Top 10 Cursed Tattoos

Top 10 Cursed Tattoos

Hey most amazing top 10 family, Im your host
Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. Tattos are huge right now, its hard to find
someone who doesnt have any. And with the plethora of permanent skin art
thrown around the world its no surprise that some of these tattoos are cursed. Were going to cover two kinds of cursed, haunted
tattoos and tattoos that are so bad they are hard to look at, a cursed image in the reddit
sense, on todays list of top 10 cursed tattoos. As always I would love it if you would like
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Nipple. You give your tattoo artist the instruction
to follow a picture exactly. I want every piece of this tattoo on me. Dont make any changes and then they take it
a littl too seriously I mean I know I said exactly what this guy
has but I thought you could use a little common sense and leave out the nipple. Now this guy has a third nipple tucked away
on the back of his triceps. Not to mention that the copied tattoo isnt
anywhere close to as good as the first one. This is definitely the curse of the nipple. It starts as one nipple but then it will spread
to two, the four then 8. Then one day you would be man just covered
in nipples. I dont have any tattoos so I dont what the
policy on this is. Are you allowed to get your money back when
the guy includes an unwanted nipple? 9 Ouija board Ummmmm come again? You mean that thing that people use to communicate
with dead people and theres a bunch of horror movies about them. The things that will literally attract demons
and ruin peoples lives. Yeah some people get them forever imprinted
on their bodies, what could go wrong from doing something like that. Dont believe me, check out this picture. I went into the reddit verse to try and find
out what could happen if you got one of this cursed boards tattooed on your body. And for the most part it seems like nothing
will happen, but I did find a couple cases where people started to be tormented day and
night by something they couldnt explain. One person wrote about terrible nightmares
where they would see burning bodies. Another person wrote about how they felt like
they were constantly being watched. In all the cases where people started getting
harrassed by an unknown entity they had the tattoo removed or covered up. 8 Backhead Sometimes you think you can pull a fast one
over somebody when theyre not looking, but not this guy. He cant catch you at any time, Nobody can
sneak by him and Ill show you why. My god that would scare the hell out of me,
this guy is cursed like Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter. Could you imagine seeing this face in the
dark and then having it bolt towards you and try to attack you. I think I would just pass out from fear. The tattoo isnt even a bad one its just terrifying. I feel like thats something you get done in
jail and then no one bothers you after. Honestly I dont know the circumstances are
where you face on the back of your face. But Im gonna beat that this guy dosent work
with children. Hey kids you better behave or your gonna have
to deal with Mr Crazy Eyes. 7 Pentagram Tattoos Those of you who are long time fans of the
most amazing top 10 scary content will be very familiar with the pentagram symbol. It has a long standing connection to satanism
and is said to one of the many symbols of the devil. Getting something like this forever etched
into your body would probably bring some pretty dark energy with it. But here a quick course for you, the pentagram
actually has nothing to do with satanism, its actually pegan or wiccan symbol. Even if some religious groups try to lump
these things all together, their not. And this symbol isnt a demonic symbol, it
actually represents the four wiccan elements, earth water air fire and spirit. The reason I wanted to put it on this list
is because if you get that tattooed on your body you better be ready to commit. When people see a pentagram tattooed on your
body they might treat differently, so it could be a curse on your relationships. 6 Not quite The benefit of getting a tattoo is can get
a concept to see what the finished product might look like. But even when the concept art looks amazing
it can sometimes not go as planned Oh no! I really feel sorry for this person, that
tattoo looks so big I think thats on his calf. Hes going to have to get that removed or hell
never be able to wear shorts again. Lets do a quick break down on this bad boy. The cross is actually pretty nice, its got
a good shape an a good design, the flags in the corners are pretty simplistic but still
nice and the shape of italy seems to be spot on. Oh, but that Lion, what happened to that sweet
old lion. His face looks like a sock puppet, Hes got
way too much eyeshadow on, the forehead looks like it has the krillin dragon ball markings
on it and for some reason hes got shreks ears. This tattoo is one hundred percent cursed. 5 Cursed For the next one we have a lady who literally
got the word cursed tattooed on her face. I think you kind of asking for it if you do
something that like, or maybe its a great deterrent. Maybe a witch would go to put a curse on you
see that tattoo and then be like awwwe someone beat me to it. But its actually a pretty interesting story. Kayleigh Peach got the word cursed tattooed
after spending just a single day as a tattoo apprentice. A strange what to commemorate the moment. Before taking the plunge to become a bonafide
tattooer she was working in the service industry. She got cursed tattooed on her face to make
sure she can never go back, that is commitment to your craft. 4 ??? I really need to show you this one so you
can see the full thing because without looking at it this tattoo is very hard to explain It literally just looks like a bunch of smudges
on someones chest, and the scary part is this is right in the middle of someones chest. Like everyone is going to see that. You cant go to the beach or really enjoy any
low cut shirt without a bunch of people going, what is that. I looked it up and its suppose to be a galaxy. I guess it kind of looks like a galaxy but
just for context I want you guys to take a look at this picture of a galaxy 3 Spider-Webs on the Elbows Im sure youve seen this tattoo, its quite
popular, so popular that it has broken into mainstream culture but the truth about this
is, its a prison tattoo. Yeah so dont get spiderwebs tattooed on your
elbows unless youve actually been to prison. Because former inmates wont take you stealing
their style too lightly. The spiderwebs on the elbows is suppose to
represent the near endless amount of time you spend with your elbows on a table while
locked up. I put it on this list of cursed tattoos more
as a warning to anyone who is thinking about getting it. Britany for Malibu might think it looks cute
and edgy and then end up getting asked how long she was locked up for buy some strangers. 2 Spelling error The westerner with a tattoo of some sort of
asian language is as basic as a girl who loves starbucks and has a hifin in her name. I have found so many of these its hard to
keep track. Most of the time you think, does that actually
say what he thinks it says? But we never really know, your next tattoo
got so high on this list because we actually have the translation. It says Turkey sandwich baby! And thats on you for life, I hope your not
a vegan because that would be really upsetting. This has to be one of my favourites because
it dosent say anything offensive, just basic old turkey sandwich. Anyone who could read that must of thought,
that guy screwed up huge or he really loves turkey sandwiches. 1 Movie Fan Movie tattoos are pretty common, you wont
to capture a piece of pop culture on your body and show the world your brand loyalty. And this guy really went for it. Holy cow man thats a massive commitment to
the movie Alien. I put this Tattoo at number one because it
has all the pieces, Its almost a bad tattoo because I think its crazy that someone would
get that massive tattoo right in the middle of their chest, but its not its glorious,
so well done. And its also terrifying to look at. Could you imagine going to beach with this
guy, he takes off his shirt and all the kids there start crying. Also this has cursed you to be that guy forever,
unless you want to go through the painful removal process. Alright everyone that is our list and as promised
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Thats a thicc girl, I like her style Next we have Nortons bunny Smudge pic4 I love
this bunny and this picture, it looks like it was pulled right from BBCs planet earth Finally we have Catherines team of four pic
5 We have Lazy, Alley, Charile and Smudge. I love pet teams!

