Using Fire with Alcohol Inks: Brea Reese alcohol ink art

Using Fire with Alcohol Inks: Brea Reese alcohol ink art

every one laurel beard here today with a
little bit of a different video it’s just a little over three minutes but
we’re going to be playing with some Brea Reese alcohol inks which are now
available in Target by the way hello but I’m also going to be using fire you got
it I Laurel beard am going to use fire my sister-in-law was visiting last week
and I made one of these and she was waking out because of the addition of
the fire now in all seriousness if this is a technique that you’re going to try
obviously you need to use safety precautions I’m working off of a service
that is fire resistant and obviously I’m using care when I’m using my lighter
when I’m using my lighter I make sure there’s nothing flammable nearby I only
want my fire in that dish now before I get into it you do not have to use fire
you can just add the alcohol ink like I’m doing add the isopropyl alcohol and
simply not use fire you won’t get the the fine lines and kind of that marble
aidid look but it will still be just as gorgeous now what is going to light on
fire is actually the isopropyl alcohol that you add to your alcohol inks to get
it moving and I’ll show you what I mean in just a minute so here’s the surface
I’m working off of that is aluminum foil oven grill fire resistant and I’ve
placed it on here it doesn’t catch fire I’ve made countless bowls or dishes
whatever we’re calling these things many times so this is going in with some
ocean green Bria Reis alcohol ink that mr. bottle is filled with the isopropyl
alcohol that I got from the grocery store pharmacy it’s everywhere under the
Sun I think this is 91% so that’s what I’m doing here now when I’m adding inks
I’m going to add like too much too little I wanted to show you how
forgiving alcohol ink is so when I go in and add this purple I’m adding way too
much that little fan brush is strictly for alcohol inks I don’t use that with
any other mediums so I sprayed the alcohol in there to kind of move that
color around and I’m going to show you what we’re gonna do here now the fire
actually reacts to the alcohol in the spray bottle the isopropyl alcohol so
there I did Spray the alcohol and then I took my
lighter and I lit it on fire if this is where my sister-in-law was like but it’s
all contained in the bowl I recommend using a long like a grill lighter don’t
use matches or a little like cigarette lighter or whatever you don’t want to be
that close to fire so every time you add that alcohol that’s in that mr. bottle
it kind of moves the alcohol ink around but that’s what’s flammable so I took
this little blower thing I’ll link to it below and the youtube description to
kind of blow it around and get these fun little puddles if you will and then I
spray the alcohol and then I light it on fire
this is the medium magenta and again I added a drop added some isopropyl
alcohol and then I lit it on fire I mean I don’t know what made me do this like
hey Laurel let’s light some alcohol on fire but I did and I and I really like
how it turned out and I wanted a little tiny bit of that ocean green and a
little tiny bit of that medium magenta showing but I’ve wanted this
predominantly to be purple because the person I made this for her favorite
color is purple and that’s it now when you’re working with alcohol inks I’m
pretty sure I said it but if not you always need to work in a ventilated area
it stinks okay use care use caution the fires going to react to the isopropyl
alcohol that’s in the mr. bottle so where that alcohol sprays is where that
and you you know when you add the fire that’s what it’s reacting to so where
the spray is is where the fire is so keep that in mind as you can see the
fire was entirely contained inside that Bowl I didn’t spray it outside the bowl
or anything like that I kept it contained and this was really a lot of
fun and I’ve created like ten of these so far some are very simple like a
little green with a little bit of gold and this one’s kind of way out there
almost looks like a galaxy this would be really pretty on the background of a
card so there you have it alcohol ink with fire again use caution I had no
problems nothing caught fire near me not my clothes not anything but obviously
use caution when you’re working with a flammable product now remember you don’t
have to use fire if you don’t want to so just keep that in mind I hope you
enjoyed this video it’s very different for me and my house
is still standing all as well I love these dishes they’re gonna make
great gifts thank you so much for joining me today and I’ll see you guys
next time

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  1. I have to admit, the idea of this scared me like your sister-in-law, but it does look pretty contained and the results are wonderful!

  2. Is this ink permanent on the bowl or do you need to treat it with something. Was it a white ceramic bowl. It is beautiful when finished. Thanks for the help

  3. Do you put any type of "finish" over the dish at the end? Will the ink stand up to repeated use…like dropping rings in it every day?

  4. I think this looks like fun! That probably makes me sound like a pyro, but the results are gorgeous. I wish you could do this on a card without catching the paper on fire.

  5. That was cool. What's the requirements for the dishes? Ovenproof? I am guessing that these are not food safe?

  6. How strong is the bond, does it need a sealer? It is really beautiful, also how did you do the back. Thank You

  7. That is so cool! You can dress your lighter up to look like a wand and do some serious magic. Lol. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan as well. Just have to say Lacarnum Inflamari and your a wizard. Lol. Love this. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hi Laurel, this is so cool and gorgeous. Do you seal these? Skin oils, etc. will remove alcohol ink over time. How are dishes intended to be used?

  9. How awesome is this??!! The bowl is super cool looking, I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  10. Hi Laurel! I will be giving this a try! My fire extinguisher needs tested anyway lol! Fun project! TFS.

  11. Awesome look, Laurel! Thanks for sharing this technique. As an additional precautionary statement–another duh-ism, if you will–I would say do NOT spray the alcohol when the flame is still burning. I know that should be self-evident, but there is always that one yahoo who doesn't stop to think and does burn the house down. 😛 Anyway, love the finished look, as I said. Take care, & have a wonderful day! 🙂

  12. What fun! I can’t wait to try this. Have you ever used clear glass? Thanks so much for sharing this technique 😀

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