Triada Networks Microsoft Office Ink Replay

– [Announcer] You know
when you’ve been making a load of scribbles on a Word
document or a PowerPoint? Well, now you can make
sense of all your notes and annotations with Ink Replay. This clever piece of software is included with all Office 365 subscriptions,
and it’s a great way to bring clarity to
your notes on documents. You’ll discover how easy
it is to replay ink strokes as they were drawn, and the
animation replay feature allows you to fast forward
or rewind as you go. Ink Replay is available in
Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just go to the Draw tab,
select Ink Replay and go. It’s like an interactive flip chart you can carry around on your devices. There are dozens of useful
hidden features in Office 365 that your IT support company
should be telling you about. Contact us today. We’ve got plenty of ideas to make your business more efficient. (mellow acoustic guitar music)

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