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  1. i don't have any tattoos i told my sister i don't need any tattoos i have enough scars and they tell more of a story then any tattoo would cause in the past 5 years i have had about 6 r 7 surgerys and i'm having back surgery in feb..2020

  2. My brother-n- law has a unicorn on the inside of his right thigh & he's in the military. It wasn't even from a dare & he is married with 3 kids all 3 under 15 years old.👌😂😇😂👍

  3. Me imagining having the ouiji tatoo at a sleepover:
    Jenny:shoot i forgot the ouiji board
    Ouiji board tatooed person: a got you lies on the floor n pulls out the moving thingi ma jiggy
    Ouiji board tatooed person: you can just use my chest
    The audience: -_-

  4. #CheDurena I wanted to thank you for explaining the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram. Most people don't know the difference and put us in the same groupings. #mostamazing

  5. I'm not sure if a YouTuber had it or if I saw it in real life but one of my absolutely favorite tattoos was of a beetle or winged bug on someone's elbow. When they had their arm in one position it looked like the bug but the more they unbent their arm, you could see the wings of the beetle. That was hauntingly beautiful to me.

  6. My girlfriend doesn't have the tattoo of a demon, but a seashell on her thigh
    I bet that if you put yo ear close to it, you'll smell the ocean

  7. Why do people who get face tattoos claim it's so they'll never have a regular job again? Like just don't apply for those jobs & you will never have one like that again.

  8. My baby ciosien, 1 and a half, we went on a hammock and he started to repeat mama, mama, mama. The scary thing is. That was the first word he ever said and the only. He's two now and that's still the only word he can say and he never says it one he always repeats it. And one day my aunt and uncle hear him talk. And he was staring at the baby monitor saying mama, mama, mama, I never talked to him again

  9. Who the hell comes up with these tattoo ideas i mean seriously like : Oujia board , Pentagram , the galaxy one and the Alien one like wtf

  10. The number one… I have a tattoo on my chest, just a small one, quite high up on the left side, but it hurt like freak to get it! Chest-tattoes hurt!
    My little tattoo is a pentagram, and I love it. No weird things had happened 😛

  11. I don't think the #1 guy worries about the Alien being too big,, he also has a great big snake tattoo around the back of his neck with the head and tail draping over the shoulders.. lol

  12. Just an fyi, it's only a pentagram if the 2 points are at the top. If it looks like a regular old star it's called a pentacle.

  13. Bit of an Occult lesson from a former Druid but if the Star is upright it’s a pentacle but upside down is a pentagram.

    Pentacles are used for invoking while pentagrams are for evoking.

  14. ok a pentagram can be a symbol of satan if its inverted, if its inverted its nothing but a symbol of satan, its a symbol of the goat, if its just regular like a star its not satanist

  15. The pentagram has nothing to do with satanism, or even christianity for that matter. It is a pagan symbol of the 5 elements: fire, earth, air, water and magic

  16. ACTUALLY… its ORIGINALLY from the five elements of the Orient. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal. Which was then connected by lines and a circle forming a pentagram. The Wiccans stole it from them and exchanged spirit for metal. Jsyk

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