. Nonparallel artist ! Great! Would you please have a look again on English subtitle. দীনহীন মানে জ্ঞানহীন অথবা দরিদ্র। সময়ের সাথে এর কোনো সম্পর্ক নেই।

  18. মা তমায় ভালবাসি। আমি বাংলাদেশ থেকে বলছি।

  19. মা বাংলাদেশ থেকে বলছি। বগুড়া থেকে।

  20. This bhajan reminded me the Shabad – Charan Kamal Tere Dhoy Dhoy Peewa mere Satguru Din Dayal.. So pure.. So magic.. Too emotinal.. Such devotion.. Such immense gratitude.. Just wow.. Moner Manush was my fav Baul song and I love Shabads.. But Parvaty Baul bhaktini has given me another prism of devotional songs.. Thank you Kabir group for this song.. Just heard two of her bhajans – Kichu din mone mone and this one and then her stage song on Radha.. 🙏🙏🙏 to you Parvati maa.. May you have the divine Milan with your goshai, your Baul in every moment of your life.. 💞💞 May HIS divine feet be into you..

  21. And when the Guru surprised by such devotion asks the disciple if he may grant a wish the disciple will answer that the presence of the divine lotus feet of the Guru is fulfilment enough.

    From the Guru Gita

  22. আপনার গান অনেক বেশী বেশী লোকের শোনা দরকার।যে গান গাইতে গিয়ে কাঁদে তিনি কতটা মানুষ‌ ভালোবাসেন ।

  23. ঈশ্বর পরম্ কৃষ্ণ সচ্চিদানন্দ বিগ্রহ ।
    অনাদির আদি গোবিন্দ সর্ব কারন্ করনম্ ।।
    ( Brahma Samhita)
    ।।কৃষ্ণ বন্দে জগৎ গুরুম ।।

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