Tattoos by Cake Creates Safe Space for LGBTQ+ | Tattoodo | office

Tattoos by Cake Creates Safe Space for LGBTQ+ | Tattoodo | office

I was like eighteen… no probably like twenty,
when I first had an interest in tattooing and went to some shops, and it’s like,
oh, you know how do you go about you know, getting an apprenticeship
or something like that? It was very, you know, they didn’t want to help…
they didn’t care to help. It’s like don’t even come in here
asking about that shit, you know. They just made me feel so intimidated.
I was just like if I’m gonna do this I have to do it on my own. So, that’s the route I chose to take. I’m self-taught.
Self-taught tattoo artist. I am a queer person.
I am a lesbian, you know. I always want people knowing that
because I want them to know if they’re also part of my community
or…they’re safe, you know, in my space. I always promote that my space is a safe space.
You will not be judged, it’s body-positive. You don’t need to feel awkward and weird
about getting the tattoo because you’re scared about you know, “I don’t know what
its gonna be like in that environment”, and it’s like my space offers something that’s
you know, you can feel good about. The people who come to me,
getting tattooed by a woman, I feel like that… like, mostly women… when they’re like, “I really wanted to
get tattooed by a woman of color”, you know, ’cause, like, there’s very few of us
and they’re super proud of that. I do this one tattoo… It’s a flash tattoo..I have of a black cherub angel
and it’s genderless you know, some people would say it’s a boy
some people would say it’s a girl. I’m down for it, but the reason I’ve done that so much,
like no matter how many people ask me for that tattoo, I will do it. Because all those iconic tattoos
they’ve only represented white people and people have done them for years
since the beginning of tattooing. So, they’re so iconic
but we don’t have any of those representing people of color…black people,
and it’s just like…I just want in the future, like 50 years from now, people are like… “Oh, I want that iconic tattoo
of that black cherub.”, you know? And the only way that happens, I feel like,
is if you do it like the flash back in the day it’s like…all they did were the same things
over and over and over… …and it was, like, non-stop like that!
And that’s how they became just iconic.

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