Van & Charmaine Come Face to Face | Black Ink Crew Chicago

Van & Charmaine Come Face to Face  | Black Ink Crew Chicago

(upbeat music) – Bitch, that’s Van. – What the hell is he doing here? Bad news comes in all shapes
and sizes today, doesn’t it? What’s up? – Well congratulations on everything. You have a beautiful
place here, beautiful. – Okay, thanks. I haven’t spoken to Van in six months, after he spread a nasty
vicious rumor about us, saying that we had sex in Las Vegas. – She said that you and
Van was (beeping) in Vegas. – Van and I have never had sex ever. Like ever, girl. – [Man] Say what really happened. – I went in her room, I
chilled, I talked to her. And that was it. – [Woman] Who started the rumor? – Van told Don, and Don told production. That’s what happened. – Um, is there a way that we can talk without everybody being around? Do you have a private
space I can talk to you in? – Yeah we can go in my office. – Thank you. Left out of the Old Nine Mag clothes, I’ve been really focusing
more so on my family, focusing in on me and my child, Brianna. She’s on the way to the Navy pretty soon, after she graduates high school. As of right now, I
haven’t talked to anybody from Nine Mag like I used to. You know, it is what it is, I guess people kind of grow apart. – So what’s going on, Van? – Well number one, I have
condolences to give you for your mother passing away. – Well I appreciate it, Van. – The tension is obviously
thick between me and you. So I’m coming here with no
intent on to be negative, I’m coming to set the record straight. When this rumor spread, it
just tore everybody apart. I know that Charmaine is
going through a hell of a lot, and I’m more compassionate
about what she’s actually dealing with in real life, which is a pregnancy,
and most importantly, she lost her mother. So it’s been weighing heavily on my mind, just to put this (beeping) behind me. You know what I’m saying,
and put it to rest. I need you to know that nothing
happened between me and you on a sexual level. – I already know that. I don’t want to go backwards
and continue to bring this up, (beeping) I was
thinking I (beeping) you, (beeping) your (beeping), like all this extra (beeping). – That’s what I want to apologize on. When we were in Vegas, I
talked to Don that morning. When I was talking to
Don, I just didn’t deny what the (beeping) he was saying. But what I should have been a man about, is stood up and said that (beeping) did not (beeping) happen, Don. Why the (beeping) you lie (beeping)? I do blame Don for telling
the (beeping) world that Charmaine gave me
(beeping) when I never ever told him that. Me and Don haven’t talked. We can handle it when I see him. – That’s all that I wanted. I just felt extremely attacked. However the rumor started,
or whatever the case was, I’ve had to deal with a lot of pain. – Charmaine, I swear
to God if I can go back and take that incident back, I would. But just know that I’m
sorry for whatever came out on my end. I will hope for forgiveness, if not now, then some day in the future. I just want to bury the hachet. – Why would I forgive Van? Why would I forgive someone
who went out of their way to spread a rumor like that? It’s not even just about Van, it’s about all the guys involved. I’ve left that energy in the past, and I just want to move forward. – Well another thing is,
I ran across an article that was about you that
was troubling to me. Because they’re saying
you don’t have a license, that’s a big deal. – Well you know I’m gonna do
everything I can to make sure that that doesn’t happen. – I’m also here to, if allowed to, walk you in the steps to
making sure that your shop doesn’t get shut down. I’m only lending a hand
of advice because I know the steps of what you need to do, and how you need to do it. – I hear your offer, and I appreciate it, but do I accept your help? I don’t think so right now. – I’m gonna leave you
with this, Charmaine. If you ever need me for anything, I’m only one phone call away. – Thanks Van. – All right. Take care, all right. (upbeat music)

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  1. Charmaine just has no type of class about herself. Like u pregnant and wearing stuff like that? It just barely covers your ass. Put on some leggings or maternal pants or something. Gotdamn

  2. I swear women get their reputations ruined over nothing. All males have to claim is you did something and other pathetic males run with it and hating ass chicks do the same. Pathetic

  3. Van should have said that when don asked him instead of not saying anything. Don may have been wrong for saying anything to production. But I guess Charmaine have been known to be a thot in the past. If she said it wasn’t true then. Why keep holding a grudge. Ryan Ashley for gave her for actually sleeping with don and Ryan forgave her for talking bad about him to the press and saying he shot up his own shop. She can just forgive and move on. She don’t have to be friends if she doesn’t want to but let it go.

