Types of Students In Sex Ed Class

Types of Students In Sex Ed Class

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  1. Okay, legit, this is my life story. I remember sitting in sex ed class feeling hella awkward because I felt like I didn't know anything. I"m here to tell you that it's okay! Everyone grows at their own pace. It's okay to not be sure and to ask questions! We're all human! Well.. except Scarbro. He's a unicorn. #SuperSixty starts now so comment below and I'll be responding! x

  2. In England, we have p.d.l class like personal development lesson. So we had this every week. Are we lucky…Probably not.

  3. I remember that there was a kid who asked about that small ding dong problem but uh then I said exactly what you said “then why would you take it”

  4. “You’re teaching about this inevitably awkward subject”
    Haha lol 😂😂😂
    Also, “I know that Bollywood dancing leads to something”
    😂 😂😂

  5. I'm in 7th grade. This year we have to learn about STDs. (Last year it was teenage pregnancy.) Anyway, some girl in my class asked, "Can you get STDs from kissing?" I wish I was joking. The teacher sent her out to the hall for the rest of the class lmao

    Edit: She's pregnant now. She's 12

  6. No there is no way to not get progo besides just not doing it I know cuz my parents used all protection and I'm still here

  7. "Nothing is better when you're married ! "
    The most relevant quote of the year 🤣🤣 or the decade ,……no, maybe century ! 😛😂😅

  8. Oh Government you really dont know what a can of worms you have opened: Jewish, Muslim and all super conservative religious education establishments: It's not going to happen parents will be willing to go to prison for their beliefs. Another example of Government none awareness. Just so pathetic. Ba Ba

  9. I was the only one that didnt know and then i ask how the male cell get to the uterus and my childhood end.So im problably that one that ask to specific.

  10. Soo I haven't had it yet so can someone please prepare me for what's coming?
    I have multiple fanfics on my phone.
    Also, I feel like I'm gonna be all these 😂

  11. I was the kid who was really confused, and I remember the teacher saying something about getting aroused, but I thought he said raised, so I was under the impression that this was a process done while standing up. And being very still.

  12. Me: reading all of the comments to see if anyone is like me😂
    Also me: feels alone because no one is like me because I'm weird
    My parents: we love you no matter how weird you are
    Me: I never brought up the subject???

  13. The Kid Who Knows Too Much
    For me, it is ..
    The Class That Knows Too Much
    And I am also a Kid Who Knows Too Much.
    WAAAAYYY Too Much… Ironic cauz my parents are from the Indian Subcontinent.
    I know more than my cousins..

  14. I’m the kid who knows enough, but is still really uncomfortable. Like, I’m not clueless, but I don’t wanna know everything.

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