Tatuerings CHALLENGE

Tatuerings CHALLENGE

I’m going to tattoo
a very, very happy face. That’s his mouth. He is like… I’m stuck here now. – I love it.
– Thanks! Hey, hey! Today we will do something
we have never done before. We will do
a tattoo challenge! Ouch, my finger! I knew it was a bad idea
to have these two on chairs. They are standing here, can you see? Okay, the backstory. Alma has had a henna tattoo
on her hand and a bit up on her arm. Some of you have seen it
and asked about it. It’s gone now from the water in the pool and such.
They fade on their own. – Before we left Sweden, what did we get in the mail?
– Tattoo pens! Yes! From a nice viewer.
We said then that we would do a tattoo challenge. We figured, let’s do it with henna
since we are in India – the homeland of henna. Yes! Henna is a color
that lasts for a while. It comes in a plastic cone and it’s maroon.
Well, there are several shades. Maroon is the natural color, black can give
allergic reactions. This one shouldn’t do that. The black one can also
be dangerous in the sun. But dad, people don’t tattoo themselves,
people pay for someone to tattoo them. Yes, usually it’s a very talented woman doing the tattoo.
They like it on their hands and feet and such. We will do traditional
tattoos today, right? Let’s go through the rules, but first
let’s sit down before Harry pulls us down. You pull a note from here,
then you know who to tattoo. I would be tattooing dad,
but I’m just going through the rules. – So you will tattoo dad, can he decide the motive?
– No, that’s up to the tattooist. – Okay. Can he decide the placement?
– No. Okay. However, we decided together that we
should be able to hide them. So, not on the face. No, so no black noses. – Oh, I was thinking of tattooing someone on the nose.
– No, that’s mean. Worst case, it will stay on for 3 weeks. Okay, the tattooist determines
placement and motive. You decide who made
the best tattoo. Keep your eyes peeled
and then comment who made the best tattoo. The one with the most votes
wins today’s challenge. Is there anything else
the people at home should do? Exactly. Give this video a thumbs up or down
if you think this is a fun video. – But…
– Up or down! Up or down! – If…
– Up! Down! Up! Harry, please stop. If you think it’s bad, please tell us what was bad
in a comment, so we can make it better next time. – Yeah like, delete it and make a better one.
– No, we won’t delete anything. Let’s start today’s challenge! – Ready?
– Yes! – Are you ready?
– Yes! – Who want to go first?
– I do. I do. – You two play rock, paper, scissors.
– Rock, paper, scissors. No, you did it after him! – Shall we count to three?
– Yes, that’s better. Rock, paper, scissors. One, two, three. Rock, paper, scissors. One, two, three. – Okay, Harry gets to pick first.
– Yes. Yes. – Daddy Axel!
– Yay! We have to open the henna cone.
I have my little MacGyver tool here. What do you mean “MacGyver”?
Is that a Big Mac? – MacGyver is a super cool…
– The parents watching know who it is. MacGyver… a favorite. Careful not to
get that everywhere. Remember that it should be
like a sausage of color. – Now we know what the color looks like.
– Yes. Squeeze and draw at the same time. Oh… – Are you done?
– Yes. – What did you draw?
– A cat and a heart. Looks good, Harry! – I’m super happy!
– Thanks! – It’s daddy’s turn, it’s daddy’s turn!
– Okay. This one. Harry! – There, how comfortable.
– Oh, very comfortable. – What will you draw?
– A little guy. We will see. – Keep your feet still, Harry.
– There are lots of mosquitoes. – Mosquitoes? Oh no.
– Alma, get the mosquito spray. – I thought you were drawing hair.
– There! Now that’s a beautiful
henna tattoo. – Wait, that looks like his mouth.
– That is his mouth. He’s like… – Are you happy with it, Harry?
– Yes, what do you think? The element of surprise
with the notes was a big fail. Alma and I will tattoo each other, because we are the
only ones left. She’ll go first and she’s ready by my knee. – Do you know what you will do?
– Yes, but I won’t tell you. Cover your ears! – My ears?
– Yes. I’m going to tattoo a…
a very, very happy face. I’m done. – Can I look?
– Mhm. A smiley. Wait, I forgot the… …body, body, body. I’m stuck here now,
I have to stay in the chair. You will have to get the other chair for Alma,
because it’s very hard to stay still. Come here, Harry. Come here, let me help you
with the T-shirt. Oh God, Harry. No! And the T-shirt…
This is the messiest challenge we have ever done. – No, the slime challenge was messier.
– That’s correct. Slime is worse. Yes, slime is worse.
But I think this color is very nice. It will look like this
when it dries. – Are you ready?
– Yes. Oh God, this is difficult. – Are you writing “Mom”?
– Yes, you were brave for not asking beforehand. A heart and “Mom”. I have respect for tattoo artists. Over the years, quite a lot of people
have asked us as Question of the Day if Axel and I… And me. No, no one has asked if you have a tattoo,
but if we have any tattoos. – The answer is so boring. Do we?
– No. – No, we don’t have any tattoos.
– You don’t want any. You don’t really like it. I have a hard time seeing myself
in a motive that I will like for the rest of my life. – Is there a tattoo you would want?
– I like the ones where you wet the paper and pull it off. – Oh, those are good because they also go away.
– Yes, in like two days. I’m done now. Nice! Wow… I think that mine looks better. …very nice. Hey you!
It’s not up to you anyway. Now it’s time for these masterpieces to dry and be
washed off. I mean, we have tattoos everywhere now. We will turn the camera off now
and let you judge the tattoos tomorrow. Okay? – Yes.
– See you in a second. Tomorrow, for us. We are back.
Our tattoos have finally dried. Let me tell you, it was very difficult
not to touch them when they were wet. – Look at my tattoo.
– Let’s start with Alma’s. Alma and I bumped into each other
so ours got smeared. It looks very good,
but it’s a bit smeared, unfortunately. – And Joanna’s.
– Mine is also smeared. – It got hair.
– Yes. It got a mohawk! Yeah. – Is it my turn?
– Yes. Mine looks like this. Here is my beautiful cat-and-heart tattoo.
It’s fading already, so I think we have to touch it up. Now it’s up to you to decide
who got made the best tattoo. – Comment below.
– Yes! Comment, comment, comment. Please leave a thumbs up, or down. – Take care until next time.
– Bye bye!

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  1. Jag tyckte den som var på harrys mage var en vinnare för den blev rolig😂 men alla andras blev jette fina också❤

  2. Hej jag älskar er kanal så mycket!💕 Ni gör mig så Glad och så lycklig!😋👍Jag tycker att Alma och Harry är dem besta barnen på youtob🎬 Jag har en dagens fråga: Är Alma och Harry kära i någon? Kanske en pinsam fråga men svara gärna ändå 😅
    Jag tyckte att alla tatueringar var lika fina🍔🍕🐷🦄🐄 skriv gärna Tillbaka 😘😍 Ni är bästa Youtube -familjen någonsin👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Harry är super cool och tuf😎😜 Alma är kreativ och rolig😇🤩hoppas verkligen tar upp min dagens fråga i en video eller skriver tillbaka 💝hoppas ni har det bra hälsningar från Ebba.F i Motala 💞 😍😘😋

  3. Den som Harry gjorde tyket jag är den bästa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ni är bäst på youtube ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Jag likte alla jag kommer Fron Norge/norway jag jillar ni Jette mykje❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️inte stop med YouTube ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Jag tycker att allas vår snygga men Johannas va lite snyggare men allas va fina ps jag älskar et❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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