Two Minute Tip – Craft Storage & Organization – Ink Pads: How to Store Them – Which Way Up & Ideas

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
today is 2-minute tip is another viewer requested one if you have a viewer
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but today we’re talking about ink pads now I’m going to talk to you about ink
peg storage and about proper storage too so most of you ask me now joist on my
ink pads this way up this way up this way up what’s right what’s wrong well
there’s lots of different schools of thought so I went around I spoke to some
ink pad manufacturers I spoke to some chemists and I spoke to a few different
people and because since us is you can store them however you would like
I’ve also ran a few trials in my craft room this is what my top drawer looks
like that I always reach in next to me this is a tray I have in there and we
will have it as part of the studio tour but it’s just a cutlery organizer and
I’ll link it in the description below for you but I love it because I can keep
my adhesives in there and things but these are all of my black inks now I
tend to reach for either my my favorite things extreme black or my Gina Kate
amalgam which are right at the front here or my Katherine booth at midnight
black so they’re the ones that are at the front but they’re all stored on
their side and they’ve been like this her well over a year they’re all still
juicy they all still work perfectly and so it stays like this and it works
really well for me I can also store all my tapes and things in here and this
works really well so storing on their side makes no difference at all your ink
is a suspended medium and that’s why it doesn’t matter whether you store it this
way this way or this way it’s all gonna work exactly the same way and it’s not
gonna dry your ink pad out it’s not gonna make any difference to the way
your ink pads function so as I say I spoken to lots of different people they
all tell me the same thing you can store them however works best for your craft
room so if you like to be able to see the front of your ink pad so you want to
have them like this in a drawer that is fine if you want to store them like this
because that’s how you’ve always stored them you can do that because sometimes
the labels are easier to see that way if you want to store them like this which
is how I have a lot of mine stored and if you want to see how I store my
distress inks you can check that top right hand corner because I have the
Alex drawers from Ikea and I really like how my distress inks are stored and
I have all of my inks pretty much apart from that one tray stored like that and
I have a few different storage options for you so this is how I have my Nouveau
ink cubes stored at the moment because I travel a lot with these for classes and
events and this is great because I can pop these in a box and off I go and
until recently there are only enough cubes to fill one of these we now have a
lot more coming out so I’m going to expand but this was perfect these are
the distress ink cube tins and I took the lids off they have a little tray in
size you can see they don’t move around if you only have a few ink cubes this is
a great system and they will fit in drawers and things I say you can take
the lids off if you want to because I found opening and closing the lids a
little bit kind of I can remove it to be honest it is the honest answer and I put
a few different types of ink out here if you want to know about different types
of ink again you can check that top right hand corner within inktober Fest
last year we have a whole playlist about every different type of ink you can
Majan we’ll be doing it again next this year even and again that’s in October we
go through every day week a few different types of ink we talk you
through them give you different ideas and we doing a similar thing this year
but we have hybrid inks dye inks archival inks everything you could
possibly imagine now one thing I’m also going to tell you about ink and you’re
going to notice this so scrapbook com did some amazing inks and the one thing
I noticed is I actually read the back of their inks I will give you some links in
the video description to these use a hybrid inks and I did do a review of
them when they first came out again you can check the top right hand corner for
this review but what you can do with their inks is you can clip the lids onto
the bottom so that you have a handle to use them with which i think is a really
neat idea so that’s a fun I think and the one thing they do is if you look on
the front here it says orange for so there’s an orange tree and orange too
and an orange one and the same with the paints and the reds etc etc they’re also
a hybrid formula they’re all hybrid so if you use the are layering stamps a lot
you can use hybrid inks and the layering stamps and you’re always going to have
all the different shades you need for layering so I think that’s a really neat
idea too but when you start looking now all of these different stamp pads
you may notice they all kind of have something in common
that’s because on the whole a lot of inks are made by the same manufacturers
so you’re also going to notice that there’s a lot of consistency between
inks people choose their own shades and things like that because they can just
mix the dyes but you’ll also notice that a lot of pads are going to look the same
in the sense of felt hero arts do these wonderful ombre ones so these are cut up
we also going to notice that a lot of them have this raised felt pad so it’s
not just you that notice is that but the other great thing is it means they’re
easy to store because they’re consistent sizes so if you find one storage option
that works for you you’re going to find that all ink pads are pretty much easy
to store in that sense or move those out the way your distress oxide and your
archive walls again you can see my distress oxide storage I think that up
earlier in the video and our cards either come in a full-size or a mini pad
if you get the mini as there are tins available super easy to store to one
other option I want you to give you are the cube storage trays I love these you
can fit three of these in to a wide Alex drawer and you can get them in
individuals or you can get them in sets of three you can actually fit four in a
drawer but they sell them in three is the IDB you can fit two side-by-side one
on top and then the one on top can slide backwards and forwards I do put four in
my drawer just because I need to maximize my space but again they’re
really awesome and you can see here you have your channels to pop them in and
then you can just kind of slide out and you’ve got those options so I have my
altar new ones in this one I have one for my lawn fawn cubes one for my LDRs
cubes one for my hero arts cubes and then I store them in their blending
Falls and then the bottom here I have this for and so on and so on so I hope
that has helped you if you asked the question about proper ink pad storage
how to store it and some storage options if you have a request for a two-minute
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