  4. He should’ve apologized a long time ago! He was on top on the show/ 9mag back then & now he’s not, so he NOW wants to come around… Boy bye👋🏾. Good for you charmaine👏🏾👏🏾 She don’t need ya😝

  5. If you HAVE to ask why you should forgive then you have alot of growing to Do. At the end of the day none of yall are innocent. T.V. is a trip
    Everyone be Blessed

  6. Van did not spread no rumor Evenita start the rumor when she couldn't have her way with Van, Lily help spread it amongst everyone and Don made himself involve when he twisting up the rumor with production. Van admit to going in the room & talk to charmaine. Van just should have spoke up loud and said No right then and there the rumor is not true. 😠

  7. Being family like yall was that should not of happened but It happened all u can do is genuinely apologize. And hope she except it and forgive u van. It probably want be the same but i feel they still care for each other to move past it

  8. She have the black and white on at the end make me think she sold out and sacrificed her mom everybody doing sorry not sorry

  9. Van know damn well he tried to use a power move by trying to handle her business for her so he can take control over her shop and be on TV. Like bruh just go back to your own shop your no longer needed on the television. Thank you and have a nice day

  10. What’s going on with license for the shop that’s the first thing that should have happened but I wish her well for stepping out on her own all that turning up at the shop at your place of business who

  11. Man she slept with all of them frfr dont be fooled 😂😂😂 you think Ryan going to help a random employee get back on they feet after losing pretty much everything like he did Charmaine? Yall are naive


  13. I think they did something. If you recall, Evenita said she heard them having sex and now Van all of a sudden is spreading a rumor. It's some truth to it and Charmaine lying

  14. I knw that’s right Charmaine and Don mad cause His wife haven’t made no moves like you and you from the South coming in the door with your Cajun Sauce 504 NOLA Swagg baaabby

  15. Van letting Charmaine know that she doesn’t have a license. Is just him letting her know that he can hold that over her head in snitch. He expected you to hire him giving him a top position. That’s why he found out that she don’t have a license.

  16. I dont care for charmaine truthfully shes fake and acts like nobody remembers her dirty ass in previous episodes…….people need to stop interrupting her karma

  17. Smh. So much to deal with while trying to get through the pregnancy in peace. She gon need to do an energy spiritual cleansing now and after the baby come.

  18. If he's sincere or not, you don't bring business propositions with your apologies. To be honest, you never really know someone until you either live with them, OR they don't get what they want. People will apologize, then after NOT getting their way, curse you out.
    Isn't putting it more out there, that she's not licensed, dry snitching????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  19. Charmaine is not a good example of being a boss of anything , as for Van he thought Charmaine was going to offer him a job because he is thirsty so glad she show him where the door was.

  20. I don't understand how Kitty keeps getting jobs in tattoo shops, she's not need the same as Charmaine wasn't needed in Ryan's shop. And then for Charmaine to make her a manager over Jess who has way more experience and is a artist was a very stupid move.

  21. Sounds like whatever Van ssd, Don took it and ran with something that wasn't even said. Rumors are like a game of Telephone. It starts off one way, and comes out all the way wrong. Don knows he's dead wrong for putting out information that wasn't true.

  22. I could care less about the apology he a real one for tryna help her with the shop cause she needs help not gon lie

  23. Lol you didnt say the rumor in private so hell no you cant do anything in private, so later you can deny whatever you said. What an ass.

  24. I don’t think people realize how hurtful it is when rumors are spread especially, coming from the ones who are closer to you. How could you say Charmaine was like a sister and then spread rumors about her having sex with her brother?😡Don made a huge mistake on his part for spreading that rumor. I think he only spread that rumor because he and Charmaine had previous ties. So it all boiled down to jealousy. As for Van, He doesn’t wanna help he just want a job. If Charmaine is smart she will let them know it’s a little too late.

  25. Charmaine need Van at this point. He is a dope artist. Jess cannot come into a shop and feel Charnaine has to consult her..on who to hire or not. She is jealous of Kitty..Everyone can work together for success of this shop and let the petty Bs go..They need to pull out all the shots to get people in the shop..I beleive Kitty may be able to help marketing wise to help the shop flourish..atleast now while Charmaine is grieving the loss of her mom and awaiting her together everyone and fking forgive the past…I believe if she hires Van back..if not anything else put him on a probation period.. it would be a plus for Van to come that we know that Don and probably production started the rumor for ratings ..

  26. Reality TV shows always ruin real friendships and relationships hopefully one day they would realize that's all these ppl are doing

  27. Awwww I like van and Charmaine ,I wish the forgiveness an friendship would've been rekindled an I'm glad he owned up to what he said an didn't do with don for the rumor to spread like he said he didn't deny it he just didn't outright spread the rumor ….they are two good people . 😔🖤

  28. When I first saw VAN I was like “ yooooo I didn’t know Robert from day 26 is doing tattoos now…. good for him 👍🏾”

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