Tattoo Machines & Guns : How to Clean a Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machines & Guns : How to Clean a Tattoo Machine

Hi, this is Doc Lowry. When you’re, complete
your tattoo, they’re…clean your machine by disassembling the needle and the tube assembly
like this, and we drop them into soak and bleach water soak. They soak in there for
a while and that cleans all that off and then the equipment then, we can just spray down
and the body of the machine frame, and rinse it off, and then dry it and it’s ready for
your next service.
The, when you’re finished with a tattoo then, the needle goes into a Sharps container that’s
full of used tattoo needles, and they just collect there until they’re ready for disposal,
and that gets…and that gets thrown out. The tube part goes through a sterilization
process and we’ll go over here and show you how that works. After thee tattoo is completed
and the tube is soaked in some bleach water, then let’s move to an ultra-sonic cleaner
and they’re where they’re just dropped in this basket and they, and then they…have
sound waves that vibrate any residue off the remainder of the tube, and they clean in there.
Just a soap solution.
And then after they’ve been in there, they go into the autoclave. An autoclave is very
similar to just a, oh, okay, well here’s some tools here I just cleaned, to a pressure cooker,
and this one even looks like a pressure cooker. But the tubes are bagged, just like these
tools are into sterilization bags, and the bags are chemically treated so that they change
color. And you can see, here’s some jewelry that’s been prepared for sterilization and
so it changes from pink to gray so you know that the transformation has taken place. And
then…and then it cooks in here for an hour. Here’s a pair of tubes that have been all
bagged up and ready to be autoclaved, and so they go in there and then they get sterilized
and then the tube part, and the handle part, is ready to do another tattoo.

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  1. hes not a fool, hes just oldschool. this was probably taken before the sterilization methods changed. they didn't know a long time ago that some diseases couldn't die by simply bleaching. new medical discoveries are made all the time. who knows, in the future what we do today will probably be wrong as well.

  2. does anyone know any other way to cean tubes besides ultrasonic cleaner?I mea a more unconventional way,but good. Please help! TT….

  3. no. the ultrasonic is wat breaks up the ink from the tips..the autoclave is wat sterilizes it…haha or do it old school…juss boil n burn…

  4. im not 100% sure but i think you can just preheat an oven fora certain degree n cook it for for some time but im not sure…..

  5. It's not bad advice, not ALL tattoo artists use disposable tips, the ones that do are too busy / lazy to sterilize their equipment so they get pre-packed ones. There is nothing disgusting about the way he does this, plenty of tattooists do. He was not re-bagging things, they were being sterilized.

  6. No gloves, no separate sterilization area, no clue. Dude your putting your hands into that nasty fuckin ultrasonic solution. And nobody rinses their machines under water!

  7. This may be just me, but I feel like even if he was doing everything with completely clean materials, he should still have been wearing gloves the entire time. Because even if he knows that everything is clean and that he's not putting himself at risk, it's just flat out stupid to assume that everyone watching this video (especially newcomers or kitchen magicians) will do the same or know the difference.

  8. I think the negative comments on here are due to the fact that people assume that the needle and tube he's using as an example are contaminated with someone's blood.. Of course he would wear gloves but he is simply using the needle and tube as an example.. some people get hypersnobbish in the tattoo field. Everyone is wrong and everything can be done better.. anal and the funny shit is the most anal tattoo artist I've known usually suck at tattooing..

  9. ewww~eww~ewwwwy icky germs…. cross contamination!! look EVERYTHING doesnt have plastic!! wont be long before the artist will have to wear a full plastic suit from head to toe!! even bikers will walk into a shop now~a~dayz and whine like lil schoolgirls cuz some bottle wasnt bagged…. I usually take a rusty nail and dip it in someone elses blood to finish them off…..the whole worlds turned to prissy whiners…I see below a bunch of them are even e-crying HERE on YT..

  10. he more than likley had a cigerette befor he started the dirty bar…..:), lead to dirty equipment use gloves mate theres a tip 🙂

  11. hey…that "chamber pot" do i have to use that for sterilization?? or is there another way? cause that things looks co$tly.

  12. im guessing that half the people on here making comments have no idea what they are talking about , First of all to the people using only an ultrasonic cleaner to sterilize , you should stop tattooing , an ultrasonic cleaner only loosens the blood and skin particles on the equipment so its easier to clean in an autoclave, it doesnt actually sterilize anything, i suggest all of you start reading up on BBP's and learn something before you f*ck yourself and other people up.

  13. Here is the facts: The no mater how clean everything is tubes, tips bottles, arm rest etc.the one part not getting proper cleaning is the machine. Because its electrical, he does not and is not able to sterilize it. So then you have everything clean here as seen in the video and he puts on his clean gloves and as soon as he places a hand on the machine to place your beautiful needle inside the tube "Its all contaminated. Truth is most shit dies after being exposed to air. Learn the Truth.

  14. Tragedyrapz you are so far off its not funny. Many shops don't use disposable because they have the very expensive cleaning equipment that you see here, and putting a machine under water will not hurt the machine as long as he doesn't run it again before its dry. C'mon man… Research before you open your mouth

  15. Of corse you can put it under water I do that to all my machines specially rotary machines. It works great still

  16. You stupid man the spray disinfection of your machine needs 15 minutes to 30 minutes to work and kill bacteria. but you just spray it and wash it off in 5 seconds
    Absolute amateur sterilisation on multiple counts. then.. After the ultrasonic you have to use a hair dryer to dry the tubes out properly, as if they are wet, the autoclave wont work to kill the bacteria.. lots of serious mistakes in this video

  17. You said you dispose of the needles, why clean it then? And when you showed your sharps box, where you "dispose of your needles", then why did you put the needle on the table, and not in the sharps box?


  18. For real wtf is this? Just the fact that you seems to clean your gear in your own home toilette makes me sick.
    If you think its an easy peasy way to become a respected and serious artist you're way up in the blue man.
    This is as much crazy as if a dentist would show how to fix ppls teeth and then clean their instruments in an e-coli infested toilette.
    Online scratchers…

  19. This guy has no fucking gloves if he is a dr he’s got aids by now with no gloves cross contamination I think this is far from sterile

  20. If you dont have the equipment to sterilize stainless steel equipment you should throw it out and use sterilized disposables. Dont risk it.

  21. I’ve never seen that much equipment on a tattoo shop, only when I study microbiology they had all that equipment, good to see it can be use again for tattooing

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